Madliv (EUW)
: 5000 Games/ play with Rioters
where did you found out you have 5k games?
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: u started playing 2 seasons ago, when there are 6 seasons total.. not much of a veteran.
Don know how you 'found' that but it's simply not true...
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: worst adc eu?
Seen worse, be happy and go for another ranked.
: >so can you please just stfu? You are neither god almighty, nor my boss, nor my mother, so you are really in no position whatsoever to decide whether or not I should speak about a topic or not. >cuz you cant handle a real text -_- Says the guy who substitutes cuz for because. Oh the irony :D
You just did it again! You dont give real answers to what I am trying to say to you. May be because you can’t handle it :)
: Have you ever seen a double-star system in your life? I doubt that you have, but that doesn't change the fact they are possible. A yordle is basically just a small, intelligent mammal. I studied molecular biology for over 10 years, and nothing I know about how organisms work, tells me that a Yordle isn't possible.
There is a diffrence between theory and reality, you should know that after 10 years of "study" 😥
: You could make that argument, yes, but from what we have seen so far, everything in the LoL universe seems to adhere to the same principles governing our own universe. Thermal energy travels from the body with the higher T to the one with the lower T, Gravity is an attracting force, solid objects cannot occupy the same space, there is electrical energy and the universe contains Dark matter and black holes (thanks Veigar ^^) The only difference is magic, which allows for a basically unlimited bending of physical principles, but unless magic is applied, they hold true.
Theonly differnce is magic? Have you ever seen a yordle in your life? And who says ekko’s ult isnt magic?
: >You know this is a game right? You know that this is a forum the sole purpose of which is to discuss aspects of the game, right?
Yes I know that. But telling non sense about the game isnt speaking about the aspects so can you please just stfu? Besides: you cant even aswer the whole point of my first thread, you just quote one piece of sentence cuz you cant handle a real text -_-
: Someone Called SS LF a bronze 1 - silver Top lane Main
Bronze 1, carry when playing darius top, can play on wednesday ☺
: Ekko should vanish and die everytime he ults, and here is why =)
You know this is a game right? Evrything about it is pure fiction so why be difficult about one impossible thing if almost everything is impossible? Have you ever seen a speaking rock? No, so malph cant exist for real! Waaaauw, thatn news! I honestly think you just wanted to show how smart you think you are by tellling some nonsenses. atrophisics 0 : 0 ekko -> because there is no match.
Molusco6 (EUW)
: Behind the cenes of Elo Hell
Be happy, I played to games yesterday: one with a panth supp and oe with a xin supp -_-
: Where did I insult him or whoever ? What is YOUR problem ? And I got diamond with 80 wins.
But saying he MUST be platinum is just dumb (and saying you can't climb because the system is bad is dumb too btw).
: Where did I insult him or whoever ? What is YOUR problem ? And I got diamond with 80 wins.
Never said you insulted him...
Frøze (EUW)
: I suck as ADC and jungler and I need some tips
candoodle (EUW)
: Asking enemy to report a teammate in post game chat
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Minstrel (EUNE)
: How so? Do players become worse in normals?
Drjk (EUNE)
No, 3vs3 is not the same so it wouldn't represent the skill you have with a champion in 5vs5
: How come are you playing since season 2 and youre only silver/gold ? In my first season which was season 4, I've reached plat 1, and now I'm in diamond and from here the system is dumb and you can't climb at all, but hey you shoulda at least be platinum man. But, yeah I agree with the meta champs, if you play something squishy which you find fun and other team picks a meta shit like maokai and sion or whatever, you're gonna have a bad time.
WTF is your problem? Not anyone spends the same amount of time playing lol. Maybe you reached the same 500 vics after 6 months because you had a lot of time to play. He may have 500 vis after 3 year. Some people are working you know (or playing 2000 kinds of other games like me xD)
: [Skin Idea] Mafia Braum
lewski (EUNE)
: And none of them will be for Zac {{item:3070}}
Just change zac's color in the files to make him black :D
: I don't think there's a point in playing anymore
You cant be banned for only one game.... I only have one friend with lots of chat restrictions and ranked bans and even if I like him, I have to say he really deserved it. The reporting system is ok atm.
