MrFlex (EUNE)
: Settings
It`s a bug.Been happening since sez3-4 and it was NEVER fixed.It goes away when u download a new patch 80% of the time.Be at ease, it`s not a problem with your pc or internet.It`s a stupid bug.Welcome to League !
Shé Wølƒ (EUNE)
: Absurd Rules for Disconnect!
In all this time i`ve played LoL i have NEVER went afk once ! I`m to damn old to act like a stupid teen.And in all this time i never had any kind of sanction.We`re talking 10 years here ! And suddenly i start going afk ? In any other online game this would rise some questions.It`s a wierd behavior .Some questions need to be asked before giving any kind of sanction. Not in LoL tho , we`re to cheap to have a real system in place ! We`re a poor indie company ! 3 guys in a studio flat ! Shé Wølƒ , we`re wasting our time with this...i gave up on the devs and the staff [ support and forum ] a long time ago. They even went back on their ward in the last 2 patches for gods sake ! "We`re not gonna make changes to the champs based on the competitive scene, we`re gonna listen to the average player ! " next patch : x champ was 2 strong in in proffesional play and we`re nefring Z,Y,X " We`re wasting our breath...
: > [{quoted}](name=Roukaysa,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=wZNcgTB0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-14T18:57:06.904+0000) > > This started in 9.13 and has never been fixed. There's nothing you can do, Riot doesn't care because their NASA PCs don't suffer from these 60 FPS losses. I used to have constant 150-170 fps but now I have constant 100 fps dropping as low as 55 fps in team fights, changing the quality of the game to very low does absolutely nothing to the frame rate. > > Specs: GTX 1050 TI ; Ryzen 3 1200 ; Windows 10 - everything updated to the latest. > > For many months players have been talking about this but Riot won't do anything about it, here's one of many examples: This doesn't even make any sense. Riot even limits the particles for skins(which are their main source of income) for the sake of lower-end PCs, but this gets swept under the radar? If this is really a bug, then I don't see how it can be fixed anytime soon as the only thing in common between our setups is Windows 10 and a Nvidia brand graphicis card, but that's already the majority of the playerbase, at least 99% of which haven't gotten this bug, so finding the source would be nigh-impossible unless it's very noticeable gibberish in the code. This is just sad.
Dude , i had like 10-15 friends that i played lol [ we used to raid in wow together ] .They ALL had this bug at least twice a year.Everybody who`s been playing LoL for years knows about this issue. So we`re talking different PCs , different countries, different internet providers. It`s not a problem on the users end. The code was never really "done".Instead of that it was added on.LoL is like a beta verion of the game with shinny stuff on top.I`m really surprised it`s working as good as it does.
Shé Wølƒ (EUNE)
: Absurd Rules for Disconnect!
Like all the system RITO has in place, this one is also not working as planned. Since the script doesn`t see the difference btw an intentional AFK and one like i had , ppl who didn`t do anything wrong will get punished.And the fact that there is NO human interaction in this is absurd ! Who would design a system that is 100% automatic ? I call that bulls*it ! I have never had an issue with LoL that was related with my PC or connection.And i`ve been playing this game since beta , on different accounts, different regions , on 4 different PCs , in 3 countries and like 5 internet providers. This game is one of the most bugged game that`s been out for SO MANY YEARS i`ve seen in my 33 years [ this game feels like a beta version since the client update ] and it has the worst support team.Most of the time it`s like talking with a drone that can recite 3-4 "scenarios". For a company this huge, it`s just unacceptable.And i don`t blame the actual support ppl that you interact with , but the dude`s that the manager of that section. The fps drop bug has been in the game since sez 3-4 ! Or the poor optimization on 8core amd cpus ! Or the buggy , poor design client we have now. The main problem tho is that we`re just wasting time posting here.Nothing is gonna change . This game has way to many kids playing it so we can`t force the devs into doing anything. So you`re frced to make a choice : 1.keep playing, mute all , if u get disconnected go for a smoke and pray to all the gods that the game will LET YOU reconnect....and hope the system will not notice you like it doesn`t nottice all the toxic ppl who are still allowed to ruin your experience in ranked...or 2.stop playing....
