arkadyn (EUNE)
: Morgana ult stunned me after she died.
That does look weird. Especially since you moved out of her shacklesas as well
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >U seriously wanna discuss about my ban or these stupid question are what u wanna do with me seriously Open ur league account I've sent u request tell me what u actually mean .... my name would be "qorque"
Say hello to Lumbergh for me! You sir have excellent taste ^^
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Zelda - Wand of Gamelon no... just... no
ViaYan (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned For unsportsmanlike behavior in an autofilled game? Chat Logs Inside.
: Ban for little flame/"crying about balance"
Hahaha. This is delightful!
: Pay2win exist, and riot dont want to stop it.
If you enjoy posts like this, I highly recommend searching "Atheist experience" on youtube. It's a call-in show where theists make the wildest claims about morality, reality, history, testability and everything in between, despite lacking a basic understanding of whatever it is they're talking about.
ordęr (EUW)
: Why are 60%+ of my games offrole?
From reading only the title, I assume because you queue as mid/top
Gillgan (EUW)
: If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a Neeko!
: Perm ban
you failed the test
Terra (EUNE)
: when will you stop getting champion capsules?
afaik twice a year there is the essence emporium where you can buy gemstones and chromas with blue essence. Other than that, nothing useful ^^
: Please start cooperating with your jungler in SoloQ
Ye, looking at the map op, rito seriously needs to nerf that shit!
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: I dislike people that look up match history of their team and then cry about it.
I don't discriminate like that. I simply dislike people.
Haze97 (EUW)
: I'm glad Riot does not listen to the boards.
Kaimeraz (EUW)
: The connection won't be taxed, it's not EU's connetion.., I think you might be confused by the EU (or rather some member states of the EU) wanting to tax internet companies like Google / Facebook, but that's for entirely different reasons:)
Don't make me tax your opinion!
: The EUW stands for Europe West, not European Union West, so UK will still be part of the server even after brexit ;)
But it might be connections to the server might be taxed
: The game is FREE, stop complaining. I quit reading after the first sentence btw.
Didn't even finish the first sentence. Really need to get back to work to earn money for the skins I _have_ to buy ^^
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Surrender Complaint (Extremely Tilted with Ranked)
your not voting counts as a no so it ended up 3:1 which is a yes Before 20 minutes it would have been a no
: I can only place in technical support and new player advice
It works now. For some reason your first post needs to be in one of those boards but they won't tell you. Have fun ^^
: It could be a 1 april mode, with an extra ability like this, just for fun for a short periodo of time, imho
I dread april 1st already. I can already see them tease a new "Negotiable Chastity Ahri" skin and then don't deliver. Ohhhh, so sad T.T
: So... When is the client getting fixed?
At the weekend I had a friend over and while he was updating, he kept getting bugsplat after bugsplat but the update kept running. I asked him if he maybe started a .exe file he downloaded from my internets, possibly even without realizing he downloaded it. When he denied it I asked him why he's lying about it :-D
Kurotsu (EUW)
: A weather based champion
interesting idea but I think this would be very difficult to balance
kasia14 (EUNE)
: %%%% You Riot and your URF "ballancing"
You got Sona in Urf and you managed to %%%% up? Jesus!
KakarotDZ (EUW)
: have you met the on hit neeko ??????
Ending a sentence with 5 question marks is sufficient proof that the author is wearing his underwear on his head.
Kaimeraz (EUW)
: Take responsibility for your own actions Riot
plottwist: Kaimeraz has to go to bed at 7pm :-D
Mada (EUW)
: This game is weird sometimes
update: now I had a jhinpo game but rito helped me out by disconnecting our rengo so we could safely remake. It's a goodness!
: mada mada
that's what I mumble when I have level 5 Q and full cdr. Q into E into Q into E...
Rioter Comments
: the game is fun
tbh, I like it best when I kind of _hate_ my adc for being a coward only to later learn that he just knows much more about the game than me and proceeds to go 20/0 ^^
: Sorry for reaching Promos Riot.
1) Game hasn't crashed on me in ages 2) Your mindset is more important than you think
: Thresh is nice because he can be good at engaging and helping a team escape. but the fact that most melee supports get dethroned too easily by poking supports is just a shame. Because I can't play what I like to play anymore without feeling like shit.
: I don't like playing support anymore. (Rant)
Personally I prefer playing Thresh-or-Dodge. I fullmute my adc until he proves himself and mute the pings of everybody else. It's not working out very well. When someone asks me why I'm still playing I start twitching and explain that you get a toke of crack with every win. If there are any further questions, I start shaking violently and leave it at that.
Blakex13x (EUW)
Just wait it out. But please, provide chat logs.
Lester the (EUNE)
: What happened with you?
Riot was bought by a Chinese company called Tencent and a lot of players on the boards accuse them now of just being money grabbers. I just wanted to make fun of that ^^
Hansiman (EUW)
: You'll get one refund token per year now if you have less than 3. You can also now refund most content within a week assuming you haven't used it yet, without using a refund token.
typical tencent, giving us new ways to amend our mistakes so we can buy something else instead! All they want is to give us a different way to use the money we already spent! I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords! Did you know there are more unmarried Chinese underwear models than there are atoms in the universe? edit: ahhhh, can't go back far enough to refund a champion I bought with rp... I'll refund cowboy-thresh and buy the battlepuss just to spite them!
: Can we all agree that better bot wins?
That's kind of you to say. Especially since the difference between support and enemy adc decides the bot lane. It's nice to be on top.
: I agree it should be much more transparent. If the player didnt exit the damn base/nexus by the 3 minute mark, i mean its pretty obvious that game is done. Its just a waste of time and lp for the other 4 players who did nothing wrong. Frustrating to say the least.
4v5s can be won. The 4 get more xp than the 5 and the 5 are more likely to overestimate themselves. Also those wins are more enjoyable. But still, I'd like it much better if I didn't have to go through that feeling of betrayel when the %$& !! remake option doesn't show up.
Nídhøgg (EUW)
: Riot's Anti-Toxicity Policy
They usually say that on stream instead of writing it in game.
: What the **** is wrong with your stupid REMAKE?????
well, the afk also loses the game and even if he comes back and wins the game, it'll still count as a loss for him. But that just means if you disconnected, don't bother reconnecting. I say remake should be automatic if a player didn't provide any vision (for example standing under tower instead of in a brush will become punishable) for at least 1 minute by the 2 minute mark. It worked for locking ones picks and I think that's a good thing.
mcmeta95 (EUW)
: I decide to quite lol game
I'm quite happy to hear that.
: Is this really what RIOT ban for?
While your text is quite annoying, I would have reported you for the spelling mistakes alone.
: Game is unplayable, disconnects all over
Never happened to me. Are you sure your connection is stable? Are you using wifi? Maybe your neighbor turned on the microwave or something.
: Dude cmon.... I want help because of the error.... not because of my english
there is still an extra s. Sorry, can't help you with your actual problem but maybe someone can but won't because he got irritated by the title ^^
: I am so close to unsinstalling this game
Svinjex (EUW)
: Dota 2
ehm... There is voice chat in league. I turn it off
Ahries (EUW)
: Prestige K/DA Ahri
Stockings is an excellent idea! My biggest concern however is swimsuit ahri.
: yep... you're just getting waaaay too cocky, and feel like the king of the world when in reality you're just as strong as the enemy.
exactly. Only that I in fact AM the king of the world... It's just that I do realize I'm getting too cocky after I'm done stomping someone. That's just how awesome I am :-D
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