FuIIauto (EUW)
: Proof that dynamic que killed competitive rankeds (in pictures)
Diamond 1/2 players complain when they are team up with D3 or less, so basically... this game is normal only
: A New Rotating Game Mode To Help Low Elo Players Gain Skill
i have some friends who are diamond and plat, and when i play a normal game with them, trust me, it's not funny at all ! They are just.. really better than us ! and by far man
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: I'm actually trying to main top lane (it's my favorite lane), but in blind pick someone either is faster than me (slow pc) or just instalocks, for ranked I queue with top/supp because they're my best roles. This leaves normal draft, but sometimes you have to wait for 20 minutes for a match to start :/ I actually miss teambuilder.
If you go TOP/SUP in ranked queue, you will end up 90% of the time support. If you want to play toplane, put TOP/Jungle ! most of the time you will get toplane, and if you dont, you can ask the toplaner to switch with you (cause most toplaner play jungle as well, and the other way around) . I'm a main jungle>top>support by the way
: Losing streak
You die too much, even as a support . That means you have to improve your position in lane and in team fights, and also pay more attention to the map. For example, you end up 0/5/8 with soraka, which is a very very bad score on that champion. With soraka, even thought you know you will be the focus, you should die 3 times maximum or less. Otherwise the team cant take advantage of your healing in team fights. That's the reason why you need to improve your positionning in lane. Same thing with your other support, espacially morgana. You die too many times. That's why you lose so much. If you often die that means your team is in a 4vs5 frequently , which means your team have less map pressure. Because you play support, it doesnt mean you should sacrifice yourself for teamates (except in a kill trade like enemy midlaner for you )
Mr Smaiff (EUW)
: #Hate Flamers
It's not Riot's fault, it's the players fault. You should not blame riot for this, because there are over 5 millions active players on lol, and Riot can't control all of them (you do know that there are also false "report" ) For what is worth, i hate trollers and flamers too. When someone get toxic, i just mute him or i mute everyone to focus on the game
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: >"let your team mates peel for you" because Each game i kindly ask my support to stick by me, but in reality there to zoned out of their mind to remember and rather duel the tank top laner, leaving me completely exposed to every enemy to jump on me EVEN when im behind my team... Fair enough. But here's the point. IF a support fails to protect his ADC, in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM should the ADC be allowed to succeed unless the enemy makes a big misplay, or unless said ADC has a big advantage. Such is the concept of MOBAs as TEAM-GAMES. Such is the nature of healthy team-oriented gameplay. An ADC that has poor protection from his support SHOULD fail. Unless if you're Vayne, because that's kind of her identity. And her weaknesses (that I'll agree that are too few) are related exactly to her identity. Supports are already underappreaciated as it is, and people want to push it further by complaining that ADCs aren't self peeling. This indicates that people forget this is a team-game. And what people want is for LoL to turn into a free-for all MLG sk1llz Unreal Tournament Deathmatch, where team orientation, healthy team-interaction and coordination, and strategy goes out of the window. What most people want out of LoL, is the spotlight for their skills and pseudo-superiority. IMO, they are playing the wrong game.
Maaan... Preach ! You said it all ! Very good answer !
PPR Indi (EUW)
: what can i do against tanks as an adc?
Man this game isn't easy ! ADC : attack damae Carry = HIGH DPS , HIGH DAMAGE, ON GOING NEVER ENDING DAMAGE (unless you kill the adc)! Do you think playing such a role will come without some inconvenience. It's one of the basics foundation of league : team play ! Your team has to protect you, or you have to find a way to deal damage without being in danger. If you could have a counterplay "alone" ( and by alone i mean without the help of your teamates) to voli or darius or Illaoi, then everyone should play an ADC Sorry bro, it's hard to climb , i know, i'm only silver and i cry when i see my adc trying to split push alone because she got some kills ^^ Anyway, good luck
: Difference between Master/Challanger, and Plat/Diamond
Maybe what i saw will not seem relevant to you , since i'm only silver. What happens in your games is what happens in lower elo than platinium too. The jungler is at fault if lane loses, and people blame each other for everything. I think all this is RIOT's fault personnally. Not that they match "normal people" with "flamers", but RIOT don't want to do a real campain which aim will be to make people understand that flaming is not a solution. I think RIOT just turn a blind eye to all this because they don't want to get their hands dirty. THe report system is trash, and everyone knows that . Since you can get report for losing your lane, or just get report because you said you were going to report someone. My point is , RIOT please, do something useful
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: When a support hears this...
