SparkLit (EUNE)
: How about making a reason to reconnect? Because if someone disconnects for a minute or two they don't get the lp for the win
That! I think the punishment despite reconnecting is just as well thought through as this request ^^ It's so easy to change it into something reasonable, too: "If you've been reconnected for a longer time than you had been disconnected, you're eligible for LP gains again" There, fixed it.
Dracogen (EUNE)
: Solution for ranked games with afkers and ragequitters.
what a genius idea! I just have to make my teammates rage quit and I'll never lose LP again! It's almost as if this wasn't really thought through!
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Yep, that's right.
Ye, just checked your link, that one's a hemp-friend as well. Damn those Japanese stoners ^^
: Now now remember everyone. This guy apparent to his profile is very new the LoL. He is very likely just playing with people who doesn't speak english at all, all the time as he plays LoL. Anyone would be annoyed over it. I remember very badly when I was bronze, I constantly had polish speaking players in my team and almost all of my friends hate polish players up until this day we are Gold-diamond and still hate polish talking players. It's natural that in lower elos, you can get use to playing with teammates who speak 1 language and you get massive tilted by cause it will always ends as a loss. But that's how low elo LoL is. When you get into silver 3+ you will see a lot less none-english speakers. Edit: Also people who comment on the post, please keep it civil... Why throw harassments towards a player, you yourself once was most likely.
"It's natural" That's what Steel Panther said about their song "Gloryhole"
: I'd be more inclined to vote for the creation of a server for 'sweepingly prejudice players who struggle to form a comprehensible sentence'. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I'd love to visit that server sometimes. It'd feel just like visiting the zoo ^^
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Club for Watanabe Mayu fans
mayu is spelled with the characters "hemp-friend". At least that's the case for the only Mayu I know ^^ #TheMoreYouKnow
: creat a severs for french players
*Create *server *French *because they are* Did you consciously write that or did you just angrily punch your keyboard and the post formed by accident?
: To all the (slow) people making insightful comments.... I've been here from the start. I have seen a team I love, decompose into a leech that unbalances the game so they can sell more kda skins. But you insightfull (usefull) human beings need to be apologetic to every game design company instead of critics. that's how we came from a system where we had one 9/10 game a year to paying 200€ for a full shitty game. if the system isnt broken you must explain how one goes from full honor, in the old system, to honor 0. which one is the broken system? Pay for quality.
I just love this thread ^^ Please explain your reasoning behind two claims you keep making: 1) In which way does intentional unbalancing contribute to the sale of skins? Did all the champs with KDA Skins get buffed or something? The last time I checked, Akali got nerfed. 2) Which game is 200€ and what does it have to do with League?
: you are not fine. you are just trying to provoke people in a board. you are not fine I assure you. you are braindead. you want to make arguments from ignorance, which you did and proved nothing. so maybe what you accuse of is some more projecting, which it is. well the one disrespecting was you, so you are a 30IQ monkey who thinks he is funny online. I was actually waiting for something constructive. too much to ask from an angry 6yrs old. I'm a psycologist, kids like you are constantly coming into the office. good luck with those subverse feelings when you get to adulhood and thank you for your insight, as usefull as yourself.
There is no need to provoke you since you were already pretty provoked when the discussion started :-D It's more like he's poking you with a stick to see how you will react.
Terrorian (EUNE)
: Can you fix the game instead of making useless events?
While I think they can do a lot more on the pornstar front (where in the name of %%%% is "Boobalicious Beer Maid Sona"? Where is "Swimsuit Ahri"?!) I do agree that remake is barely working. 1) You're too late if you arrive on lane at 2:00 so why does it wait until 3:00? 2) Players who connect but don't move don't get punished so instead it should check if a player did not contribute enough vision*time. Like that the midlaner can finally get punished if bot dies because mid failed to cover his spot.
: Milk the cow *while you can*
: So did they become car-fuel, as you suggested ?
I think telling someone to become carfuel is extremely toxic. It's basically telling them to die and decompose under extremely high pressure only to be dug up and refined. So rude!
