: Id rather see people who ask for unjustified banns be banned instead, if you get my point.
Or chop of their hands so they can never do it again
: Thank you so much for your reply! The windowed and borderless versions worked fine, but how do I find a way to make it work on full-screen too?
With modern computers, you should only be able to select a refresh rate/resoltion that works. So when you change it to full screen again, you should not be able to select a bad combination. You still had the combination from the previous computer selected. Other than that, you can check in your GPU/monitor manual But I recommend using "Borderless" anyway. With borderless, you can alt+tab much faster than with full screen. Full screen might have slightly better performance, though... but hey, it's league. It should be running reasonably fast ^^
: "No Signal' display on monitor when game opens up?
You have set a resolution/refresh rate combination that your display/gpu does not do. Start the game, go to options and somewhere in graphics you can change it from fullscreen to borderless. Start a practice tool / custom / whatever to confirm it works now. If you insist on full screen, you need to find a refresh rate that works with the new hardware
: Why everytime I play a game with toxic flamer all my next games are losing streak?
It's because you're tilted and you play poorly when tilted. You're the one dragging your team down
: Apparently cutting the time to ff can get your comment banned due to nonconstructive feedback!
The only reason I would want to ff faster is because I hate my teammates which is my own fault for not muting them earlier.
: New player advice - how do I get better?
Some of my favorite tips: do not underestimate the minion damage. Especially casters in the early game. Also: when you make an auto attack (or point&click ability) on an enemy champion, all the minions will attack you (they get the little ` ' ´ over their heads when they're pissed at you) You can step into an unwarded brush to lose their aggro (the ticks will disappear) While a max range hook is super fun, it's usually better to hold on to your abilities until the very last moment. That makes it much more likely to land the ability Use mute with extreme prejudice. If someone has a weird name or plays ezreal, jhin, lee sin, he's likely to startle you with ? pings at the worst possible time. You don't need to know what they say to report them at the end of the game. I've had that super satisfying message pop up for players I full muted when the game started. To me, that's beautiful. Numbers are important. When your team is 5 and you see 1 enemy at the other end of the map, you can fight. Try to push the minions into tower before you back. You _can_ _not_ push the cannon wave into tower, don't bother trying. Instead you can back on a cannon wave since it will tank 7 tower hits while you walk back. (melees tank 2, casters tank 1 but they take 2 auto attacks before you got a pickaxe) When the enemy has 4 more minions than you, you can freeze the wave. Just wait and only last hit the minions while all your minions die giving you a huge advantage
: Senna (?)
As a Thresh main I feel I need to clear up some things: Senna moved in with me willingly since she was neglected by Lucy. I set up an RGB-modded NES with a CRT TV for her in my lantern so not only is she happy now, you can expect her to be able to dish out some serious ass kicking.
: Don't ever play another multiplayer competitive game again. Thanks.
I'd rather have him never "write" anything ever again.
Dyzlaxia (EUW)
: When will Vel'Koz get a skin ?
Maybe he'll get a Valentine's skin with Ahri
: Riot should remove this ban system its ridicilouss
I can see you're a talker who acts on assumptions. A beautiful example of a system working as intended.
: Excuse me what the hell riot?
it's nice to see others also get many frustrating games in a row sometimes
Shaft (EUNE)
: Does anyone else have this beautiful client or is it just me
Easier account switching is nice but logging in seems to take even longer now
Just Cat (EUW)
: RDR2 releases at close date to high noon skins COINCIDENCE? I THINK not
: > [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yVMvK8G8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-07T21:05:05.156+0000) > > There are tens of millions of reports made every day, i really wanna see OP doing business with that mentality. Even if you pay an idian with 0.005 cents per case, multiply that with millions, and see how much you're losing on a daily basis. okay im getting a reaction. job done. would you agree changes need to be made?
i think once a reach a total of 100 downvotes, you should lose the right to post.
: will somebody finally fix the reason players are afk for the first 10minutes
It seems to happen when you alt-tab the loading screen at just the wrong moment. When it happens I can ctrl+esc or alt-tab then ctrl+esc and then select logoff. Then I relogin and restart lol.
: Is Sion bad or good?
