Kyle001 (EUW)
: wait, are we not allowed to type the word sky? :D
Nice one, you better do not typo the word "Sky" or u might get banned xD
DominoKid (EUW)
: Hey, Where'd my runes go?
Just had the same problem on a normal draft, all my 20 runepages were gone and couldn't create a new one :/
: BUGS with Heimerdinger exist after the HOTFIX
Sad Sad X-mas, no Snowmerdingers on the rift this season.
Rioter Comments
: PATCH 8.23 - Warwick magically kills ornn
: > [{quoted}](name=BradutulFermecat,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9EBLVoxk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-24T08:03:05.484+0000) > > All I see are scores not intent of feed! > > Flaming and blaming players in Preseason we can make this topic also! If you die 8 times in a 21 min game, how isnt that feeding?(for example)
That is indeed feeding, but it might not be INTENTIONAL FEEDING, there is a difference, which is a huge difference, very easy to notice, but people still don't. If the guy was int feeding, in 21 mins, he could have at least 30+ deaths, cause it'd take him about 20-30 secs everytime to reach an enemy and die, even if he'd be running it down into the tower. 8 times in 21 mins, one could very well simple just lost the lane. Or maybe he was doing map pressure and getting permaganked? Getting a bad score, but having objective damage. Many situations can lead to a bad KDA (I have a horrible KDA myself), because I PLAY TO WIN, and not for KDA.
avitalik (EUNE)
: I just got 30 minutes ban cuz a troller picked soraka top
You can play soraka top, heimer jungle, teemo jungle. ETC, I actually do play a TON of those "OFFMETA" picks. I get off by playing underplayed champions because its just too easy to pawn every1 with the stronger ones. I like challenges, so I became a Heimer main xD Nevertheless, if I am, by any chance, not playing Heimer, I'll surely be playing something strange, in a strange place, with strange itens. Still, I will always be trying to win, and many times even trying to carry my ultra toxic teamates, but they are usually too busy pulling their hairs off and writing nonsense madness on the chat when they should be playing the game. You see? Don't be that guy. Notice the difference between some1 who is running into the enemy team nonstop doing nothing but letting them kill him, and some1 that is actually trying, even tho failing. Champion picks are to be respected, everything is viable, you never know what will be meta without this, if people do not try out new things, no1 will ever know anything new. You can never get the best out of anything without experimentation!
Papafruit (EUW)
: Game stuttering and terrible fps (again)
Just suddenly had same problem, fps went to 6-30 all of a sudden, mine never go below 100.
ramyon (EUW)
: i quit.
Becoming immune to all that, is the most important part on building the mental state you need to get to the higher ranks of the ladder in this game. Tilting immunity, being tilt proof, or whatever you wanna call it, is something that doesn't come easily, even the strongest mind will tilt someday in this game, i'm well aware of that. But one has to be bigger, stronger, steadier! And once you reach that "enlightnment" state, it won't affect only your gaming life, it will make you stronger IRL too. This game can actually build up some really undefeatable people IRL, emotionwise. But it cause also completely break the weaklings into little pieces. It the end it all comes down to 1 decision, as every play in this game: be the weakling, or the god, they both live within you, which one you feed is your decision.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I hope more players would think like you. many save most of their spells for last hits so they can get the kill. (at least in my elo "Gold")
The 2 most important things to git gud at this game are mentality (never tilting), and stop thinking only about yourself, think what would be better for the group and not just yourself.
: Karthus is rather a hard champion to play. You can learn to kite with Q, but try kiting a Yasuo that dashes or most of those dashing champions, then you can say you are a Karthus player. So, if you can learn how to kite with Karthus Q, go for it. And a tip here, try to use your ult after you die, if you're in a team fight. Go in, have E activated, push zhonya, spam Q, you die, you press Q, get penta. That's how I got a lot of quadras.
Sometimes it's really better to use the ult right before the fight bursts out, in order to do the most damage possible early so that you keep as many people alive as u can on your team, and basically make the fight easier for every1. You wan't to do this when enemy does not have many zonyas/banshee/hard mr. In that case, always better to use after death :P Trust me, my name used to be Rektiem :P
: Ranked games are unplayable.
