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Sefi (EUNE)
: STATS: Really?
I don't know how it works but you have more deaths and more assists for Lucian on some of your matches - maybe you played like a supp.
Ashton (EUW)
: Makes no sense lol
It makes complete sense. The game doesn't know you're returning.
Lets put it this way, I've been toxic quite a few times, I'm always tilted and I haven't been banned... You must have done something pretty serious.
Rgdor (EUW)
: Perma banned
If I KS can I make up for it by then feeding? Serious question, serious answer please.
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: Well, first of all you should attempt to restart your League of Legends client, if you still have the issue then you should contact Riot Games support so they can solve the issue that you are having. Sincerely, xTyseth.
Did you click this section and then clicked the first post you saw? There's a few people (including myself) posting about this exact same issue but no response from Riot.
: Try using the hextech repair tool to reinstall or repatch league, I can't help you any further as I'm not a moderator or anything and have not experienced this error myself. Repair tool:
I attempted this and it didn't work - I also manually uninstalled LoL etc, still the exact same problem.
: > ALL ^Is quite a stretch. I'm playing from the same machine - since 4 years, stable 60+ FPS. NEVER had any FPS drops. It's not Riot's fault that some people can't take care of their rigs, and have lacking drivers / faulty installations.
Hmm... Maybe you should look at the amount of related posts in this section before you come to the conclusion that it is down to peoples computers? I have a pretty decent gaming PC and I have played LoL since 2012... It is only since the most recent update that I am unable to play, and the steps that are preventing me from playing, quite a few other people are also posting about the exact same issue, and we are getting no response from Riot.
Marbian (EUW)
: Game Not Loading
I'm seeing quite a few people with the same issue but there is no response from Riot or anything?
: Client performance sucking is getting out of hand
Hi, even people with better computers are having problems (like myself...) since the latest update. It seems that posts are not getting any response.
: Ever since yesterday, cant load into a single match.
Marbian (EUW)
: Game Not Loading
Update: I've looked at other threads, some mentioning updating BOIS etc. I've tried doing all that, and still nothing.
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: DUO BOT right now (EUW)
: Shame I can only upvote once... Finally, someone else with more than 1 brain cell. I was beginning to think I was the only one who understood how the world works.
Me, more then 1 brain cell? Haha, I'll take that as a compliment! These boards are funny though - it's a place to come when you feel dumb/down so you can actually feel like you're not that bad of haha.
Halling (EUW)
: Champion select
Try closing down the chat by minimising it - does that then show your friends list?
Infernape (EUW)
: It's as if the client isn't in beta... Oh wait.
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=cBfWypOV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-09T23:42:53.299+0000) > > It's as if the client isn't in beta... Oh wait. The whole purpose of Beta is to find issues you're referring to. For example, I have no issues with the Beta Client whatsoever, yet, you have a problem with it... Before anything goes live in any games, they go through quality control - and a lot of companies now actually put their content up for beta tests for their community. You're slating something in beta stages. May I ask, did you just lose a game?
: Riot iscompletely clueless.
Do you know how many people play League? Do you know if they banned the people you're referring to, that would also get you banned? Do you know that you don't have to buy skins? Do you know they're also a business which is why they make more money? An automated report feedback from your reports? Oh, that must be terrible.
loradel (EUNE)
: Supports are not dispensable team mates
> [{quoted}](name=Nickelodeon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2aVrMc49,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-09T16:22:25.348+0000) > > I have noticed that players specially the carrier (bot adc) doesn't know the value of his support. They think that since support only assist (put trinkets,warn them of incoming jungler, protect them from enemy attack) them in their way of pushing, they don't have the responsibility of protecting and fighting for their support. Guys please, support are doing their best to protect you but please if you are under attack try to help your supports too, don't just run and leave them and let them die. Supports are special in a way that everyone in a team feels safe because you have a good support. Love them and take care of them and you'll be half way to winning the game. > > AND....... PLEASE....... FOR ALL ADC PLAYERS OUT THERE... DON'T DIVE IN CAUSE YOUR SUPPORT CAN'T SUPPORT YOU'RE AGGRESSIVENESS. S6-Bronze V, You won't find a game often in this league where the support is the actual support and the carry is the actual carry. Supports do get a lot of blame - but I know from experience as an ADC and support in bronze, there are different expectations for each player. If 1 game you play with Thresh, he protects you, you're definitely carrying and you know you're very rarely going to get hit. But if the next game your support is LuLu, or lux... Then the game is completely different and you're not as protected - which then makes it very easy to blame the support because he didn't give you the same protection thresh did on your last game in the same situation. Not sure if I worded that correctly lol, hopefully you understood what I meant :)
: problems with playing lol
There's some problems with the client at the moment - most people are getting this. I fully close down the client and re-open, reconnect and then it's fine for me after that.
: RADS Error
This happens to me all the time, I always have to end up finding a fix every few months. My easy solution until I can be bothered is to the client as administrator. Always works for me.
Marbian (EUW)
: How Can I Progress?
Also, I played a game with a pre-made the other day, 4 and me being the add-on - it was one for all mode, we were all Lux. They were really good, we had at least 50+ more kills than the other team but we lost the game because of their champion being a lot stronger even though we had a lot more kills. At the end of the game, yeah we had more kills, but all the pre-made in my team were like 10+ kills and 2--4 deaths on average, and there was me with 10+ deaths. I took notice of this and thought to myself maybe this is my problem, maybe I die too many times, so I watched how they were playing because I feel like when I do die, it's situations not foreseen or unable to get out of. Thought I'd mention this in case it could be one of the problems and possibly a solution. I feel like if I stayed too safe to guarantee very little deaths from myself, I won't be able to strong and will remain vulnerable throughout the game.
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