: I feel betrayed by RIOT
What an ungreatful sod.
: One for all... People take it way too seriously!
Normally I find there are 1 or 2 people that dominate the game because it's their main champ, and the others are still reading the ability instructions. E.g. Ekko, Zed, LB, New Taric. The crappy players normally rage because their champ is "s**t" when they just don't know how to play them.
: No longer able to spectate ranked matches from home screen!?
I used to use this a LOT when I first started playing League. Watching pro matches in spectator mode is much more useful than watching a video. It's a real shame that they took the feature out :( though it could be just the countdown for the opening ceremony. They did this a lot on the old homescreen, then put the match spectators back on when worlds, etc finished.
: Disabling specific player's pings via the "ignore" option
I'd like a mute button on taunts/jokes too. It's nice when someone uses them now and again, but I've had games where people spam them the whole damned match or put them with the same key bindings as their abilities. I played an aram where the enemy Voli kept spamming his taunts and laughs. This even made his own teammates want to strangle the guy. Ping mutes would be pretty useful, since some people spam them so much you start to get irritated/distracted by them rather than thinking there's a potential threat.
: Soooo this new queue experience
I'm pretty sure you should be able to swap with someone if they agreed. It can't be as if it's team builder and you join the queue with your champ and lane set in stone. :/
ZartarUK (EUW)
: I think riot should be harder on lower level accounts and let me explain why
I don't think it's just to do with *smurfs*, but also players who had their mains banned because of flaming, made a new account, then carried on flaming (either from not learning their lesson or wanting to rage on an account that doesn't matter much to them). Though my smurfing experience wasn't so much raging smurfs, but hackers and auto bots >_>
A Paladin (EUW)
: Bruiser Leona top lane might be viable! Season 6! PVP DOMINUS
Tried it. Got lots of kills. Won the lane. Won the game. Got reported for playing Leona top. GG.
: I would play it more, but I don't have that many people to play it with..Seems like a really fun idea, only done it a couple times and even then it wasn't done properly with my friends.
Isn't there a chat room for this kinda gamemode though?
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: For all "support" players
All I hear is "OMG STOP PLAYING STUFF OFF META UR RUINING MY GAMES CUZ I CAN'T COPE WITH CHANGE!!!" As a support main I've played a lot of Ori and Lux support and they work incredibly well. Annie and Brand are amazing supports too. I think you should change your name to "BrainAFK" if you can't cope without a none-explosive lane and just want to farm while your Soraka heals every booboo.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxist,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=UGhyQ3kf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-02T17:02:18.846+0000) > > 1470... i don't get it... he means his IP "18181
: Why on earth does the outside level advantage have an impact on LoL games?
I would rather runes and their pages to be completely free. getting them has nothing to do with how skilled you are at the game, just whether you either spammed matches or bought champions with RP and saved IP for runes. **Choosing** what runes you use reflects your skill. Or at least change the currency used for buying runes so you're not forced to choose between a couple of 6300IP champs or some runes (my last batch of runes costed me 13K IP). Having an unfair advantage over a game just because you could afford your runes is ridiculous though. It's like going onto a football field and being told you have to play 100 matches before you can even use football boots. But before then, you have to play another 100 to get a locker.
G Vendetta (EUNE)
: The magnificent Twisted Fate
This is one of the first legendary skins where neither the voice or abilities were any different. This is why it's a legacy skin that can come as 50% off, same as the others.
f7cough (EUNE)
: Please make a way to see the skins owned as a collection type
I'm sure lots of people do this, but until they have a "skins owned" tab, I made a spreadsheet with all my skins and how much I spent on them. It took me a while to make it, but every time I buy a skin, it goes straight onto the spreadsheet. I have a list on the side to show which skins I want to get in the future when they're 1/2 price. A wishlist tab where you can select and save a list only you can see in the shop would be nice. A notification for when it comes on the sales would be sweet.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Well you know what will ppl say then... "Rito too lazy to make new map so they just reskin the old one" It's a cool idea to not have boring map but, priorities.
Right now - "Rito too lazy to reskin map so they wait for fans to make one"
: Why the f*ck would you play Teemo support?
Looking at your match history, It looks like the Teemo was doing a lot of the work and Lucian was the worse player. Teemo did almost double any of your team's damage. The total lack of **any** pinks/sweepers from the enemy team gave him a massive advantage too. It looks more like nobody could deal with the Rengo deleting anyone since the only peel was Shen. Shen should have gone support-tank instead of taking warmogs. Rengo did a lot of work in that game and carried his team HARD. I don't think it was the choice of Teemo that solely lost you the game.
: {{champion:44}} .
Wait for his rework, then his FABULOUS ultimate skin will come!!
: {{champion:17}}
Second it. He might have a legendary skin, but he needs an ultimate one too!
: What do you do when enemy comes late to the lane because of DC?