Man, i have to respond to your post. I main Jungle and Support. As a support (and even jungle) , i can see almost everything on the map. So i warn my allies when i see the enemy jungler, i come to help if midlane need help or my jungler is being invade, stuff like that. I have to say, the most fun games i had were game where i was just laughing with my adc. Some adc are actually very friendly, even when we are losing the lane, and most of the time, with that attitude, they end up carring the game. The purpose of this message was just to encourge friendly act like that :)
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kuzzy47 (EUW)
: Supporting games in bronze/silver: -out of position adc vs hook champs , you save them once they die the second time -team never use their wards or change them at lvl 9 -team 0 map awarness -i heal and shield them and they still try to run away and never fighting back and eventually dying (this annoys me the most when playing soraka) -objectives don't matter, better recall to buy my items -we just killed a few enemies and we are low health, lets just push the lane a little bit until someone comes to rek us -you play alistar to engage, team dosen't follow.you play ranged support team dosen't engage.
Man, your comment just made me laugh like a lot !!! But the fact is, what you say is true. I main jungle and support. i notice the same shiit as you did. The most terrible mistake of all, is the map awareness, when you get gank, the enemy jungler walks over wards , you ping your adc, but he is just too focus on last hitting .. I use to main top in season 5 , but now i thing role where you roam a lot like support or jungle, even mid are best to snowball and win a game
: I Honestly Feel Yasuo Needs a Nerf.
i feel like {{champion:121}} need a big nerf
: Roaming potential isn't a problem for the toplaner itself. Sounds like you never actually play against ranged toplaners.
Which champion do you often play in toplane ?
: new mid lane chapmp
{{champion:42}} mid is awesome . You just farm till tryforce and bim ! you are support strong, and have an incredible burst. {{champion:127}} strong engage, srong poke, just build Rod of Ages and you are good to carry {{champion:63}} strong af, a lot of damage and poke. Just farm and in team fight you put your ultimate and gg
Silisa (EUNE)
: I'll try to cover some things here, just to put in my 2 cents. According to your match history, you play a lot of Leona. Leo is awesome in bronze, since playing aggressively can usually win you the lane and the game. Now, the issues I have with her (and many people might) are that she: 1) needs to get kills in the laning phase - she is heavily dependent on snowballing 2) doesn't have any real peal for the carry (so, even when you do snowball in the early game, the fed adc won't actually stay alive in team fights long enough to deal any significant damage) and 3) is easily countered (yes, despite the popular belief, Leona doesn't counter everything - someone actually told me this while I was in B3 after asking me to ban her in champ select). Next. Playing Lux support doesn't give you the right not to build sightstone. Since the changes to vision and removal of the yellow trinket upgrades, the team relies a lot on the support for constant warding (the CD of the yellow trinket is brutal in the early game). Try to pick supports compatible with the carry. Hard engage champions with no peal don't make very good supports for late game 0 mobility hyper carries. Finally, if despite your best efforts, you don't see your adc carrying the game at any point in this century - just roam. Go ward the river, around mid and gank. Or help your jungler invade the enemy jungle and place some deep wards. Hell, roam top and help the top laner, if you think that he'll be able to carry the game. By roam mid or top, I mean **gank**. Don't just randomly show up in lane, stand next to your ally and steal his farm and XP.
how can u say {{champion:89}} doesn't have a peal ? She has a tun and an ultimate that stuns everyone . You are not force to use leona to engage. You can just stay near your carry and protect him
: support stuck in bronze
Man, i keep playing support . First to carry , you have to know , even as a support, you must have a kDA of at least 3.00 with your champions at the end of the game, to have a positive impact on the game. Secondly, use the chat . When i play support, i "harass" my teamate with pings , and i make the calls. Because as a support, you have a better vision of the game, since you are not focus on getting creeps. You can carry as a support . I recommand you strong support like {{champion:412}} and {{champion:201}} . As for {{champion:12}} , be carefull, he has a strong kite, but sometimes you might want to engage even thought it's not the right time . Keep playing support my friend, and i wish you good luck on the rift :)
Fransiee (EUW)
: Counter zed
my friend, {{champion:238}} is a champion who needs a lot of mastery . it's try that he is overpowered, just like {{champion:92}} . But this goes for zed : if you are good enough, it's easy to kite a zed in lane. If you rush zonya or quick silver slash, he has no ultimate for you to worry about. In lane, you take whatever midlaner you want, i just poke him hard when he come to cs . Plus his skillshots are not that hard to dodge, trust me ! i Recommand {{champion:127}} or {{champion:131}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:81}} i mean only lissandra can go toe to toe with {{champion:238}} (and crush him) but the others champions have solid poke, with low cooldown and a shield or a dash to escape . I also advice you to play {{champion:238}} a little in normal games, or even custom games, as you will understand better how he works and how to deal with him
: Some people just want to troll and DESTROY the enemy team's hope for a comeback by torturing them with being caught under or near their fountain. Hate that and I find that shameful to do. If you won, end the game, don't torture the losing team.
