Infernape (EUW)
: If Riot tweaked the practice tool so every champion is available (like Paladins' practice tool) maybe that wouldn't need to happen.
that is true, but I think riots greed would prevent such a thing from occuring, any sracth of rp they can get they will get....
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: If you can't carry in silver games, then you don't deserve platinum O.O Solo carrying silver games is so easy!!
please tell me how xD becuase just last game, my top laner kled had 8 farm by 7 minutes yes EIGHT FCKNG FARM, no not a typo, EIGHT FARM BY 7 minutes, kled vs fiora he wasnt afk at the start either, how can you carry trash like that? i even have a screenshot, if you think im BS
: What does "surviving lane phase" mean?
basically means , dont feed and play agressive, farm up and try your best to not let go of your tower... Just dont play agressive...
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Thornleif (EUW)
: League of Braincells
can you stop spamming these surveys and having accounts spam up votes? reported
: This is why I like League of Legends. And precisely why I have played it since VERY early Season 1
you played since season 1 and your still gold 5, thats embarassing..
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Ace123X (EUW)
: Jinx
buff her early game therefore making her op since she already 3 shots carries late game? lol no.. Its a trade off, either you make a champion strong early game, but they lack strengh late game, or vice versa...
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: It isn't supposed to be easy to get orange essence.
been trying to get the elemistit lux skin ever since it came out, its been like more then +5 months and not even a pixel of orange essence... been stuck at 1500 orange essence since then....
Riddarn (EUNE)
: If it didn't happen during holiday times, then other people would complain about being busy and wondering why these things couldn't happen during holidays instead when most people are free. Point is, there's always someone who won't have the time, no matter when it is. Putting it some other time would help some players, but it'd undoubtedly inconvenience others instead.
"there's always someone who won't have the time," its called using your brain and finding an innovatifve way to combat this.. Like why not create a system where if an account is in-active during the events, the event still persists for that account after the player re-logins, for example, if your away during christmas on a trip, then maybe in Januarary you still have a chance to complete the event since you were not there.. Or else i can just troll and afk whilst im abroad with 2000+ ping for the sake of completing the events...
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Únholy (EUW)
: What were you playing? Was it ranked? Blind? If it's blind - shotcalling positions is just a player custom, it's NOT against the rules and certainly doesn't merit a report. Want to decrease the probability someone doesn't pick your role? Use DRAFT mode. That's what it's there for.
"I had to leave and lose 3 lp but that is not the problem" read the post next time. And I cant believe your defending his actions... If I get the jungle role, but a toxic autofilled player gets support but decides to steal my jungle role, im suppose to be okay with that? you sir deserve a perma ban for your thought process...
kerv (EUW)
: Champion randomly stops moving and uncontrollable even on 25ms
ever since the new patch it happens to me to, i load onto the rift, however my champion is invisble and i cant use spells/control it, however I can see friendly and enemy champs fine????
: perma banned
you have been giving more then 2 warnings in a short period of time in order to be perma banned, tough luck...
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: I mean there are A LOT of players smurfing already and they don't seem to have any problem with it otherwise they would ban/punish them or whatever
its frowned upon but tolerated...
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Fajerk (EUW)
: A) no there is no connection between normal and ranked MMR, normals aren't competitive environment and there is no reason to mix them up. B) Since you main Janna which is pretty much just peel support, it is very likely you will work better with more skilled players, you cannot stop people from suicide but you can help them to carry. Also better players tend to more rely on teamwork rather than individual skill and also they tend to participate in vision game. Still keep in mind many people will not tryhard in normals to degree of competitive game. C) If you are looking for competitive play sure, go ahead play ranked, however particularly in "lower" elo carry or playmaking supports have much more success as they do not rely so much on your team abilities rather than your own, majority of peeling supports are pretty bad since you can't do much when your carries suicide for #NAbigplays _Also I have heard cool story about guy who found out after over a year that his acc got hacked and when he got it back he realised it went from silver to diamond, people suggested him to play Janna and nobody will notice..._
im pretty sure normals and rank have some connection, because since the start of the season iv been playing rank, i made it to plat 4, and when i swtich to normal games i get a mix of golds and plats for the majority of the time, when prevoiusly i always had bronze/silvers in my normals... i think they have updated it...
: AHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH. Seriously? Do you not remember the start of flex Q? Riot hat to get out 10 queue adjustments before they got it 'right'. Every patch they were trying to fix it. I dont know if they succeeded eventually because i stopped playing in may, but every game there were premades. Most were in groups of 2, so you got 4 premade duos across both teams. Next were 3 premades, botlane+jungle, or adc, mid top and such. 4 premades were rarest but still you got them every 7 games or so. When you get 2+2 premades, you get flamed because there is noone to defend you in chat when you get attacked, and one bad comment from one of them is all it takes for the other pair to join in, because why fight 2v2 when you can group 4v1? When you get 3 premades, your best bet is to start flaming the other solo player, since the premades usually join in. Its rough, but you aren't getting much heat in that case. When you get 4 premades, you get flamed and reported whatever you do. I remember getting 13/0/15 as a jungler, and i still got flamed like crazy. The enemy team was 5 premades though so i got like 3 honors. When you see 4 premades your best bet is to dodge.
or maybe you can stop being a %%%%% and mute?
: I had to stop playing lol for 6 months after getting flamed every game by 4 premades for not being able to carry alone versus a coordinated enemy team
nice lying lol if you were solo the system would put you with other solo/duo players in the old system Being solo with 4 premades was rare...
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: Teemo support (platinum)
normally i would of raged back in the day, but I always give un-usual picks a chance, im main adc in platinum to!
: How riot can fix toxicity and "Reform" players.
, the new reward system that is coming out soon will as stated "reduce toxicity" You legit get key fragments for being nice in game soon.
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: I'm thinking on maining adc and supp
you can carry with every role, how ever jungler is the easiest in every elo, since you impact all lanes early/mid game, you can get your laners ahead... I was always an adc/support main since i started rank, after 2 years i made it to plat 4 solo. ADCs carrying can be somewhat challenging as you are the main focus, your positioning has to be on point and so does your farm, as your very weak early game (and games end on average 10 minutes sooner then 2 seasons ago) back then games would generally drag on for 35+ minutes now a days i can end between 20-35 minutes.. The best lane to carry in bronze is mid and jungle, constant roaming and ifluencing other lanes greatly increase your chances of winning, also, if you main support you generally win lane like 75% of the time, because genereally people who play support are autofilled and are complete garbage (still aplies in platinum LOL) maining adc as stated before is tricky if you want to climb fast, adc you have to be mechanically good no matter what team comp you get. some team comps your team mates would completely ignore you (peeling) in which you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings and enemy CD and abilites just my two cents over the past 2 years of rank.. last tip of advice is to just concentrate on your self no matter what. You will have times where you have crappy days where you could have losing streaks and be demoted, has happen to me, matter of fact i went on a huge tilt of losing 15 games in plat 5 that i got demoted to G1, (thankfully im back in plat) ok ill admit, i was drunk asf premade when that happened to xD the rule is consistency, be consisently good and improve yourself and you will climb no matter what.
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Adama (EUW)
: What do you think of the new Pulsefire Caitlyn skin?
it has a star wars theme to it i like it, yes i think the gun is over sized in her potrait, but in game its alrigt, its suits whith her clothes
: Stuck in Silver 3, give me an advice
get better mechanically and decision wise, main 2/3 champs and play them constantly, even when playing with friends on normal games I reached plat within two years of playing this game as an ADC, (yes that role that people bittch "adc in 2k17 lel") also dont listen to people who say you shouldnt play "X" Champ, they are urgot mains in diamond every champ has the potential of reaching to masters, however its the player that really matters
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: You still have to be able to play at least 3 and maybe 5 with autofill lol
you should honestly learn all 5 roles decently, i main adc, but Whenever i get auto filled top (super rare) I pick nautilus and farm... I know that I dont main top and that my opponents will most likely be better so I adapt my pick to not only benefit me, but also my team (naut is a safe pick, no need to fight the enemy laner, and hes packed with cc to help the team) same goes for other roles, I would pick a zac jungle instead of a lee sin...
