: How do you win lane against Caitlyn + Brand
You stand under your tower and farm, tahm eats you when you take damage and tahm is tanks enough to not die himself if he’s not running in like a... the boards are sensitive so insert a bad word of your choosing here. You can fight on ganks but you shouldn’t try anything yourself, Caitlyn has 650 range and Xayah has 525, you need to ban cait because realistically you will never win this lane. Then again everyone makes mistakes so yea you might win it sometimes. Xayah is a lot stronger past laning phase though so just try to keep your tower alive as long as you can and you can start to outscale for “team fights”
: free skin Unchained Alistar
Write it to riot support not here.
: What? You take domination on ADC? What kind of adc are you playing? Quinn only? All ADC take either precision or inspiration (for the stopwatch)
Bit of a late response, but no one is sacreficing precision for stop watch, it's a secondary rune where they take stopwatch which means they sacrefice either sorcery or domination, right? My point was you do not sacrefice precision, also zombie ward is good and there's plenty of adcs who take that instead of inspiration.
: Hell no. This is exactly the result of having a "burst down or get oneshot" meta. Adcs have almost no way to survive, so they adapted. It's pretty smart and they still have to sacrifice the major precision keystone.
: So far was always banned in LCk.
I’m just going to take a guess and say you haven’t been watching LCK then lol. I haven’t even caught up yet but she was played at least twice already. Dominated btw
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: "Listen kid, you have it easy, in my days we used to walk 10 km to school, uphill, both ways"
: Reporting "Supports"
Just look for some friends to try these things with instead of annoying random players with it to avoid asking this to begin with, if you don’t know anyone look on boards or reddit or something. But like others said no it’s not as long as you do what the role suggests, support.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It's definitely rude. I never said it wasn't. But it's not a sentence that will trigger the system that gets you banned. I wrote that comment with some sarcasm and a tiny little bit of salt.
: Got suspended 14 days for standing up for myself... THX RIOT!
Most of the bans are done automatically, so yes you did something wrong by triggering key words that people get banned for. If you want to stand up for yourself just use words that don't trigger the system, for example you can say "living isn't the only option" to someone, instead of telling them to kill themselves, because that's just rude. Hope this helps, just be smart about it if you want to talk back to people ^.^
ZhaoYhun (EUW)
: NA chat has higher quality. EU chat is filled with sour emo self stabbers that would feed or alt f4
From my experience outside of just league NA chat is just cleaner because they know the language better, in Europe there's all sorts of different languages and my assumption is that the ones who aren't very good at English just don't speak English until they're motivated(tilted) enough to do so. Seen this a lot in more casual, less team reliant games. EU public chats are strictly game talk while NA public chat is full of casual conversations with a similar amount of game talk.
: Is EU better than NA?
Both are shit compared to Korea so why does it matter x)
: Same applies to intro bots, imo. Sad to hear about your troubles with 3v3. But climbing is pretty easy. I main Kayn (rhaast ofc), games are pretty free regardless of the enemy team comp. Always ban Yi, and Xin in silver/bronze, ban taric, soraka, poppy or mao when higher. List of OP champs for low elo in 3v3: Garen: weak until he gets cleaver. Too tanky to be bursted, %health true damage on auto, Q, E, and execute on R make him incredible vs tank, and his sustain + ability to chase and deal damage while stunned just let him stat check everyone to death, and the only way to beat him is high-damage team comp that can kite forever. Warwick: easy to play, goes full tank, %max heal damage, insane sustain, can even get a few damage items if the enemy team is too tanky, does not need boots. Jax: easiest build is bloodrazor and bork, then tank item and finally rageblade, but standard build (titanic, trinity, gunblade) works when enemy has squishies, or when you don't int until you finish gunblade :D Xin: any on-hit build works with him, get a tank item as 3rd item to survive bursts, and you're good to go. Renekton: SRO build works best (BC, titanic, bork or DD, rest is tank). Illaoi: super tight lanes means that enemies can't dodge your Q or E, as well as your tentacle smashes. Short tower range also means that she can poke squishies out of lane very reliably. Zac: can jump over walls for incredible ganks Rumble: generally outclassed by long range mages, he is amazing because of his Q waveclear, and R (since all lanes and corridors are narrow) Anivia: after level 6 she is a crowd control sustained damage monster that peels like 4 tanks because of her Q, W, R (short corridors). Always start with tear on her, you are afk farming until you finish 3 items anyway. Her R gives her the