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: As a human wich fights for justice i want to clear 2 things: 1) Why do you complain about people complaining about her sexuality? 2) Do you want to say that people have right to dislike character for his damage or scaling, but they must not dislike him for sexuality? And in that case, is there any list of "allowed reasons to dislike"? Can i dislike Neeko for her tail, for example, or people with tails will be offended?
Maybe I wasn't being clear in sharing my opinion or did it the wrong way. I didn't want to say that it's wrong to dislike a character because of their sexuality but I don't understand why Taric has good replies on him being gay or at least looking like a gay person even though its way more obvious in his case than in Neekos. Also there are gay side characters in movies or series that aren't clearly disliked by the community. Also I think you shouldn't not play her only because of her sexuality. Btw I will use this opportunity to thank you all for your comments.
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