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BigBattle (EUW)
: Rammus is amazing for climbing elo even I can do it
That's it though isn't it, he's just not flashy at all. Like I'll play him in Ranked for elo but I prefer more fun champions usually :c
: > Is this chat log banable when someone is toxic and trying to convince other people to report you. Are you sure it wasn't the other way around? Are you sure you weren't the one trying to get people to report others? [0:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka [0:22] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): id you took heal [0:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and ii exsaust [0:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you would hea l more [1:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i was eating [1:31] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): chill %%% [4:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i am done [4:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka have been trolling since min 1 [5:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could help much more [5:25] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): flash oinn [5:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and took kill [5:32] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could instead [5:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): help [5:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and you don't silence bran [6:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls report soraka [7:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls rpeort soraka flaming not healing [7:46] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and not helping twtich [10:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS REPORT SORAKA [10:02] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS [11:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): cassi is reported aswell [11:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka is trolling me since min one [11:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): taking kill [11:51] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): waiting for kill [12:04] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): just loose <3 [12:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she waited with flash [12:13] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): when i pinge [12:49] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): All mid pls [13:56] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka said in chm select don't pick twitch [13:58] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and he did [14:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so he troll [14:05] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): he iddn't help blue [14:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so me and cassi had to help [14:19] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and then she refused to heal me [16:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): yh [16:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls [17:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): idc [17:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled me [17:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so many times [18:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled twitch [18:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): aswell [19:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls don't forget to report soraka [21:15] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): dude this guy can't even speak english properly [21:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): same with mf [1:09] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): omg blitz? [1:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): troll... [4:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): this game is just so unlucky [5:06] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause blitz trolled when we invaded [5:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and after i got tilted and [6:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): blitz tilted me and i can [6:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): can't play properly now [9:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): i said i can't play properly [9:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): after blitz troll [9:56] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow the flame [10:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): reported and muted [12:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): look the others [12:17] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause they are [12:21] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): doing good [12:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls report i have been flamed since min 1 [13:23] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): ty vayne and blitz [16:42] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): you still havent stopped [16:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): oh can't wait for banning you [17:03] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow now you personal attack [18:20] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): yes pls [18:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): well flamers always loose just saying [21:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): now you refuse to help uss vayne [21:47] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and the re [22:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): whole team did not come [22:38] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls stop being toxic [26:43] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): odn't forget to report vayne and blitz [26:48] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and rammus flame too [32:26] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): rpeort bot rammus [0:29] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): lulu help chickens [0:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa too [1:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): ty [3:18] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): it is ww.. [8:16] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf [8:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and kassa... [8:35] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you don't ward arround your map [8:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): makes it so damn hard to understand where your zed is and makes it ungankable [12:30] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): can you ffs say ss [12:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you are ruining my stats [16:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): again no ss [16:13] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): bot [18:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): push it [20:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): report mf [24:34] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa you didn't engage [24:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): before we died [24:41] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): what a troll [24:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and mf is flamer [25:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): good baron [26:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): when thy got vision [26:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report ryze and mf flaming inting [27:00] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): not my fault your noob champ [27:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): i really hope you get the bban the flames is real [29:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf won't help [33:47] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report mf and toplane [33:53] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): flame This is your 8th penalty. You get reported in almost every game, and a lot of the times it is for 'lie to the opponent team to get me reported'.
: I'm really enjoying URF this year...
I've played a lot of it over the last few days but it's wearing thin now. There's only so many times I can face a wukong or vayne and just have to basically throw abilities in random directions while they go invis every second. Then there is Jayce Zed or Morgana who just poke you down and all in you at 10% hp if you try to stay. If the stealth could be countered with a proper oracles item then yeah I would have fun again.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: Problem with AR URF
I'd just like a banning phase. For christs sake there are some champions I'm just not prepared to spend 10 minutes in lane being tower dived constantly.
its më (EUW)
: Easy to get out of gold? You've never been in gold LOL. You are silver with a more or less even win / loss ratio
He's barely played 20 games, probably got placed there after his placements, and most likely a smurf if he's making statements ike that.
Elionika (EUW)
: People with hearing impaired
I am also slightly deaf. That said I play with pings muted. If a ping is important enough for you it will be pinged on you, so you can see it. Still, an option to toggle on a wave effect on screen or something more noticeable than the lines in chat "asking for assistance" would be good.
: Don't completly trust it gives you a MMR based on the players you get matched with. But this is sometimes completly wrong especially when you play with premades.
