: Thank you Riot! (Part 2)
Wauw you must playing so much premade games and getting honores from them. Even when I am doing 25/4 and leading my team to victory they not even honor me. People dont care about honor system. Its useless :)
: How to troll a troll
Nice but maybe you dont know Riot is not banning trolls or people playing just game. Theres thousand of players playing with one champion its called One trick pony and those people are playing everylane with one champion, still not banned. So dont say to someone he will lose account :*
: my greatest achievement
Nice "screenshot" sir :P
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: West ranked daily drama vol.999
Lol your english XD downvote :)
: Chat ban and can not come Hextec box
You will not earn boxes in next 25-30 days if that was 10 chat restrictions. If more well rekt boxes.
: permabann can be revoked?
No. Just create new account.
Frxmmy (EUW)
: I dont know who to buy, any advice?
MID: Fizz, Lisandra, Zilean, Zed, VelKoz, Azir, Leblanc, Viktor Top: Maokai, Ekko, Trundle, Yasuo
: Tyler1 all over again? ...
Rito isnt banning people for trolling. Only for toxic behaviour on chat and third part programs.
: Mastery 6/7 tokens doesn't loots: The soluce
Tokens are the part of hextech crafting workshop. If you were banned or you have chat restriction you will not recive any chests or tokens now. After 10 chat restriction games (without ban) I had to wait 1 month to start earning boxes. So you will wait a little longer, maybe 6 months :)
Joyi (EUW)
: Dear people who use MKLol
RIP in pepperoni all LeBlanc and Lee Sin Insec scripters
Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: What's wrong with people these days...
Don't waste your time for ticket. I wrote ticket when guy flamed me while game from cancers etc. I had like 5 screenshots and guy from support said only (he copy pasted actually) smth like "just mute him and report after game, we are not banning people, it's case for tribunal" :)
: Yes the system records after game chat
You are wrong. Chat after game is not recorded.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Why so may permabans today?
Its always for no reason. But those people were banned before few times and they still cant stop flame. So riot stopped them playin ^^
: remove demote for players that have prove their worth
"fuck you riot you and your stupid match making edit 2" You toixic player. No no no for toxic player, you ban! {{champion:36}}
: > [{quoted}](name=MOON 1v9,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=HRqEGEH7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-10T23:22:33.265+0000) > > Many players are using "/mute all" from start. I played 1000 games when someone didnt communicate. I can understand they would'nt use chat because of "flame" problem. But I like to ask someone about flashes, ults, objectives etc and when I see 0 answer whole game it's kinda annoying. You always said in your Summs code "Be the leader, be nice guy and lead your teams to win the game". But seriously people who didnt use chat are kinda annoying. Can you ad icon to scoreboard to see if someone muted me? So players can see if theres a sence to speak to this people. Buddy, you have interface that gives you everything you need. I ignore people like you, who ask stupid questions or start theory - strategy crafting during thegme, without actually clicking the mute button. If you need to cooperate, the message you use should be short, simple, and if you cant send it via pings, you better just keep your mouth shut. Too much talking helps noone. I dont think riot should tolerate it in any way.
And you are typical type of player that flame or rage in games? :) Asking about wards, flashes etc are stupid questions? Damn, you should play tutorial again mate, maybe you will learn something ^^
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Send ticket to support. You gonna need to say when and where you created your account, first 3 champions, IP adress, what you bought for RP, first skins etc. BUT if you bought this account.. well sir, rekt.
marques96 (EUW)
: need some keys
Btw you are getting key fragments if you have atleast one free chest. Without chest u would not get keyfragments.
: Too low fps for a new GPU ?
I had better card in my 7 old pc. Btw fps are mostly from cpu not gpu.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: are we alowed to do this?