: Tell that to Napoleon or Louis VIX :P
True xd, but i was speaking about ww1 and 2
Flyverse (EUW)
: His comment actually makes sense. It's called a comparison.
Maybe it’s a comparison, but its not a good one If he has a problem with people speaking another language than english he should consider speaking to a psy.
: Ofc they can. People can also flame, or buy 6 boots, or go AFK. Noone is forcing anyone to do anything here. But people can also not like that.
Wtf? I am not speaking about trolling, your comment doesnt makeany sense.
: First u need to learn what a racism is my french friend. Rasicm is : ***The belief that some races are inherently superior (physically, intellectually, or culturally) to others and therefore have a right to dominate them.*** Second saying that some langauge is disgusting is just an oppinion. People have right to say what they like or what they dont like. And that nas nothing to do with racsim or discrimination dude.
people have right to say what they like? You cant say a language is disgusting, even if it’s your opinion. Other people dont need to know what your (false) opinion is oh and btw: I am not french.
: Yes, but how would a non-german speaker know that? How does a non french speaker know OP and friends are not making fun of him? There is a reason why what I describe above is considered rude, and why we have an "English always" policy at the lab.
English always? People can speak what they want where they want! If you feel targeted when random people speak another language than you you really have a problem.
: next time u blame the french
People flame me saying I am french without any reason and that’s racism I think 😧 Ps: learn the difference between France and Belgium because most people seem to not understand when I say I’m not french
: Next time you encounter French player flaming u in his disgusting language,report them twice. First for flaming and second for afk ofcource...{{champion:114}}
Saying a language is disgusting is racism so I will report you twice 😧 First for racism and second for afk of course...
: So far I have only met toxic baguettes
You haven’t played lots of games I think
: Then speak to him via skype, or teamspeak or ventrilo. As far as the other 3 guys are concerned (assuming they don't speak french), what you do is spamming. I simply mute persons who do that, if you have to say something to me, you will have to ping. No, English is indeed not a holy language, its not my native tongue either, but its the most commonly spoken language on this planet. Welcome to the internet, we speak English \#dealwithit Just demanding that people should learn your language, which is nowhere near as common, just because you like to use it, is absurd. And talking about superiority complex: How would you feel in a game with 3 german guys, who make fun of you in their language? > D1: "Hey Leute, der Franzi wird langsam sauer, solltma mal vielleicht aufhören ihn zu veralbern?" > D2: "Nee, wozu, der kann sich von mir aus Schwarz ärgern :D" > You: "really need gank top pls" > D1: "Jetzt will der nen gank...lel" > D2: "Komm lass so tun als ob wir raufgehen, vielleicht engaged er ja ^^" > D3: "Geile Idee Mann!" So fun, isn't it? That's how people feel when some guys write a language they don't speak all the time. You know what? If I ever meet you ingame, I will speak latin. Sic transit gloria mundi
The german people you speak about are making fun of the others. When he speaks to his friend it’s just to chat, not to making fun of someone else so.....Go home and die 🔪
: Well, the french could never hold their capital in those fights anyway :D. Just sayin....
The french wouldn’t have to defend any capital if their weren’t idiots to attack them...