It's the best estimate we're going to get.
Varjokani (EUNE)
: I say controller is too slow for league. I prefer mouse.
Duh, state the obvious :P
Lenx (EUW)
: Im confused about gaining LP, can someone help me?
It says on your MMR is around plat 1, so simply play as much as you can and keep an eye on this MMR. If it drops to gold then you will know you have a problem and you may demoted. In either case, if your account is in danger of being demoted a message will come up and tell you. At that point stop playing and you will remain diamond. Then go play flex :P
Xêm (EUW)
: That's very typical to hear from an ADC main
I would actually prefer a ban tab as well though.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Here's my lucky play with Vel
: Make League great again (for yourself).
Real talk, I've not been warned once, but even I felt I was getting a little _too_ tilty in chat. Had to change it, it was affecting my gameplay. I switched off all chat, I muted anyone who's first words in the chat were tilting/negative. I never said anything except encouraging things to people. Close fight 1v1 toplane? "unlucky" We just lose a teamfight? "mb didn't land my ult". Always shifting the blame from the team to anything else and it stops people getting tilted. Finally got my promotion to Gold V and after two games there with wins it's apparent that this works wonders. I think more about the game and less about the players. I pay attention to what I'm doing and when something doesnt work I remember it for next time. Where as before I would be too concerned with my teammates not doing anything.
: Finaly diamond!!
Out of interest what role/champions did you mainly play and when you didn't get that what was your pocket pick when filled in each lane?
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rípley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JxcOIGWW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-31T09:43:44.966+0000) > > Are you intentionally ignoring the problem? > > It&#x27;s the first impression new players get to the game, I personally can&#x27;t imagine many new prospects giving it more than 1-2 days before they seek other playgrounds. No, their first impression is a horrible tutorial. Their second impression is being called a n00b by a smurf in a beginner bot game. Then when access to ARAM and Blind pick is given they are subjected to almost exclusively smurf accounts by horribly toxic people who got banned on their main. Getting bots in ARAM is a breath of fresh air.
Incredible, isn't it. No one cared when new players went through that shit, now we have bots in ARAM, a "fun" game mode, and people lose their freaking minds.
: Where is the %%%%ing Cho'Gath Hotfix
Well, there we have it, I never thought I'd see the day that a "Cho is OP thread is created" I can die happy now.
: i got all his skins since for a long tine .. I will lose the skins if they rework him ? Swain :/
You won't lose his skins. I have them all too, they will be changed a little maybe.
Miss Ann (EUNE)
: [EUW] SequenceGG Gaming is Looking For You! :)
Your Discord link is broken btw
: > [{quoted}](name=Zondy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GEKop1ov,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-07-22T16:45:35.425+0000) > > Let&#x27;s hope they fix that crap in the next patch. The game is so challenging right now , I am enjoying me getting one shotted under 0.5 seconds every game :D **5/9 Talon with duskblade.** I have to burn both summs + My support has to ult and exhaust to keep me alive. This talon did nothing but feed his ass off the entire game. He gets {{item:3147}} and almost 1 shots a semi fed ADC. Lethality is absolute bullshit that they can't seem to balance.
Yes the item is broken but your clip exaggerates it. He's two levels higher and you literally walked into range of him.
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Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Yeah, but then people would complain about "true damage" not actually doing what it's supposed to: true damage.
He's the only person that can abuse it like this, you wouldn't build Stoneplate on Vayne would you? Maybe Darius would suffer but IMO that POS has been strong for a while now so he deserves it.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Why is Cho'Gath like this?
I believe the best thing to do is to change the Gargoyle Stoneplate damage reduction to actually affect the true damage too. Without that Cho Gath can't abuse the feast one shots.
: That's your opinion really - you can't force it onto others anyway. If someone thinks it's a really good idea to go Twitch jungle and Teemo top, so be it - that's what you'll have to work with in SoloQ - I don't say that this is great or good or anything, it's just how it is Tilting over other people's picks though only gets you into a bad position and mood. The last game I played for instance - my team was awful as far as I'm concerned - but once I calmed my tits I was like: yea... we could have won it if I didn't do this and that and that. You can't control your teammates after all. Concentrate on your own betterment and try to win, even when the rest of your team is a bunch of morons ;) And don't ever tilt
I don't tilt at the start, I try to make it work but as the game goes on it's blatantly obvious that a slightly different pick would have made the game a bit better. You're asking me to not tilt? Impossible. EDIT: My last win in an actual summoners rift game was Warwick in the jungle vs a 4 man team who ended up just running it down mid when my team wouldn't end... the last time I won before that? 4 days ago. And people picking Vayne top, Lucian mid and whatever freaking ADC botlane against Talon Zed and Kha Zix is just pointless game after pointless game.
