IzzŸ (EUW)
: that still isn't acceptable in either the riot rules or real life so...
everyone already knows that riot rules are bs (i dont count riot supporters) in real life. so you wanna say you can go into jail because you said 'fck you' to someone?
IzzŸ (EUW)
: you can and should be banned for using that kind of language to talk to your team.
lol please.. go and cry or something. its not like i threatened his family and said i know where he lives. i only told him what kind of a cnt he is
: When is next Draven skin coming???
draven even has a skin named 'draven draven' was it that hard to think of a name riot?
: > what i did is that bannable Potentially yes. Insulting other players is not allowed. It doesn't matter why you think you have to do it, it's forbidden no matter what. Even if someone else is a waaaaaay bigger jerk than you are, that doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you anymore. They always apply. Flaming is never allowed. > can i report that %%%%%% for banning my champion? You can report whoever you want for whatever you want at any time. The question is rather if the report is going to lead to anything. Banning champions is not forbidden, so in this case this report would probably be useless.
banning a champion i wanted to take. i even pressed the champion before we could bann so he knew which champion i was going to take. but lol seriously getting mad at these kids is bannable but the sin they have done isnt? even saying 'lets ff15' has become a reason to bann but actually taking away the champion someone of your team wants to play isnt?
: Well he didn't broke any rules. And looking how you present yourself on forum. You aren't a best behaving player.
lol.. what kind shit rules does riot have? 'ff 15 is bannable' but actually banning the champion someone wants to take isnt? if that really is true then i will uninstall this game right now lol
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: Tank items really suck hard.
even if i build full tank.. a vayne comes and kills me in 6 attacks
: > It seems okay to permanently ban someone a day after their 2-week suspension ends who was trying to maintain a positive mentality during 2 games and actually try to do their best in those games. As long as that person also happens to break the rules, yes, of course. > Yet nothing is actually being done about those who intentionally feed in lanes before flaming other teammates for their own mistakes. That is both incorrect. There is a system that takes care of inting and there is a system that takes care of flaming (the former being less effective because inting is harder to prove, but it does exist). Everyone is treated be the exact same rules and the exact same systems. > , it's okay for a premade of 3 to be toxic throughout an entire game and THEN also post-game chat It's not. And being a premade or not has literally no influence whatsoever on the likeliness on getting a punishment or getting someone punished, since neither the premade status itself nor the number of reports in one match has any influence whatsoever on the punishment system. > at best my chat could've had a chat restriction of 25 games or so That is not for you to decide. You were told what would happen. The 14 day ban comes with a very clear warning that any further violation will lead to a permaban. You can't say now "It should have been a restriction". No, it shouldn't. It's a perma, it works like that for everybody after a 14 day ban and you knew that. You were told. The 14 day ban is a final warning. And final means final. > This was just a step too far and I am just shocked How can you be shocked? You were told what you would happen and exactly that happened. How can you be surprised by something happening exactly as you were told it would happen? Don't get me wrong. It's questionable how useful permabans really are and even Riot is looking for alternatives. That's not my point. I fully acknowledge that permabans are harsh and that, some day, someone (and I'm pretty sure that will be RIot) might come up with a better solution. My point is that, right now, this is how it works. And this is not a secret, nor is it special treatment for you, nor is unusual. So I don't understand how you are surprised or consider this unfair. You were warned, you were explicitly told what would happen if you broke the rules again. And you decided to break the rules again. What did you expect to happen? How can you possible be surprised about this? You knew the rules, you knew the consequences, you had 100% control over the decision whether to break the rules or not. You decided to break them, so you got the consequences you were warned about. Doesn't get fairer than that.
11 downvotes on an senior emmisary comment protecting this stupid company. this means riot boards has still hope
905 (EUNE)
: As @Chrysies said, the only perma ban should be for trolling. Riot doesn't understand that trolling is the source of flame. No one flames without the reason, the reason are usually trolls. Everyone have noticed that recently, just check Reddit threads. People are getting banned for nothing, and although bans are a massive thing now, trolling occurs frequently. I'd even say that the system causes more toxicity than justice. I think the best way is to give up on lol or at least quit buying RP, if enough people will do that, they will re-think what they are doing.
yeah. people troll i get mad and flame. i get a bann and the other guy just continues playing. lol riot just cares about money nothing else.
: > 3 premade give me normal teams riot please Or join a team.
Tammyart (EUW)
: D*khead company
well.. since riot bann system is going that easy. ff15= bann. report ..= bann. you're bad=bann ofcourse there are smurfes everywhere
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: > perma banning me for saying 'ff 15' Just that? Chatlog or it didn't happen.
lol. i dont need you to believe me tbh wat will change? if you believe me doesnt mean that i will get unbanned lol
: What it matters? The workday is over, it's the weekend. Rioters are humans too. Don't you think they have better things to do than, after working on League the entire day, going home at a Friday evening and log in on the forums to downvote stuff?
perma banning me for saying 'ff 15' ofcourse i dont think they have something better to do. and they even think they are right smh
: So you are actually saying that is your belief is that Rioters, at 18:55 on a Friday have nothing better to do than to lurk on the forums and downvote stuff they don't like. Riiiiight. That is more reasonable to you than the theory that a small percentage of the players viewing your thread downvoted you? Seriously?
if i said somethin like this ingame i would get banned no doubt xD. but lol. what does the time and the day have to do with this?
