: >Well now I know what mk Lol does, but the problem still stands, i've invested copious amounts of time and money on this account Then you should have probably spend 10 minutes of that "copious amount of time" reading the EULA which you agreed to before playing this game.
I did read it, hence why I didn't cheat. When you mentioned mk lol now was the first time i heard of it. The only other app i know is LoL recorder, but stopped using that like back in 2012 coz my games kept on crashing
Anraton (EUW)
: well if i got it right, your IP can change mutliple times during a single game ... thats a huge difference to the ip changeing once every couple of days.
Well i don't change the ISP during the game, I usually just play it out and then after the game I test the ISP's on custom games till it looks better then jump back into ranked.
MDK Nano (EUW)
: Got banned, need help please Riot
even when looking at my match history, one would think that if I had programs that would give me advantage over other players, you would assume that i would get like a 20 game winning spree then maybe lose 1 or 2 and then get another winning spree, which is not the case. I started at silver 4 after placements, fell down almost bronze 1, got back to silver 3 then fell down to silver 5 again, and now im on silver 3 again. Wouldn't hacking/scripting/overlay etc. mean that I would absolutely dominate all games continuously?
Anraton (EUW)
: That sounds like a hint.
But even still, that can't make them think that im hacking or whatever, most ISP's here in south africa give out dynamic IP's, so they change a couple of times a month. If that was the case all south african players would have been banned for the same thing.
Neonchan (EUW)
: If you want an answer from Riot, contact Riot. You won't get it here, that's what support is for
I did submit a support ticket, but I hoped that some Riot employees frequent on here....
Mune1One (EUNE)
: 3rd party program does not mean scripting. You probably used some recording/stats program that rito does not love like lolwiz or smth Le: I suggest using plays for recording ..cause it's in the amd raptr pack so it's legit . ( i use the plays client and not raptr , because i had the program installed before upgrading my gpu ..with my old gtx so i did not install raptr , just drivers and ati soft) Also skins are bannable if u modify them using any software or even recoding by urself . So..anything that modifies any game file or that injects its bannable , even tho you dont get any ingame advantage Leee : By recording you can give rito proof of innocence or even report something very bad ..with100% chances of banning a scripted/toxic/troll
I don't record any games so I don't have any video proof of my own...
: Does or did anyone else but you ever have access to your account? Do you play on other peoples computer occasionally?
I'm the only one that plays on my account. I do occasionally change ISP's, because I sometimes run into ping problems. Would they be able to pick up that im playing from a different IP address? I have 3 ISP accounts that I change to and from when I start having ping problems.
Anraton (EUW)
: I understand your frustration, I also understand Riot to not tell you how they got to know and what they detected .. sorry for not being helpful at this part ... do you maybe have a programmable mouse or keybord?
I have a steelseries 7G keyboard and a roccat kone+ mouse
Neonchan (EUW)
: Yeah but mk Lol gives the option to have them as an overlay right on the minimap. That's a big advantage compared to having to press tab
Well now I know what mk Lol does, but the problem still stands, i've invested copious amounts of time and money on this account, and they've banned me for something I didn't do, hell I haven't even played league for the past week, because of the awesome infrastructure here in South Africa, my internet is off. I hope Riot can comment here so that I can know exactly what happened. It's gonna give me sleepless nights....
Neonchan (EUW)
: It's not only scrips. Many people were banned for overlay jungle timers (MK Lol for example). Every software changing the way the actual game is played is forbidden
but you have the jungle timers when you press tab
Anraton (EUW)
: Is far is I got to know here .. they won't tell you how they got knowledge so you can't prevent it next time ... Normaly 3rd party programs that cause a ban are those, which generate an unfair advantage .. means these programs need to read the game data in any way ... i expect riot has some mechanics to detect this ...
I have used no 3rd party apps, no recording, no overlay etc. The only program I use when playing league is teamspeak, so i can chat with my team mates. No over worlf, nothing. Thats why I can't understand why i've been banned for this.
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