This is a very interesting question and I can assure you my answer will be utterly useless. The thing is, Sion is a Korean girl's name. The guy who made that champion got probably dumped by one pretty badly which is why she looks the way she does in game. The thing with the crown in his jaw is probably to poke fun at that plastic surgery thing they got going over there.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >Second: If the vest majority of pro players say that the matchmaking is bad, the rest of the community's opinion about this matter is something noone cares about. This includes the Rito whiteknights. Case studies of %%%ushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident proves, that many people believes that one can become "infected" by nuclear radiation by standing near (or touching or talking to) people who lived near power plant during the events. This is completely wrong according to every scientists, but still many people believe in that. From my own questionnaires I found that many people have no idea what in reality is clean energy and what many technologies bring with themselves, including the nuclear power generation. Still they voice their idea how the security should be achieved. The fact that some group, even if it majority of society, believes something is true, doesn't make it true. >Third: I expect mods to delete either this thread or comment because someone might get butthurt over something, this is just how 21st century works. Welcome to the 21st century where people who were never told how to behave properly, use aggressive statements towards people who have different opinion, and then come and cry on public places like snowflakes. In good old days, good spanking from parents would fix this kind of behaviour.
I make a living working with photovoltaics. ... I'm pro nuclear energy since it is by far the cleaner solution. Just because it's Chinese land that gets destroyed to gather rare earths does not mean it's not pollution.
JustTits (EUNE)
: I will try and do an "interesting" survey among TOP streamers
Why in the name of %%%% would you write "interesting"? Are you aware that it is not interesting at all? Also, proof does not work this way. If you have an overwhelming majority of people saying something, it's only proof that an overwhelming majority will answer that in a survey.
: Why should "I Agree"? EXCUSE ME?!
I feel you man. It's infuriating. It's even worse if they make you write it after the game crashed. Still, writing it is the only way you can play again.
Shamose (EUW)
: I am playing normal games. But since my MMR is so much higher than theirs it's just pulling the average up to the point wher they have to play against diamonds.
Exactly that. Starting to play this game gets MORE frustrating if you play with experienced friends. At least I can get _some_ pleasure from reporting the talkers, though ^^ copy pasta: I have a friend who comes over to play once a week. I tried to reduce the number of times I have to report my team because they're flaming him. Also sometimes thresh gets picked or banned and I kind of play thresh or dodge.
: Why do you smurf?
I have a friend who comes over to play once a week. I tried to reduce the number of times I have to report my team because they're flaming him.
: the mmr system is made to keep u stuck in low elo
yuck! Do you want me to elaborate further?
: Riot actually mocking us
_I_ am the who who mocks!
Not Yasuo (EUW)
: I get banned unjustly :( thanks riot
Human idiom applies: "Liar, liar, pants on fire"
: Im done with this shit game
Bye, have a beautiful time
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot explain me this
rito pls! Why is every other post made by someone who doesn't even take the time to check the grammar?
: Nightmode gets turned off after I finish a game!
Try setting league to "Windowed Fullscreen" and see if it still happens
: I got permanantly banned and i don't think i should have
I also get annoyed by my adc sometimes. Actually by lots of other players, not only adc... Still managed to never even get a warning. I can only say I would have muted you when I realized you're a talker and probably would've reported you at the end.
: thing is they don't actually need to know how to play yasuo. the moment they reach 100% crit they can compete with almost everyone even widhout any skill.
the 20 minute power spike. That champion can just stay in base, no need to farm
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=99fsdyku,comment-id=00000000000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-04T23:18:35.747+0000) > > You always saying it doesn't change what it is you mean i can get banned for it? omg i spent over 15 years to play lol how rito even can think of banning his most good and old player? it is embarrassing! shame to you rito!
Human idiom applies: "Liar, liar, pants on fire".
: i got banned for someone else trolling my game
"Good!" Zelda - Wand of Gamelon
: Yasuo Rework
A first time Yasuo can feed 20 minutes. Then he'll have enough passive gold to be able to fight everyone. This champion is beyond cheap.
: So, is this bannable enough for you?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: -Chakan Yi. -Vectorman Blitzcrank. And to avoid Mega Drive fanboyism. -Yoshi rider Kled Unfortunately none of those will happen, since Rito doesn't own the rights for those.
Yoshi rider Kled is perfect. That %%%%er kept running away, jumping into pits... Maybe throw in Zero Suit Kaiser as well.
