Devrost (EUW)
: Tell this to the guy that was bronze 5 and now is plat...S9 luck is probably the best think it can happen to climb. There is no more s6 where you could carry on your own.Now is all about teammates and picks.
It is a bug, not luck. Riot games' new matchmaking system had a flaw, that is now fixed. In mid-season everything is back to normal
Devrost (EUW)
: Well you got lucky to get smurfs..This proves luck is more important then skills. Enemy team can get them too and you lose..And when you get winstreak always expect losing streak too
Luck is not more important than skill... you can be unlucky, but if you play well, you will climb. Elo hell does not exist, and luck is not something that will make or break a season.
Devrost (EUW)
: Blame riot.. Honestly this season is %%%%%%ed.I even saw ex bronze 5 players in plat this season.I got this enemy lee i asked him..if he got boosted.Now his winrate was pretty bad..however he got p4.From bronze 5 xd he started iron 3. I mean..this is why people cant even play the game anymore.Too many people climb because of season start.Too mutch lp gain.And most of them dont deserve the elo they have.Yet they reset ladder only in diamond+. Sure riot..Let bronzies in my game.They deserve to get plat easy peasy.
Well, this was not a rant about riot matchmaking. In most of my games i had players who were smurfs, on a 10 game win streak and played well. We just lost because they either underperformed for some reason, or a bad baron call was made, enemy team had an extremely lucky play and so on. That is why i put the word "curse" in, because it seemed like these games should be wins. But it seem like i have broken the spell now :)
Xiley (EUNE)
: She's really not. Good luck laning vs good Viktor/Jayce/Cassio/Yasuo etc. She can't do anything vs these champions.
Could it be that you think this way because you have lost 4 games in a row with her? I mean Jayce, Viktor and Cassio are all bully top laners that counter most other top laners. I would like to say that she has a 55% winrate with a 10% pickrate in Korea, and a 53% winrate on EUW. That is pretty decent i would say. I know numbers isn't everything, but champions that is "Absolute garbage" USUALLY don't have a 55% winrate.
Xiley (EUNE)
: Kayle
According to most stat sites she is doing fine. Just saying
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: Perm ban
I believe that you flamed them :) If not, write a ticket to riot. If you did, then it is deserved :D
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: What makes your website stand out from the dozens of other LoL learning sites, subreddits and discord groups like ProGuides, Skill-capped, Summoner School, Mobalytics, etc?
Most of the places you have mentioned have some sort of paid content. Ours do not. We offer all our services for free, and with a focus on simplicity and easy-to-access information. You don't have to create a profile, and all our coaches' students use discord for communication. Our website is simple and therefore easy to navigate. We also do not run any ads on our site, which for some is an important aspect :) Other than that, we are not very different from the other FREE LoL coaching sites. But I believe that we eventually will be of a higher quality than the rest :)
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Aritmor (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Westenfeldt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dLQudpij,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-05T16:16:47.479+0000) > > Or maybe the mentality of people who flame is already in a unhealthy state, hence the flame. Is it though? Yesterday I played ranked. It went for 50 minutes and our Vayne had 13.5k gold and 20k player damage. If you get mad about players like this that is not about being in unhealthy state. On the contrary if you do not get mad about players like this I would call that unhealthy state of mind. I agree that plenty of people flame too much without any real reason to do so(like after 1-2 mistakes which everyone can do or blame their mistakes on teammates). But sometimes the flame is well deserved and you would have to be freaking monk to not ,,rage" at some players.
I too have had games where my ADC had 2300 dmg in a 30-minute game (no joking and this was diamond elo), but flaming her would not have mattered. Just keep a cool head, always! I don't care if you go 0/3 in placements while maintaining a 9.5 KDA, you should never get mad at teammates. Be a mountain of peace and quiet, that is the best way to climb, and also the best way to have fun :D
Voldymort (EUNE)
: flame is never justified
radetari (EUNE)
: The reason why LoL messes up your mentallity
Well, you could also just let the anger go and realize that it is not constructive nor healthy. Even if you don't hold it in, flaming is an unproductive way to act, and will not only hurt your teammates but also yourself :) There is a third way of acting when teammates don't play the ideal way. Just let it go and focus on yourself! :D
: I am sorry for being suspicious (how can you not be in this world) but what prevents you from using this information to claim our accounts as yours?
Uhm, it is not possible. He is asking WHY you buy skins, not which skins, when you bought them, your email and password, and your IP-address.
