: Can Client close to system tray just like the old client
: If people were actually as good as they say they were on their mains, they wouldn't give 2 f#cks about which pick they are. If I were to play Thresh/Karma/Naut as a support, I don't care which person I'm laning against. I'm either gonna win cause I'm good or I'll lose cause I suck. Sure, one might be a _little_ easier than the other, but when it comes down to it, it's all about how good the player is. A Sona might lose hard early game against a Naut, for example, but she might be a better decision maker late game and win. Sorry, bud, but it's all about your team's skill, tactics, mechanics and decision making.
i dont blame my losses on this, i just think it would make more sense in general. i regret i gave an example because it triggers people to try and just teach things that are not the topic in this thread. thanks anyway yoda
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