SKT T1 Kore (EUNE)
: Unban Quick Answer (Moderator)
Glad to see the system works as intended.
: Are you trolling? That doesn't make any sense at all. If people in B1 would better than people in G5 then they wouldn't even be B1 in the first place. And only because you are being shielded from demotion for like 3 losses when you're X5 that doesn't mean you are an entire league worse than people who are 1 division below you. Not you mention you had to climb through the division below you to even reach X5. Divisions at the bottom of each league only have such a bad reputation because there are a lot of boosted players in them, thats all there is to it. Silver 1 is not better than Gold 5, same goes for any other league, it's just a myth.
You're making quite a lot of assumption while trying to argue why I shouldn't feel the way I feel.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: the comment was on the "The High X is always better than low Y" and apparently you just disprove your initial comment your self so ok.
I'm very sorry to hear that. If you tell me which part of my statement is giving you trouble I can try to explain it in greater detail.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: so High bronze is better than low Diamond ?
Wouldn't know, I didn't check plat and above but I believe high bronze to be better than low gold, for example. But from the threads I saw it appears to apply there as well. There is some protection so you don't demote immediately when you reach X 5 with 0 LP. I believe that to be the cause. I think the ranked experience would be much better if the MMR wasn't hidden, and there were no "series games"
: How much difference is there in skills between high bronze and low gold?
Joy515 (EUNE)
: Account bann - trollers play
whenever I see someone write "trollers" I assume he's just a troll
: listen dude.....the chat is out of context....we where having fun all game long...and one guy chose to report me for TILTING him which he claims I did at the end of the game .... I dont want your CLARIFICATION. I Have been playing for 3 years....and I payed ALOT of money....its illogical to get banned over some triggered kid dude.....come ON... I was on a 4 win ranked streak....I NEVER DONE THAT IN MY LIFE...and that was cuz i WASNT flamming....the words are out of context I swear.....Its non fair for a robot to do teh decision duuude i got 3 ultmiate skins like couple of weeks ago and I purchased 30 orbs and tons of RP before that....this is just unfair I swear. Game 1 Pre-Game HonourThreshxD: guys HonourThreshxD: someone HonourThreshxD: ban HonourThreshxD: morg HonourThreshxD: acutalaly HonourThreshxD: ban HonourThreshxD: yasuo HonourThreshxD: or yi HonourThreshxD: yes HonourThreshxD: sorry :3 HonourThreshxD: they will go morg HonourThreshxD: or sivir HonourThreshxD: hmm HonourThreshxD: 4 win strak HonourThreshxD: right now HonourThreshxD: hopefully we get to gold HonourThreshxD: ik HonourThreshxD: but for HonourThreshxD: placement HonourThreshxD: maybe we can paly HonourThreshxD: next season HonourThreshxD: lol HonourThreshxD: i need someone good to play with HonourThreshxD: ;( HonourThreshxD: I AMMMMM HonourThreshxD: <3 In-Game HonourThreshxD: no u HonourThreshxD: worth HonourThreshxD: fk HonourThreshxD: jesus HonourThreshxD: lmao HonourThreshxD: lucian HonourThreshxD: back HonourThreshxD: id ever HonourThreshxD: beleiev HonourThreshxD: u HonourThreshxD: are HonourThreshxD: d3 HonourThreshxD: LOL HonourThreshxD: cucked HonourThreshxD: learn to dodge HonourThreshxD: I will HonourThreshxD: lol HonourThreshxD: u need