: Ingame FPS suddenly stuck at 10-50, when I've had a consistent 80 for the last few years.
The fps issue started in sez 3-4. It was NEVER really fixed.At least be happy it`s not a problem on your end. Every new patch has a big chance to recreate this problem.For no reason ,on powerfull PCs , on great internet this shit would just start.The only way this BUG goes away is when u`re donwloading a new patch [ could be a small patch ] . For me it happend last on patch 9.1...Also 2 of my friends who have monster machines had the same issues.So 3 diferent ppl , 3 diferent PCs, 3 different internet providers, 2 different countries !
Shé Wølƒ (EUNE)
: Absurd Rules for Disconnect!
Sorry to burst ya bouble , but nothing will change.I had a chat with 4 support pplabout this problem, had multiple tickets. There was some construction on my street and for a week i would randomly lose power.The whole damn street did.Just for like 1-2 minutes. So i`ll reconnect very fast. Or sometimes since this game is bugged as shit, i could not .The game would not allow me.I have NEVER left a game of LoL in my life and i`ve been playing since beta. So after 2 days i got a sanction for afk-ing.Ok...the power issue continued so guess what ? I got a second sanction for afk . 2 sanctions in less than 5 day.I`m gonna say it again , i NEVER had any kind of sanction in ANY online game, and i`ve been gaming for more years than the support ppl have as an age. So i`ve open a ticket , explaining what happend and asking for the sanctions to be removed. I had video made with my phone showing the power loss on the street , me trying to reconnect , u name it. The first support told me to go f*** myself in not so many words.The second dude said he can`t do anything.The third dude was a d**k , u know the type , acts like he knows all but he`s useless. The 4th person was a chick.After chatting with her i found out a couple of things : a.the system is automatic b.the support CAN`T CHANGE the sanction after the system activated This game is great, but the community and the LACK OF ANY PROPPER SUPPORT makes it very BAD experience.
BenevoIent (EUNE)
: Are you still experiencing FPS drops?
Benevolent , the fps issue started in sez 3. It was NEVER really fixed.At least be happy it`s not a problem on your end. Every new patch has a big chance to recreate this problem.For no reason ,on powerfull PCs , on great internet this shit would just start.The only way this BUG goes away is when u`re donwloading a new patch [ could be a small patch ] . For me it happend last on patch 9.1...Also 2 of my friends who have monster machines had the same issues.So 3 diferent ppl , 3 diferent PCs, 3 different internet providers, 2 different countries ! It sucks brother, but there`s nothing u can do..just w8 for a patch .
: A message to Riot.
There are so many bugs...and some bugs have been happening since season the random fps drop. If i can play The Witcher 3 on max settings at around 150 fps, why in gods name i have 55 fps in LoL ? Atm i have The Withcer 3 , Doom , Fallout 4 and Metro Exodus on my pc, and in all of those games i have ZERO issues.I never have under 100 fps ! But in lol i start at 100 fps and in some games it drops to 30-4 fps..It`s LoL ! IT`s a shitty little game ! What the f*** !? What`s even more %%%%ed up is that if i put everything on the lowest setting in LoL i get the same performance as on MAXIMUM settings.There is no difference. Now..the client...i don`t even know where to start.The old client was GOLDEN ! And in game...skills don`t work , you get stuck in places for no reason , delays in the way dmg hits you. It`s bad enough that this game has the worst community the game itself it`s going to shit. After i took one of my acc to plat, i don`t wanna play on other acc...or on any acc to be honest. The main reason i still play this game and i don`t abandon it is that i`ve spend WAY TO MUCH MONEY on it...all the damn champs, with all the damn skins...crafting bullshit...i`ve spend around 2000 pounds over the years[ been playing since god damn beta ] . I know RITO will NEVER admit they are %%%%ing up all the time.And since they are owned by China .... this game is not gonna get better.Instead of fixing this mess, they made a ripoff shitty mode for autochess...this proves it that they don`t give a %%%%. This is the second game that i loved that`s being ruined by money hungry imbecils at the top and dumb little kids..First WoW and now gaming is going to shit....
