WolfChases (EUNE)
: Yes, permanent stealth seems OP but its actually not. Her ganks are clear like she doesn't have stealth and her CC has to be proced with her Q or E but her E is almost AA range. As soon as laner sees <3 above his head he will try to juke between minions si he doesnt het hit with Q and at the point Eve is in range for E shes no longer invisible. OP was clear, Evelyn is not weak, her burst is fine and she can one shot but the problem is that all other assassins in game are much better. Evelyn simply doesnt have a free space for a mistake, if you fail to kill in a teamfight you are useless because her damege is NUMERO ZERO when everything is on CD. The only way to play Rvelyn late game is to rely on your team and hope they will do half of the job before you get in. You aint gona hit that ADC with Q to proc your W in the middle of a teamfight nor you can simply walk in and proc it with your E.
i can completely agree with the fact that her dmg is absolutely none when everything is on cooldown. just now i had an game with eve, i was pretty fed (15/7/13) and had a yorick 3/7/3 (off tank) as target. i killed 3/4 of his health bar in an instant, then i got killed because after that he just healed himself on me like on a jungle creep. how is it possible that a very fed assassin gets killed by a feeder in an even fight?
WolfChases (EUNE)
: The only way to 1v1 ADC as Eve late game is to use your flash to engage or to fish from the bush but thats also means uou aint gonna proc your W. Evelyn would be much better only if her E had the range of Warwicks Q, or even slightly longer.
True. In many cases i dont even use my W, simply because either the enemy is warned then, so i cant surprise him, or i dont have the time.
WolfChases (EUNE)
: I started to main Rvelyn right after her rework and I agree with you about a few things. Her detection range is way too big for her engage type. As you already mentioned, you can use her Q but Q is simply situational and most of the time I simply want to engage with my E which is little bit longer than her AA range and it sucks. They shouldn't decrease the detection range and increase the E range at the same time but they should indeed decide between two. Her Q is hard to hit because its blocked by minions. Lee sin can dash even if he hits the minion, Elise can rappel but Evelyn doesnt have any gapcloser to compensate for it.
i just checked all champions and have to say: there is no assassin with such a bad gapcloser as evelynn. so even a simple dach or blink (cait E, ezreal E, lucian E, even a vayne Q) bring her completely out of range for her E and the adc starts to even heal himselfe up on eve, since her E is only a "gapcloser" if she´s in her passive.
: Yeah but Twitch and Rengar do not have fast escapes or targeted CC. Evelynn has lower damage because her items are a bit weaker but the stealth mechanic is still OP.
the fast escape is something of eves particular kit. rengar for excample can cleanse cc on him with his W, leap much further and reveals all nearby champs when he is invisible. twitch´s advantage is that he deals aoe dmg with his ult and gets atkspeed + movespeed from his invisibility. eve has nothing similar and before you can trigger her W, most of the adc´s see her and can kite her to death before she even reaches her target or simply run away in a direction where they dont expect her, since eve is pretty slow for an assassin. especially compared to rengar and twitch.
: You are forgetting that tiwtch and rengar become invisible for a short duration while evelynn is pretty much camouflaged all the time after hitting 6 and is not fighting.
> [{quoted}](name=SorakaTopDiamond,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8ppF5rlt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-06T18:49:33.089+0000) > > You are forgetting that tiwtch and rengar become invisible for a short duration while evelynn is pretty much camouflaged all the time after hitting 6 and is not fighting. Thats true, but Twitch can be camouflaged up to 20 seconds if i remember correctly. means: He has plenty of time to choose a position from where to fight. In addition i think he doesnt get revealed when he steps into a teemo shroom or gets hit by an aoe attack. Eve instantly gets revealed. For rengars part: he has a shorter duration, yes, but sees every nearby enemy even without vision and even camouflaged and invisible enemys. So you cant hide from him. thats something eve can not do.
DunkMäster (EUNE)
: Bad Teammates
Each team consists out of 5 Members. So every member has a 50/50 chance to be "bad" or "good". If you say youre good, there is only 4x 50% Chance to have a "bad" teammate. In the enemy team however, there is 5x 50% chance of a "bad" player, since you dont assist the enemy team (hopefully). Everyone gets AFKs some times, Everyone gets Trolls and everyone gets feeders. Not just you. In addition: If you say only "good" players are allowed to play rankeds, thy also applys to the enemy team. Anyway: What ever you do: you will always reach the elo you belong to, if you take your time to reach it and keep calm.
Fr0gBoY (EUW)
: Semi-locked camera not centreing on camera when I press Space
Have you checked your controlls settings if the hotkey is correctly assigned? Sometimes it helps to just reassign it and apply the "changes" .
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: Why is there nexus siege again ?
they do it random i guess. Nexus Siege is a new mode, but got implemented 3 times now... this IS careless {{item:3070}} . why dont they do Doom Bots again? this was a great mode and its VERY long ago since they used it. URF is awesome aswell, especially with the custom summoner icons (Laser, Heart aso). They are useless in normal games, so they should play urf a little bit more often aswell... please riot, bring back Doom Bots...


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