This happened to me in a community game. I had to reconnect after a few minutes so I was level 1 and he was level 3. As soon as I got into lane, he tried to all-in on me to kill me. I would have understood if it was ranked and he wanted to win, but this was someone in a community custom game. It struck me what kind of person he was and I didn't really want to continue playing with him after that. The only time you should ever press any advantage is in ranked. Any other game mode, and you're just a douche.
Sheëp (EUW)
: Freedom of speech?
What makes you think that, in any video game, telling someone how bad they are at it will not make them feel hurt and not want to play with you again? In this type of game, a MOBA, people can report you for saying hurtful things so you might not be able to do it to someone else in the future, since they most likely won't be matched with you again. If you were in a lan party game, I would just refuse to play with you again because your definition of "maturity" is twisted and wrong. Go on. Try playing in a lan party and tell someone how bad they are like you do in league and see what reaction you get. Most people play this **game** to have **fun**.
: I waited 2 years for silent night Sona, I missed it the first year and the second year I lived in China and never got to buy it as I couldn't access the server, but when I got back from China, my brother sent me a mystery gift which I never knew about and it was Silent Night, I think riot knew I wanted it haha <3
That's so lucky! I got 3 Soraka skins for mystery gifting. I feel obliged to play her now even though she's getting lots of flack recently o.o Dryad, Celestine and Reaper. Maybe in the new year I'll play her..
: How do you have fun as Heimer? Press Q 3 times, go afk for 15 min and come back with 200 farm and 10 kills. He's one of the most boring champions to me . Btw for me Renek was a lot of fun, so as Braum.
Renekton is one of my favourite top laners. So much so, that whenever I'm against him I know most his weaknesses and strengths. I even managed to win my lane as Teemo, which is normally a massive advantage for the croc! Shame you don't find Heimerdinger interesting. To me, he's more than just placing turrets down, especially since they changed them to not farm for you properly. Normally they switch targets when a minion is low at lower levels now. I think they mentioned it in a patch a year ago.
: I used to love play {{champion:82}}, but riot decided to make a remake that made him op at first and now nerfed to shit, I dunno i never liked the idia of melee adcs... if only I could play old morde lol would be so much fun again currently I'm having a lot of fun with {{champion:17}} and {{champion:78}}
I always go back to the old Satan {{champion:17}} now and again, just so I can watch someone manoeuvre around my minefield of shrooms >;)
Xevestos (EUW)
: I was going jax all they way since preseason 5, kinda sad he is popular now and people believe I'm a sheep for playing him but well. Kinda happy how strong he is with rageblade.
Don't worry, another FOTM will come and he will be forgotten again when rageblade gets a slight nerf :)
: {{champion:223}}
Top or support? One of my friends uses him top and demolishes any lane ^^
: Heimerdinger used to be fun, until I left Silver V ._.
Don't quit on the donger in ranked :) I heard people don't know how to handle him until Diamond 4
: I don't know. Properly Kindred, it's a really funny champion {{champion:203}}
He/she/they are going to be my next one to pick up. I need something fun in the jungle!
vav4o (EUNE)
: And my is the Doonger. For 1-2 weeks I reached level 5 with him.
I spammed him for a week for my level 5, then tried him in ranked. Can't believe how many people think you're trolling when you go the Donger!
: Baaaard this spiritual being rocks!
I can only play Bard in Coop vs AI since I'm hopeless at him! Randomly ulting someone is so fun though >:)
: {{champion:16}} nearly 80k with her <3 I lover her so much <3 {{champion:37}} first champion i had all the skins for, still gets played all the time <3 {{champion:143}} fell in love with her, then out of love, then back in love and got her to lvl 5 in 2 days by spamming <3 still love her, but riot needs to give her some loving back <3
Sona was he second one to have all my skin for ^^ I was so patient for the Silent Night Sona skin <3
Rioter Comments
: Rammus needs a Nerf...
I'm pretty sure this guy is either a troll or is the most densely minded person I've seen on the forums. Rammus is designed to try and get to the back line of your group and try and get the ADC into a taunt. You counter Rammus by having your team peal for the ADC. Once you have QSS you can then reposition and attack another target. If you're attacking Rammus in a team fight AFTER his taunt is gone, then you're doing something very wrong. He's supposed to soak up damage so anyone dumb enough to focus him down gets battered by the enemy ADC and mid laner. You get rid of their damage dealers and Rammus is just a fly trying to annoying you while you're taking down their base. Most tanks have something decent to use while in the middle of the enemy team. Dr. Mundo has a strong AOE and amazing health regen, Singed has CC and a poison trail, Sion has his train, Volibear has his flip that gives him MS bonus while his thunder ulti hits everyone, Shen has a dash taunt and shields, Nasus has whither and a hopefully stacked Q, and so on. All of these, including Rammus, are countered HARD with good teamwork and peel. Without Rammus' high tankiness and damage return, you might as well pick another tank. He has no damage to compensate, unless you don't build him tanky. Looking at your ranked match history, I'm guessing you posted this after being against a Rammus, Nasus, Cho and Leona in the same team? Your team is a complete fail against this: a person who picked Brand support instead of something like Thresh, MF didn't build QSS or lifesteal, you (Darius) builds an Iceborn Gaunlet (???) and nobody upgrades their trinkets to something other than yellow. Their team out-scaled you in the late game so you couldn't deal with them. My suggestion: stop being a whiny little kid and listen to the people who know better than you about this game. Maybe next time you'll be more prepared.