Pega (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marcua,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lRfm4trX,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-03-04T21:00:13.902+0000) > > Well, it was. I did not edit this post. My guess is that you just didn't see it :) Nope.
Hmm, strange then :)
Pega (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Marcua,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lRfm4trX,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-04T10:54:14.690+0000) > > O. M. G. > EVERY time i get into PROMOS i just LOOSE them all. LOOK > > .................... > > > Jk, just wanted to tell you all that even though you can get unlucky like this, Riot is not intentionally ruining your promos, okay? There is no task force which only purpose is to ruin your games, okay? It is just bad luck! > > Have a great day. The second part was not there when i first commented. :)
Well, it was. I did not edit this post. My guess is that you just didn't see it :)
Pega (EUW)
: Greetings Summoner, LOL you lose 3 games in a row in our book this does not even account to be a losing streak yet (and you think it's all so bad and grim). Complain again when you have lost at least 12-20 games in a row (not at your fault). Then you can talk. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Sincerely, Pega
.... i think you missed my point, because your perspective on the matter is exactly what i tried to argue against. If you lose more than 5 games in a row, you are clearly the problem, not your teammates. I am fairly certain that if i hadn't made certain mistakes in those 3 games, i would have won them. If you play perfect every game, and i mean PERFECT, your winrate should easily be 80%. Often higher.
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: Hey! Do you know a thing or 2 bout support? help me out!
I would say that until at least level 30, warding and protecting your ADC is the only things you really can do. Things like deep warding, all ins at level 2 in lane and roaming, are stuff that requirers both Support and ADC to know what they are doing, and know what to do in certain situations. I would advice that you learned a big support champion pool. Maybe 1 from each "Playstyle" Alistar or Braum could be your tank, Brand or Zyra your Ap support, and Janna or Soraka your healer/Shielder. Champions like Thresh, Pyke and Bard are also fun, but they are hard to learn and even harder to master :)
: did you alread add me?
I have not. I will add you when I get home tonight :) I am still out of town.
: and no i am not some of those players who love there main ... i quit zyra when she was my main for 3 years then i was main eve ... and quit her after 6 months and i don't have a main at all cuz i stoped playing since 13 days and 12 hr just edited this so you know i don't have anything to lie .. and no there is no problems for the changes i am talking abut it's 100% with out risk and ya i have big ego . that what made me from plat 5 to d 4 in S8 in and lost my promo to d3 cuz i did not use my ego there . and then stoped playing after not useing my ego and lost to plat 4 . who told you ego is a bad thing . if you play with a team ego is bad ... but if you play solo it's too good . it's without risk lossing your shotdown ... there is alot of games in d 5 where i was 12/0/13 as eve before i quit playing her . riot is lassy as %%%% .. they are not doing anthing to tank karma cuz not so many players playing it (they told us that with there mouth in 2017 if i remamber right ) if a champ is op but not many players playing it that mean there is no need to think abut it . here is a good song for you
Again, the grammar makes this hard to read, so I am not sure I got your point exactly, but to my understanding, it seems like you have made a good decision of leaving the game. This "rant" or whatever you would call this preach here, it seems like you really hate LoL and Riot. At last, I would suggest you also stopped posting on boards. I do not know what you wanted to gain from posting this really, you do not leave any room for constructive discussion, but more like. "THIS IS HOW IT IS, BECAUSE I SAY SO! BUSH DID 9/11 TRUMP IS AN ALIEN"
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: it's funy how all i say is true and i get reproted for it or ban (but never got in game ban )
This seemed like one big rant, with no real purpose. A lot of what you are saying does not make any sense due to poor grammar, and your ego seems to be through the roof "...till some pro player started playing it in lcs and he did it wrong." I am sry to say this, but I do not believe you are more knowledgeable about meta and how to play certain champions than pro players. Secondly, a lot of the changes you suggest is simply not big problems. It seems like you are one of those players who think that just because you do not know how to play against it, or it counters your main champion, it is broken and should be changed. I suggest you stop playing LoL. If you think it is that shit, then don't play it. Have a great day :)
: Maybe, lets talk :) add me on discord: evayg#8621
Wonderful! I will add you as soon as I get back home Tomorrow night!
KeeperKara (EUNE)
: League of Legends 2019
Damn, enemy Midlaner might be the only one in the world ranked Gold 5. Don' know how he managed to do that.
: League of Legends Coaching [Free]
Hi EvayG. Do you want to be a part of an exciting new project? I am currently setting up a website focusing on informative guides and FREE coaching, and would love if you would like to join. Are you interested?