ability to waveclear constantly even when enemy is far ahead, and her passive and CC along with high attack speed of inhib and nexus towers allows her to stale out games and allow her teammates to scale. Ziggs: like anivia, but less CC, less sustained damage, but long range waveclear, and global presence because of his R. Also can long range waveclear and stop enemy from pushing, which in turn allows his team to catch up. Kled: Best to pick him when the enemy team has 2 or more squishies, but still viable vs tanks because of high health, item synergy, and Q and W % max health damage. You pick kled when you want to try and dive anivia. Skilled anivia can still stop his dive, but any other champion is dead when kled goes in. Brand: %Health, stuns, high aoe damage, waveclear. J4: he is viable because he has a great burst, and still high sustained damage, along with armor shred, and can still retain his burst and sustained damage with only 1 or 2 offensive items. Maokai: Crazy sustain, unkillable, with decent damage, unreal single target CC. Olaf: If you want to solo carry with him, you need to get bork and another damage or utility item, the rest should be full tank. He is immune to CC and has sustain and can chase. But mainly his immunity to CC is why he is strong. Sion: lanes are so narrow that the only way for enemy to dodge your Q is to run back. If they are in range, they are taking damage and are stunned. Yorick: %max health damage when he ults, and sustain on Q, with cc/path blocking on his W. Trundle: tank buster sustain tank with attack speed steroids and stat stealing + pillar is like anivia wall since there are so many choke points. Need i say more? Master any of these, and you are guaranteed to climb, because most of these on the list here, especially the first ones, can win 1v3 fights against the enemy team, and solo carry. The thing you need to watch out for is support meta. In higher elo i see it rarely because counterjungling %%%%s the whole thing over, but in gold and plat you need to ban taric, and yi. Xin + shield support is also very strong, but xin can be kited, yi can't. When you get to play with your friends, you might consider trying support meta. These are the basics: - Carry takes smite + flash, support takes heal + exhaust, or ignite instead of heal in some scenarios. - Support takes upgraded gold generating item on start, carry may take relic shield, but not encouraged. - Support follows carry into jungle and helps them clear faster, does not take any jungle farm. - Support does not take any lane farm, carry takes all. - Pathing is: wraiths, then wolves if enemy toplane is not pushing, go straight to lane and shove otherwise. Repeat with other camps - Carry goes full damage, support rushes censer or redemption if the supp has no shields - Carry must be AA based, on-hit carries are the strongest atm. - Avoid fights with enemy jungler and toplaner until support gets level 3. The greatest strenght of this build is that the carry reaches their item and level powerspike a lot faster because of combined jungle and toplane farm. It is preferable to farm it out until carry gets their 3rd damage item. After that force as many fights as you can, since the carry deals insane damage, and supports primary role is to keep the carry alive. Getting and early vilemaw is easy at this point. This strategy works best with long range mages that can also peel for carry (velkoz, anivia, ziggs). Lategame depends heavily on picks. If you have yi+ardent censer support that can peel (janna, lulu, taric) then you win in lategame. If you have cc support and the enemy has tanks or bruisers, you also win. Any other configuration of your and enemy team usually means you losing lategame because the enemy team has more gold at this point, and they can usually focus down the carry pretty effectively. Best of luck on the twisted treeline! :D
I seriously disagree with the intro bots, a few months ago I had a friend play a game on my account just to try it out, I told him absolutely nothing, all I did was runes and masteries, he never played a moba before and easily ended the game with the highest score on the team (implying the rest was also new players) And he use to only play xbox back then so he was super clumsy with mouse and keyboard. I still agree that these bots are a bad experience for new players, there's no point denying that. I just don't think it's as easily fixed as some people think, just look at any other online game, almost every single one of them have bots ruining the game way more than the ones in league do. The only way I see this getting better is increasing the ban waves, not fix the problem just reduce it, without affecting normal players. And as for 3v3, I'm aware of the meta there, granted I don't play it much, my friends do and they're all diamond or above by now so it's mostly that I cannot be bothered to climb that high by myself or make them go on a smurf. I'm kind of a casual player, just got gold for the rewards and didn't play since unless friends wanted too, I prefer normals with others and collecting pretty things from hextech crafting :p However thanks for the advice, you went into quite a bit of detail so I appreciate it, I've always enjoyed learning in video games.