Kâtarina (EUNE)
: FPS Problems?
Hello there. What are you experiencing it`s one of the oldest bug in LoL. It` been happening since season 4. It`s never fixed .Will never be.Just w8 until a new patch .Usually that fixes it for some and ppl who didn`t had problems will start having this problem. Welcome to RITO shitty coding ! Enjoy ya stay and give more money to RITO !
: Nothing works
Fix ya shit RITO ! You can make money after u fix ya shit , dumb kids are still gonna buy ya trash. But first fix ya shit !
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
You lads must be new to online gaming. Here are some fun facts :`s NEVER the companys fault ! it`s yours.even tho it`s not... 2.the company WILL NEVER ADMIT they %%%%ed up ! person can`t even begin to %%%% with the company Now,the main issue is , like the dude above me stated , the double standards and the fact that the whole system that RITO has is just not working. I`m sorry , but if u come here and try to defend it , u`re just lieing or blushitting. And i know the community is formed mainly of ppl who are a lot younger than me and less experienced in life , and maybe they don`t get it , but what happend to the OP is just BS.It`s obvious. The broken system fu*ked him . And this kinda crap happends A LOT ! This dude needs help .He got screwd.Anything alse is irelevant.
: Qiyana looks boring
btw, wasn`t an article posted by RITO like a couple of days where they were saying that they are gonna stop focusing on the pro scene and focus more on the soloQ ? or was i dreaming ? @MirirLightHammer , well said m8 , well said !
: Qiyana looks boring
"and her annoying "edgy" quotes make her just another "you can't tell me what to do! i'm 13 and i'm not a kid anymore" kinda champion (or in this case an "i'm better than everyone because i say so" champion)." Duuuh , 99% of the LoL player base ARE 13 and act like jackasses :)))) You know..toxic community and stuff :))) Wake up Neo ! :))
vladø (EUNE)
: ban
..yet another nail into the coffin fo the rep`s a joke ! i don`t even bother.mute all and play.and pray to whatever gods u want .
: Gold icon MIA
One day later, still no icon.C`mon RITO, u did this shit to me with the red hat minion icon and the devil teemo....this is the 3rd time ffs...
Rioter Comments
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: League Seems Too Soft, This Game is Supposed To Be For Teens Or 3 Years Old kids?
Mute all is the only way. I just finished a game like 10 mins ago. At lvl 3 went to gank bot , got a triple kill , top dies vs the enemy top and sends a nice "%%%% you jungler"...I`m like what just happend !? POrt to base and type "pls all of u ward" - cuz if u don`t tell them to ward they don`t remember what a ward is - , top dives and dies , i get another "%%%%ing heca".And after that she just dived and stoel my top jungle constantly.What to do ? I try to explain to the poor smuck that he can`t dive a yorik 1 lvl higher than him ...More flame..MUTED ! Later the adc almost dies, i ulti + e to save his 5 hp ass and i kill the enemy that was pretty much raping him ,guess what ? "ks u %%%%in heca n00b ! " What now ? Should i try to explain to him that KS is some bullshit term invented by bad players ? So he can flame me more ? MUTED ! And in any fights those 2 just don`t do dmg..they sit in a bosh while me and the other 2 ppl are fighting. After is die they start doing dmg.Hardcore trolling ! This kind of ppl are in all ellos.Iron or plat, same kind of kids.Cuz if u`re over 18 and act like that...u need help ...proffessional help ! At least when i play on my plat acc the ppl know the basics..but the toxicity is the same as iron/bronze. The report system is a joke.I`ve stoped reporting ppl .I`ve stoped 6 months ago when i was reporting every kid i got..i used to get at least 3 feedback report messages every day.Still get stupid kids in every game in every ello. here`s no point in wasting time with it. Just mute all, blast some music and play for yourself.