that 1/10 HonourThreshxD: would look cool HonourThreshxD: LOL HonourThreshxD: i have 1 cs HonourThreshxD: min 12 HonourThreshxD: 17 HonourThreshxD: pls dont flame me HonourThreshxD: T_T HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: really HonourThreshxD: ENGLISH HonourThreshxD: LOL HonourThreshxD: u said meister HonourThreshxD: u remind me of that friend HonourThreshxD: expect u are being sarcastic HonourThreshxD: he isnt HonourThreshxD: he flammes HonourThreshxD: HARD HonourThreshxD: XD HonourThreshxD: so ahrd HonourThreshxD: to clcik HonourThreshxD: ont HonourThreshxD: the HonourThreshxD: LAntern HonourThreshxD: cuz HonourThreshxD: i am explaining HonourThreshxD: also HonourThreshxD: it wasnt HonourThreshxD: too late HonourThreshxD: jesus HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: taht dmg HonourThreshxD: omg HonourThreshxD: mwehehheheheh =^.^= HonourThreshxD: LUL HonourThreshxD: ? HonourThreshxD: well thats bad HonourThreshxD: peel HonourThreshxD: lucian HonourThreshxD: lol HonourThreshxD: heimer HonourThreshxD: stop feeding :D HonourThreshxD: just tsay HonourThreshxD: behind your uttret HonourThreshxD: SMITE IT HonourThreshxD: NOOB HonourThreshxD: dafuq HonourThreshxD: man HonourThreshxD: we CANT LOSE THIS HonourThreshxD: tahts your seriouslt? HonourThreshxD: gj HonourThreshxD: lucian HonourThreshxD: ... HonourThreshxD: someoen HonourThreshxD: %%%CING HonourThreshxD: BACK HonourThreshxD: ADN DEFEND HonourThreshxD: UDYR STOP PLAYING AROUND HonourThreshxD: be done after this game HonourThreshxD: look at your score HonourThreshxD: look at his HonourThreshxD: BIG UPS HonourThreshxD: udyr HonourThreshxD: we shoulda baroned HonourThreshxD: when tehy where bot HonourThreshxD: pelase HonourThreshxD: rpeort this HonourThreshxD: %%%%ign HonourThreshxD: heimer HonourThreshxD: thanks HonourThreshxD: dot HonourThreshxD: dont HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: DONT HonourThreshxD: ITS RANKED HonourThreshxD: DONT GIVE UO HonourThreshxD: UP HonourThreshxD: IGNORE HIM HonourThreshxD: WHY ARE U GUYS KIDS HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: ffs HonourThreshxD: we can do this HonourThreshxD: why ar eu guys like that HonourThreshxD: why do u gried HonourThreshxD: greif HonourThreshxD: this game is ending HonourThreshxD: in 10 ins HonourThreshxD: 100% HonourThreshxD: heimer HonourThreshxD: do u wanna win this?? HonourThreshxD: WHAT"" HonourThreshxD: WHAT HonourThreshxD: THE HonourThreshxD: what is wrong with you HonourThreshxD: heimer?? HonourThreshxD: why are u doing tthis to us> HonourThreshxD: STFU HonourThreshxD: DUDE HonourThreshxD: U ARE %%%%IGN INTING HonourThreshxD: lucian HonourThreshxD: u are fed HonourThreshxD: come HonourThreshxD: please HonourThreshxD: HEIMER HonourThreshxD: U WANT TO SURR HonourThreshxD: TOO HonourThreshxD: U ARE ALWAYS SOLO HonourThreshxD: U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW STRONG U ARE HonourThreshxD: IN THE HonourThreshxD: please report this heimer HonourThreshxD: for trollign HonourThreshxD: and flamming HonourThreshxD: please HonourThreshxD: PLEASE HonourThreshxD: rpeort him HonourThreshxD: wow dude HonourThreshxD: u ar e%%%%ign pathetifc HonourThreshxD: is wear of u dont get banned HonourThreshxD: u will see Post-Game HonourThreshxD: one is trolling HonourThreshxD: one is %%%%ign inting HonourThreshxD: one is %%%cign afk HonourThreshxD: AND U TALK ABOUT MY PERSONALITY???? HonourThreshxD: ARE U SERIOUS??? HonourThreshxD: I SWEAR TO GOD HonourThreshxD: U ONLY WON CUZ OF THIS HEIMER HonourThreshxD: 1/11 HonourThreshxD: JESUS HonourThreshxD: 