: You are a new player. You do not understand how the game works, and are learning how to play. You get placed into a match where most of your team is just running mid and dying. You can't win the game. You can't win even the easiest of games available, and you quit playing, because there is no joy in losing, and you don't know why you lost. This is how it looks like to a new player. It's not a problem for any player with little experience to win 1v5 vs bots with adc soraka even. It is a problem for new players that just give up on the game. If this trend continues, the game will suffer more and more, because no new players are playing it, and eventually, its community will shrink, wither, and die. It is a big problem, and riot not talking about it as much is what worries me, because they either don't see the problem for what it really is, or they can't solve it. Either way, this is THE thing that can kill league. Not Overwatch, not Lootboxes, but this. No new players => shrinking playerbase => longer Q times => more disparity between skill levels, longer wait time => more waiting for less quality games => less satisfaction => playerbase shrinking faster. If you want to see how league would look like, go play 3v3 flex alone. I'm d5 in flex 3v3, and I always play solo. Queue times are 15 minutes, sometimes even longer and sometimes you wait for 30 mins and you don't ever get a match. In a team I usually get silver 1s and 3s, while the enemy team is premade and gets 3 gold players. Thats right, diamonds play with silvers vs golds. Since its 3v3, you pick a strong sustain bruiser and you go 1v3, and the enemy team is raging because they see that 2/3 of my team are not good players, and they taunt them, because im carrying. Or I get another diamond and plat player in my team, and the enemy team has a rank 5 challenger, and two plats. I love 3v3, but the skill disparity between teams and players is incredible, and ruins games for many. The only way to play this is to find equally skilled players, and play with them at the same time (not premade, just go into Q around the same time) and you will meet them over and over again, in either your on the enemy team. This is why so few people play 3v3. Its basically 100% different meta, where you need a completely different playstyle and a different mindset. People go into 3v3 flex, start learning and experiencing new things, and get placed in silver (while being diamond or plat in SoloQ). And suddenly, they get someone like me who just roflstomps them, and they can't do anything about it (because they lack experience in 3v3). You never see these players again because who would want to just keep losing the game while not being able to do anything about it?
New players that lose to beginner bots should automatically realize they should do intro bots, I personally haven't played intro bots in a while, I'm guessing it's the same for you but I remember it from my own experience a few years ago, you can not lose that. And if they don't do that it's on them, if you can't beat the medium difficulty you turn it down to learn and get better. Though I agree that's the only actual issue with these bots and why there should be something they do to fix it, but I highly doubt this will work because of reasons I've stated before. And yes I'm aware about the match making on 3v3 :/ It's quite sad and part of the reason I stopped playing it after I got placed into bronze and climbed to silver 5, while all my friends were gold/plat after promos and I wasn't able to duoQ with them even though we did our promos together (they played last season and I didn't so I had fresh MMR and they didn't) but for whatever reason they get silvers in their games anyway.
: Dude i think you may have be under the influence of some sort of drugs :D what answers , to what questions , who is refusing what ? " if you're going to %%%%% about something you know nothing about and people give you the answer, stop refusing it, you're dumb if you do that, do you want to be dumb? I think not." 10 / 10 sentence :D Are you sure you are not one of these botters , you seem too eager to defend them . I can't see how a safety question can harm you in any way UNLESS you are one of these botters :D Are you of them ? If not you have nothing to bi7ch about . P.S. "If you do, enough said." So if i want to be dumb i wont say anything more ? Gotcha ...... mental gymnastics at its finest .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
With answers I was referring to the comments posted before mine, it does not work. I was also referring to posts about this prior to yours, which was kind of unfair to start off like that, but by now I don't really regret it. And yes I do have something to 'bi7ch' about (I didn't realize that word gets censored, it's what the %%%%% in my first reply was) and that is that I do not want to fill out a random question every time I hop into a game, and neither does the vast majority of this player base. As for "If you do, enough said" I was implying you just pointed out the issue here. Then again I do not think you want to be dumb.
Saljin (EUW)
: dude, you are an.... nvm u probably think i am botting
Lol. I saw this before I read his response to me, gotta give it to you, 5 stars sir, 5 stars.
: Not being able to discern between players and bots with a program is just lazy imo. It's not that complex, make a program and train it to discern between human and bots based on, idk, mouse movements? Click efficiency? Screen interaction and movement? Ability presses? Reaction time? There are many ways riot could go about this. Hell, give me a week and 1k bucks and ill do it myself.
I'm fairly certain they already do this, the thing is botters just update it to bypass and then Riot has to go back and fix their program to detect the new ones. Bots are currently being banned in waves, and I'm very %%%%ing sure they do not manually go over each account lol. The current system is fine, I don't think anything suggested on the boards would improve the game, probably make it worse than it already is, the only suggestion that could work is making these ban waves more frequent, but then again I do not work for Riot, so I can't say this is even possible without putting more resources into it, it probably is. But then again I honestly do not think it's that big of a deal, personally I have over 1000 co-op vs ai games played and I've never struggled to close out a game within 20 minutes by myself. Then again not everyone is equally good at this game so I do see how this could be an issue for newer players but at the same time I'd say it's good practice, and in the end it's just a loss in a botgame, why would they really care.
: So they will be more pissed about doing a quick 3 sec question then loosing a 20 min of their life . Yeah makes total sense to me . Seriously Riot is only tolerating this cause it happens in modes that are under the radar , if the bots move to SR they will take measures against it real fast . You are too sus man, too fkn sus... .
