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: please tell me how my summoner name is 'offensive' and why i was forced to change it....
I don't know, what was it? Or is Conphucius your in game name and your acccount name got changed? I think I got a little confused and just assumed you're not talking about this account
Basilix (EUW)
: Forced Username change
What was your name? Most name changes are because of offensive names
község (EUNE)
I just downvote when I see one on boards
: How to fix the support items in their current states
I had an "adc who has just as much of a right to exist as you and me" yesterday. When he wasn't dead, he stayed under tower. First time I got the "stop farming like a real person you filth" punishment
HercaZ (EUNE)
: Cmon people its not that bad play more games than one before commenting :)
I play as many games as I can manage before I start getting furious. I picked up World of Warships today for christ's sake! I _hate_ relic shield. Now the execute is less deniable/tilting BUT THEY TAKE IT AWAY!! ARGH!!
Mada (EUW)
: Once the support item is stacked, the support has to stand up from his chair
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Morrhen (EUW)
: My friend, just wait up. Mostly it's just people who barely touched Senna. Who mainly play her because not many people know how to play around her, counterpick against her or straight up abuse the new champ release... aka champion being stronger JUST to make people use up essence/RP or alternatively buy the skins. Once she gets nerfed, it will calm down and solidify her role as support, instead of a midlaner/toplane picks from time to time. For time being, just pick Supp as primary. Mid as secondary. Since mid is always really wanted, you should be able to get the supp role more often.
This week I was put in mid despite always doing that. That's like the second or third time it happened this season!
Bombario (EUNE)
: i am done with this game
"Good!" Zelda - Wand of Gamelon
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: You are right, and I somehow read everything in that sentence except "in a normal", and therefore I have dishonored my clan. I'll commit sudoku now.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: I do it every time. For a couple of weeks there's going to be a few people in every match trying the new champion for the first time. That, in ranked, is unacceptable.
You a Lee Sin main or something? I explicitly stated it was in a normal.
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ekjAVHkx,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-14T21:49:38.535+0000) > > harassing with e empowered autos hurts. It would hurt even more if I could buy ad... ^^ I just heard next season there will be an ad support item so basically I will get what I wanted ^^ I respect your mastery points on thresh, but you must understand you can't proc {{item:3303}} stacks enough times in the laning phase to get your sight stone
I want to try ^^ There is nothing more satisfying than "teaching them to stop lasthitting". That's when you yoink them one with your empowered auto when they want to last hit. If you do it long enough, they start hitting you instead or only farm with abilities. Good fun ^^
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: it appears you do play thresh ... I still don't understand why you would want to have {{item:3303}} on him
harassing with e empowered autos hurts. It would hurt even more if I could buy ad... ^^ I just heard next season there will be an ad support item so basically I will get what I wanted ^^
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: why would you want {{item:3303}} on {{champion:412}} ? do you even play him? {{item:3303}} is for champs that can poke frequently and get all the stacks asap. {{champion:412}} is an all-in champion his only poke is his E-empowered auto attack witch is not enough for a {{item:3303}} user. I know there will be new support Items next season, i still don't know what they are but for now {{item:3301}} is perfect for him for its movement speed.
ohh! I missed the preseason ad support item. Thanks!
Νami (EUW)
: The only reason Senna can use the current Spell Thief's edge is because she was designed with the preseason items in mind. Since she released before the preseason patch, Senna has the passive to convert Spell Thief's into adaptive force. During preseason you won't buy Spell Thief's on Senna (well unless you want to go AP).
ohh! I missed the preseason ad support item. Thanks!
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Then buy the AD blue support item when preseason rolls out?
ohh! I missed the preseason ad support item. Thanks!
: In Preaseason/S10 there will be an AD item for support. That should fix you.
ohh! I missed the preseason ad support item. Thanks!
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Drda (EUNE)
: Make it inpossible to ban a called team champion
You called Yasuo, Ezreal or Lee Sin then
First of all: yikes Second: Isn't tft still new? There are beta pass points and stuff. Beta sounds quite new
well, well, well. Someone is making me give them moneys again. That being said, any updates on "Mad Cat Lady Thresh"? Instead of those sickle-dread-locks, she has 3 cats clinging to her head. Instead of carrying a lantern, she carries a fat cat around by the scruff of her neck. After she throws the cat and all the stars align and someone actually (or by accident) clicks on the fat cat, it will carry the champion by the scruff of his neck back to the mad cat lady (#neckscruffception). It also nom's the souls! The Q is another thrown cat but she keeps grabbing the tail in order to boost her over on recast. The E is just 3 distinctly red scratch lines. If The Box needs any further explanation, I'll report you. Hint: it's made of card board.
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: Could’ve just said the answer instead of being rude, League Players these days.
Could have just read the patch notes instead of complaining
: Can we finally fix the Dragon-Attacks to NOT remove Banshee?
