Wen294 (EUW)
: The higher level you are, the lower the chance is to get 1 gold units. This means that towards the later stages, if you're still unlucky and haven't gotten enough 3* units you will get absolutely smashed. In this case I think you just got lucky AF.
In that case I've got "lucky AF" 5 games in a row bc I'm consistently getting 4-5 level 3 champs minimum.
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: Hacks or bug abuse?
Yeah if you're snowballing late game you can get to level 9 easily with good money management (and if the game is going on a long time). That gives you 9 champs and one 2x golden spatula item on top of that gives you +1 champ which = 10. Also note that his 2 3* champs are both 1g champs which he probs got quite early. If you then upgrade your exp wisely you can get the higher tier champs before everyone else making it a lot easier to get lots of 2* champs. Albeit this was a very lucky game for the player to have a strong early, mid and late. Usually it will fluctuate.
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Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
If you think that this is more RNG based than Pokémon you really have no idea of the game. Pokémon is way way way more RNG based than TFT, both for TCG and VGC. Just watch the NA VGC International that just happened to see the sheer luck some players get. Anyway, TFT really isn't that much about RNG. There's a reason why some people consistently win and some people consistently lose. The fact is this game was targeted at the wrong community and if it was instead made for people who **do** play games like Pokémon, TCGs, and boardgames this game would be so much more well received.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Problem is there is too much rng. It is semi-random what champion/item you get from first carousel - you have about 5 seconds to choose and those 5 second are not enough to walk to the opposite side of the circle. There are other players choosing at same time and so very often game assigns you closes champion from your position if you fail to choose in 5 seconds. It is random whether you get any item from minion waves. It is random what champions you get from store. It is random if the items you can combine are good for the champions you bought. It is random which player will you fight. (if there is some protection against playing same enemy over and over it is very small or it doesn't work). It is random how much hp you lose. It is semi-random if you will be able to get level3 champion for entire game (basically just one player is able to, others trying to get same champ will not succeed - and even if you check what other players bought and what are they going for and then you select champion that nobody went for chances are that the next round other player get three of this champion and decides to go for it and he will be more lucky and get level3 while you are screwed). It is semi-random how will champion act. It is random who will phantom passive affect. And more and more. Losing strat never worked for me. I got shit champ from carousel, no items, and no level2 on anything so I lost all matches and was able to select first item. This happened to me twice already and ended with same result - yes I could choose first but the item I wanted was on the opposite side and I was not able to get there fast enough, when second worst player in order could act he was right next to that item and snapped it, and that was game over. Twice. Despite I am usually able to get top four, the more I play it the more it seems to me that there is minimal skill involved. I understand this kind of game is based on random but there is simply too much. MadBaron did you ever win with the lose early strat? Because for me, when losing early, even if I actually get some good champs and items there was always at least one other player who countered me and while I was able to beat say 1st and 2nd place after losing three times to the guy with counter I lost all hp and lost.
Yeah I win more often than not (at least in top 3) when I lose early game. I find it much harder carry an early lead. I will usually prepare multiple builds, I won't upgrade any items early and usually just let them stack up leaving my champs itemless. I just try to keep a balanced team so that I can at least take down a couple of their champs so I don't lose as much HP. Then if I get the champs for a good build I'll quickly build that and build the right items for it (e.g. if you get draven you want as much crit chance as possible). Equally if I know I'm near losing, I will spend most of my money to get and scramble a half good team with synergy and then again use up all my items. Works more often than not.
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: That wasn't specified within the parameters here, but the owner of that account would be liable for it, as account sharing is not allowed. Unless it was a specially designated account within a gaming arena that Riot recognises and has granted the whole shared access "tournament" status thing. That's the technical term. Don't question me. Kappa.
Nah it was my own account, as I said, I'm silver, normally I have the silver border. Definitely didn't have league unlocked either and didn't happen to other people there. Just a weird coincidence I guess.
: Seems like an interesting bug. If you can recreate it then it's a good idea to submit a bug-report ticket, however if it doesn't flare up again I'd say it has something to do with the shared computer you used previously. However even thats a bit sketchy, and I'm not entirely sure how it could produce something like that.
Yeah since going back to playing at home it's gone back to normal and can't seem to recreate it. So weird.
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: > thanks for welcoming me back Riot... So you leave on a Low priority queue and you expect it to be magically gone in 4 months?
Yes, that is exactly what I would expect.