How often are you implying we'd have to fill out this question? Acording to Komodolai(someone who posted here) the botters are sitting behind their computers while doing it so what's to stop them from simply filling in this question and then proceeding to have a bot run their game after. you know what I'm just going to copy paste my previous post since clearly you did not read it, or you simply could not comprehend it... If the random question is only for co-op vs ai then bots go to aram (which they already do). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai and aram then bots go to TT (which they already do/did at some point). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai, aram and TT then the bots go to summoners rift. I hope you can see where I'm going with this... If the random question is on every game mode we have, then it's going to piss off every %%%%ing player in the game lol. I am 100% sure the last option is not acceptable to many players, majority of the player base would complain about having to fill out a question every time they go into a normal summoners rift game just because there's bots in co-op vs ai. And as I've clearly explained the other options do not work. I seriously do not understand why this is so hard for you to grasp, it has been suggested so many times and it simply will not work.
: Dude you just copy / pasted your shitty response from other discussion . As i said .... add a random simple random question that the bot cant detect , it can't be so hard .l
A random question would most likely work against bots, but it'd annoy 90% of the player base. If the random question is only for co-op vs ai then bots go to aram (which they already do). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai and aram then bots go to TT (which they already do/did at some point). If the random question is only for co-op vs ai, aram and TT then the bots go to summoners rift. I hope you can see where I'm going with this... If the random question is on every game mode we have, then it's going to piss off every %%%%ing player in the game lol. If it's a one time thing or once a week/ occasional on login or whatever, it would probably significantly decrease botting, but it wouldn't stop it, definitely not noticable for a player like you or me. If it was really that simple they would've already done it, Riot likes being some-what efficient about these things so if they could have it done automatically, consistently and constant they would do that over doing it in waves no doubt.
Djedo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AmazingBeaver,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KjV85GE2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-24T04:30:11.720+0000) > > I was just i n AI game with 4 bots on my team ..... RIOT bans people for lashing out and insulting some cry babies , but can't ban people using grinding programs . Can't you just apply some simple questions in order to start playing AI game s like once you get in game it could ask you 2 x 3 = ?"" or something simple like that . 3 years RIot , 3 fkn years . Oh my God exactly. They keep banning people for bullshit like 'flame' even permanently. But fail to catch intentional feeders and bots because, quoting: "That problem is too complex to handle". What the fk is complex about it, either he's feeding intentionally or he's just doing bad. Look at the damn replay. Use your fkin head Same problem here. It's either a bot or not. There's not 3rd damn option, it's a such a obvious thing...
They do a pretty great job about banning bots FYI. The part that's complex about it is that they just come back. "look at the damn replay." I'm just going to quote you as a reply to yourself here... "Use your fkin head" They don't look at the damn replay to begin with, how many people do you think work at Riot? a couple thousand just sitting around looking at chat logs and replays to get people banned? Of course not, they use a program to detect flaming, that's why you get banned for flaming someone else who flames/trolls, a program detects you are flaming and thus you get banned. Doing anything else is inefficient.
: The problem here is a lot of people botting are still at their PC just running league in the background. I've used Tahm Kench W to stop a bot from feeding in an AI game before and annoyed the botter to the point of coming to the keyboard to flame me.
It's likely those are new players... believe it or not but this game is pretty complicated the first time you try it, many people forget about their first experience, but losing to beginner bots is quite normal. I highly doubt people would sit behind their computer while botting, as far as I'm aware they're done in groups run by the same people that just sell those accounts when they reach level 30, so that'd be really inefficient. And in case it was just a new player that just makes you a troll and toxic, leave them alone they're just learning the game, towers hurt and you can't just ignore the minions and play pvp all the time, took me a game or two to realize that myself (though be it a couple years back by now). Then again it's possible what you said is true... but I'd suggest being open minded because it's likely you ruined a game for someone by doing that.
: 3 Years RIOT Still cant catch and ban these "people "
Riot bans people for lashing out and insulting some cry babies. Riot bans leveling bots...... We still have both. They come back, if you're going to %%%%% about something you know nothing about and people give you the answer, stop refusing it, you're dumb if you do that, do you want to be dumb? I think not. If you do, enough said.
: I don't play normal's enough to have a high mmr to be put with other smurfs, because they are so bloody dull and everyone is calling a position like every 5 seconds then complaining when they don't get it. Like most of the game's will have a yi, which is annoying and easy to play with out rune's and masteries, and you can tell if some one is not a smurf because they're complaining "yi is easy". You can't play flex because you're waiting way to long for a game to start and aram is just who get's the best team comp. Also i don't see the fixing the bots either, fun when i have to level up bot's as well who walk into the enemy team at least 20 times in 1 game.
New players don't say yi is easy, those are just bad smurfs lol. But yea I just played with friends who were new to the game when I went through the early levels, it's boring to level a smurf, best option is probably just playing bot games and rush them over as fast as you can, buy some xp boosts... or better yet just wait till next season when they change the level system.