Riot did something to deal with trolls, int feeders, etc. They made a report system. Which works btw, like a charm tbh. The problem is the community, what Riot did wrong, was/is not informing the community correcty, of how the report system works, therefore people use it wrongly, making it useless for them, and making it look like it does not work at all. What happens is that people keep reporting every1 for anything, wrongfully. And those incorrect reports will hurt your report value! There is no warning for that :P Rito should make it very clear for people that wrongfully reporting only hurts yourself. In the other hand, if you keep reporting only with correct reasons, when an account reaches a certain number of reports, an investigation is triggered, and if it gets punished, your report value goes up. U see what happens here? I've been reporting ppls correctly since it's possible to report people (I might have wrongfully done it a couple of times out of rage), so pretty much anytime I report a hard troll, with actual reasons, he's getting punished rly soon, if not immediatly after game. And I get the Instant feedback report to know that, and sometimes, I get those stacked one over the other. Riot doesn't have to do anything else, it's the community that needs to learn how the system works,how to loose, manners and to respect one another. Let's imagine some1 keeps reporting the jungler for "no ganks". When an actual troll comes in his game, and he reports him in the end, it won't even be considered, and trust me, the ammount of unvaluable reports is huuuuge! So huge it gives the illusion the report system doesn't work, while it does. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Raise Your Dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
: We aren't able to create a lobby right now(or cant log in because it says i may be offline) HELP PLS
Same problem right at this moment, can't login, says i might be offline, when clearly im not.
: You better compensate for today
I got "We were unable to start your game" error, 3 times in a row, making me waste almost 1h to start a game (and couldn't start a normal, just arurf). Played it np, after that game, I queue for another 1 and I get another error "Sorry you were unable to join the queue, etc etc". I restart the client and I'm greeted with an automatic reconect, into a full black screen, and no way to get out of it. Ghost game when i wasn't even in game, or in queue. And been having the "We were unable to start your game" one more often then I'd like in the past month. Also everyday disconects in game, while my ping is perfect, never moving from 50~ (250mbit fiber internet). Reconects 20-30 secs after and I'm dead. It's like some1 turned off my game for a few secs. Lost 3 promos to Diamond 2 in 2 days, because of this shit, and I must say, it's prety %%%%ing tilting, that the most played game in the world, can have such lowbie issues. It's not just the ghost game issues, it's the %%%%ing completely broken game since the start of the season. We don't want compensation! WE WANT YOU TO GRAB ALL YOUR SHIT, AND STOP FOCUSING IT IN %%%%ING UPDATES, AND START FOCUSING IT IN %%%%ING FIXES INSTEAD. WE WANT SOLVED PROBLEMS AND NOT MORE AND MORE PROBLEMS EVERYDAY!
Le Pisos (EUW)
: Stuck in game
Same problem, just played a arurf game np tho, but before that, 30 minutes trying to start a game, and would get the "sorry we were unable to start your game" error, and back to client, out of lobby. Then this shit, you were unable to join the queue or whatever, and i restart client, then this. It broke, once again.
: And without void staff none of that matters... cause you are gonna do no damage to any champion with that much magic resist. Plus it’s a 4/10 Heimerdinger and a 1/12 cass... in what universe does that do damage to a 19/4 bruiser. She was full build and you had only completed 3 items, none of which was the item you actually needed. She could have killed all of you without the W... you where so far behind and she was so fed she didn’t even need the damage reduction, her resistances would have kept her safe as is. Only rengar was a threat and even then an assassin vs a tanky champion isn’t a good match up for the assassin.
That's the end score, we were all way more even (except cassio, that one just fed) before, but at some point around 20mins, irelia just popped out and started cleaning every1 all by herself (more than 10 kills in 3 teamfights), we even killed all the other 4 in her team without deaths, only to loose to her solo after, it was just crazy, otherwise, I wouldn't even bother to make this post, as I'm not usually a whiny person. All it took was 1 game, 1 game vs her to understand its totally unbalanced. She had only mercs for most of the game, visage was her last iten, that's why no staff (it was on the way).