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: http://imgur.com/wCAqsIL 116 wards and still A- , biggest troll of my life by rito
As I said in my OP you should be using your {{item:3364}} as much as possible. You need to destroy more wards. Furthermore you never bought or placed a vision ward, it's highly possible that's an automatic A for you. Finally playing a tank support you should probably have received the most damage on your team. It seems yi received more damage (although it's a bit unfair since he has his heal). Not sure how big a factor this is but maybe a contributing factor.
Wards Bot (EUW)
: >Wards are an extremely important factor for supports to get S ranks. > >Everytime you base your sightstone should be depleted. You should be sweeping whenever possible (but not wasting it). Keep doing this and don't die tons and you should get S ranks. But this the problem. Purposely depleting your Sightstone is not a good thing. For example, during the bot laning phase it's ideal to have one ward to scout the river and one in the "tribrush" (depending on your position). You don't want to spend the last charge in case the enemy support/jungler sweeps your ward so you can reward it. Sweeping is also extremely dangerous once you get to a higher elo. Enemy laners and especially the jungler will contest the ward and you can't just Sweep alone as you'll be an easy kill. There's also a lot more pink wards, which doesn't get disabled by your sweeper. In addition to that it's hard to even find the time Sweeping, as the higher you get the more players begin to understand map pressure and anytime you're clearing wards you're not helping push an objective or protecting a lane. I know you're just trying to help and it's great that you have found a way to achieve S ranking. But Riot needs to recognize what it means to play an effective support, and not base their rankings on people who spam their Sightstone like mindless sheep and clean wards while their carry is getting dived at his or her turret.
Totally agree. I mainly just wrote this for those people who are constantly getting A/A+ ranks despite playing good matches. I usually have found for those players it's simply a lack of wards places/destroyed. To be perfectly honest, I would always advise to only try for S ranks in unranked games. You have to play it in the style Riot wants you to. It's easiest to compare the ranking system to school exams. Just tick the boxes that are on the marking scheme and you'll get your S rank. However although you can get really good marks in exams, doesn't mean you're amazing at a subject, you're just good at revising a syllabus.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Roaming, wards, assists, items, kills and deaths all count towards receiving a S rank as support. Wards alone don't give you that. And in that screen shot you provided we can't see how many kills, death and assists you had.
True, but my main target for this post is those people constantly getting A/A+ since they're likely to be doing quite a good job of most of the factors but at my elo (silver 4) I find there's a severe lack of wards, with many supports no longer getting sightstone as of S6. So this is likely the reason why most can't quite get over that ledge into the S ranks.
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Xenoid (EUNE)
: Jump into your racing car Say SUGAR RUSH! (Hey!) SUGAR RUSH!
Gotta love AKB48
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: What's that one thing that makes your main special?
Being a total rip off articuno from pokemon And trolling in URF mode! {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}}
: Well you dont need to win 2, you only need to win ONE after you re-enter that promo.... you get 1 free win and than you only need one more ......right? :d
Unick (EUW)
: Perfect game bot and this is the result
Lucian placed 3 wards and 1 pink ward in the whole game - this is why he didn't get S+. You are slightly harder to explain but it's likely due to lack of objectives you took. And possibly due to the fact that you received the least amount of damage on the team by about 10k despite building tanky items. Rammus was the one who did the most on paper. Although his KDA isn't great, he has nearly 200 cs for a tank which is really good, he took nearly all the objectives himself, too by far the most damage, gave the 2nd most damage, and placed a good number of wards. If anything Rammus was the MVP of the match, not Lucian as from the stats it looks like lucian only really cared about kills and nothing else.
Retadas (EUW)
: How is this an A+
First of all, fuck the Korean Lucian build - too op. Secondly it's virtually impossible to get an S rank if they surrender at 20. It's not your fault but sadly Riot punishes you for playing too well and so you can't get S ranks that early unless you're an absolute god.
: Dont you have a "PROMO HELPER" as a one free win if you dont pass your promo for the first time, the second time you get into it you will getthat 1 free win?
Yeah but I keep losing the other two matches :(
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: my greatest achievement
I'm so happy this thread is getting so much attention!! Praise to Yorick!!!! Also get the pentakill skin if you can afford it. It's great looking like Slash!!
: my greatest achievement
I'm still trying to get to level 5, but I am enjoying yorick, no one knows how to play against him!
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: This is anivia top lane... very few people play it so it's not hard to play to that standard as the standard is lower than normal.
There's also an anivia mid lane and zyra support which are both quite commonly played positions and I apparently was platinum standard in those.