Ropliux (EUNE)
: mods do your job help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Account banned for no think? Sounds like a serious offense, you better take this time-out to heart and learn from your mistakes young man! (Or lady, no gender assuming here)
: already did that and they know about it and its not still fixed
Check up on them again, we can't do anything for you lol. Just do as they tell you and try to get back to them as soon as you can if there's something you don't understand/they told you to provide them with something, from my experience they always answered my question very fast if their first explanation wasn't clear to me.
: Pre level 30
As a new player this game is seriously overwhelming, I honestly don't think the same champions in every game is an issue for a new player, it probably helps to be honest. As a smurf you also don't really play with new players it's mostly other smurfs due to your mmr (from my experience at least) On top of that new players play co-op vs ai, which is something I still do for first win of the day sometimes and many of them struggle with that, which would imply it's already challenging enough so imagine a pvp match. The only thing that's boring from my own leveling up the first time a couple years ago experience is people like me coming into the games and going 1v5 ending the game at 15 minutes while they're 0/1/0 and just finished reading their champions abilities. I do however feel your pain on leveling up a second account. Hopefully that won't be necessary anymore when the new runes/leveling system comes out. But from my own experience and that of friends it's really not an issue as a new player. Even if they came from another moba.
: Hey Eambo! I really appreciate your quick response. Although I'm not a fan of the missions (because they violate the 1st principle), I understand the choices you've made. Them being only possible as 5-man premades makes a bit more sense, and I'll of course be bringing my friends together to do them. Thanks for the reply :)
But in a group of 5 they're not? Taking 5 teleports is a fair strategy that you won't see normally, I remember losing a couple games to people taking 5TP back in season 5. I'm looking forward to it if I'm honest, bring out that sivir maokai, stand in base with homeguards and then just TP and charge at someone. I don't see how that's trolling, it's just making you take a look at alternative strategies which is _fun_ :).
: Key fragments drop
If you're only honor 3 by now I don't think you've been playing enough to get the maximum amount of keys, everyone I know who plays regularly is honor 5 for a while and the ones that don't are level 4. EDIT: Actually decided to take a look at your match history, seems like you started playing regularly again a week ago, in that case just keep doing this for a month + and you should be getting more keys. PS: for me they dropped in groups of 4-5 at a time after not getting any for a while when I was playing regularly.
: test EDIT: test
: Still wondering how soraka only got 23 assists {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} But GJ
Because in lower elo a fed twitch and Camille are 1v9 champs who are super mobile so the soraka would just run after them all game and show up after they died, if she was in position to help to begin with.
: I am over 18 but I don't have a job so I can't afford to pay the money dad wants.
Like I said, I think your dad is asking a bit much, I was just replying to the person who said parents shouldn't ask for rent at all, I think a bit of rent is a good thing at a certain age since it'll encourage the kids to move out instead of staying at home ;). But in your case I definitely think there's something wrong, I have no clue what you should do about it though, sorry and good luck!
: It is not normal too ask rent since you are his kid and he brought you into this world so he needs to help you not ask money from you
Depending on your age asking for rent as a parent is perfectly fine. However it does seem like he's asking for a bit much... completely ridiculous to be completely honest. But yea if you're over 18 paying rent is perfectly fine, you are an adult after all.
: Are you sure that enabling Low Spec mode doesn't help? In my case, and believe me I have a very potato-ish computer, it helped a whole bunch. Try to also change the client's resolution to the lower option. Or if you have it on the lower option, go back to the higher one. This one's a weird one actually, before patch 7.4 I was using the client on the lower resolution option and I had a ton of lag and bad animation sync (with Low Spec on); but from I don't exactly know what inspiration source I turned the resolution back to the normal and I was and still am surprised because the client worked better than ever. Just dangle around with the settings... You're bound to find something that gets you the best results :-)
While low spec mode does fix some things like low fps it still doesn't fix nearly everything, yesterday I hovered Caitlyn, then I switched to Ahri and during the entire champ select it told me I selected Ahri, but then when I got in game I was playing Caitlyn... things like that are game changing it's ridiculous there's bugs like that, I've also had issues changing mastery pages, being unable to select a champion so I dodge a game and I have to wait 6 minutes and a lot of other issues. And I actually have a good computer so it's definitely not that. PS, they are all pretty rare occasions but the fact they happen at all is ridiculous, especially with how they're inforcing to use the new client.
Łµx (EUW)
: i will try kennen this time , with nasus if i collect stacks i can one shot her after 15 mins or lower , but the prob is that i cant collect that stack... she keep attacking me and pushing me back to my tower even i stand under my tower she keep attacking my tower and if i try to engage her she will start to attacking me if i keep farming she will take my tower if i wanna protect my tower she will take myself -_- im tired of this honestly ...