galH11 (EUNE)
: champion mastery level 10 - champ icon
An icon for a particular champ would be awesome. The level 10 mastery would be so good since it's pretty easy to spam a champ a few times to get the mastery 5. Something really high would be great, so you know who the real "mains" are other than changing their name to something stupid like "SKT Best Zed EUW 420 Blaze It" I don't think Riot really thought whether it would be a real challenge to get to mastery 5 :/
: take heimer and build Zzrot's portal in mid lane, let the voidlings and torrets work for you :) i hope you feel better soon
That would be my choice too. Let the turrets do all the work and get a double when the jungle comes to gank you. I normally play him when I have 200+ ping too. Also, he's always a good laugh to play. Stupidly high damage, crazy ulti and one of the only champs you can spam your emotes properly. You know what they say "laughter is the best medicine"
: it has absolutely no value. china already owned over 50% of the company. Think about it like this: your dad owns a car, but he gifted it to you he is still the owner of the car, but the insurance was on your name now, this year, your dad will also get the insurance on his name, because its cheaper this way for the guys and girls that you chose to give them a ride (aka: players in this game), it doesn't matter that last years. The car insurance was on your name or that this car's papers are your dad's. It was you (aka: riot games) that give them all the rides. Your dad (aka: the chinese) were the owners of the care for a long time, and nobody cared. Now your dad also got the insurance on his name (aka: the chinese fully bought rito). But your friends still don't care. IT still doesn't affect them, its still you who owns the car. Sure, you CAN get in a big fight with your daddy and lose your car, but this could have happened when the insurance was on your name anyway, since the owner was your dad from the start. THE END. It was a business move for the stock market and the shares this company has. Yes, its something they don't teach you in schools. If you wana know more, search for it yourself.
This comment is completely presumptuous. I have not made any opinion about the shares now owned by Tencent. It's a post to let people who have any interest in how the company is progressing know what's happened recently, since it showed up on the news and not the main website. I must be one of a few who want to know a games company other than just playing the game.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: I suggest you read on how Tencent works and how much influence they actually have on the game's development before you post this crap. (Hint. It's zero influence.)
Crap? It's a legitimate post by Riot which I've posted on the forums because Riot don't seem to see this as 'news' to put on their website. It might interest other people to read up about it if it didn't appear on the news like it did for me. Don't condescend a post just because you don't have any interest in it.
Rioter Comments
: Biggest limitation in soloQ
Personally I hate the fact you cannot buy wards when you upgrade to blue trinket. If I'm mid or even top, I still want to sometimes get the blue trinket. This in itself is frustrating with the 1-hit delete and the impossibility to use green wards, even though it's incredibly useful for scouting out the enemy and checking camps from afar. Same with the sweeping lens. It forces you to choose between placing or deleting wards. Then again, if the enemy is also getting sweepers and blue, there won't be many wards to sweep >_> I think this has made the game go back to "the support is the warding bot" because of their sightstone. Jungler needs a sweeper, ADC and mid need blue trinkets. Then the support gets flamed for not lighting the map like a Christmas tree, yet again :(
Agidyne (EUW)
: There should be a warning like this every time you go SoloQ.
Another message should be: "Would you like to check your ping before joining the queue?" -> Yes. "Your ping is 400. You should probably check if your mom is downloading p0rn again"
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Doom Rift of Doom
How about all the bushes become razor sharp grass blades and now deal true damage while moving around inside them. Staying still will make you "safe" until you start moving again.
Catchdown (EUW)
: What was your childhood game? +Full List!
Terranigma This was one of my most favourite games when I was a kid. A game on the Snes that only came out in Europe and Japan. It was fun to play and was a game that had so many side quest things to do for it's time. Even if you haven't played it on the Snes, I implore you to get an emulator and try it out. With retro-style games becoming a thing again, it really is something to put on your list.
: I know people suggest muting teammates, but I prefer to tell them what sort of a degenerate they are and that we lose the game solely because of their toxicity, as not saying anything will make them think they are right and being nice doesn't make them react any nicer.
Actually, making a retort to their toxicity only fuels their rage and makes them tilt even more. It also distracts you from the game if you're sat still typing in chat. The best thing is to be either positive or not respond at all.