: Do remember... the W window where she takes that reduced damage is low, you can very easily play around it. It’s the same as yasuo... you don’t blow big projectile spells when you know he will block it you bait it out then use the window that it’s down to punish him for it... well actually people don’t do that and just complain wind wall... but when you actually use counter play that’s how you do it. No different here... your fed rengar likely ulted and used all of his burst on irelia, she blocked it... that’s where that comes from, the burst of an assassin like rengar going smack into her W. Same as if a burst mage used everything on a yasuo and got wind walled... if rengar had bursted someone else, while the Heimerdinger and cass dps rengar would have been more useful than ulting irelia and would have had a much easier time. Also remember that damage mitigated comes from items as well.... irelia built very tanky with an armour and two magic resist items... your team built no void staffs nor last whispers... are you really surprised you didn’t manage to kill her when you didn’t have the items for it. So basically rengar would jump on irelia, she would W it then carry on by killing him... then you and cass would try to focus her down but do no damage due to how far behind you are and the lack of magic pen... and Jhin couldn’t do anything as he isn’t that good vs tanky targets. She outplayed you, out built you, and out smarted you... nothing to do with irelia herself.
She was Cc'd for like 10 seconds, I could hit full combo with 4 turrets, and E 2 times! Cass ulti and rengo hitting the whole time.
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: How often do you guys clean your keyboards? And how?
Every 3 days or so I have to remove a couple keys and shake it down. Then I roll a couple with what comes out of it :P
: I got perma ban for type my midlaner"s cs and winrate
Multiple report callings, Passive agressive chat and just ultra spam overall. U have issues, ban deserved.
TayIor (EUW)
: edit: Ok, so the guy edited his previous message so it would look like I am being oversensitive and took all the passive insults out of it ok, So a guy who is scripting hits all his skill shots is actually because I am not dodging correctly and because I suck at positioning right? So you are insulting me without willing to actually watch the replay? ( you are insulting me, you are basically calling me one of those kids who cant accept that they played something wrong or that I just suck in general to the point I would accuse people of being a scripter because they are better than me, which I am not, I accept the mistakes I make) Cool, I love the league community. No matter what there are always people who just come out the cracks and insult you without any bases for it and will refuse to take hard evidence against their insults... Love it
All I said is based on your elo only, I know that you'r gold just from looking at your boards badge, so by default I assume u have gold or even plat skill, thus, you are not capable of dodging at the level I am talking about, thus resulting in my deduction, but like they say: if the shoe fits... If a goldie is vs a high diamond or higher, or a smurf, it'll look like he's vs a scripter, tho it's not necessarily true.
TayIor (EUW)
: ok, buddy. His account got banned so yeah, it was probably me who was wrong. Actually add me on discord, ive got the replay and Ill stream it. PartTimePeasant#9844
DW bro, I've encountered my own collection of scripters unfortunately. Good if he was banned, I could be wrong, as you could be not doding properly, so he would hit with center. Fortunately I haven't seen many this season yet, appart for 1 Xerath too, would would Insta hit every stun even on flashes or whatever, was so funny, and a couple ones with the weird impossible dodging, but that one is a bit harder to prove, specially in high elo, where people dodge all the time unconsciously. Anyways, you don't even need to make tickets for the cheaters, well, it doesn't hurt if u do I guess, but the simple report is enough to trigger an investigation, just remember he might not be banned right away, because cheaters are banned in waves, so that the software developers don't know what gave them away to Riot, and won't change their code. Riot knows who cheats, they just don't ban every1 right away for that reason, but eventually, it will even be worse for the cheaters, because they will loose time playing and going up, to just get that clean ban in the end.
TayIor (EUW)
: Why do scriptors always use the "you just suck" response
A Xerath scripter won't hit his abilities with the center, they'll barely hit with just a little corner even when u sidestep, and are pretty much impossible to dodge. His W will hit you as soon as you get inside its range, followed by a Q on max range, hitting you with just a little corner, as you try to run away, still slowed by the W. If he's hitting you with the center of all abilities, it is you who's in a bad position probably, certainly not scripts.
iSneez (EUNE)
: Yeah pets are toxic in league :D, cat studently jump on desk and instant lay on the keyboard making you miss the ult in a team fight :D. Pets interfering with gaming it's a big cause why people are stuck in elo hell :D
Unless u'r playing Katarina, then PENTAKILL!!!
Rioter Comments
Dezxir (EUW)
: BANNED WTF RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just ignore and report in the end. Play Heimer support as much as u want, it is not reportable, but just keep the cool. U can even mute people if u need. If that happens it's unfortunate, but it's their problem if u report quietly in the end. You are not banned for just that game, you probably had negative behaviour before and the punishment was triggered in that game. Calling for reports is considered negative behavior. Eventually, after thousands of those frustrating situations, U, like me, will become tilt proof, and harvest the profits that come with that.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I would be more sceptical, in the end this is PBE, it may not go through.