Mammoett (EUW)
: i even mentioned you in my post 'those 2 are always the same people that defend riot on every post' i have seen you on 90 posts or somethin defending riot lol
oh nvm you said it didnt read. but yes you do defend riot like now. it is true
: Down-voter here. I fall under your "those 2 usually are always the same people that defend riot on different posts." category - but I am not defending Riot. Remember the 1BE capsule bullshit that didn't get reverted ? I posted on 3 different boards + reddit, and haven't purchased a SINGLE RP since then. (roughly $2300 spent on this very account). When I see bullshit on Riot's end, oh trust me, I'm calling it out. HOWEVER !!! : When I see a 40% win-rate silver 3 hardstuck player complaining about Rammus being broken and how the balance team sucks. I DOWNVOTE When I see a delusional toxic POS player bashing the report/punishment system. I DOWNVOTE When I see Name and Shame posts that promote nothing only the poster's ignorance towards the boards TOS. I DOWNVOTE And when I see posts that have essentially 0 meaning, AKA spam (like your post as well). I DOWNVOTE. I stand by my principles, if Riot does something bad that I can OBJECTIVELY see, I will be the first motherf#$ker that's yelling in all-caps on these very boards. I can assure you of that. But until the same group of delusional players keep creating the same delusional posts, I will feel free to down-vote in an instant, and where I feel I can perhaps make an impact or change some minds, I will comment as well. You got a problem with that ?
i even mentioned you in my post 'those 2 are always the same people that defend riot on every post' i have seen you on 90 posts or somethin defending riot lol
: I'm afraid there is an alternative theory: Not everyone who votes, comments. That's perfectly normal in EVERY forum or voting platform. Take reddit, take youtube, take every gaming forum. In none of them the number of views, votes and comments are the same. I mean, just look at this thread https://i.imgur.com/0SMwE0g.jpg So many clicked on the thread, barely anyone voted or commented. Why is that? That's because this is normal. It's perfectly possible and normal to view but not to vote or write, to write but not to vote, to vote but not to write. Those things are not connected.
he didnt actually talk about how many views. he talked about the votes. lol it is true, you are simply just doing your job an that is lying. quite and boring job isnt it? there are players just looking in boards without saying anything. andd there are players downvoting every negative post *cough* riot employees *cough*
: Realistic and logic problems with the game don't get downvoted, but delusional things are downvoted, or thread in which player say, "%%%% u riot garbage company", or "stupid balance team garance programmes" also get downvoted because its stupid to call smart talented people stupid, and also if you think game or company is garbage then don't play it, but don't whine like a little brat on forums, nobody like that. Also stupid posts people donate and move on, no point to waste time with delusional player or player that clearly lack intelligence
game garbage. nah not rlly. company garbage. fk yeah tbh worse than garbage. but lol talking about lack of intelligence. yup how can you compare '%%%% riot garbage company' to this? this is just a true post. dude just look at all the emissarys commenting to defend riot XD it is true bro
GLurch (EUW)
: To be honest, I'd be happy if all of the downvotes here were to come from Riot Employees, that'd mean Riot Games would really look a lot at the boards, but they don't. I mean, some Rioters do and I'm grateful for every Rioter doing so, but fact is that they're just a small minority compared to the Rioters that may not even know the boards exist. I don't know if I can fully blame them though, the boards don't really produce a lot of useful feedback.
To be honest, I'd be happy if all of the downvotes here were to come from Riot Employees, that'd mean Riot Games would really look a lot at the boards, but they don't. thats such an easy lie. can look right through it.. XD bro.. how did you get your emissary badge? did it just turn on your screen? did you ask it and they said 'yeah sure why not'? lmao
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MsrTheJoker (EUNE)
: Vayne, Could you not? (Poll, please be Honest.)
nerf vayne ulti. when he uses trumble while his ult is on that he is going invisible. litteraly that is almost impossible to kill and he is strong asf. he gets 1 second invisible every 2 seconds. that means you have 1 second to kill vayne lol since he can kill you in 2 seconds
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Why downvote me i just said rito games:(
dont mind the downvotes :P those are riot employees. 90% of the player behavior posts are mostly downvotes. 30% of them are normal users and 70% of them are riot employees. how i know that? it has 13 downvotes and 2 of the downvoters have commented. usually when someone downvotes they send a reason why they downvote. well that happens 9 of the 10 times. and the guy who posted this even said. 10 seconds after he posted this he got a downvote. the guy that downvoted it didnt even read the first 2 sentences lol


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