: I was also stuck in plat 3 last season. Is it my fault mid and bot went 3/10? Can i somehow clone myself and be on these lanes? Lmao dude
plat is legit cancer, its like you have a mix of good players and players that look and belong in high silver, Its a wierd elo with A LOT OF FLAMING compared to gold elo (how ever less flame then silver)
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Bronze V is a really interesting place to be
i legit want to go to bronze 5 just to see xD lowest ive been was in b3 wayy back in season 4, had a 95% win rate as adc tristana and skipped division 2 because of my higher MMR (its like playing against bots but somehow easier)
Zed genius (EUNE)
: It's basically worthless for 50% of the players that own every single champion and rune page
majority of players dont have everything unlocked, hell i know friends that have been playing since s3/4 and still have like 5/10 champs to unlock
: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
{{champion:154}} zac to see how well they can handle the characters animation {{champion:427}} Ivern to see how they bring him to life in action scenes {{champion:61}} And finally orianna, just because i think she would look badass
Happee (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MadWifeHR,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=xGAbJWsW,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-18T21:48:00.356+0000) > > stay positive, last year during the halloween event I got 5 dope adc skins (adc main) > liked them all and i played them all every so often so i bought them > and the best part was the most expensive one was reduced by a 70% discount > > > overall it is a gamble, you might or not might be lucky, theres always a next time to! > > and yes its random , however your most played champs will have a bigger advantage of taking up a skin slot... Its not really a gamble. A gamble suggests you have a stake in it. In this case you either get a skin you want or nothing happens.
ah yes, i used the wrong word... didnt mean it to sound like a gamble
: I'm guessing this means bad?
it has a really bad tint (to dark) and the sound transition should be better...
: Thanks. So... in my case... I've got a very good chance of Shyvana skins, decent chance for Sona and Lux and then the rest about 5%/10% chance. Knowing my luck though, the discounts probably will not be worth it but got to wait and see.
stay positive, last year during the halloween event I got 5 dope adc skins (adc main) liked them all and i played them all every so often so i bought them and the best part was the most expensive one was reduced by a 70% discount overall it is a gamble, you might or not might be lucky, theres always a next time to! and yes its random , however your most played champs will have a bigger advantage of taking up a skin slot...
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11Deja94 (EUNE)
: MVP of a Game gets some IP Bonus !
very good idea on one side, but imagine the flame if a player on your team clearly has the MVP status at the start of the game, but at the end he loses it solely because your team lost..
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Mister Kill (EUNE)
: What annoys you ingame?
the new voice over...
Saijuki (EUW)
: you dont even play the game, whats the problem?
its not my main lol, my main is plat 5
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Applekami (EUW)
: When players playing horrible in a game that's not ranked
"its just flex" is the most common one I see when theres 5 man premades b!tching how your try harding and stomping their asses at the 15 minute mark... my response is, 'why dont you just play draft/ blind pick dumb fcks?" that shuts them up pretty quick as you have no counter argument to that..
Infernape (EUW)
: I'm guessing they normalise the votes based on each region's population. For example a point for EU isn't valued as much as a point from a small region like OCE.
that actually makes sense, cos no way is brazil winning my logic...
Saijuki (EUW)
: Fizz is a easy to counter champ,.. Don't get it why people find fizz a problem. Just learn how to counter pick.
learn to counter pick a tank fizz that one shots all squishys late game with solely W? kk
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