: Why would I get an S when i could get an A? :^(
You have a really low farm count. You ideally need over 200 but an absolute minimum of 150. Also seeing as you took {{item:1400}} instead of {{item:1408}} I'm guessing you didn't ward all that much during the game. This is a pretty important factor, especially for junglers and supports. Also did you take down any turrets yourself? Or was it always other members of the team? That's another factor. Finally did you take any jungling objectives? Rift Herald? Dragon? Baron? All of those count towards your S rank.
: the difference between high elo players is not theyr creep score or theyr kda its theyr map awareness, theyr impact on a game and theyr actions/reacitons to situation on the map.
Exactly! So I don't understand how this app can say things like this when the most important points between diamond and silver players are not calculatable.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: How Viable is Diana Top?
I wouldn't say Diana is the greatest of the mages to play up top. Ever since people started bringing all these top champions to mid lane (such as Yasuo, Malphite, Riven etc.) trying to shift the meta I decided to the opposite and take mid lane champs top lane. And it works so well. Often your team will think you're trolling but it's such a shock to the top laner to come across an Annie or Anivia top lane. I've found it only works for champions who are ranged and can do heavy early damage (like the two I just mentioned) as the enemy top laner will often be quite tanky but this allows you to constantly harass and there's nothing you can do. The absolute best in being against champions such as Tryndamere as you end up forcing them to back about 3 times before they can get to level 6 at which point you're already level 9 or so. However like I said, I think it only works with ranged mages who have high base damage. This allows you to harass well early and also because I will tend to build these champs more tanky than I do for mid lane. So for example when I play Anivia I will build: RoA, Scorcerers Boots, Liandry's Torment (Core), Guardian Angel, Thornmail and Banshee's Veil plus elixer of iron. My base damage is still high enough to explode the squishies but then I can hold my own if I get into bad positions or want to split push. Playing melee mages will be a lot harder as it means you have to come close to these high damage bruisers which could completely rekt you early on and then snowball off that, especially with someone like diana who's pretty weak pre6.
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Omblondra (EUNE)
: thats not true. RIOT gave free random champs and random skins for good behavior 2 seasons ago. i got free Karthus, my bro got free Swain. I also got free Kayle skin
Was that with the mystery skins? If so, yeah I forgot that but it still goes to show. A whole year of being nice to people and trying to do Riot's job of making league a better community and you only get around 300rp (the cost of a mystery skin) for it. I actually just thought of an excellent way of rewarding players and that would be to give an extra refund once a year for exceptional good behaviour. Refunds have never been replaceable - you get 3 when you start and that is it for the rest of your time playing the game. Whilst it doesn't affect a lot of people, I think it would really encourage people to be nicer as this would be the only way in the entire game to get more than 3 refunds.
rozoulini (EUNE)
: ill suggest you if u actually win your lane as you say go and help your team and dont splitpush reason 1) you actually dont have escape mechanism so any decent team will just come top get a kill and continue reason 2) tier 2 tower give you less gold and tier 3 almost nothing, so your lead translates into a more open map and nothing else,which is good but giving all your team a boost is even better reason 3) with anivia at higher elo you will find yourself heavily ganged early and destroy your lane phase reason 4) you are silver 4, you cant actually expect people at this elo coordinate so good all 5 of you to make this strategy work, even diamonds struggle and there is no reason to put all this effort. reason 5) splitpush when you are behind as a last hope maybe they dont know how to counter that, split when there is no other objective, dont split if your team needs you, dont split with anivia cause you have great teamfight potential ! ! ! reason 6) anivia is late game carry, if you really manage to get ahaid your strategy is completely wrong, just go with your team and its already gg with a fed anivia, you dont want to mess with ryze, anivia, vayne, jinx, jax etc etc..... reason 7) you need to learn if you dont know how to freeze lane,when to freeze it, also wave manipulation, when and why let your wave build slowly pushing for example, also how to freeze and zone out of EXP your opponent i hope you take at least TP and know how to use it, but still, do not expect at this elo somebody use a ward so u can TP to it :D for me its so simple and i dont know why you make it so hard and wrong at the same time, late game carry, great teamfighter, you get fed> you split or group? :D i dont know,,,,,,, i hope i did help abit :)
Hahaha, I always love it when a high elo person replies to my post - they're always so blunt with how they explain things. But it's actually so useful so thank you! It's funny, your reason 5 is actually a reason why a lot of low elo players get reported. People start flaming to the split pusher, reporting them for not protecting the turrets. Freezing lanes is something I'm learning. I'm not great at actually freezing a minion wave but getting better at manipulating them so that my minion wave gets larger and larger. One thing I tend to do is try and get the first turret down quite early and then as soon as I do start helping mid and jungle objectives. But at the same time I pretty much try to take the enemy top laner out of the game so if I ever see him/her in the top lane trying to farm I'll either tp up or walk there and make them fall back. This way they're forced to join the team or risk not getting much exp.
