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Tarolock (EUW)
: the magic words are "with friends" maybe you are unaware but the QQing about premades having and advantage since they can communicate better they are matched vs ppl who have higher mmr to balance the match (dont ask me, i have no idea why is that)
They changed it with dynamic que. In fact the other team was 5 men premade as well.
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DatZartic (EUW)
: How should i become less toxic as a player? Especially in solo-que.
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: 1) /mute all 2) go to sound settings 3) set ping volume to 0% 4) play your shit
Volumes are bugged in this patch, you can't set up pings volumes anymore.
Dr Sugar (EUW)
: You can only play 5 champions
{{champion:78}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:412}}
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rozoulini (EUNE)
: i want to see the opposite of blitzcrank hook, a PUNCH, a supportive tool to punch away divers to protect your team like janna ult but point and click ability on single target
: Minion control: Denying was removed by Riot pretty early on for obvious reasons. And controlling a wave like that would likely be detrimental to you more than the enemy. Advanced Morphing: Not sure how that first idea would be useful, and the second idea would be really hard to balance. Ally Toss: Pretty much Kalista ult, the champion. Permanent Wall: Could be interesting, but would need to be properly balanced (i.e. wall limit, high cd, size, etc).
Thanks for your thoughts. However, what i meant is that ally toss could be a ordinary ability (like Alistar's W, Singed E) casted towards ally champion _without his consent_ (Bard R). It could be useful when the ally is suppressed for example, to break CC chains, and he's not Kalista's support.
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: Phage = Tons of Damage (only)
After 2 months, the problem has been solved. Did you read this topic, Riot? Thanks!!! {{item:3044}} --> {{item:3078}} , {{item:3071}} I will suggest something else in the future, maybe Riot really does take these boards into account. Or maybe I can just see the future... {{summoner:2}}
: Client bugged?
Same problem, just won a game when i had 97 LP... RITO PLZ
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