: Open letter to the community and Riot
Facts : 1.The report system is a joke ! Like The saiya-jin Darius said above, he got a chat restriction for nothing ! It happend to me, it happend to m8s of mine.I`ve been playing this damn game since beta, until this season i had ZERO sanctions of any kind.I`ve never acted diferent. I got like 2 months ago a 14 days chat restriction for "are u shitting me ? " .And a 24 hours bann for being afk .The power died on my street for 5 hours , i had movies made with my phone , like real proof i was not afk.3 ppl in rito support told me to go fu*k myself. the 4th support dude admited i was sanctioned for no reason but there`s nothing they can do , THEY CAN`T ACCES THE SYSTEM ! So once the script decides u`re guilty , that`s it. 2.There are a lot of new ppl playing LoL and they are just unskilled by choice ! What i mean is that they got lvl 30, started to play ranked likes it`s vs AI ! They lack the basic skills to play normals and yet they have acces to ranked games.For someone like me, who has a life and very few moment to play this game , ppl like that completly distroy this game . And even if u try to explain to them what they should be doing , they just flame u and start playing even worse , or go afk...or troll. 3.Climing is hard cuz of nr 2 ! I`m not a great player , i`m decent , i managed to get one acc to plat 2 this season.But right now i can`t get another acc out of iron.The first acc i got to plat by playing like a nolifer [ was in holliday ] .But now i have work and other real life things that take most of my time. I get home and have time for a game, maybe 2 or 3 at the most.And in at least 2 out of 3 games i get at least 2 ppl from nr2. @Amphysvena , great points u made ! Very very true !
: Toxicity
Usually toxic player are bad players.Bad players are the majority in this game.Getting rid of those ppl would make RITO lose money.And since it`s been proved again and again that`s what RITO is interested, nothing is gonna happen. After i got one acc into plat i`ve stoped playing for a while. I just started playing on a different acc [ iron 3 ] on a diferent role.The ppl i get in iron/bronze are..out of this world ! All they do is flame and %%%%% . So what Lord is saying makes perfect sense.Why ? Cuz acting like a cu*t , inting and trolling is toxic.U can mute them, but u can`t make them play at least decent. And ppl like that are in all elos , i had plenty of ppl like that even in plat. I`ve been playing this game since beta...after sez 3 the community has gone to sh*t and RITO does NOTHING about it. At this point u have 3 options : 1.quit - this game is NOT worth the stress 2.keep playing - if u don`t have a life keep playing this game and just by numbers u`ll get to higher elo .the players are still toxic AF but at least they know the basics, it`s easy for you to hard carry thoes fools 3.find a duo partner - 2 ppl can hardcarry a lot better....but again, u need time..
: It`s happening again RITO
New patch yesterdy, fixed the issue ! Until the next patch when this shit might happen again...fix ya shit RITO !
Chrysies (EUW)
: I know I am, but I don't see how that's relevant.. The link will sort you out:)
not even u`re not funny but it appears u also can`t read :)))
Chrysies (EUW)
: You're welcome:)
u must think u`re a funny guy....
: LAG after the patch 9.10
I`m on 60 ms but now instead of having around 150-170 fps i have 30.....i`m so done with this game ! I can play dota2 on max details with minimum of 100 fps and it`s a billion times more beautiful than lol...i`m not quiting yet `cuz i`ve spent over 1000 pounds in this game over the years...FIX YA SHIT RITO !
Rioter Comments
: I`m beyond confused
The fact that some one has come and said that xenophobia = racism....A Riot poster said that.This proves my point.I got what i needed from this thread.The solution was obvious but i`m a nice guy, i wanted to give another try....But it`s like arguing with a woman according to Bill Burr.Check that out, it`s funny and eye-opening. Well i`m done wasting my time on this.
: I`m beyond confused
@voldymort, m8 , using english might not be the rule, but it`s common sense. if u don`t understand why u should use english in an online enviroment...i have nothint alse to say to u. same goes for bananaschnder.if u can read the definitions and not understand them..we`re wasting time here.
: > Now , back in the day before the russian server was up, ppl from russian were playing on EUNE.And they were the worst kind of players to have.They would NEVER communicate with the other ppl in the team, will always curse in russian , troll , go afk, u name it. where is the "your game" part specified again ? I can't seem to find it.
edited the post before your reply
: I`m beyond confused
@hansiman, i did not say ALL RUSSIAN PLAYERS anywhere.NOT EVEN ONCE.You all assume that.