ZseLotH (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MadBaron16,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=e15XzVVo,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-23T09:24:56.852+0000) > > Yeah whoops, the whole thing of me mentioning the ribbons was I was going to say to give rewards to those players. Not just neutral players but ones who actively go out of their way to make the game better. But yeah, I suppose it could go like how you just said but maybe it would still result in people being nicer? Yes it would as long as the system is not tied to honour system. It would need its own system phasing chats etc. Ot just tie it to tribunal to give rewards to players having less reports in lets say 50games(?) than like 90% of players. Riot occasionally gives something nice to players that have not had any means of punishment in season. At least the ones i can recall are summoner icon (that handshake icon) and mystery skin box.
Yeah that's what I said in the OP, I got that icon but it just seems kinda pathetic compared to how much stuff they do for bad behaviour. The easiest way would be to give free RP or chests but they could go further and do "good behaviour" legacy skins (i think that would be a bit excessive though). The way you mentioned with the tribunal sounds promising!
: Greetings. Many players like to think that being ineligible for Hextech rewards is a punishment for bad behavior, however that's a somewhat wrong view. The elgeibility to earn loot is a **reward** for constant positive behavior. Players are already taking Hextech crafting for granted, thinking everyone gets it by default. That's not the case, you get free chests and keys because you are behaving decently.
I'm not sure, I wouldn't say it's good behaviour but rather just constant neutral behaviour. You just not say anything at all in matches and just blend into the team and you'll probably still get hextech keys (maybe not boxes as you probably wouldn't get S ranks for that). I phrased it badly in my OP but I think if Riot actively rewarded those players who show consistant good behaviour and go out of their way to helping others, showing good e-sportsmanship and being generally nice, people would strive to be nicer. Like I've said to a few others, I think the best way would be to refurbish the honour system in a way that it gives more rewards rather than just a banner but is done in a way so that people no longer beg for honour.
DaahLeon (EUW)
: well by being positive they give you the privilege of getting rewards such as hextech loot/Event type Rewards. So i would say they do give the positive players a fair amount of "stuff" :P
You don't get them for being positive though. You get them for being neutral (i.e. not getting reported). The only thing we have currently is the ribbons/honour system which doesn't give you any benefit apart from the loading screen which now sucks even more now that only your team can see any sort of ribbons/banners. Instead if the honour system was changed (in a way so that people don't beg for honour like what another person said) and actively rewarded people who go out of their way to show good behaviour, I think people would try to be a lot nicer.
ZseLotH (EUNE)
: But still the idea is not bad at all. like 70% of people are neutral currently but why not give those that show ultimately positive behaviour constantly? Can't tie it to honor system cause then people would go "gimme honor".
Yeah whoops, the whole thing of me mentioning the ribbons was I was going to say to give rewards to those players. Not just neutral players but ones who actively go out of their way to make the game better. But yeah, I suppose it could go like how you just said but maybe it would still result in people being nicer?
Larry (EUNE)
: You are by all means correct. Though not many people play top lane to think the way you do. What I notice for most top laners when split pushing is that you never run back. We ping that enemies are coming and you are so confident on dueling that you take 1 maybe 2 kills even if 5 people gank you. So what? You give them gold as well. As anivia you have a huge waveclear that you can solely defend top lane even with 5 people. So why do you have to die split pushing? Going back and forth cleverly with blue trinket and wards will make them lose a lot of time trying to gank you unsuccessfully. Even if your team is farming your jungle, that is to your advantage. They farm safely while the enemy runs around the map staying behind on gold. Though if you die, that advantage is totally lost. What you should do is push more when you see enemies elsewhere and hide but not go back when they are coming. This will screw their teamwork. Even if you land 1 hit to the tower, you win something. Split pushing requires more patience than usual gameplay
Yeah I've occasionally done this and had some success with it. I think I just find it a bit boring camping out in a jungle waiting for them to go and then farming again though so I don't do it often :P I probably should do it more often though haha
: Your best bet is to heavily ward the enemy jungle and Keep an extra eye on the minimap and where you assume your enemies are. If you're that far ahead and want to be safe, you could invest into a Sweeper, a Pink Ward and even a Sightstone. 800g for safety of split-pushing should be a good deal.
That's actually really good idea! I've never thought of getting a sightstone with her before but maybe it would be a good investment for the safety.
