: Fix this fu*king problem since the update of Wednesday
My game also freezes for few seconds multiple times per game. This exact same thing happened like some months ago but then they fixed it i guess. But now its happening all over again.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Arent we supposed to get 12 key fragments per month? Up to, not guaranteed. Having higher honor increases the chance, and being active increases the chance. --- > And does bought keys from store affect this amount? No, that does not impact the amount of free fragments you get. --- > I have only got 2 key fragments this month Keep in mind that it's not "per month" as in a calendar month. It's within 28 days of you getting the first fragment in your specific cycle.
Okay thanks, just feels weird that i have been playing ARAMS/nexus blitz everyday on those 3 accounts and havent gotten a single key fragment for a "long" time.
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