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Stark31 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RG madldaddl,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6nJcnEAc,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-21T21:44:10.912+0000) > > Well someone i know got banned today for 14 days, so we wondered what would happen next Make a new account. It is over for you
What do you mean make a new account mine is just fine
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Ranked account only? Why go through the trouble.. really.. Your ranked ELO dosent affect anything else on your account.. the only thing is that you have to get all the champs double up. What a weird idea..
Well i does affect my normal games, or rather the people i get matched up with
TTekkers (EUW)
: I think the issue is that he always feels like a very very major factor in which team is winning or losing, he's never just doing OK in a game, he's either fed out of control and can practically 1v9 or has fed the enemy team out of control and you have no chance to bring the game back. Or at least, I have yet to see a Yasuo just have a standard impact on a game, they're either a complete non-factor or stomping everything.
I think people have the impression that yasuo loses them the game because we remember those games more likely than those we got carryed by one.
TTekkers (EUW)
: But Yasuo's never just do OK. They always do either really well or really badly, and we all know which of those is gonna be on our team ...
So you say one will lose the game alone and the next one carrys like hell?
TTekkers (EUW)
: It's not to stop the enemy Yasuo from carrying the game, it's to stop the allied Yasuo from throwing the game.
Again with a 50% winrate it does not look like yasuo is a reason why your team is losing or wining he just seems balanced
: well they banne him people when want to trool and feed often pick yasuo and srsl no one want play with yasuo on his team
Why would you not want him on your team?
Viavarian (EUW)
: Possibly, but not all are as popular as Yasuo. So you mentally sort the champion pool by "pick rate for your lane X annoyingness" and ban whatever is at the top of your list. For mid lane, that would be Fizz for me, but for others it is Yasuo.
I guess thats fine, personally I dont have a propblem playing against yasuo but if others hate it so mich i guess thats fine
: Ape skills, annoying to play against and windwall is a broken spell.
Broken spell? Winsrate says otherwise also i would argue there are champs far mlre annoying to play against
Viavarian (EUW)
: People don't ban him because he's overpowered, they ban him because he's obnoxious to play against.
But arent therr champs more annoying to play against
Endellion (EUW)
: It's not just a fear of the opponents picking the champ, it's partially the fear of your own team picking him and feeding the enemy team out of control.
Again around 50% winrate its not like he is likely to lose
: Kleptomancy Ezreal does not have double crit chance. Also, obviously balanced. LOL! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
But over 55% winrate
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Fr33z (EUNE)
: It was just an example but it also makes people just report you which highers the chances of u getting banned
That is dump to be honest..
: > [{quoted}](name=RG madldaddl,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6nJcnEAc,comment-id=000000010000000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-21T22:04:51.875+0000) > > Wait i have a question, when does the system trigger. Like I ran it down mid probatly 3 times the last two seasons, BUT we were always 5 premades and we all did it, we decided that the game was over at minute 10 and started running down mid as 5 spamming emotes. If the enemy team now decides to report one of us will that person get a ban? That is possible. Unless you are in a 10 premade group you shouldnt do it. If people want an easy win, they play vs bots, not humans. I'd report you for inting if i were in the opposing team. Apart from that, feederbuster still isn't very reliable, so you might just get away with it. Ofc, your friend is likly to receive a perma ban for any slight rule violation for the next couple of hundred games.
So if we are 5 people and we dont want to play the game anymore we should wait until minute 15 because otherwise we would be able to get punished?
: if he plays consistently for 3-4 months without ANY toxic behaviour he's likely to drop a punishment tier. CONSISTENTLY. as in... if he stops playing for a month midway, the counter for the reset will stop too and resume when he plays again if at any point untill such a time when he clears at least the 14 day ban trial period he is toxic at least once, he gets a permaban right off the bat that means no "report x for feeding", no " you guys are all muted", no "you are trash" and no harassment he is on VERY thin ice tread carefully!
Wait why is “you guys are all muted“ seen as something bad
: This question shouldn't be relevant. The message of the ban is very clear: don't do this ever again. ------- I know for chat related bans, it is possible to drop punishment tiers after a very, very long time, but I'm not sure how it works for bans for intentionally feeding.
I know the rules and I follow them as good as I can, however he i cant say for sure he will after the ban is over.
Biały Mag (EUNE)
: Personal apologise to community and thought about community's toxicity
Yeah I had an enemy ekko jungle today, I was plaing blitz supp with smite and stole all his blues and a couple of gromps he told me to kill my self like 10 times... But in all honesty that just made me laugh, however if that is not the case I just mute them. I am fine with ignoring flamers I will probatly never play with them again so why would I care
Viavarian (EUW)
: There is no need for a warning in the case of intentional feeding. Everyone knows it's not allowed.
Wait i have a question, when does the system trigger. Like I ran it down mid probatly 3 times the last two seasons, BUT we were always 5 premades and we all did it, we decided that the game was over at minute 10 and started running down mid as 5 spamming emotes. If the enemy team now decides to report one of us will that person get a ban?