If it's that much of an issue just ban her? That should work for 3 out of 5 games you're in, the other 40% you can ask your team to do it for you. Might not be able to every game but it should significantly decrease the amount you see in your games. For me sustain early like trundle works pretty well, I just freeze the wave in front of my tower and use minions to block her Q, sustain through the AA's and if the jungler comes it's often a free kill, if not we both just farm up. I don't think this is very good advice but it works for me, if nothing else works for you you can give it a shot.
Nijelous (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Possible,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jFQTTFY9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-02-21T23:50:45.656+0000) > > If your friend plans everything out he should plan on placing vision down and calculate the risk of a gank based on the lane he is playing and where the enemy jungler started/ is last seen I've told him this, he still tries to argue it's "the one time there isn't a ward"
Tell him the board members called him boosted and that excuse only works once, based on what I hear I assume it has happened more than once. :~)
IzzŸ (EUW)
: I'm sorry but there are recommended items and it's not hard to see that she is an AD Champion. I can't remember if she said it was her first time Ashe or smth she might've, but she would have had to ACTIVELY make the DECISION to build AP Ashe and not read how the kit works. When I get a champion I don't know very well in ARAM, I make a point to read the abilities through quickly to make sure I understand how they scale, what items will work. This person made the ACTIVE decision to play AP Ashe and went for a really, really, bad build. And I calmly suggested she go LichBane Ludens, which she then built Lich Bane.
All I stated was that I think 99% of the community has a grasp of how to play Ashe at a very basic level. So you either misunderstood or replied to the wrong person. As for what you said, yes if someone goes AP on Ashe I would assume it's a decision they made, as for her build being bad, without looking something up and very limited gameknowledge I don't think I'd be able to come up with a proper build for her myself. your point still stands though but to be completely honest I think you might be slightly over reacting :).
: how to follow global ults in replays ?!
I'm pretty sure it follows them if you take it off manual or champion controlled and put it on the automatic view (when it spectates everyone and rotates to whereever the action is). There might be another way to follow one specificly but I don't know how to do that, my way works though aslong as the spectating thing decides that's what you should be watching :p.
: There is doe... You can't just assume everyone has played every champion in LoL just cause you have? I have never even played the tutorial.. Also people might just bought ashe and all 450 ip champions cause they wanted to play ranked. that's all there is to it.
>You can't just assume everyone has played every champion in LoL just cause you have? I was referring specificly to Ashe. Because for me and **everyone** I know she was the go to champion. Generally she is the most appealing champion to a starting player and I guess there's probably one person who has never played her.. but the fast majority of players started playing the game on her, and if not they would've tried her out sometime after starting.
: well. we all have bad games. and we are all learning. if she was trolling it's just report her. But if she has like 5 games with ashe in row, then she's probobly trying to learn how to play her. Easy now and give her tips instead. man.
>But if she has like 5 games with ashe in row, then she's probobly trying to learn how to play her. ARAM. Also I find it hard to believe there are people who don't know the basics of Ashe's kit, Everyone I know started playing this game on Ashe, obviously new players suck at the game in general but most of them can grasp the idea behind Ashe her kit.
: Sorry xD was rly salty when writing da post.
What I do is I just give my friend a quick text like "Oh boy if I could play god for just a few days I'd play league and we'd no longer have this whole overpopulation issue anymore for a couple hundred years". She laughs, I get my frustrations out, I made her smile, I'm good to go again :P. Try it sometime, I've never let my frustrations with other players get in the way of anything but I've definitely made negative comments about my teammates behind their backs :P.
Funkyliani (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maiziea,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ciQQ2LR6,comment-id=0005000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-01T23:45:16.203+0000) > Quick hover over your past 20 games I'd say it's more like you're low gold/high silver with occasional plat/diamond who are out of place because of premades/not enough normal games/boosted/not enough players to have proper match making. > And considering you are gold 5 in ranked that's about where you should be. You're right, my MMR has dropped a lot in preseason, because the only thing I play now is ARAM and well, you can hardly base a person's skill on that. After S6 ended my MMR showed low plat and it was based off the ranked games (it was 1860 ish, but then again, different web pages will show you a different number). The reason why I'm G5 is that during S6 I was away from home for almost a year, and when I came back I had like a month to get at least into Gold to get the rewards, as soon as I got to G5 I stopped playing ranked, therefore I never climbed higher. So that's the reason why I am where I am. But since normal draft has been removed I opted out for ARAM in preseason, so now my MMR shows a number based on the number of normal games, because there is not enough data for ranked. In normals, I'm low gold, that's true, because you will not climb anywhere through ARAM. So checking a person's last 20 games, out of which were 19 aram and then basing your opinion about their skill based on that is like determining a person's ability to draw while having them draw with their foot :D .. I'm just saying, I'm not a pro at all, but I'm not silver either, I just didn't bother climbing this season, or the previous one as well for that matter. As for the rest of your story, I believe you. I believe that people on EUW are better behaved. That is the reason why I want to move from EUNE to EUW. The community. And if normal blinds are fine on EUW that's nice. But you can't assume that it is the same story on EUNE. For some reason the toxicity of people on EUNE is much higher. I'm not saying 100% of the games are toxic already in champ select, but there is a lot of drama and you do not have to take my word for it, just look around the posts here and you will see different people backing it up. For us on EUNE, the draft pick was like an escape from the pregame toxicity, no arguing, no fighting and "hope your family dies from cancer" trash talk.. we would peacefully choose a role and play it. And when that option gets taken away people get mad. It's understandable. Some say "well go ranked flex, that's your new normal draft". That's a problem. If people treat ranked like normal, it is upsetting for those who are trying to climb. Also, some people just don't like ranked and don't believe in their ability to be good in the game, so they don't wanna ruin it for others, or don't care about climbing, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to play the game and the role that they want. Look at it this way, some people only have time in their day for 1 or 2 leage games. And if all they want to be is mid, adc, whatever and they can't get it because someone else steals it in blinds, it's just frustrating. You're looking forward to get home from work and play one game on mid, but no, somebody instalocks it, flames you and wishes you death and that's not good. Again, it doesn't happen every time, but it happens, and more than it should. I just don't see the point in removing something that people loved and that worked so well. RITO says not enough people played drafts, well from my experience, ever since the teambuilder came out, all of my friends picked drafts over blinds when playing normal.