Phainon (EUNE)
: To be clear if you want to have a conversation with someone, DO NOT pull things out of your bottom, you have no idea if DMC is my favorite franchise or not, so keep the "assumptions" to your self. Ninja theory is a rubbish dev studio, and if it wasnt for Sony they would have gone bust,fact. Sony saved them by funding/publishing Heavenly Sword that was a mediocre game,also a fact. Then Konami came to fund/publish Enslaved that was a beyond belief bad game in every possible way and konami officially admitted that they have regretted it. Now why DmC is utter rubbish as well, first thing first its developed using Unreal Engine 3, the worst engine that you can pick to make a hack and slash game, but NT being useless they dont know how to work on any other engine....thus all 3 games that they've made, all suffer from low FPS, tearing and low res textures (well DmC actually suffers from a ton other things but anyway) and thus why they over-sharpen and over-color everything. Also have in mind that Sony back in they day was buying every gaming studio available, they never bothered with NT. and the final nail to the coffin for NT Read this: It's Capcom saying that they were having very hard times working with Ninja Theory because they were so incompetent. So yeah the "fellas" on NT havent done anything right and they've been kicked out by the biggest names in the business, and that can not be just a "coincidence". Hellblade (their upcoming game) will be published by them, they couldnt even find a publisher ffs. The fighting system, in what way DmC's slow, heavy, dumbed down, ridiculous easy combo fighting system can be compared with the fighting system of DMC 3-4, Bayonetta 1-2, MGS:Revengeance, God of War 1,2,3+A, Castlevania: LoS 1+2, Ninja Gaiden? It cant, is that simple. .......and about this > And does it really depend on the IQ of the developers? Yes it does and Hideo Kojima, Hideki Kamiya etc etc are a bright example of it. > That's quite rude and stupid to say. Rude maybe, Stupid No, Truth Yes cause with facts dev's like NT are stupid and incompetent. ---------- About the new SR, 1.Bland 2.Under-colored 3.Over-brightened 4.Its waaaaay too blurry 5.It lacks contrast 6.Many color mistakes. 7.Its Low Res. What you see is zoomed 2 times, you have to zoom out 50% (if not more) to see its original size. Here , i picked a 1280x720px part from the new SR map and spend literally 2 mins in photoshop correcting the colors and the contrast. *View them in original size
They wanted to make the SR smooth to play on every computer. Lol is more about skill and gameplay so I can understand their choise
JohnnyAW (EUW)
: nah, I don't think gameplay depends on the "IQ", it rather depends on technical skill of the developer, time and effort put in the development:)
You can take how much time you want, the IQ is the most important. You have to think about the gameplay to make it smooth and agreable to play.
JohnnyAW (EUW)
: I disagree, writing-style is more like story-telling of the game, game play is more like, is the book written from left-to-right or maybe from right-to-left. It's like, do you need to press "q" before "w" or "w" before "q", to perform some action. Its nice to have a good gameplay, but its just a technical part of the game(like good coverage of the book) and can't be art IMHO. Btw. you wouldn't say the game developer "expressed him-self" by programming this gameplay, right? He simply programmed it the way it's easy for the user to play the game, respectively to game requirements.
Gameplay is more than the "q" ot the "w". The developer expressed himself. Exemple: blizzard wants easy and accesible games because thats their filosofy (and their way to win money xd). Other hardcore games have another filosofy, they think you have to exercise your skills to complete the game. Gameplay reflects the filosofy of the developers.
: Lol, you guys do that? I'm almost at 6000 and I haven't done that.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: No lunar revel skins yet?
First wait for new year my friend 🎆
: I think it's just because poetry is well established. Video games are relatively new as a medium. I also think it's because video games are interactive, and potentially provide a different experience for different people. Every other form of art is static, unchanging, even if open to interpretation.
Static? mmmh
: Depends in what context your telling. Splash arts and art designs (mostly wallpapers) are mostly art for video-games. I mean just look at what riot is doing. DJ Sona is art, it's so beautiful, well designed. Looking at a game I love, like Uncharted 4, many many stuff was designed to be completely art, historic and remarkable. Even though there is violence and fights in it, well LoL has violence too.
But you are talking about specific topics. I am speaking about a complete game with design, gameplay, plot, etc. Can we make of the video-games an art. We also have to think: will games one day dissapear because until now no art has ever dissapeared.
Samzyboi (EUW)
: Video-games is ART!
I know that too but it’s all about WHY? How can we convince non-gamers that videoAgames are art. Most non-gamers only know Cod and wii sports so we have to come with good arguments.
