Play Ranked instead?
: What hard cc actually is?
make tanks even more powerful. xD €: Got rekt by aatrox in the top lane. gg
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LikeOrbit (EUW)
: What makes Yasuo simply foreign in this game, and what might be a suitable solution.
I do agree with what you wrote, however I believe that the most broken part of Yasuo, is his ult, some may say that its hard to land, but with the E-Q Combo its pretty easy. But being able to use it frequently, and keeping the target(s) knocked up in the air is a massive advantage, and is not fair especially in team fights, (40secs cooldown or so?)
: Profile Customization [With Images]
I agree with this one, in Steam you can edit your profile the way you want it which is cool!
Maher4530 (EUW)
: Will this work on Tristana?
Yes and also no lifesteal which could be a problem. so nay for this build?
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Maher4530 (EUW)
: Teemo/Fizz must be nerfed
Shouldn't all champs have to be balanced? Why, for example, allow Teemo to destroy Tryndamere. Or Jax. Just think about it, a champ that could disable your attacking abilities, with a shot that you can't avoid (Teemo's Q) and takes no skills to land. And Teemo could attack you from a long range whereas if you try to hit him, he'll hide in his minions wave, if you attack him in there, the minions will destroy you. @Kjelldor - His autos, but not his Q. If I auto attack, I'm gonna miss at least 3 basic attacks, whereas at that time he take off half of my health. Been playing this game for the past 3 monthes heavily, and after about 350 games I'm just disappointed.
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Maher4530 (EUW)
: Mid Laner Champion
I'm a level 27 but spent too much IP on the runes / a lot of other cheap champs (and Riven :D) . So right now, I'm gonna save up for Lux and finish the rune pages later! :-) And then see how I'm gonna perform with VelKoz as they make it a free2p champ. Varus is also on the list. But the IP is limiting me now, And after watching some footage of Lux I thought that it'd be the best choice for me. Because I can handle every position except Mid. Thanks for the replies guys.
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