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: I can ignore everything from a past game if I want to, and I tried that in one of my games recently, and then the Yasuo mid goes 0/6 the bot lane goes 2/9 and I am positive and winning lane, the jungle was trying his best but you can't gank literal garbage and my lane was hard to gank so I was winning it solo, and the jungler has no option but to just farm. After this game, I just lost hope and when on a tilt spree and that's probably what got me banned.
I think that you should never blame your teammates. If you want to climb, focus on yourself only. I am sure you have games where you feed too (Maybe that 14 death Sylas game you played) A positive mindset is key for climbing. You can climb without being positive, but it is damn hard.
: Can we all agree that better bot wins?
Take a break. you seem tilted
: it is not about luck it is all about balance system after 8 years of playing league i'm thinking to stop playing it because it getting worse day by day and i'm not enjoying it like before. u might say it is because toxic or AFK players !? nop last 2 season champions not balanced completely in my opinion also whenever i open youtube i see streamers highlights they are complaining and arguing about champions balance, there is so much dmg in the game right now than before for example Dianna , even you buy atleast 1 MR item she still can 1 shot and rek you in 2 seconds while he has 3 kills all game long there is so much things too say but no ones listens or will read this anyway . just bye league of legends
I don't really know why you wrote this here. It has nothing to do with a positive story, not even a negative one :) You are just complaining. Feel free to do that, but.... if you want to stop playing, just stop. No one forces you to keep playing. Have a great day.
Eambo (EUW)
: The plan is absolutely to bring positional matchmaking globally, and your data is already being tracked for that purpose. It was initially launched in KR and NA to test and gain feedback to provide a better experience during global rollout (expected second split if I remember correctly) - hopefully addressing some of the concerns people have with it in it's current state :-)
When it does gets launched on all servers, what will happen to our current rank? : ) And how does the challenger ladder work? Is their one for every role?
: Diamond ADC LF support for current season (Plat+)
Currently plat 1, d5 last season. One tricking Bard. I won't be able to play a lot of games before the summer vacation though, maybe 5-10 every other weekend. So I will not be able to be a consistent duo to play with. But if you add me I would love to play some games when I have time :) p.s I peaked top 30 Bard euw last season according to league or graphs.
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: New Challenger Icon..
The old one was better compared to all the other old icons. Like it was "More" better than the other icons that the new challenger icon is. But i feel that the upgrade made them all better in general. I really like that instead of just a badge the ranks are helmets.
: I approve this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I also got to meet many great people thanks to league
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hdr0n (EUW)
: There's a massive difference between commenting on something and getting tilted. If you cannot control your emotions in a game, then yes you are mentally weak. This is akin to someone throwing a chess board over when they start losing. Or if you want to use soccer as an example, walking off the field or having a massive argument when your goalie misses a save. Being passionate and a sore loser is different. Poor excuse. I play a variety of competitive games, and none come close to lol in toxicity. Mostly people who are "passionate" about the game helps others and takes a leading role, instead of blaming. ;)
Hmm, i can see what you mean. Maybe you and i don't see the word "mentally weak" the same way. I find it a bit extreme, and would much rather call it a "sore loser" as you said. You can throw a chess board over and still be good friend, father or other. But you are right, i think LoL is a bit more toxic than other mobas. I know that in Overwatch the flame is also huge, or at least it was when i played it in Season 1 and 2. But i also feel like LoL is by far the game that can get you the furthest on the Esport stage, maybe except for CS:GO. That might be part of the reason for people tilting. People are already in High plat thinking about going pro, and each loss is a step back for them.
