Shiwah (EUW)
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The problem is that if you have a bug you try to repair this, riot doesnt seem like doing that any more. They cared for first seasons now they dont
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: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
You need to understand one thing riot dont care about players any more and they just simply said that they wont balance the league. All they care is money and that s all. If they cared about players the game wouldnt be as it is now, death cap would be recreated from 0, new engine with mulicore stability would be implemented, conqeror would be balanced, adc's wouldnt die for 2 skills. They dont care about players, they'll just keep getting that money and finally finish league just like that if it will stop making profit :)
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Takumaron (EUNE)
: My friend has funny saying: "Every lane has it's yasuo main" (People who main the champ but suck at him and flame) Top: Riven, Jungle: Yi, Mid: Yasuo, Bot: Vayne
Dont say such things :D - Yasuo - permban in every que - Riven - all depends on player skill - Vayne - ppl miss old days when vayne was playable and want to have fun with it but cant because all the riot does is buffing or nerfing 2-3 champs and until next patch you are forced to play with those ...
PzyXo (EUW)
: Dude . Game is %%%%ed up since S7 . I used to have fun in S7 with friends talking and laughing . Pentakill was like achieving challenger rank . Oneshot was hard to do . Now orianna can E R get pentakill easily . People in-game suck . No way to deal with them . bunch of pigs moving around (not all) but generally if riot wanna fix the game they need to restart it from S5 .. so we can have 3 fun years until we see a better game . Idiot company
Daum bro gold sentence, actually i would say that league of legends got shit right after new run-master-shit came up. I miss those times when you needed some skill and movement to make oneshot or pentakill instead of using 2 skill-buttons to make kill. Adc's get 0 impact now, all depends on support and the rest is on jungle side.


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