Cypherous (EUW)
: No it was what you said, the system will always investigate a player who is reported, even though nobody else was there when you said it it was in the chat logs the IFS goes through, if you hadn't said anything you wouldn't have been punished even if 9 people had reported you
Fair enough on that. But still think I shouldn't have my honor level reset as well since no one saw it other than a java / C script running in the background.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Also how was I a douche? I mean > Makguy: i would call u dog shit garbage Pretty much speaks for itself :P
Yeah but I waited till they left before I said it. It was literally their 3 pre-mades x3 me which caused the system to care.
: Report is for all game. If someone report you no matter if you write after the System will see
That's kind of dumb to be honest.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Also, remember that flaming is not always a way to make you feel bad or something, but simply a way to in e.g. release stress after few very bad games. I had a 12 lose streak games 2 days ago, and even I noticed it was hard to stay positive when your TOP and MID is going 0/10 (both) in less than 20min, while you win bottom badly. Also try to make as unexpected and %%%%%%ed answers as possible. A few games ago, someone said "I f*** your mother" and I said "Please do, I need a new daddy that plays league for duo". When they see its not gonna work,they stop... and the rest of game was quiet. :D
Thanks I'll try but I'm not as quick witted as you. Will need some practice.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Whenever someone is flaming me i have only one response : "i'm sorry you feel that way" They will flame even harder and it's simplier for me to report them, it basically helps banning them faster.
Thanks a lot my dude.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > The Brand part Literally irrelevant > Makguy: i would call u dog shit garbage Yeah thats against the rules :P And to answer your title, you respond to people by treating them like human beings instead of being a douche
As you said I thought all was irrelevant but I got back to Honor level 1 and 10 day chat restriction which I think is a bit harsh for saying one sentence to no one. Also how was I a douche? As I said I they left the lobby before I said it so being toxic to empty chat is against the rules?
: The only sane way to "react" to a (perceived or real, in most case the medium player will not understand the difference) flamer, is to mute him. Anything else can only make you tilt and unfocus from the game, and possibly net you a punishment if you overstep the bounds and get reported (again, for the medium player that's the only way to react). If you are such lucky to get a team that is willing to communicate and cooperate, you will easily understand it while playing. Otherwise, trying to reason to a backward kid that is immediatly willing to spit insults to the entire team, is completely useless and can only backfire.
Righto, next time I will just mute.
: >Makguy: i would call u dog shit garbage Enough to get 10 games
But I said it when no one was in lobby, I waited on purpose so no one would see it.
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