1/11 HonourThreshxD: WHAT ETH %%%% HonourThreshxD: 1 HonourThreshxD: %%%%ing HonourThreshxD: 11 HonourThreshxD: and this team is blamming me HonourThreshxD: i am 1/7/222 HonourThreshxD: mate HonourThreshxD: i am teh only one that gave a %%%% HonourThreshxD: in this game HonourThreshxD: LOLOLOLOLOL HonourThreshxD: so u are saying HonourThreshxD: that i titlted this heimer?? HonourThreshxD: he was 1.8 when i started talking HonourThreshxD: omg HonourThreshxD: IT WAS BAD HonourThreshxD: I NEVER MADE IT WORSE HonourThreshxD: omg HonourThreshxD: this is killing me HonourThreshxD: flamming and blamming HonourThreshxD: thats all league players HonourThreshxD: look at these days HonourThreshxD: i swear to od HonourThreshxD: u people look at flamming HonourThreshxD: more than u lok at the map HonourThreshxD: or the game HonourThreshxD: i swear HonourThreshxD: yeah yeah HonourThreshxD: whatever HonourThreshxD: its just a stupid game HonourThreshxD: I didnt tilt anyone HonourThreshxD: if anything HonourThreshxD: i was carrying u all HonourThreshxD: u are having fun HonourThreshxD: un ranked HonourThreshxD: trying a new champ HonourThreshxD: why ar eu even doign that??? HonourThreshxD: why????? HonourThreshxD: like why dont u try to win HonourThreshxD: why are u putting your team down? HonourThreshxD: I am playing from asia HonourThreshxD: btw HonourThreshxD: so yeah HonourThreshxD: 130 ms HonourThreshxD: okok HonourThreshxD: i see HonourThreshxD: flame wont help you HonourThreshxD: but it helps me HonourThreshxD: thats firstly HonourThreshxD: second of all HonourThreshxD: hit HonourThreshxD: the HonourThreshxD: %%%%ing HonourThreshxD: mute HonourThreshxD: button HonourThreshxD: JESUS HonourThreshxD: THERE IS A MUTE BUTTON HonourThreshxD: man.... HonourThreshxD: fine HonourThreshxD: whatever HonourThreshxD: im sorry HonourThreshxD: for telling that HonourThreshxD: 1/11 HonourThreshxD: to stay with us HonourThreshxD: okok HonourThreshxD: tell me HonourThreshxD: when did i flame :D HonourThreshxD: ONE TIME HonourThreshxD: tell me HonourThreshxD: just ONE thing Game 2 Pre-Game HonourThreshxD: someone ban HonourThreshxD: morg HonourThreshxD: pls In-Game HonourThreshxD: back HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: omg HonourThreshxD: u used your pt HonourThreshxD: just got s1 HonourThreshxD: can I make it to gold?? HonourThreshxD: hmm HonourThreshxD: I IGNITED HonourThreshxD: THATS HonourThreshxD: SO HonourThreshxD: BULLSHIT HonourThreshxD: WHAT TEH %%%% IS THIS LUCK HonourThreshxD: I AM SO %%%%ING TILTED HonourThreshxD: WHAT WAS THAT LUCK HonourThreshxD: muted HonourThreshxD: u waste HonourThreshxD: too much manna HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: i hate this lee HonourThreshxD: Q BACK HonourThreshxD: IN HonourThreshxD: LEE HonourThreshxD: what am i watching HonourThreshxD: really velkox HonourThreshxD: that was so bad HonourThreshxD: i am speachless HonourThreshxD: i am tilted to the moon HonourThreshxD: now u come HonourThreshxD: lee? HonourThreshxD: WHY DIDN TU FIGHT HIM EARLIER HonourThreshxD: i am done HonourThreshxD: idgaf anymore HonourThreshxD: thats too muhc HonourThreshxD: this team is too much HonourThreshxD: this game is too much HonourThreshxD: this velkoz HonourThreshxD: is intign HonourThreshxD: i love this game HonourThreshxD: yeah please HonourThreshxD: lookig at your messges HonourThreshxD: is the last thing i want HonourThreshxD: LOL HonourThreshxD: why teh %%%% is pyke too OP HonourThreshxD: your lane HonourThreshxD: is getting %%%%ing HonourThreshxD: panth HonourThreshxD: velkoz HonourThreshxD: enjoy