: Unfortunately your team is not at your orders. And if you "splitpush" while your team is not doing anything you are essentially feeding. It's your duty to splitpush at the right moment. While waiting for your team to eventually do something productive you can slowly push your toplane, then wander in enemy jungle, warding and stealing camps. Eventually killing an enemy wanderer. Hope this helps. BTW anivia is a mediocre split pusher. No escape, mediocre 1v1 and bad at taking towers.
Yeah, that's something I'll need to work on. I'm often really good with warding early/mid game but late game I become a bit lazy and purely focus on objectives... Anivia is great, she can clear a wave in 1 second, I usually can escape with her by just walling and stunning or slowing anyone who comes close (or just burst kill them). Then with the new mage turret damage, with like 700ap each auto attack does like 10-15% damage to the turret. I dunno, it just kinda works for me but it might be because I have learnt the mechanics of her really well.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Therefore I was just wondering if there's anyway to make your team cooporate? I will say stuff like "everyone push mid, i'll split top" but often only 2/3 people will listen which again defies much point in split pushing. If you often find yourself in situations in which 2-3 out of 4 of your teammates will allow you to split push by grouping themselves and applying pressure somewhere else, consider asking those players to push bot instead of mid. Force the enemy team to spread thin over two lanes which are on the opposite sides of the map. My duo partner and I often use our top lane split pusher to push bot, and force the enemy team to chose who to chase. Of course, not everyone will think ahead like this. Another thing you always have to take into consideration when deciding to split push is where the waves on other lanes are. If your bot is in the middle of the lane and just starting to push, you might want to step away from the enemy inner turret until your bot lane can reach the same place on the other side. Don't just randomly overextend without giving your teammates a chance to use the pressure you are creating on top. I can't tell you how many times my top laners died while split pushing while I was still in base with my ADC, because we were dead or had to back for items, etc.
That's a really good tactic. But I don't know how well it will work at my rank. I'm in low Silver and often the way calls work, it will always be a "group mid". I think i've only ever heard someone say "group bot" or "group top" like once or twice haha Yeah I think that is something I've been doing, when fed I end up having the ability to push incredibly quickly and don't really think about how quickly everyone else is pushing.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Funny thing is i assumed that Anivia is bad in URF too, but then i faced one, she was pretty annoying(still lost) and then decided to try her out myself and did pretyt well.(won 5 out of 8) I actually decided to spam her so i could improve on her mechanically, was actually kinda ready to lose alot, but i didnt.
The best thing with anivia is in lane phase, as soon as you hit lvl6 you your ult on one side of the lane and just keep walling the other so everyone has to walk through your ult if they want to attack, and then you can just spam your E crit.
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: Champion Grading- I don't understand why 's' grades are so difficult to get
Once you get the nack for it, getting S ranks is actually quite easy. The thing you have to remember is you have to be kinda selfish to guarantee S ranks and so sometimes it's actually worse for the team. But a few thing to consider are: * It is statistically much easier to get S ranks in top lane compared to any other position. This is likely because of the peace and quiet you get to just keep farming. If you just stick to your lane and don't roam whatsoever until you get the first turret town, not only does this get you a ton of cs but often makes you a higher level than most other people on the rift as well. This means when you come to help the team in tf you'll be stronger than most players. * Farm farm farm. You must have over 200cs by the end of the game. Really focus on this as it really does seem to be the difference between S- and S or A+ and S-. Remember as a general pointer every 30 cs gives you roughly the same gold as a kill. Therefore if you just farm and don't help your team, not only will you not feed but you'll get more and more fed. * You must have a positive KDA by the end of the match. This is paramount. No matter if you have 500 cs and took down every turret, if your score is 1-27 you will not get an S rank. Just stay safe, take kills when you can and try to actually take the kill rather than take the assist. * You must take down at least one turret. This seems to be a criteria I've found. You must physically be responsible for one turret coming down, not just leaving the minions to destroy it. At the end of the game it should a number other than 0 at the "turrets destroyed" section. * As a jungler objectives are likely a criteria. Make sure you are taking dragons. Focus on taking the rift herald with your top laner or mid. * Never surrender a game. It is extremely difficult to get an S rank in 20-30 minutes unless you are ridiculously fed and have done pretty much all the work on your team by yourself. Instead, even if you are losing, just keep going and keep sticking to the points above. I've managed to get an S+ on my champ despite us losing the game. It was lost, everyone wanted to surrender but 2 of us kept saying no and in the end it allowed me to get my level 7 mastery. With all that you should get an S rank every game.
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