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: Top was Always dominant from the begin of s8.Wtf you talking about. Right now evry champs scale better then adc.Evry single one of them.And champs like {{champion:266}} {{champion:24}} are very good mid lategame. {{champion:85}} is range not op...thats why he is good toplane he doesnt let you farm.Champs that can be tanky and do huge amount of dmg are more then fine.But you people seems to not understand what happened s8 with bruisers meta..
Aatrox so dominant mid game that he sits at 40 % win rate in solo queue at 20-40 min because at this point mages get morello and make him useless . bruisers are somewhat tanky because there are only 4 items for bruisers which are black cleaver/steraks/trinity/death dance after building those items bruisers are forced to build somewhat tanky items for some survivability. Too bad every single champion in game has an % hp based abilities or passives punishing you for getting any hp from these items .Only reason bruisers are somewhat tanky is due to them having some life steal build in or being ahead and stacking resistances when enemy is full ad or full ap when u take that away u end up with immobile easy to kite squishy champs that have getting close to anyone in team fight. Adc aren't in bad spot its just that assasins /mage assasins in mid lane are so busted right now with bonus dmg from runes that they one shot anyone who doesn't build armor/mr and ADC are not known for getting those
Jaçke (EUW)
: Not dominant? Aatrox littely 3v1 (even after the nerfs) Vad 1v5 once he get's a few items. Kled still sits on over 55+ win rate. Kennen still can 1v9 with his AP ults. Look at top elo's im not saying iam top elo but top are relevant and strong. But saying top is not dominant i just lel
Funny how u base your opinion about top lane from single aatrox game in pro play. Aatrox has 0 sustain on lane after all the nerfs he recieved to his passive making him pick only good against certain melee champions .Against ranged or poking champions u can go EVEN at best and going EVEN is not how u carry games. Hes overall weak solo solo queue pick and his low win rate proves it. Also stop using examples like Vlad Kled or Kennen which are just broken champs that riot just refuses to nerf for very long time and most top picks also struggle against them. Try playing any other bruiser/tank that isnt kled or gnar then u see how 'Dominant" top lane is when while being 10/0 and having 1000 gold lead u will struggle to do anything other than being meat shield for your team in team fights due to every single champion having 10 escape abilities 0r losing trades to vayne which has blade of ruined king and takes half of your hp in 3 auto attacks {{champion:67}}
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Don't Buff Riven
People who main riven are just so used to playing their overpowered champ that once she gets a little nerf their winrate goes downhill since they can't really play champs that aren't overpowered. Also only top laner in balance team is Riven/Vlad main
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: I found a thread with [a lot of solutions for common problems.]( Also, this worked for another person with a similar problem: "_ Update: Using the Hextech Repair Tool and **reinstalling the game completely** has fixed the issue! _" Give it a try and tell us if it works! {{champion:117}} If not, you can always contact player support here:
it works only for few games i don't want to reinstall game every %%%%ing day. Riot should fix all those crashes,bugs that came with patch 9.14 and all new ones
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