: I`m beyond confused
@The lane police , dude , i`m gonan post this again... prejudice /'pr?d??d?s/ noun noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudices **preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.** How else can i make this clearer ? Lemme break this down .So IF i say "all the russians players in this game are toxic", YES , that would be prejudice since i`ts imposible for me to play with ALL the russians out there.Then my oipinion would not be based on fact. But what i said is that all the russian players i had in my games were toxic.That`s like 100% diferent.Since the statement is based on real experience.This denies the prejudice argument fully. It`s simple logic. 1 + 1 = 2 . edit : Ok, i admit there is one mistake in my post.I didn`t make it really really clear that i was talking about my own experience.I thought it was obvious , since i was talking about my own games. But except that , i am 100% in the right here.
: I`m beyond confused
I really think you are the ones that don`t understand this.You have the definitions posted here.All you ppl do is make assumtions based on your feelings, not on my post, or any facts.This boggles the mind ! @Shamose, it`s common sense to use english in online gaming.It`s one of the unwriten rules.It`s been like that since day one.I`m not british, yet i use english out of respect to the ppl i`m speaking with.Again, it`s common sense ! @Bananenschnder , read the definition again.You are the one who doesn`t know what xenophobia or prejudice is.Where do i generalize and say that ALL the russian players are bad ? I am not imagining things, i`m basing my statement on real life experience.Read again m8, u`re way off. @Voldymort , you also don`t understand what racism is.Read the definition again. So far none of you made any points or had proper arguments.With this post i was hoping to get a moderator to post, to have a decent conversation .Still w8ing for that.
: I`m beyond confused
Xenophobia is based on prejudice.Prejudice : preconceived opinion that is **not based on reason or actual experience.** But i played on EUNE servers for years and every player that was from Russia acted exactly like i said.So where is the prejudice ? The base of my opinion is real game experience.Again, there is no prejudice,only real experience. Logically it`s imposible to be any xenophobia here. Xenophobia actually means to fear or dislike other races, cultures, ways of life, and people not similar to one's own. Xenophobia essentially translates to ''fear of strangers''. Xenophobia includes straight people being afraid and disapproving of gay people. And dude, i`m saying that all the russian players I HAD in MY games we`re toxic players.Hell m8, i even went and played on the russian server for a while just to see how it was.[ and get that sejuani bear skin ]
  Rioter Comments
I`ve had some games recently when i had at least 2 ppl trolling or being stupid.Most ppl don`t know the basics but somhow they are allowed into ranked to %%%%`up the game/time of others.And if u talk to them about what they do wrong that`s it. Like robert downey jr sais in tropical thunder , they go "full %%%%%%". Another issue is the champions this ppl are picking.They don`t even look at what the enemy is picking, they just go with whatever crap they saw online some GOOD player picked.And in their stupidity think they can emulate them. And ofc they suck beyond belive. In my last game on this acc i had a kled who bosted how he`s gonna carry the game and got demolished by garen was on a diferent planet , our jungler never ganked top or mid while the enemy jungler literally farmed our bot.after his first death i told kled to play defensive and ward so i can help him...i got cursed and he suicided into the enemy tower. this is the normal experience until u reach gold.on my other account i`ve seen this stop after gold.yeah, they are still assholes, but at least they try. this is another problem , ppl don`t give a %%%% `bout RANKED and they rage if u say that u wanna win or if u offer some tips , plans, anything.... its the same problem as in most online games in the past couple of many dumb kids have acces to the internet. and i don`t blame the kids...for being dumb , i blame the parents for failing them HARD.... lol is slowlly transforming into WoW...soon only dumbasses will form the playerbase... and the report system is a joke...who ever sais it`s working is high AF...and it`s not gonna be fixed, that would meen at least half of the players would be perma banned...and Rito loves money to much...
m3dyz4 (EUW)
: Scream of my soul about racism!