>So checking a person's last 20 games, out of which were 19 aram I selected to show normal(blind/draft) games only when I looked at your past 20 games, since that is what we were talking about. >After S6 ended my MMR showed low plat and it was based off the ranked games (it was 1860 ish, but then again, different web pages will show you a different number). Ranked and normal mmr are completely seperate, and most websites only show you ranked mmr. So if it was taking ranked games into consideration this had nothing to do with your normal mmr. And it's very common for people to have a higher ranked mmr than normals btw, also there's nothing wrong with gold 5, I meant nothing by it when I said it seems you're in the right place, though I take your word for it you were higher before. (just to clear up any confusion) And as for the EUNE/EUW part, no clue never played on EUNE so it might very well be different.
Funkyliani (EUNE)
: I somehow doubt that you can be silver and have ranking of a diamond, to play with diamond players. The guy is right tho, the matchmaking is broken. My elo is low plat but I play with diamonds and silvers in matches. The fact that a silver player is paired with a diamond is weird and it creates toxicity by it's nature. If you are silver and play in lane against diamond you will get roflstomped, you will feed and your team will start being negative, toxic and flame you. All that because you were unevenly matched. The other thing that you mention is also not so much true. Yes, the higher elo players behave better, but it is not a rule. As I said, in preseason I have been playing flex with plats and diamonds and the amount of toxicity and negativity in games was sometimes no different than the silver elo. So just because somebody is plat doesnt mean they will be nice in blind pick. At least not on EUNE.
>I somehow doubt that you can be silver and have ranking of a diamond It takes a lot of games on average to get to a higher rank, this guy in particular has 52 wins 28 losses, silver 3. In that case you definitely do not belong in silver, he could probably get to plat easily if he just played more ranked games. If you are as skilled as a diamond player and you play 1000 normal games and 50 ranked games, obviously your normal MMR will be a better indicator of your skill simply because there is more data to go from. >My elo is low plat but I play with diamonds and silvers in matches. Quick hover over your past 20 games I'd say it's more like you're low gold/high silver with occasional plat/diamond who are out of place because of premades/not enough normal games/boosted/not enough players to have proper match making. And considering you are gold 5 in ranked that's about where you should be. >The other thing that you mention is also not so much true. Yes, the higher elo players behave better, but it is not a rule. As I said, in preseason I have been playing flex with plats and diamonds and the amount of toxicity and negativity in games was sometimes no different than the silver elo. That's because of flex, I was talking about normal games, yes higher elo will generally be very toxic towards players who are clearly not a match for them, I can be like that myself sometimes when I get a team mate who is clearly worse than all 9 other players in the game, I think that is normal. Flex queue created a MMR reset which means that match making got completely fucked over and challengers tier players get matched with people who belong in bronze. I'm sure you can see how that would be frustrating for a challenger player. However what I said was specificly about normal(blindpick) games, they are generally way less stressful and you will see a significant difference with higher elo players since majority of those are only playing normals for **fun**. I use to be in the top ~10% of euw normals and I can say from experience that barely anyone ever flamed unless there were premades, for example a diamond player with a bronze player, that bronze player simply doesn't belong in this match and thus people occasionally get frustrated with their lack of... well everything lol. Though the past few months I've been playing with friends a lot and playing stuff like AP {{champion:266}} which significantly dropped my MMR believe it or not :P. And when I play alone or with just one or 2 friends I can see a huge difference in toxicity, even though it's mostly still gold/silver, and fyi I'm not even ranked at all, though I have played plenty of games with all plat/diamond players. My apologies for the novel, kudos to you if you managed to survive the whole thing.