: Mind rephrasing that? I have no clue what you are talking about - and yea, I'm an ADC main.
Drafting=picking Picking more than one ADC right now is silly, and when I see ADC mid, top and bot lane, it's a loss straight up yet people keep picking it.
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: Warwick was January, his team then went onto urgot, so that was 6 months... we are now on the 7th month, if riot takes another 6 months to do swain that will be January when we see him... So he would have just missed this year. EDIT: remember there are at least 3 teams doing reworks, so while it's been a stream of reworks the team that has done warwick has only just released their second rework this year, and their first rework was being worked on all through last year as well... So we are looking at a year to fully rework 2 champions... adding a third would be highly unlikely.
January would be basically Christmas though, so I'm happy with January :D
: These things takes months to do and riot only just started swain... it won't be ready this year.
Hmm, Warwick rework was Jan/Feb no? Galio was March/April, Midseason was May, it's now July and we're getting Urgot rework. Its been a constant stream of reworks, I would say Evelynn will come September/October and Swain November/December.
: This year? Damn you are optimistical
I can see Evelynn being released between now and pre-season, with Swain being followed up just before Christmas. Yeah it's optimistic, but we've had 2 VGUs, one more coming in Urgot, Riot are getting the finger out now.
: I don't like reworks in general. People spent hours over hours to master their favorite champion (in this case swain) just to get him COMPLETELY removed out of the game... replaced by a practically new champ. Such reworks were senseful in some cases i aggree, but riot seems to do stuff like that every other day
Lets be fair though, there isn't much to master on Swain. There is the prediction with W but even that will be removed probably because it's so outdated. The flat percentage damage increase from his E should go too, it's so boring and uninspired nowadays.
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moje imie (EUNE)
: not really, server grew since then, and server split didnt fully fix the problem, it gave riot more time to expand their servers
The game as a whole has grown since then. And it did fix the problem, there hasn't been servers going down for several weekends in a row since then. Temporary outages can be expected in most games, if that's what your angling at.
Magneset (EUW)
: Let me guess without even reading the topic. You hard carried but never did anything that was worth honoring behavior wise.
moje imie (EUNE)
: > I have been playing the game since (ending) of open beta, and I have seen queues just to login to servers, > you managed to deal with them, partly because of server split. Please read whole post
I did, you don't mention anywhere why this split was orginally done: to lessen the load on the servers. Combine the two regions again and we are back where we started.
Laudrim (EUW)
: Same here, I was trying to Main him but I have the feeling that he didn't make enough damage to be worthful. The only thing is truly op is his R and I think that if you dont choose Rhaast he is pretty useless, I played two games with Kayn Blue and I was feeling pretty useless, by the way, if you want to pick him you have to wait 4 min. With Rhaast there aren't any delays...
4 minutes if you collect enough red orbs, and not enough blue orbs. And vice versa for Rhaast. Unfortunately as most of the champions in the game are actually melee you will probably get red orbs first.
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: riot doesnt consider smurfing toxic. Well. they should
I understand totally why I'm being matched with Diamond/Plat players when I'm Silver/Have been Gold at best, it's because they don't play enough normal games to keep their MMR parallel with their rank, and I don't play enough Ranked to give my MMR there to settle where it belongs. What I don't understand is why I have to play against players better than me in a game mode that is supposed to be casual. Can I not have a relaxing game without being roflstomped by a 5 man diamond premade(Yes thats an exaggeration.) And yes, Riot should consider smurfing toxic. I'm willing to bet a great deal of toxicity is from people getting stomped by someone smurfing and getting flamed for feeding etc. when technically they are doing nothing wrong for their skill level, but the enemy is just so much better than them. Refer to those videos on youtube of the Season 1 TSM ADC(Forget his name) boosting peoples accounts in China, he plays Draven and literally 1v5s the enemy team every time. That's an exaggeration again, but having a diamond smurf in a silver game really lopsides the ranked system.
moje imie (EUNE)
: Servers merging
If you were around when EU was one server, trust me, it was absolutely horrible. 10 minutes waits for log ins, and it was either a laggfest of a game or outright disconnects left right and centre.
: I struggle to see the point of lethality. Why did they remove armour penetration in the first place? There should be items which counter armour stacking, but to have items which reduce all armour, bonus or not, seems illogical. It just creates 'must have' items, which apparently Riot want to move away from. Sometimes I don't think they know what they're doing.