The dragon attacks have effects so of course they remove banshee
: If someone goes 0/8 in 10 minutes they deserve ban
Could be up against a smurf and not good enough to realize or just find a way to deal with it. I remember I tried hugging the tower only to be oneshot while walking to my tower ^^
: Yeah, I also sometimes wear no socks in my sandals. You could say I like to live dangerously. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: To fix the buggy /remake: When a player hasn't bought items till 03:00, remake becomes available
I think it should be "if the player has not provided enough time*visionarea by 1:20. I finally want to report that ass clown afk midlaner when I die to an invade.
: permaban for what?
What you did with the line feeds should be enough for a perma
Luchjo (EUW)
: Free Hextech Chests By Getting S- Or Higher Could Really Use A Rework
as someone who plays "thresh or dodge" I have to say. Yey, I don't have to play aram anymore
: Malphite SHOULD have a higher "winrate" atm, than is statisics show.
why do you keep writing "winrate" instead of winrate?
: i suggest we swap from flaming to this shit
Ramyskie (EUW)
: Riot boss isn't joking when this game is not for casuals
Your talking about the English language you learned makes this post so much funnier ^^
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TikkTac (EUNE)
you can win lots of games two times now an overwhelmingly strong enemy tried to do baron with 2 guys. We killed them, got a free baron and won the game.
: Id rather see people who ask for unjustified banns be banned instead, if you get my point.
Or chop of their hands so they can never do it again
: Thank you so much for your reply! The windowed and borderless versions worked fine, but how do I find a way to make it work on full-screen too?
With modern computers, you should only be able to select a refresh rate/resoltion that works. So when you change it to full screen again, you should not be able to select a bad combination. You still had the combination from the previous computer selected. Other than that, you can check in your GPU/monitor manual But I recommend using "Borderless" anyway. With borderless, you can alt+tab much faster than with full screen. Full screen might have slightly better performance, though... but hey, it's league. It should be running reasonably fast ^^
: "No Signal' display on monitor when game opens up?
You have set a resolution/refresh rate combination that your display/gpu does not do. Start the game, go to options and somewhere in graphics you can change it from fullscreen to borderless. Start a practice tool / custom / whatever to confirm it works now. If you insist on full screen, you need to find a refresh rate that works with the new hardware
: Why everytime I play a game with toxic flamer all my next games are losing streak?
It's because you're tilted and you play poorly when tilted. You're the one dragging your team down
: Apparently cutting the time to ff can get your comment banned due to nonconstructive feedback!
The only reason I would want to ff faster is because I hate my teammates which is my own fault for not muting them earlier.
: New player advice - how do I get better?
Some of my favorite tips: do not underestimate the minion damage. Especially casters in the early game. Also: when you make an auto attack (or point&click ability) on an enemy champion, all the minions will attack you (they get the little ` ' ´ over their heads when they're pissed at you) You can step into an unwarded brush to lose their aggro (the ticks will disappear) While a max range hook is super fun, it's usually better to hold on to your abilities until the very last moment. That makes it much more likely to land the ability Use mute with extreme prejudice. If someone has a weird name or plays ezreal, jhin, lee sin, he's likely to startle you with ? pings at the worst possible time. You don't need to know what they say to report them at the end of the game. I've had that super satisfying message pop up for players I full muted when the game started. To me, that's beautiful. Numbers are important. When your team is 5 and you see 1 enemy at the other end of the map, you can fight. Try to push the minions into tower before you back. You _can_ _not_ push the cannon wave into tower, don't bother trying. Instead you can back on a cannon wave since it will tank 7 tower hits while you walk back. (melees tank 2, casters tank 1 but they take 2 auto attacks before you got a pickaxe) When the enemy has 4 more minions than you, you can freeze the wave. Just wait and only last hit the minions while all your minions die giving you a huge advantage
: Senna (?)
As a Thresh main I feel I need to clear up some things: Senna moved in with me willingly since she was neglected by Lucy. I set up an RGB-modded NES with a CRT TV for her in my lantern so not only is she happy now, you can expect her to be able to dish out some serious ass kicking.
: Don't ever play another multiplayer competitive game again. Thanks.
I'd rather have him never "write" anything ever again.
Dyzlaxia (EUW)
: When will Vel'Koz get a skin ?
Maybe he'll get a Valentine's skin with Ahri
: Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss
I can see you're a talker who acts on assumptions. A beautiful example of a system working as intended.
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Excuse me what the hell riot?
it's nice to see others also get many frustrating games in a row sometimes
Shaft (EUNE)
: Does anyone else have this beautiful client or is it just me
Easier account switching is nice but logging in seems to take even longer now
Just Cat (EUW)
: RDR2 releases at close date to high noon skins COINCIDENCE? I THINK not
: > [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yVMvK8G8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-07T21:05:05.156+0000) > > There are tens of millions of reports made every day, i really wanna see OP doing business with that mentality. Even if you pay an idian with 0.005 cents per case, multiply that with millions, and see how much you're losing on a daily basis. okay im getting a reaction. job done. would you agree changes need to be made?
i think once a reach a total of 100 downvotes, you should lose the right to post.
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