: Okay, so you have met with the boards of lol, I do not need to introduce how they behave. The game... Well, the community is kind of toxic. They do not tolerate mistakes, except their own. You can find nice ones whose do not flame **_*~~like me~~*_**, but those are kind of rare. The matchmaking is not the best and you will fight against people with higher levels or elo if you play ranked, making you lose, of course. With a low account, you will play with and against smurfs most of the time, so as a new player, you won't have any influence on the game. If you manage to get over the smurf zone and reach a decent level _(30+)_, you will be able to play games with actual players on your level. The game is unbalanced and it is not going to be balanced anytime soon. Rito became money-hungry lately and so they release event passes and the price of special orbs also got higher. Skins usually come out for the most popular heroes, others do not see skins for years. The balance team _theoretically_ balances the game based on pro play, which means who knows what. Perhaps _Pro Play_ is a brand of weed. Rito members do not care about the forums, so people use it to chit-chat about their problems and ideas to other players. The faulty language filter and banning system is working pretty well, so you get banned for swearing. _A little hint, do not type kiss on danish or you will get banned. Rito does not accept other languages in their game._ Avoid teemo support mid. Bann {{champion:555}} , always. _Just a support with stealth, hook, health regeneration, mobile stun and true damage dealing-ranged-aoe finisher ultimate which refreshes and gives money to allies upon killing enemy heroes._ --- And that's about it. Have fun!
Ye, if you say it like this, that pikey _does_ sound a bit redonculous
MrSirenee (EUNE)
: I have 2800 hrs on Dota 2 , what makes league better ?
We have Ahri. She has a short skirt and nice boobs.
Rioter Comments
: What would the diffreant creatures in LoL taste like? (Nasty)
Excellent question. I imagine Ahri would taste Korean and regarding to Homer, Kayle would probably taste like souffle: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/c8d3e360-df5b-4df1-beac-dd6bd5256f3c
FearFactor (EUNE)
If you write trollers, I immediately assume you're just a troll.
: " Your last name is unavailable due to many reports"
VorenDier (EUNE)
: Can there be a system for players to gain/lose LP based on their game performence or KDA?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What's the point of buying 1000 BE for 100 tokens?
Well, they are offering options. Since I already have all champions, I never even considered getting the thingies. I only use these event points for orange stuff and the few left over points go into those 10BE thingies...
Glaceon04 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WqdBZB24,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-21T08:02:15.943+0000) > > You can already bind it to modifier+right click. > Options/Controls/Attack move Click > > Then just hold shift and rightclick. I tried that and for me it didn't work. alternating left click and right click feels better for me You can't, that's the problem. I can bind attack move/attack move click to A, but I can't bind it to A+right click. Binding it do A alone however is ueselss for that case, cause it chnages the cursor, but still you ned to use LEFT click to attack the target next to the cursor.
I think only shift/alt/ctrl+right click will work. Let me try
slick408 (EUNE)
: The New Player Experience in LoL (14 days suspened, here's my story)
: Chat restriction and end of season rewards
You need to have your honor level back on 3 (or 2?) by the end of the season then you're good
: Curious why players still say 'ez' .... in ARAM
same reason why anyone says ez: to be an asshole
: the thing is, you've had them urself u see peple calling you cancer and going afk, intentionally going into other lanes and feed on purpose, and those guys dont get banned, cause they dont type in chat, the ones who get annoyed by it cause it ruins games are the ones who get banned, yes you have the option to ignore it, but its still 30m of your life, and some people have a life and jobs and dont have much free time to enjoy the game, and catching these kind of players is the worst feeling ever, specially when they dont flame in chat, but spam u in pings instead, no its not balanced, flaming hard trying to hit someone psycologicaly is one thing, like kill urself or calling you cancer, or just by simply going into ur lane and die on purpose just to hit u. you can flame in all ways, not just chat, some know chat gets u banned and they use other ways to get into u, are you the weak cause u get affected by it? maybe yes, but it also means they do it cause they know they wont get penalized for it. all these 3 games i posted, i reported them for negative attitude, team was saying the same, they kept asking why keep going in, so it means i have a point, i reported them, got no feedback on the report and im the one who gets it instead, i think its really balanced indeed. everyday i see people calling really offensive names, and by just dying once cause lane had a big wave and they couldnt follow, instead of being 10s patient, they just go in and die and go afk, their own mistake or no ? but still they go afk, no penalty. When they dive lvl 4 and you're bot in the middle of the wave, and the enemy jarvan goes under tower to dive a yumi that can just W into their adc, and does this twice, and you're like '' wtf u doing mate stop coming bot if u doing that '' is this flame ? but since the people who judge the report cant see the entire chat and dont have a good insight of the game, they just judge by what you said, and that is balanced ?
That's a lot of text but from glancing at some random words, I totally agree with you. There are worthless pieces of digested carbon compounds playing tis game and it can be taxing to have to carry them. But that's just what you have to do if you want to climb. Do your best!
Kotcha (EUNE)
: How riot ban system work.
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