It's a game, it's a shame but it's a game. And sometimes you just want to crush the oponents' hopes , just to have some fun or to {{champion:48}}
: I just used examples. Main problems with this meta has to do with roaming and teamfighting kite. If I have problems with LB or Fizz on lane, it is mostly due to the main counter against them being.. Pushing. This leads to their jungler (usually aggressive like {{champion:35}} or {{champion:254}}) having an advantage over the lane. Mid is feasible nowadays mostly when you have the burst to kill anybody 1v1 from 100% and you can roam. As for those specific champions, lane denial is strong with assassins, making distance a hard thing to manage. IF you wait for them to push, they start roaming and you have to choose, farm or follow. Assassins tend to do well on ganks, so they get objectives if you don't follow, but you lose exp and money if you do. This meta is not impossible to play against, but it is frustrating. 1v1 skills are negated by champions being too safe, farm is negated by roam..
It's not like Fizz {{champion:105}} or leblanc {{champion:7}} have a safe waveclear anyway. they have to go in to waveclear, and you just have to be fast on your reactino time to attack them at that time I played {{champion:127}} against a {{champion:7}} , and all the {{champion:7}} wanted to do was QW me ! but when she goes in, i stun her with my E and Q her ! easy trade win ! plus as she was still playing agressive even after i got the frist blood on her, i just poke her with my Q then i all-in her ! easy carry ! You have to know that assassins have to go in ! Use that moment they go in to deal damage to them ! iit's not that hard
Serage (EUW)
: Its really frustrating when you play a slow hero. You see the enemy on the map far away and you are already dead :D...
I hope you know you can dodge skillshots right ? and when you say slow i suppose you mean A CHamp like {{champion:122}} ! WEll you have to know that you don't play all champoins in team fights the same way.Some champions need a flank to deal their max output damage. That's the reason why we have bronze, and Challenger
Neonchan (EUW)
: Hmm did we now whine on every meta? Or did we forget some?
i think some new players (and by new i mean less than two season of experience in league) tends to forget that this game is a real time strategy game, and not just a game where you pcik {{champion:11}} and run around trying to 1vs5 . They don't know how to use their brain to make turret dive or picks , or even simply not to get poke out
: Need advice
if you like the jungle, take {{champion:113}} ! easy carry bro ! her Q is a bump, after one auto, her E can slow for 55% her target, and her ultimate just stun everyone. {{champion:113}}
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: {{champion:131}} Q-R-R thanks for playing! {{champion:238}} R-faceroll-R deleted. {{champion:105}} do i really need to say anything? {{champion:91}} 100-0 in less than 1 teemo. {{champion:75}} Ill build 1 offensive item and 1v5 your team. {{champion:35}} talon's creepy friend. {{champion:67}} I heard you built armor and hp. Thats cute. Welcome to the league of "play the thing that requires less work because it is OP".
well, all these champ can be easily counter play, so .... and most of them are really hard to play, unlike {{champion:19}} . Don't take them to the same lvl as warwick please
: A little clearer positioning games. >From Riot
Paena (EUW)
: Okay now that Jhin is revealed
LOoL dunno . Maybe the lore will tell us more . I think Jhin will be a midlane marksman like Varus, or even a jungler marksman :) ( not really related to your question tho)
Father Tios (EUNE)
: one thing to junglers though. Especially in lower elo's, you see the "Won't gank x lane for whatever reason" Your goal, is not to be the alpha male, respected by all his fellow summoners, and if that doesn't apply you get pissed off. Your goal is to win the fricking game. If it means helping people you don't like, so be it.
lool, it's not about "refusing to help X lane because they flame" . In ranked games, i do my best to win, even if i have to mute the hole chat (in order to forget about flamers and focus on the game). I'm tunnel visionning on winning, and i think most players too
Niryn (EUW)
: I understand it's frustrating if you're pushed to the tower since the start and the enemy jungler keeps coming if you even dare try to freeze. But you haven't died. In that case I believe it's justified to wonder why on earth isn't the jungler helping even once. BUT BUT even then they always have a reason, I just believe it'd be nice to let the lane know that reason. Communication! \^-^/ Being 0/4/0 should always be considered not worth ganking anymore unless it's a megagank bot both with top teleporting in or mid roaming after helping the mid take the tower first or something. You know, worth something and low risk of helping the enemy snowball further! ^-^ (Disclaimer: I'm a silver trash who plays mostly normals but this is what I've gathered from trying to learn jungle and watching the games unfold from a support main's pov. Correct me all you want I mean no harm~)
You are right . The thing is , many times i have let the laner know why i'm not coming (most of the time i'm trying to get others lanes snowballing, or the risk or ganking him is too high). But laners (especially top and botlane) don't want to understand sometimes. I mean if i have a {{champion:112}} midlane, it's a good idea to get him going, since he can solo carry a game with his E and his ult
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: What To Do When You Have Lost Your Lane (This Is Not A Question Its A Guide)
i Comment this so that every follow silver can read this. Well done on the thread bro !
