: Summoner Name that has something to do with Ahri?
9 tailed striker!{{champion:103}}
MR3ap3r (EUW)
: I need some help
it doesnt wanna work and re-installing will take a while but il rather do that incase
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MR3ap3r (EUW)
: Why don't League of Legends make a movie?
lol this is my first post that i made and u gave my first comment tnx ! :)
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: Dark Star Varus Bug
picture please if u have
: I'm leaving LoL
home work hey hahaha shame for u son i will be gaming from dusk till dawn baby!!! playing{{champion:157}} and getting penta's with {{item:3087}} font sweat it bro no {{item:3070}}
: Do you want to say us something ?
did u maybe get the ip?? that would be cool!!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}


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