: Only heimer noobs go for zhonya otp dont really need em
Exactly, Zonyas is like the most mainstream iten, yet it is only worth rushing vs certain matchups like zed. I don't even use the stopwatch rune, there are way better choices :P
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: That turret needs a change, but not in so large scale
I'd agree with any kind of balance changes, but this is no balance, this is almost like deleting the champion.
Rioter Comments
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
It's my birthday soon, me wanty wardy skiny :P
: "The average person plays 4 hours a week" Not for this Heimerdinger
: 3000+ hours of league and i've never had that before hmmmmmm
That's probably because you are reporting people for wrong reasons and getting your report value nulified.
: > [{quoted}](name=MarijuHeimer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YbP1bkJq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-15T13:23:52.167+0000) > > Let me tell you a story: One day, I was in promos to diamond 1, with a normal between 50 and 60 winrate. I lost those promos. > After that, I started loosing games. Every single game I obliterated lane, not a single lane lost, not 1, even won hard vs mid and jungler sometimes (1vs2 donger power). > But guess what, every single one of those games I had to have 1 monkey below monkey level. Those are monkeys that can't even get carried quietly. And said monkeys proceeded to feed 15-20 kills in 5 minutes, to say "open" after first death, or just afk after 1 or 2 deaths. Clearly boosted accounts uncountable times. > I went like this, IN A ROW, until i was about Plat 2 50 LP. It was the first time I dropped from Diamond in 3 seasons. Was with an average 16% winrate, had 10% at some point. This winrate while winning every single lane can be truly frustrating trust me, specially when u'r high elo. > > But I just continued to play as I normally do, and eventually started climbing again, this time with 82-90% winrates, and got back to D2 in approx 1 week. > This loosing spree helped me understand the game a little bit better, and even tho I was already a law abiding summoner, this one really made tilt proof. > > Cheers! I don't understand your point, when you lost all those...let us name them "monkey games" was it fair? Were you playing that bad? As I see your experience you are saying luck has a huge impact in rankeds, Am I wrong?
Yes, you got my point, luck has a huge impact in ranked games. And the secret is the hardest thing to do, which is keeping the cool when you have too much bad luck. By keeping a positive mentality and focusing even on bad luck situations some of those unlucky games can actually turn around, which added to the also luckily won games will turn into a positive outcome. Take it like this, you don't have control over 90% of the games, 45% will be losses, 45% will be wins. The missing 10% is where your mentality actually comes into play, and that's what will make all the difference over the years.
: %%%got, "In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used instead of calling somebody stupid or a loser." I do not believe the person he directed the %%%got word at was homosexual and i think it wasn't meant as expressing the disliking of homosexuals. Like the most popular definition of %%%got is in urban dictionary, its used as a normal insult. I happened to be in the game this happened and I find it really weird how the person(adc) who reported the author of this post was flaming constantly for the whole game and the only offensive thing he got was being called a %%%got once. It's pretty ridiculous that Riot apparently only takes the reported's chat log without any context from the game and then go on and give punishments this serious for one word.
Honestly, I've always used the FA word as I di ot pretty much since I learnt english, and only recently I discovered it's associated with homophobia. With this information, I'll probably try to refrain using it so much, but you see, it's like embedded in my way, i'll even call myself an "oldf ag" when I do a mistake or something, or call some1 a "richf ag" if he's always changing car. Or say "little f a got" if a friend does some kind of unpleasant joke and that kind of stuff. What I mean is, it can be used like idiot. So imho, assuming it's homophobic without straight out pointers is simply being an egocentric f ag.
: 7/10 last lost games with afks/dcs.
Let me tell you a story: One day, I was in promos to diamond 1, with a normal between 50 and 60 winrate. I lost those promos. After that, I started loosing games. Every single game I obliterated lane, not a single lane lost, not 1, even won hard vs mid and jungler sometimes (1vs2 donger power). But guess what, every single one of those games I had to have 1 monkey below monkey level. Those are monkeys that can't even get carried quietly. And said monkeys proceeded to feed 15-20 kills in 5 minutes, to say "open" after first death, or just afk after 1 or 2 deaths. Clearly boosted accounts uncountable times. I went like this, IN A ROW, until i was about Plat 2 50 LP. It was the first time I dropped from Diamond in 3 seasons. Was with an average 16% winrate, had 10% at some point. This winrate while winning every single lane can be truly frustrating trust me, specially when u'r high elo. But I just continued to play as I normally do, and eventually started climbing again, this time with 82-90% winrates, and got back to D2 in approx 1 week. This loosing spree helped me understand the game a little bit better, and even tho I was already a law abiding summoner, this one really made me tilt proof. Cheers!
neurOn911 (EUNE)
: Mundo is BROKEN!