the reoprt HonourThreshxD: and the ban HonourThreshxD: THIS HonourThreshxD: LEE HonourThreshxD: LOLOLOLOLOL HonourThreshxD: THIS LEEE AHHAHAHAHAHHA HonourThreshxD: are u guys fans of inting HonourThreshxD: why ar eu HonourThreshxD: omg HonourThreshxD: idk what was that HonourThreshxD: this lee HonourThreshxD: STOP HonourThreshxD: INTING HonourThreshxD: PANTHEON HonourThreshxD: stay wiht the team HonourThreshxD: why ar eu going in 5v1 HonourThreshxD: I AM TELLING U NOT TO GO IN ALONE HonourThreshxD: and u say HonourThreshxD: mute her HonourThreshxD: WOOOOOW HonourThreshxD: Q HER HonourThreshxD: yaya HonourThreshxD: i am so HonourThreshxD: Lucky HonourThreshxD: ahhaha HonourThreshxD: that range HonourThreshxD: is stupid HonourThreshxD: that e range HonourThreshxD: jesus HonourThreshxD: please rpeort velkoz HonourThreshxD: PLEASE HonourThreshxD: and lee HonourThreshxD: dont talk HonourThreshxD: pls HonourThreshxD: thansk HonourThreshxD: u guys are wintrading HonourThreshxD: u are trolling HonourThreshxD: i swear HonourThreshxD: pinged HonourThreshxD: but og well HonourThreshxD: ........ HonourThreshxD: why didnt u guys HonourThreshxD: back HonourThreshxD: pls HonourThreshxD: rpeort HonourThreshxD: dude HonourThreshxD: stop HonourThreshxD: hoesntly HonourThreshxD: stop HonourThreshxD: do
"Good!" Zelda - Wand of Gamelon
: so I got banned
human idiom applies: liar, liar, pants on fire.
: Ahri voice line In korean way too sexy.
tiutea (EUNE)
: LOL on Xbox ?!?
Who knows? Who cares?
: Why dont have Victorious Orianna
somebody set up us the bomb! We got signal
: If someone places a gun on your head and says 'talk racist or die' then I think it is a pretty good reason to be racist
meh, my explanation is funnier
: Remake Reports
Is it just me or is the phrase "rascist for no reason" really funny? Sounds like it's perfectly fine to be rascist if you have a good reason, like being confronted with an ethnicity you hate, for example :-D
: I belive every morgana is a scripter cause that Q hitbox!
: So you like to quite a game you comitted to because thing's arent going you way? That mentally is not healthy for League in the long run, (in my opinion) but it has unfortunately become very popular. Try to make the comeback, try to win the game. In any other sport you don't just quit cause you're behind. You finish the game. I would like this to apply to LoL as well.
Ah, you misunderstand. I still try to win the game. I just don't enjoy it and I think getting out of the game faster by surrendering is the better option. Yesterday for example I had an appallingly unpleasent game that I won. Not my team. I. We killed 4 of them (which admittedly enabled me to single handedly win the game. Honor where honor is due :-) and we had only a single super low health minion against their two nexus towers. While my team continued bumbling around like idiots and probably drooling, I tanked both towers so the minion will live and we will be able to damage those towers before the enemy respawns. But I started another surrender vote while doing so since that would have gotten me out of that game even faster. edit: It was a game where I had teammates who'd stop fighting to spam "laugh" when their inferior brains accepted that they lost a fight. I was just out of lantern range and even pinged incoming. Had he walked to me, I could have lanterned him out. Had he at least fought, it could have meant the difference in the next fight. God, I _hate_ playing with those %%%%tards. Why did you make me remember that horrible, horrible game? When will surrender be off cooldown again?! ACK!