Yeah as someone who came back to Arm Pen being changed to this new stat called Lethality I was a bit confuddled. Arm Pen was always more balanced than this shit is. Twice now in about 4 months I've seen a patch where you pick Lethality based champions or you lose.
Febos (EUW)
: I think that's the case, but it shouldn't be. If it is enhancing a basic attack (eg Sheen) then it shouldn't add a second stack.
So the problem appears to be that Duskblade isn't being counted as an "on-hit" affect, but rather being counted as item damage ala gunblade etc.
: That doesn't really work on your own to farm 15 minutes in the jungle because the bots will break the two bot lane towers within 8-10 minutes if no-one intervenes then you also have to add on random lag spikes (which for whatever reason) have been a lot more common in 7.14 and finally, the bots love to group when they get to an inhibitor tower and a melee right click champion gets destroyed if CC'd once like from Morgana or Blitzcrank and well, you get the point... I personally go for Veigar due to his stun and never ending AP gain which helps a long way by the end.
Tryndamere has immunity to death, guarantees you'll kill one or two of them before you dash out again. Yi can dodge CC abilities with his alpha strike and wait for his cooldowns by using his W. The bots will almost definately be bearing down on the inhibitor turret in botlane by 15 minutes, so that's why you come out then with an item or two and try to lure some off to the side.
: Way too many bots (3/4 per game)
Take someone with right click attack = win like Yi, Tryndamere, etc. And just farm the jungle for the first 15 minutes and then kill the bots and perma push each lane one at a time and it's easy. The trick is not to go into a lane because you'll never get a chance to farm with the bots constantly trying to engage on you and have the tower bounce the wave back.
Febos (EUW)
: Something strange is happening with Kha'Zix. {{item:3071}} : "dealing physical damage to a champion (...)" {{item:3147}} : "your next basic attack (...) will deal bonus physical damage" It looks like the bonus damage is being applied as a second hit, but it should only count as 1. My guess is Duskblade isn't correctly enhancing the basic attack.
So it's counting one basic attack as physical damage, then the duskblade on top of that is another instance of physical damage. Hence two stacks. Is that what the OP is talking about here? A little clarification boys.
: Future victorious Skin
I'm hoping someone that doesn't have a lot of skins or hasn't had one in a while. Swain for example would look awesome.
: Bot Infestation: Extermination needed
Yeah that absolutely crosses the line now. How can we take Ranked games seriously when it could be botting accounts in them? For anyone wondering why someone would keep the bot going after hitting 30, it's to lower it's MMR so low that people can buy low bronze accounts and stomp with their superior skills. Riot's only answer is to take out the levelling to level 30. Levelling accounts won't exist and it's pretty easy to detect bots from that. PS: What's even scarier is looking at the bots match history is that it's been winning games. How the %%%%?!
PovDam (EUW)
: High ping after patch 7.14
Had some problems last game, spiked and once lagged out, UK with "HomeTelecom" as my ISP.
: Warmog on ww?
Not work at all as already said, Warmog's a good item for tanks which have scaling hp on abilities etc. and that will get a Gargoyle/Locket combo.
: Give 6 lvl udyr skills
They could honestly make this a huge rework potential actually, imagine giving his rank 6 on his abilities new mechanics. Rank 6 of Tiger could give him a ranged lunge ability, Rank 6 of Bear could give him CC immunity on casting, just examples but these would change the dynamics of playing Udyr a lot.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: What do you buy from this game?
I've been playing the game for about 8-9 years now, I've put in just shy of 700 pounds or 1000 dollars if that makes sense. It just adds up when you put money in now and again to buy skins/new champions(back when I was getting a good salary I didn't mind dropping some money for the new champions instead). My account has 20 fillable rune pages, all the champions unlocked, about 100 skins, with some champions having all skins unlocked just because I like them that much. I value being able to literally switch to any champion I feel like playing, even if some of them I don't like or hate playing it lets me swap with people in champ select who do.
: What's a common thing you see people do but they don't realise that it's bad
Getting an advantage but not going back to buy items from it. Cue them trying to kill their lane partner again but %%%%ing it up horrendously because the enemy bought an item when they died but he didn't.
des323 (EUNE)
: Honour Progress Bar
No, the whole point is it's not another stat to "max". It's something that just happens from playing nice. Having a progress bar is silly but perhaps some indication if you were close to the next honor level would be nice enough.
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