If you play on EU servers, u use english.Simple as that. It`s called common sense.The game chat is there to communicate with ya team, not for you to speak with another russian about whatever.So use english in chat.Simple.You feel offended ? USE ENGLISH.I`m not british r american, but i use english cuz that the normal thing to do. If u use russian u disrespect the other ppl in your team. So use english in chat or use voice.Don`t be childish, u`re a grown ass man, wtf....
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Get Juk3d,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kjtdZ6Rg,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-03-11T21:44:29.284+0000) > > who said any thing about mmo? did you even read my post? i said I want a "SINGLE PLAYER" game. that's like 100% the opposite of an mmo oh my bad, the other guys said mmo, yeah who needs another toxic community?
the ballz on you...talking shit to me when YOU dind`t read the thread :)))) it`s allrigh son , shit happends ~~
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I love league of legends
u don`t really want that dude.the era of mmos has died, even wow is shit.and u forget that rito is owned by tencent games, a company from china ! all asian mmos are complete piles of like i said...u don`t really want an mmo made by rito.
: Thinking of giving up ranked...
Dude, you need to understand a couple of things ! nr 1 : there are A LOT of ppl playing ranked and they are so bad they lose vs AI nr 2 : there are ppl who play ranked and they DON`T GIVE A %%%% if they win or lose nr 3 : there are a lot of dumb ppl playing LoL nr 4 : there are a lot of dumb ppl playing ranked trying to emulate streamers while they are REALLY BAD at the game nr 5 : you will lose a lot of games even if you play good nr 6 : find like 2-3 SIMPLE champs to play on ya main roles and learn those %%%%ers in and out ! Until u get at least gold, you can`t play fun champs cuz like i said, most players are dumb and YOU need to carry Consider this 6 facts.Then think about what champs you like.Then find the simplest one in that category. For example : on my main acc i got out of elohell playing Garen top and Udyr jungle. Garen is a beast even if he`s a simple champ to play.And as Udyr, even if my lanes were shitty , i could farm and take towers eazy and win games like that . [ another annoying thing is most dumb n00bs refuse to understand that a tower is more important than a kill or a dragon or a baron.Let them take baron while i take 2 towers and 2 inhibs ] Another important thing : ALWAYS assume that your team is BAD and the enemy team is GOOD ! I could say you should be..paranoid.Always ward .And probably the most important thing in this damn game : ALWAYS LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN MAP ! U kill a minion, u look at ya map, u click to move, u look at ya map , u scrach ya ass, u look at ya map ! And dude , if you want, we can chat about this in game or whatever.It helps to talk to someone about this, while looking at champs, runes, items..u know, 2 set of eyes and stuff...
: The amount of people that want to play Yasuo in Bronze..
Lemme clear that for you m8.LoL is full of little kids who watch a lot of videos on youtube.And since they lack the game knowledge they pick complex champs `cuz that`s what they see online .And since they are really bad at this game , they ruin the game experience for the rest of us. Simple.
: I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank
I agree with point 1. Here are some fun facts : 1.there are a LOT more players that suck than ppl who are decent at least 2.there are a LOT more players who just don`t give a fu*k about winning 3.there are a LOT LESS players who try to improve 4.there are a LOT of players in ranked that should still be playing vs AI or not play league at all So yeah, smtg needs to be made.You need to have enough game knowledge to acces ranked.Imbecils laugh and flame if you are "a try hard".Well shit kid , i have a life and not a lot of time to game, so ofc i`m trying to win. That`s the point of ranked games.Playing to win , get better with other good players. ...guess not RITO....
: Will you ever fix the incredible amounts of bugs in the client?
Today after a game my loot section went MIA....I also leveld but i din`t get no capsule, nothing.After 4 logins my loot section came back...but no capsule, nothing in it.After half a day i logged back in, loot button is invisible , still no capsule...gotta love RITO !
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: So many bugs since 8.24? What's going on Riot?
