: about watch and earn
You can watch lcs and lec to earn the rewards. I think brazil as well? But I'm not sure about that. Lcs and lec definitely though.
: They made the practice tool in order to practice champs to get better at them, not to try them. And there is no reason to practice a champ you don't own. For trying new champs, they made the free rotation of 14 free champs each week. They already thought about it, and many people suggested it, but the thing is, they don't want to because it goes against their strategy. So I highly doubt they'll add all champs/skins to the practice tool.
You can see it from two perspectives. A. You don't need to practice champs you don't own and from a business standpoint people need to spend money on buying the champ to try it B. You want to be able to try a champ's kit out to get a feel for it so you have a better idea if you want to spend money on it It's kinda business care vs customer care. Obviously it's mostly new players who need this because of the small amount of BP they have, and if enough players buy a new champion with money there is no reason for Riot to change practice. Personally I would have loved to have had a chance to try out more champions before spending my BPs blindy and I'm the type of person who don't throw money at a game I'm not sure I'm gonna play for a long time. Not gonna cry about it though, more BPs will eventually come.
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: Hey man, from a personal point of view (also new) what I have been doing is playing all roles and as many champs as I can. My reasoning is that it's the only to get a 'big picture' of how the game works. For example, if you only play top and don't understand what or how a jungler does things then this puts you at a disadvantage from the point of view that you know far less about when or how the enemy(or your) jungler will be in your vicinity. I play as many champs as I can because I want to have some sort of understanding of how their kit works. When I just started man, I came up against some strange champs like camille and just got murdered cos I didn't know what she was capable of doing or what her weak points are. What her cd's are like, what sort of damage she is putting out etc. Of course this is very much a work in progress, but I have a far better idea of how to deal with things than I did. Of course you would learn this anyway over time, but it'll be much faster if actually play a champ and/or position. It's also not just knowing what the enemy is going to do but what your team mates can do. This is critical in chaining abilities in team fights. Furthermore I have found champs I really like that I didn't think I would, by playing them. Seeing them played doesn't give you a feel for it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=oAAx9TVt,comment-id=000200010001,timestamp=2019-07-07T17:23:33.627+0000) > > No. Just no. If you were so good at the game that you could learn that champ in only one week, you would not be in Silver 4. > > As has already been pointed out your farm is terrible. It is notoriously easy to farm with Irelia because her clear with Tiamat is insane. Still you average 4.9 cs/min when you should easily get >7 on that champion. > Also you average over 8 deaths every game with half as many kills. You can't blame your team for that one at all; even if they all suck and feed there is virtually no reason to die so much. > > The point of playing these champions is to stop playing champions and start playing the game. You pick an easy champion to actually learn the game. > But you seems to have no interest in that. Which is fine - but then don't complain about how your team is holding you back from climbing when in reality it's your attitude. dude its first month on lol, and please show me a silver that have a better cs on irelia
You seem to completely neglect the point of what he wrote. He is not saying you should be godlike in a week, he is telling you how and why. As a new player myself, posts like Bananenschnder's are the ones you need to take in and digest. If you just get offended and blame everything on your teammates, especially when you are new to a game, you will be stuck forever.
: Depends on the kind of supports you play. Tank supports and tank tops have the same playstyle in the midgame and lategame. playing utility supports like soraka or lulu would be much different playstyles than most bruiser toplaners. I play jungle main and top secondary. So melee champs are best for me. I think top and support are pretty good actually. Some people might say top and mid but they are very different playstyles.
Thanks for the reply. I'm leaning mostly toward non-engage supports to begin with (lux, nami and not alistar, nautilus) I really like Rakan though, and non-tank top laners (renekton, camille). I feel I should be more knowledgeable about the game before I go engage champs. So I'm guessing those to types differ quite a bit.
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: For what I read here it shouldn't do so as there's no place that says so, but they added this daily missions after I started playing so I'm not sure
Meah. From the lack of info about dailies becoming unavailable I guess you are right. I was hoping for a clear "yes" or "no". Guess no one actually knows for sure. Thanks for the reply.
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