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: Aye, Champ skins and Ward skins are going down aswell. https://i.imgur.com/YCsNp7X.png
thanks, i must've missed that
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[skele-quinn](https://imgur.com/iY7hooE) I'm not an artist or even close to one, so this is obviously the worst splash art in existence (with the second worst pun as a name), but I'm still gonna pitch it. Basically quinn is wearing like a death knight armor from warcraft and valor is like a mini sindragosa again from warcraft (I know very creative) They give off the same blue hue with all their abilities.rattling sounds with their Q and E , valor's skull appear instead of his eyes with W, and the ult obviously makes the blue glow when quinn gets off valor but also while valor is carrying quinn they drip a small trail of this blue goo thing.
: 🦇 Volunteer Halloween Event! 🦇
no harrowing this year? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
DrLucifer (EUNE)
: rengar
exactly he was too strong before...only bad part about the rework is no more ap rengo
: You deal 1% increased damage for every unique champion you kill. I know, this is just the description, but I'm afraid I don't know what exactly you don't understand about this description. Could you explain what you don't understand a bit more detailed?
does it work on assists though?


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