JohnnyAW (EUW)
: I don't think gameplay can be art, since gameplay is the technical part of interaction with the game. It's a tool to discover the world behind the monitor. You can have good or bad gameplay, but you will still experience the same story/visuals. It's like if you would buy the same book, the first one with good-readable font and the second with awful to read font - same story, different "access" to it
I see gameplay more like the writing-style of a writer so for me it’s definetly art
Phainon (EUNE)
: By definition anything that has a "use" can NOT be called art, so Video-Games like Movies, Paintings, Music, books etc have no use apart from entertaining and wake up emotions..... So yes by definition Video Games are a form of art. Now, having established that, a few points...... LoL is light years away from being called a joy to look at, let alone art....I'll admit that some champs with specific skins look stunning like BM Thresh, but on the other hand look the new SR ffs its literally hideous..... Stunning looking games (not depending on the the graphics quality but on the design) Flower, Ico, Journey, Shadow of Colossus, Linger in Shadows, Legacy of Kane:Soul Reaver 1,2, Defiance, BioShock 1,2,3......i can easily write 50 but my point is made I trust. Something else about video games... Some video games like Siren Blood Curse, Dead Space.... or from the older era, like Resident Evil, Clock Tower, Silent Hill....this games have pushed the art of fear into a complete new level. And here is another reason why video games is one of the utter forms of art.... Video games like Soul Reaver, or the new Tomb Raider (Both made by that legendary studio Crystal Dynamics) or God of War (Santa Monica Studios) combine almost all the art forms in "One", Design/drawing, Cinematic/Movies, Music/Sound Effects, Scripts, Voice Acting, motion performance, fighting choreography,......and i might forgetting some So yes, Video-Games are definitely an art form.
Normally I ask something when somebody writes a comment to make him think further and make him elaborate his opinion but I think you said everything, nice :) What do you think about gameplay ?
: Didn't play wii party... :( You probably have to define what art means to you personally, because it is a very broad term, unless defined. {{summoner:13}} For me art is mostly expressional and inspirational, which means that Wii party is not a work of art itself, but a canvas for group work and interactions, which could be considered artistic.
For me art has to make people thinking, and now video games are doing this great This sentence doesnt look very english xd ^^
aNtEsin (EUNE)
: I'm not insulting but i wouldn't put video games into "art basket" because i wouldn't say it can awake your feelings like poetry, music or painting. It's not all about how something's made, it's how it affects the human. Video games affect the brain more than your heart and that's the catch.
Which games did you play ?
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MJFighter,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ny0YAIRX,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-02-09T20:54:08.087+0000) > > That’s sertainly true but why is everyone saying it depends of the person but when we speak about poetry, everyone agrees, without even knowing which poetry we are talking about, its art ? Because poetry is a more 'pure' form of art. Poetry is by and large, pure personal expression. That's why music, poetry, pictures and songs will be regarded as art. I think games are more comparable to a genre like cinema anyway. Where there are certainly films that are art. I dunno, like Blade Runner. And there are films which I personally regard as the antithesis of art: Michael Bay films, Harry Potter. To me they're just emotionless sell outs to make money. But this kind of highlights my initial point about beauty being in the eye of the beholder.
Completely agree with you
: Games can include a wide range of different concepts of art. Visuals, narrative, musical and even gameplay (if you consider it as one), which does make me believe that games can be art if done correctly.
what do you think about wii party ? Is it art? Its a bad game but it makes people do something together, isnt that one of the goals of art ?
Karmoon (EUW)
: This is dependent almost entirely upon the person regarding the question. Hence: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." To some people, the insec is just another technique. To others it's poetry in motion. Personally I am a 'beautiful gamer' type of gamer, and thus I tend to enjoy good play no matter where I see it. In my case this helps me deal with losses almost 100%. Because if I lose, I can still appreciate the skill the enemy displayed and learn from it. I guess it's a bit like martial arts. The act of beating the seven shades out of someone is pretty ugly. But when it's something like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, it's undoubtedly artistic.
That’s sertainly true but why is everyone saying it depends of the person but when we speak about poetry, everyone agrees, without even knowing which poetry we are talking about, its art ?
: No worries, just helping out before some ass comes in and is like go to your own forums -insert racially offensive term here-.
Always against french people xd and I’m belgian but most people don’t even know there are other countries where people speak french 😭
: Kinda depends on plot quality...
Only that ?
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