Kurokage (EUNE)
: Need Help To Pass Silver
Well, i'm silver too, and at some point, i thought the same thing as you did. But i saw one of my friends (he is platinium 2) play in the silver elo, his killing average per game was over 15, and death average understand 6 . I realize maybe i need to get stronger go up ! If you want we can duo q and see :)
Boondox (EUW)
: Ex- Diamond player giving free coaching to new players. :)
Neonchan (EUW)
: What do you do against this behaviour?
Well, i understand you man. You must be in silver or bronze elo i think. You have to know that there are many kids (no joke) that play league of legends. Most of the time they don't even understand how to play safe, or how to keep their advance : they need someone to blame for their own mistake. Just chill. At times like that, i mute all the chat, i try not to die anymore, put some music, and wait for the game to end. Unfortunately, the system can't do much against that kind of behavior. But fortunately, all games are not like that. There were many ranked games that i lose because i played poorly, but the team didn't blame me. On the contrary, they were even making jokes in the chat about the game. Point is : there are more friendly person, that trollers in this game. So try to forget about troller bro :) ( and play {{champion:150}} , he is so cute
: WHY not nerf RIven
Well, many say she is hard to play, but let's be honest : you can just spam your keyboard button and win your lane, unless your oponent is a little good (which is rare in my elo)
NamelessD (EUNE)
: ***
Why don't you bush your brain too. Cause as far as i can remember, you can't just go in solo q, ask people to take champions with cc to counter riven, and they will simply do as you say-_- plus even with cc, flash w on your midlaner/adc or both and it's over
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Brolando (EUW)
: Which champion are you using to jungle with? Some junglers who don't have very good sustain or clear times need to back after 2 camps.
Gragas, vi, ekko, tahm (so hard to jungle with him)
: Are tanks still viable?
Comon man, maybe playing tanks is not wise right now, but to me, in this patch, BRUISERS are still broken as shiiit ! {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} and let's not talk about my dear {{champion:39}} ! it's like her power was up in the early game... {{item:3078}} is useless on bruisers like irelia or jax . You must go for {{item:3124}} then {{item:3146}} and the enemy adcarry is basically one shot . (in normal games it works :) ) Maybe league of tanks is over, but now League of Bruisers is definitely HERE
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: Trolls/SUPER bad players are dominating League Right now.
i feel you man ! It's more like these days people are intentionally feeding . I just dont understand why ! i just support a {{champion:133}} with {{champion:111}} ! we won our lane easily, but then {{champion:133}} start roaming (at lvl7) by her own , in the enemy jungle, and giving free kills to a {{champion:107}} or {{champion:157}} already fed ! or she was splitting with no vision deep in the enemy territory. I mean... she is suppose to be gold... it's was her game to carry, and she just threw the game off ! And this kind of players, i'm metting a lot of them lately in solo q, and the worst is that they listen to no one
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: On the other hand it makes it impossible to play against early and sustain champs. Srsly I don't want to play against a Renekton or Vladimir after that patch. They will just force you out of the lane. I don't see a problem in Bot or Midlane but Toplane will be a mess.
Vladimir is so squishy... just play agressive (intelligently of course) in the early stage of the game and push the minions to his tower. If you play some thing like {{champion:2}} or {{champion:58}} or even {{champion:85}} he will be out of lane fast . And for renekton, after lvl9 he falls off
: Champion mana changes!!! LOTS OF CHAMPIONS MANA CHANGE
i can't wait to see the results of all this. This might change our current strategies and play styles a lot. And for what is worth, i think riot is right, mana pots and potion advantages some champions which are already srtong from the start
: Thank you community!
Thanks for sharing man, i really appreciate that . Not enough people can say what you just said. It may have nothing to do with this, but about a week ago i feed like i was paid for it in a ranked game, but none of my teamates flamed me , rather that than, they were thinking about ways to come back . Since then, i've been sober from flaming, God blesses that team <3
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