: LOL welcome to the real league of legends where bronze is higher than gold... Silver have ppl better than plat. Riot ranked system is all messed up in every way possible. Eu Servers are made from selling accounts , elo boosting because no bronze is actually in bronze. When Gold accounts is 10$-20$ what do you expect? Yea ,riot know about it ,they know about the sites that sell it but do nothing about it.. becuase all they care about is thier money increasing not game experince. You think if you get plat or diamond? you will find better players LOl uare dreaming... i played in bronze,silver,gold,plat,diamond on alot of accounts...i smurfed some too. PLat is the worst tier of alll .... you think gold full of troller and elo boosted? you didn't see plat division yet... or diamond 5 -4 You can't even call them elo hell . it's named "Autofeeding ,trolling at it's finest" in plat you will have bard mid ,auto feeding top , Teemo or orianna adc ,janna ad people that still learn how to basic attacks. people that you will look at and say who smurfed you from lv 10-20?... Welcome to the real league of legends My Freind...... And riot only CHanges grafics , realsing skins but fck game experince as long as thier is cash in their bags...
My nicest games were actually in bronze. There's so little pressure because, heck, it's bronze. Most of them seemed to accept the fact of where they are and so don't get bothered about not climbing. It was only when I got into silver that I noticed the majority of the matches had ragers and flamers. Gold was even worse, with people thinking they are way better than their current elo and blame their own mistakes on teammates. To OP: My best bet is to duo-queue with someone you trust and never rages. Then there's at least -1 rager in your team. Also, this is pre-season. There are a LOT less people actually "trying" because ranked rewards have been given out now. Once the season starts, I suggest doing ranked then. This was my experience last year and so I just enjoyed normals instead and took my time learning the new items.
Rioter Comments
KhaledSubeh (EUNE)
: Dear , iwill replay on this , after all playing vs bot is useful in different way 1 -play vs bot when you try new champ for me as challenger i dont harm other people by useing new champ and let them lose coz of that 2 - when you want to test new build items mastres and runes 3 - when you play for relaxing or play to get the first win of the day without without facing people in the other team 4 -- most important when you want to troll hard :D best regards
I only play Bard in AI games because I suck at him, but love to play him. Randomly ulting something/someone is the best! Oh no! Baron is hurting you! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMPH :D
: Intermediate bots intermediate bots intermediate bots
I remember the time when bots would get stuck in random places until something attacked/displaced them. Bots have had massive improvements since then. The only problem I've found is, bots know you're there even when you're in the fog of war. They seem to have a "sixth sense" when you bee-line to them through the jungle when you know it isn't warded. I would love something more challenging though. Co-op vs AI is always a stomp. Surely there is a way to make bots improve, especially when they stay in their lanes most of the game instead of grouping and taking turrets. I think they should also have a massive gold/s and exp advantage since it's really easy to push them out of lane.
: A sightstone is not completely necessary *IF YOU WARD EVEN WITHOUT IT* However, if you get a sightstone and forget to use it, what is the point?
I had a support who had a sightstone in their inventory but never used it. When I asked why he bought it but won't use it, he just said it was in the recommended items list... I actually face-palmed.
: Riot! Please make Summoner's rift more Winter-y
I don't think they will make a snowy map. It will be too expensive to make and they won't make any money out of it, which is why they are bringing out snow-themed skins, penguin wards and icons that cost money. Looks like they are going minimalistic like they did for summer and just changing the minions, perhaps Santa hats for Baron again. Maybe next year... :( Also, what's with all the "snow day" skins? They really need to get a better skin naming team instead of making them as a set. Tristana, Teemo and Gragas at least had separate names. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/n5sUjeVy-snowdown-preview
: When I wait 15 seconds for Mr. Silence to pick, its not "instalocking" any more.
Are you serious? If you chose your lane and you both pick at the same time, you are BOTH first pick. It doesn't matter if he was above you. Second, if he hasn't said anything, he's probably waiting for you to pick something and is raging inside because you haven't, just like you were. If you're in SoloQ, you pick your champion and wait before locking. If they have objections or suggestions on another champ you can play, then they can type it in chat in case they want a certain team comp. There's no point in waiting for someone to make up their mind and make you choose at the last second.
: I don't often play Leona...
Eh? I did the same in bronze and that's how I got out into silver. Maybe you didn't do it enough, because when I did it the other team was always "HOLY SHIIIII THIS LEONA IS CRAAAAAAAAZY GET THE FUUU OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
xTrouble (EUNE)
: Masteries position
I actually thought they might have done this with the new mastery pages, but still the same annoying format. This has been asked soooo many times for years, so you'd think they would have been able to implement it by now... It's the same with rune pages. I want to put them in a nice order when I make new pages! There's nothing wrong with a little ocd!
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