: only 14days for 0/25? riot sucks
Well he got an assist :D
: Along with the ban message of the 14 day ban, the player is told that this ban is his last warning. Any other violation of the rules after that can result in a permaban.
Is this also the case if he does not int for a year and then again in one game?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > So he can just get a 14 day ann out of the blue Not out of the blue. If you break the rules and get punished, that's intended. "Out of the blue" means it happened without the user doing anything wrong. Bans are caused by rule violations. --- > also i remember when I was starting league in season 4 I got a 1 day ban because i left a few games is that not possible anymore? That's an unrelated ban, and it's replaced by the Low Priority Queue system. This forces you to wait, up to 20 minutes, before you're actually being placed in a queue.
Ok thanks, yeah “out of the blue“ was wrong, but what i ment is without a warning.
: Punishment steps are 10 game chat ban > 25 game chat ban > 14 day ban > Perma ban. Skipping steps is possible.
So he can just get a 14 day ann out of the blue, also i remember when I was starting league in season 4 I got a 1 day ban because i left a few games is that not possible anymore?
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eNRogue (EUW)
: Hello RG, I had a 14 Days suspension last month,so out of boredom i leveled a new account. Just as Tortsy said : Play 3v3 Intermediate Bots,use 7 Days XP boost + 50 Wins. Go Bot if possible all 3,if not 2 are enough,use champs that can take turrets fast,finish the game at 7 min+,if you finish under 7 min you wont get any XP . How long does it take ? It depends on how much time you want to spend. Calculate that you will have probably 400XP per game (maybe more or lower i cant remember). and that you will finish a game in 7 min,minumum... So in 1 hour its 8 Games / If you get all the games 400XP (not sure) 400*8 = 3200 XP . Also you can play 3v3 vs AI at level 5. At level 5 your XP would be in total : 720 (Accumulative) +3200 that you will earn in the next hour : 3920 = Level 10 . You need 43680 XP to reach level it will take you probably : Level 30 : 43680 XP - Level 5 720 XP : 42960 XP / 3200 XP (1 Hour/8 Games) = 13,5 Hours of Gaming Calculations can be wrong,but i think it took me the same time,maybe a little bit more. Have fun leveling ;)
Ok so I will do it in one week, I guess. And yes I will have fun leveling :)
: fair enough, that was actually my original intention for this account so I can relate to you. If you're doing it as fast as possible (without xp boosts) then I recommend a good music playlist, let's say an hour and a bit long, and grind in coop vs AI intermediate games. Make the games last 25 mins at a minimum to get extra experience. Do this for one hour every night or at a bare minimum, just your win of the day (now that the system is based around xp this is now essential to level grinding). Do yourself a favour, don't buy ANY champs until you are completely certain what you're going to play when level 30 comes. eg, I bought akali on this account when she was super meta, then she fell out of meta (haven't touched her since lol). you can play normals with your mates, I tend to stick away from arams. Oh yeah, when grinding in bot games, you will encounter A LOT of bots, so make sure to call/instalock jungle. (doesn't matter if there is more than 1 person jungling since you can just take the bot jungle). there is always at least one champ on the free to play roster that can jungle effectively. If not then just pick an adc. One last thing, make sure to redeem your free alistar, trist and garen from riot . If none of these work, just send a ticket and they'll do it for free for you. saves you the extra blue essence buying champs when the time comes
Thanks I will do as you say however I probatly wont be plaing with friends since grinding xp is not the most fun thing to do :D. But when it comes to those 3 free champs I am not sure if I will get them, I mean the on my main I wanted the ali skin but it never worked.... but I will try. Does buying an xp boost change something (I dont know how they work).
: For the teammates of the boosted player it is one game out of many and should not spoil their stats. For the boosted guy (as said here) it will be an endless losing streak, until he drops to the level he belongs to. BTW, same happened to me without a boost after I did my last season's placements: ranked in at Silver 4, and dropped to B5. You could say the same about the ranking machanisms, if someone has good luck or exceptionally good teams in the placements. I don'tunderstand this boosting crap anyway; it is only self-betrayal.
Well still boosting has very negative impact, because nothing makes you more frustrated then losing a game or even a promo because of it. Imagine climbing 300 games getting into your gold 5 promo and losing it because someone on your team was boosted, that is on of the most frustrating things i can imagine...
tortsY (EUNE)
: 3v3 intermediate bots, all bot lane and win in 7 min ;)
Ok but for that i need two more people. And if I do so how long will it take?
: I've levelled several and it depends on several things: How fast do you intend to do it? For what reason are you doing it ie to get better at carrying, to learn, to sell, or just for a second account. Is there anything in particular you want to play, IE this is my toplane only account. you intend to do it with friends? alone?
Well I would like to do it as fast as possible. I want an account where I only play ranked, yes i want to learn and want to have a top only account. Yes I would play with friends if possible. But the accounts purpose should be to climb as high as possible, since I never play ranked on my main i want a ranked only account.
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Xephira (EUW)
: Kalista Main searching for Thresh Main
Im gold 5 and blitz/thresh main


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