253IQ (EUW)
: But there is a problem there . He won't get his rewards sadly :(
hehehe. No. He won't ^^
Serlirea (EUW)
: What sucks about this game (my 2 cents)
I play support exclusively and guess what: I agree that duo queue should be removed from solo queue.
: Enough autofill
*trolls Your first dodge of the day only gives you -3 LP. Make good use of it.
: Limited amount of surrender votes per team member
You can drag the surrender vote window to the bottom right corner so you're not effected by it. That being said, I like to start surrender votes when I don't enjoy being in that game and I write "eugh" if the vote fails. I'll start a surrender vote if it comes off cooldown while we're whacking on their nexus after we aced them.
Coxis (EUW)
: uhm, if you report them, there will be actions taken. Otherwise... well... they will probably get away with it. Keep in mind not to report people just because you are tilted or something (meant as a general *you*, not you specifically). xD Just report them whenever they are really trolling/inting/toxic and it will most likely be handled. ###### For trolling, I would recommend tickets to PS tho. Pure inting and/or verbal abuse, after game. :P
I just report all my adcs. Even the ones I honor.
Febos (EUW)
: Thanks Papa Rito!
lol, that was at the last possible moment ^^
xKuxbii (EUW)
: i Keep getting put in ' Low priority queue'
Have you tried fixing the issues you are having so the game won't have to punish you anymore? If you use wifi and your computer is portable, try using a network cable instead.
: How to play against the champion "Fizz"?
I just ban him if I'm not too worried about getting a lee sin, jhin or ezreal in my team
I think players who complain about a ban when they merely got a restriction should be banned to help them learn the difference
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4ZLEezZX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-11-10T14:32:47.100+0000) > > *lose &quot;loose&quot; means, &quot;not tightly fit&quot;/&quot;kind of wriggly&quot; I'm aware, I forgot the league of legends forums were also a large scale Internationale language examination my bad. :(
I'll remember your face. See to it that it won't happen again.
: Do I loose my Gold border over this?
*lose "loose" means, "not tightly fit"/"kind of wriggly"
The Shyik (EUW)
: Thresh Autoattack sounds sometimes missing RITO PLS FIX
It seems like the sound still plays if you attack in melee range (thresh has a different animation if he attacks at close range)
: Chat banned days before end of season.
I feel you man. I'm quite worried about getting one myself. The last few days all the games I played were beyond frustrating. I really, _really_ don't want to play with Jhin or Ezreal or Lee Sin or against Fizz. But I kept getting those over and over and over again. And those tards never push against the enemies push and complain about me not engaging into a stacked wave
: I disabled pop star map accents, but at the begin the K\DA minions still spawn
Ismur (EUW)
: I expect the same kind of problem for me: when I attack on nearly max-range with thresh, the autoattacks have no sound, however on short range, autoattacks sound like normal.
Ahhhh! Yeah, maybe when the melee animation plays, the sound is still there. Couldn't figure out when the sound still plays
: This got me 14 days-banned omegalul. Rito?
Normally I'd consider it banworthy but since you targeted an ez/lee I don't think so. I just hate those f$%& c§$%s!
Rioter Comments
Khanzax (EUW)
: Please help me by flaming me
Don't write "report xy" Not only is it toxic but also completely pointless. The number of reports is irrelevant. Both 1 report and 9 reports translates to "a number of reports > 0" Or is this some kind of bonding thing? Hey, we're together in reporting this guy? I don't get it at all. Just write "eugh" if someone makes you feel like puking and you're good
: punished
Your theory is bad and you should feel bad! The badge is only showing if you got honored last game.
: Please ban him/her for 7 days!
Ye, harassing new players is annoying. But there is not much we can do about it on the boards other than up- or downvote your post to show agreement or disagreement
: why is Riot OK with smurfs?
I agree, this is one of the most frustrating aspects of the game.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Is it just me that is bother by the oversexualization in league?
I just want swimsuit Ahri, then my life is complete!
: LP bug on winning game
you were at -3 because you dodged the game before
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