hdr0n (EUW)
: Yeah man I only recently started playing this, and it has by far the worst community I have ever seen. This is a moba thing. So many disillusioned people, who are convinced they are better than they actually are. Very very selfish people to boot, the worst kind. People who think they are smarter than they actually are. The way they respond to adversity in a simple game is testament to how weak they are as people. As far as I am aware, you cannot play to a draw in this game. That means, there WILL be a losing team, and there WILL be a winning team. There will be people who make a lot of kills, and that in turn will of course mean there's people with a lot of deaths. This is just basic logic, and if you can't get to grips with that, you really shouldn't bother playing. There is no honor or sportsmanship among these people. The best parallel I can draw is that they are exactly like 4-5 year old kids throwing tantrums when they don't get what they want. There is a saying in my language, basically translates to "When emotions rise, intelligence drops." I mean I've been playing like 2 weeks or something, and often after a game I will find someone going on a bragging tangent. Can't help but laugh, and remind them that if they were placed in game with me, they are bad. Win or lose you are bad. I know this because I am still bad. Knowing this I don't feel the slightest urge to berate someone else on my team when they are getting pooped on. It's a game, this stuff is supposed to happen. Needless to say on a real life battlefield these are the kind of people you hope and pray are not in your unit, cos they will get themselves and you killed. Mentally weak. If you get tilted for any reason, then you are effectively beating yourself, and you will most likely remain a low level player forever. If you are flaming someone else don't think they are suddenly gonna start playing the way you want them to, in fact you just made the situation far far worse. Well done, YOU are losing the game for your team, not the guy who is trying but having his opponent getting the better of him, YOU are the cause. Luckily when I play I just mute all. No interest whatsoever in the garbage they want to spew. I just carry on, trying to have fun with the game. Sometimes I win the game for my team, sometimes I get killed a lot (and of course reported) but who cares. If I feel I'm irritable, I don't force myself to play. Do something else. Getting tilted at a game, is exactly the opposite of what should be happening.
I have now come to the conclusion that it is just because the new season is here. I remember in the start of season 8 there were also a rise in flame and toxicity. People are tilted over getting placed lower than they think they deserve, and a lot of people haven't played in a while so they make mistakes, and that can tilt a lot of players. Nothing special, and nothing to do with "mentally weak" people. I like to look at LoL like every other game. People often say things they don't mean in the heat of battle. "%%%%ing idiot" is something you could easily be told in a game like Soccer if you loose the ball. Does that mean it is okay? No, of course not. But it means that the people saying it in LoL is not "mentally weak" or "%%%%%%s", they are just people really passionate about the game.
: I 100% support that. When I got Dia III MMR but I'm still Plat I is beyond stupid. Same goes for players stuck at the bottom of their divsion that only lose MMR but do not get demoted and sit there being gatekeepers (looking at you Dia IV 0 LP with low plat MMR players). Being Plat with Dia MMR will not give me Dia border.
I can understand the frustration, but if you had Dia 3 mmr, you would likely be in Diamond 3 games. The mmr is a secret kept by riot, and all platforms that say they can tell you it, is using an algorithm to guess. The matchmaking in the start of every season is always a bit whack. It will change :)
Raywhisper (EUNE)
: Every game is 1v9. You are alone. Accept this fact, act accirdingly and you are good to go.
That is just something people in low elo tell themselves. Problem is, it is not true. I am 100% convinced that most people in LoL actually want to win. It is when they tilt, or get flamed at, that there morale starts to crack. The thing with "elo hell" and "my team always feed" is weird to me, because it just can't be logically true, that you have the person that feeds every game. If that is the case, then it is your own attitude and perspective that is wrong. When i climb in low elo, i sometimes give up first blood just because i am being a bit careless. When i do that, often one on my team will say something in the lines of "%%%%ing inter" or similar. That is not int, nor feed. That is just a mistake ;)
: LF supp for lulu+twitch gold/plat
Funneling or bot lane?
: I get ya. It seems kinda easy for me to win just about any 1v1 early game if it's not one of those players who play safe and farm. I think there's lot for me to improve in mid to lategame. Sometimes I throw games where I'm clearly ahead of others (not on purpose). I've been thinking of paying some higher rank player if they analyze my replay. Then again I'm not sure if I want others' help if I'll make it on my own with time.
The most important thing is to NOT TILT. Recently at least 60& of my throws in games have been because someone tilted. And if you check, you will quickly realise that 100% of your losses had at least one player who flamed/tilted. If you keep a cool head, you increase your chance of winning tenfold.
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: Bunch of actually good players stuck on bronze???
The new season have made changes to the ladder. That means that there are currently a lot of people in Master, who used to be around Diamond 3. However, since Iron have been added, people in Low and mid silver should belong in mid bronze now. When you are Bronze/Silver, it is because you are Gold/Plat in some areas, but Iron/Wood in other areas. You might have a really good understanding of lane phase, but you know nothing about rotations and general macro in the mid and late game. I am currently Plat 2, Diamond last season, and i know that my macro in the late game is terrible. On the other hand, i would say i am probably high diamond on my early game pressure, knowing exactly when to roam, stay, or ward deep. (I play support.)
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SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
This is gold. Made my day.
: Sylas and elise ult
Might just be a mishap that had nothing to do with your ultimate, but happened right as you transformed. It could also be something with the ultimates code, not being able to understand the kind of ultimate Elise have. If it is the ladder, i am sure riot will fix it :) Try to write a ticket if it happens again.
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