..and there are not gonna get fixed. There is a bug since season 2 that`s NEVER even discussed by any blue poster. .After every patch that`s over 50 mega u`ll get 0.5 second freezes that would drop ya fps to 10-20 at best.I usually have ~50 ping and 150 fps on max settings. When this bug starts i get MAX 20 fps. I have at least 6 ppl who i know in real life that have the same thing happening to them and all of them have monster gaming machines and incredible good internet.We`re even talking different countrys ffs ! And another thing...if i play the game on LOW or on MAX i have the exact same fps.It literally makes no difference in performance. Now , the only answer is the usual bullshit : it`s ya pc, it`s ya internet, not our shitty game. So don`t get ya hopes up.Like i said...SEASON 2 !!!! So yeah....keep buying those skins !
Cr00k3r (EUNE)
: "PC is crap invented by weak minded person". So... there are only two posibilites about that statements - you are weak minded person or dumb ignorant kid. Why? Because without PC there would not be any xbox or PS4. There would not be any games. There would be probably nothing. Why? Guess where those things coded and created? The thing you calling crap - and it does not matter if it is running Mac, Win or Linux. So no matter what you wrote in the rest of the comment, this makes your comment a crap.
If you have read the post and used 2 bloody brain cells you would have seen that PC = politically correctness u dumb-dumb ! So before you decide to act all mighty and shit double read the %%%%ing post. You`re 100 years to early to reply like that to me son. "Hyakunen hayai ze!" Now shut up and sit ya punk ass down ! :)))))
: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
Here are some fun facts : 1.there are a LOT more players that suck than ppl who are decent at least 2.there are a LOT more players who just don`t give a fu*k about winning 3.there are a LOT LESS players who try to improve When you take this into consideration , all the "you`re in the league you deserve" bullsh*t doesn`t stand. Cuz when you have ppl like that in your team it`s imposible to climb. There are champs that stomp other champs.That`s true.But when you have a derp kid that picks whatever character he saw on stream or in a video being played by a pro tho he has no ideea how that character interacts / does , all the strategy and skills you might have goes to sh*t.Most dumbdumbs lack the basics of this game.Yet they play ranked.And they don`t try to learn anything . That`s the main problem.Nabs suck and they don`t wanna improve . And every day there`s more of them. I had to practice and take an exam to get my driving licence .Ranked should be treated with the same level of interest / seriosity.
: I'm slowly starting to get more depressed as I play the game.
League of Legends suffers from the same illness like most online games.It`s full of little kids who are "send " to their rooms by shitty parents.And since now it`s cool to be a gamer, build ya pc and shit , the kids who were derping around on consoles are infesting online gaming.Remember when World of Warcraft was a great game and the average player was over 18 ? Remember when Call Of Duty was THE best fps ? Look at those games now... It`s all about making money.Screw the gamer, kids will pay good money for shinny crap ! And we , the real gamers , are getting screwed by this. Ranked is a`s been a joke for the past 3 seasons at least.Matchmaking is beyond crap and ofc it`s not gonna be fixed.Ranked games are full or this derping kids that still don`t know how to wipe their asses. They don`t understand BASIC stuff `bout this game and they play ranked...really ? There should be AT LEAST a game knowledge test BEFORE you are able to play ranked. But like i said, the game is full of imbecils who don`t know how to ward , what is an objective , when should you take dragon/baron and when not to... I`m not a spring chicken anymore..i have a life so i don`t have time to lose in games when jungler shaco doesn`t gank at all , mid veigar suicides vs the enemy zed non-stop and the adc is afk.This is how a game look 80% of the time.And what`s pathetic is that the enemy team is usually on the same level , BUT THEY TRY TO PLAY THE GAME . p.s. : I am NOT a PC person.PC is crap invented by weak minded people . So i call it as i see it.Dumb ignorant kids failed by their parents are ruining online gaming. p.s. 2 : english is not my native language and i`m can`t be bothered to corect any mistakes...
realKano23 (EUNE)
: does anyone else have extreme lags after the latest patch?
