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: >well it made me lose a winning game no you said your laptop crashed, not your game crashed. stop blaming riot for your shitty mistakes
My laptop crashed and the game rolled back, so how is it not because of the game? :D Never mind, go abuse some girls of some sort. Last response to you.
: >Also im pretty aware of virusses and stuff so i got rid of all of the LOL.exe etc. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} yeah im sure youre very aware
What 's your problem? Couldn't abuse girls enough?
: sometimes league crashes then it rolls back to a previous version and reinstalls all the data from scratch. try to run this don't worry, it's legit from the support page
Alright. Will try. Is that the problem then? well it made me lose a winning game, so how Is RITO going to compensate for that? Its their client that crashes after all. 1/10 RITO... sigh...
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