Ofcourse. I am playing with polish language on west server since 2011
MOON 1v9 (EUW)
: How can I improve my gameplay? Silver 4 player after 3 years inactive playing
I am watching streams of good players from challenger/master. I am never playing duo. I dont want to. And my friends quit LoL years ago same as me, to play CS:GO etc but anyway they was silver and even much worse than me. I am playing mostly with strongest pics atm like Nidalee (but I cant snowball early and I feel like this champion is so useless in late), Gragas (Im feeling the best with him), Graves (fun to play but I feel like I have 0 dmg), Elise (strong but movement on the map is kinda bad). I have 8000 IP and Im thinking about buying Kindred (no one is banning her on low elo) but I dont know if she will be nerfed in next patch And I dont have much time to practice because of work, girlfriend etc. Maybe I am just to old for this game. I feel like I am doing everyting fine, I am not flaming etc. My problem is I cant snowball in early. I prefer pus,sy routing in jungle... :P
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: What to do when you're mad
After 5 years playing this game I learned that you can get ban ONLY for using chat. So when someone flame on you just dont answer. You can mute him and focus on the game (if you want win) or you can troll if you dont care or you want punish this guy. Afk farm jungle follow this guy or go afk in base. People who trolling never get banned, because theres no video records and Riot cant ban people for being "bad" player or for "playing". And just report this guy after game. Think about it he will get ban and stop getting hextech items :)
: I cant send gift to a friend!!
Before you could gift someone skin after 2 weeks on friend list. Dont know how is it now.
You expect to get 100 skins for free in one year? Thats nosense. Its all buisness. You are forced to buy RP to open chests.
: I got banned
U deserved. If you have anger problem you shouldnt be able to play this game.
Materisna (EUNE)
: the key fragments in featured modes
I dont think theres a difference. I didnt get key fragments in 1 week. Then I got 3 in one day (ARAM).
: The Hextech problem
My friend. You need to play few more weeks, drop chests and key fragments. Then unlock skin shards, then convert them to essence. So it will take a few weeks. Ofcourde you can buy RP, buy chests and keys to drop skin shards and convert them.
Xónus (EUW)
: permentaly banned?..
Perm bans arnt after ONE GAME. You were toxic before many times. You prolly got chat restrictions many times, bans for 1/3 days 1/2 weeks etc. So rip in pepperoni.
DeadLyFire (EUNE)
: HExtect crafting
You not gonna earn chest with Lux anymore in this season. You got it before. You will get chest in next 2 days on any other champion if you will get S-
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Bistrus (EUW)
: People trolling "because you're tryharding a normal"
Riot philosophy = Mute him/report after game, no one cares that you are loosing game. You can only mute/report
Zagzagg (EUNE)
: nerf fizz
No one is playing Fizz on high elo (watch streams) so hes not op.
Personater (EUNE)
: Which midlaner haves good stats and mobility and worth buying?
Lisandra, Leblanc, Zilean, Azir, Ekko, Lulu, Orianna, Yasuo, Zed
: I am done with this sh-t
qq topic {{item:3070}}
: Permaban
Well deserved.
: I just rerolled 3 skin shards into a premanent skin for a champion i do not own.
Becouse people would not buy some champions if you wolud get skins only to owned champions. Its good now.
Roockit (EUW)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions
I had 10 chat restriction from 7.03 and I started getting hextech items after 20 days around 28.03. So if you had 25 it will be probably 2/3 moths :)
Jakey52 (EUW)
: Champions and Chests
It's because you already got chest on this champion. One chest per champion in one season.
: omg i dont deserve a chat restriction omggggggg
If I was playing with you I would mute you after 5 your messages. You are so annoying. Spamming caps, and calling noob like every minute. Learn to mute other people. In the past I got ban for writing "l2p (learn to play)" once. Dont forget that every kid can login to tribunal and vote to ban you, because they want IP. Btw you can say goodbye to hextech items because you not gonna get them anymore. But if you got only 10 games chat restriction you will get them after 20-25 days again.
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Hello, Mafia Graves or Knockout Lee Sin. I love their clothes from old times. I am fan of tv series Peaky Blinders :)

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