Nothing ! This is a bug that started in season 2 and it never got a proper fix.Every patch this happends.It happends to me today.When a small patch or a champ patch is gonna be released it might stop. ITS THE GAME , NOT OUR PCS ! If i can run Dawn of War 3 , Ironsight , Max Payne 3 , Dragon Age 3 , The witcher 3 ON MAX i should be able to run a crappy little game like lol, right ? WRONG ! And u know what`s funny ? If i turn everything on LOWEST settings i have the same framerate.There is ZERO diference if i play LoL on max settings or lowest settings, i get EXACTLY the same fps... Welcome to the world of RITO m8. p.s. : On my fathers i3 laptop i have over 150 fps , in teamfights i have 90-100....but not on my i7 gaming build desktop...
: Bunch of actually good players stuck on bronze???
I think it`s all about luck.There is no other logic reason. I have moments when i get decent ppl and go on a 6-7 win streak.The next day all the teams i get are full of afks and trolls....i just can`t understand . When you get a jungler that doesn`t gank , or go in any team fights , an afk adc and a suicidal mid ,all in one game , any concept of skill goes out the window. It`s like ppl just don`t give a fu*k `bout rank games ... so roll the dice and pray to Cthulu !
: Loading screen fail... in low priority queue for the 5th time.
The support is gonna do jack sh*t ! this happend to be, i got 5 sanctions in 10 days . i had proof that it was the game / server %%%%ing up.did that help ? nope. I`ve talked to 5 different ppl in support and JUST ONE of them ADMITED that i was innocent and the system %%%%ed up, And there is NOTHING they can do.The system is automated and they don`t do anything about it. I know , it`s ret*rded, how can an automated system work with no human way to check/remove false sanctions. Well according to support that`s exactly what`s going on ! You might be playing and the game kicks u and u can`t log in ! U still get sanctioned ! Your entire town might lose power ! You can`t log back in, you have no power ! Still gonna get banned. So tough it out m8 and spend more money ! Buy more skins ! RITO is a joke when it comes to support !
Ryzzlas (EUW)
: FPS issues
Nothing ! This is a bug that started in season 2 and it never got a proper fix.Every patch this happends.It happends to me today.When a small patch or a champ patch is gonna be released it might stop. ITS THE GAME , NOT OUR PCS ! If i can run Dawn of War 3 , Ironsight , Max Payne 3 , Dragon Age 3 , The witcher 3 ON MAX i should be able to run a crappy little game like lol, right ? WRONG ! And u know what`s funny ? If i turn everything on LOWEST settings i have the same framerate.There is ZERO diference if i play LoL on max settings or lowest settings, i get EXACTLY the same fps... Welcome to the world of RITO m8. p.s. : On my fathers i3 laptop i have over 150 fps , in teamfights i have 90-100....but not on my i7 gaming build desktop...
: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
This FPS random drop started in SEASON 2 for %%%%s sake ! Lemme say it again , SEASON TWO !!!! And wvery time there`s a patch that`s over 100 MB this shit starts again.It happent to me on 3 diferent machines.I`ve been playing videogames on pc for 25 years now and i have NEVER seen a game act like that.On a machine that can run farcry 3 , ac black flag , max payne 3 , Fallout 4 [ that`s whats instal;led on this machine ] on HIGH to MAX SETTINGS i get 20-30 fps in a team fight.IN spawn i used to get over 140 fps and on lane with creeps around 100-120.It was NEVER under 80 fps ! And what`s insane is that if i put lol on MAXIMUM settings or on LOWEST ,there is no difference...same FPS on both settings.Support can`t help , it`s always OUR fault, not RITO`s. And after a couple of days and a couple of mini patches the game is playable again...well...that`s until another patch gets released. I`ve played LoL since beta...I still think it`s the best MOBA out there...but the optimization is shit...and if u add the fact that lols community is the worst community that ever existed..i think it`s time to move on.I regret all the time and money i`ve put into this game...a couple of accounts with all champs and all skins...was fun while it lasted...
Wannes (EUW)
: Not on my PC, and also not in the LCS...... ;-) Programming graphics on Windows is not easy. All these dynamic factors like videocard brand and type, drivers, Direct X versions etc... to take into account. Must be a combination of factors.
do u really think in tournaments they use the same client as us...whateva u`re smoking, gimmie some bruh !
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