: I actually prefer blind pick over ranked and i don't mind all of the problems you listed above too much but the only thing that i mind the most is that i am silver and i am constantly playing with a diamond player or plat ( i had 4 plats on my team yesterday) and i played with a challenger too yesterday they had challenger orianna mid he had like 550+ lp in challenger (myR Benji) and i am silver how is this fair. check it out yourself http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=myrbenji But i can say i killed a challenger player xD (just a joke but i actually did it) but all i want to say is **FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING** I don't want to constantly play against diamonds plats and even challengers i wanna play maybe a bit more fair matches but after all the game is about fun and i had fun that game and me and ori were having nice conversation all the game but my team babyraged cos the enemies had a challenger player ... and the blind pick community isn't even all that toxic just stick to this rule: **SAY YOUR LANE FIRST AND THAN PREFERABLY DON'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE TILL THE END OF GAME . IT'S FUN**
If you play with higher elo players on average and not just occasionally one person in a game with the rest all silvers then that probably means your normal MMR is a bit higher than your ranked MMR, that's not uncommon btw. And this also explain why you haven't experienced the problems most people seem to be experiencing in blind pick, higher elo players are generally more relaxed in normal games so there's no reason to bitch about roles all the time. In lower MMR games blind pick is actually as horrible as they describe but that has nothing to do with blind pick it's just the players. There's nothing wrong with normal match making, the only problem is that you for example might be way above silver but you just don't play ranked much, while another player never plays normals but he plays ranked a lot so he's diamond but playing with silvers in his normal games.
eX Nero (EUW)
: aatrox jump change/buff
I like the current animation for his Q, but I would like to see it harder to interupt, I was thinking about this the other day and what I'd like to see is that while he is going up into the air he cannot be interupted, then while he dashes down to his target he can be, to still keep some counterplay, since it is a pretty strong dash with low cooldown.
: Poll: Should Tyler1 Be Unbanned?
I think they should keep his old accounts banned but really stop banning his future accounts just because they belong to him, if he breaks the rules on them again then just ban the account but don't ban the person. It's unfair he's getting special treatment just because Riot doesn't like him. Ban the accounts and continue banning future accounts if that account breaks the rules, don't ban a person.
: Relic shield doesnt make tresh execute minions since he Counts as "ranged". Its still the best support item for him.
It's not the best item for him if they can't last hit and the adc is that nice guy who's giving them a chance anyway, it's actually the worst possible item you could get in that case. (low elo struggles lol)
Squallsy (EUW)
: Adcs and supports you hate laning with!
I don't play support much but when I do I usually play alistar and I think anything works pretty well with him so don't care much for what adc I get. And I have no hate against support champions, as long as the player is good I'm fine with whatever they play. I'd rather have a good {{champion:157}} support than a bad {{champion:16}} or {{champion:40}}.
RazerX (EUW)
: I used item sets when I didn't know what I was doing. Now I know what I need to build from the top of my head depending on matchup and situation. The only thing you need to rememorise is if items change their buildpath. Which is not hard to do either.
I think the first part of what you said there is key here, >I used item sets when I didn't know what I was doing. They are such a big deal for learning the game, I've got a lot of friends who are still learning and if it wasn't for the item sets I helped them with they would be building recommended items, And good lord those are bad. Sure item sets aren't as important for long time players but they're such a big part of learning the game faster.
: Twisted Treeline Advice
I find Jinx works pretty well on TT, and my friend can play tristana and caitlyn on it. Other than these two champions being played by me and my friend most adc's don't work very well. You really have to learn how to play on your own as an adc on TT, don't expect your team to peel for you and learn how to do it for yourself. And you'll have to get yourself a lead early game by using your range advantage in lane, if you go even or lose in laning phase you'll be pretty much useless the rest of the game.
: Ping increased for a lot of EUW players since last patch
Personally I ping my ping a lot, though my spikes have nothing to do with their servers it's my own side, and from what I've seen it's the same for everyone in my games so maybe it's unrelated in your games as well (apart from the ones complaining about it). And a lot of my friends have <20 ping and like to show off so they ping it at the start of the game just for fun, then usually everyone shows their ping as well. Just pointing out that it might be unrelated to your issue. As for actual useful tips on how to deal with this, they've already been provided by the others so I won't bother.
sobi999 (EUW)
: Soraka
If Q is too high risk you're not using it right, you should think about when you're using it not just mindlessly walk up and cast Q against a blitz with hook up or something, wait until his Q is on cd and then you spam your Q during that 20 second cooldown. Just to give an example. As for E it's pretty hard to hit the snare on it but the rest of her kit is so incredibly simple I think that's fine, and without the snare it's still a great ability for the silence.
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