Mundo can kill base turrets with 1 auto attack lategame. With demolish + titanic hydra, doing close to 10k dmg in 1 hit.
Rioter Comments
hardys77 (EUNE)
: Getting a penta kill at level 1 is possible. Just a wrong invade and boom. Got one a quadra kill as Jhin at level 1. Solo kill nashor isn't that hard It's unlikely we'll get missions like this because they'll make no profit of it.
I got a legit lvl 1 pentakill as malphite once, and i started with E lol.
: I am silver, so yes, not perfect cs or harass or any of that jazz. And I have no clue about the differences between a Sivler fizz and a Diamond one. As I said, I am Silver, so how the hell am i supposed to know how diamonds play him?
: How do you build Zhonyas when he kills you every other minute?
On silver maybe, on a game where every1 misses cs like crazy, most likely fizz is going to win, because he's meant to be strong even when failing cs. Now if we have an even match, and a champ like swain/ryze/heimer/vlad/lissandra, fish is piece of cake until 6. With my heimer fizzes will barely be able to touch any minions until 6 without getting hard punished or killed, ending up with about 15 cs to 60cs pre 6, and that's if he doesn't die. So tell me, what are silver fizzes doing different than the diamond ones that makes them so op?
: In what ways is Fizz not op?
You can simply zonyas and bb fizz combo, and you can own him so hard pre 6 with some champs, that by the time he gets 6 u'll be so ahead that he won't be able to kill you with full combo.
PumpkinX (EUW)
: Is Yasuo op? (With poll)
A good yasuo will %%%% you up, and it's annoying as %%%% always jumping all over the place, makes it really hard to hit my donger grenade. And that wall my god that wall. Yet, it was my most killed champ 2016, with 366 yasuos killed, and honestly, since he came out, I only got legit %%%%ed my a handful of them. A truly good yasuo is really hard to come by, most of them are just big ego trashies that get easily caught out of position. If you harass tha fack out of him early game, there isn't much he can do until very late.
Absolved (EUW)
: How do you feel about OTPs?
So, yesterday night I got autofilled support. I usually OTP mid/top dinger. I wasn't really feeling the support that moment so, after asking nicely for mid and getting denied, I respectfully went heimer support, with tristana adc. Vs draven + nami and totally obliterated them.
: lol watch the video better he was doing hte fking wolfs as sona support and he could have flashed the tiny wall to get in the base.. that isnt trolling but is griefing after 42 mins where i want to win he just make me lose^^
She didn't expect the tf ulti and eveybody following up on him right after. The consequences would be reducing your own report value by wrongfully reporting her. (She actually did more damage than you on TF on that fight, she put him on 35% and u finished him off) Also loosing, getting caught, making mistakes, and being bad, are no reason to report. This is a game and as a game there must be a winner and a looser. Griefing is what tyler1 did in that video some1 posted. When some1 starts with the "report xxx 4int, 9x int" without a real reason, it just triggers the will to rly start inting to show the difference (or you'r also the kind of person that expects people to suddenly turn into god of war after they get flamed to the ground?). People make mistakes, deal with it like a man and stop whining.
EpicLoLer (EUW)
: Of course it's not bannable, it's not even reportable. She was caught out of position because the enemy has better vision control and has a ganker in their mid lane. She was clearly trying hard to get away the moment she noticed the enemy closing in. If anything, the rest of your team are griefing, why are you risking everything to save the support? why are you grouping up nicely for the malph ult? you could have won the game if you had let the sona die and regrouped. Instead you are here trying to justify your own stupid actions, that's pathetic.
D z (EUW)
: then why we see pro players climb so damn fast to challengers in weeks ? (smurfs) ?
Champions with 2 hidden powers are great for fast climbing. Those are champions that can push fast as %%%%, and champions with high outplay capability. If you notice, any1 that climbs fast will be playing a champ with 1 of those capabilities.
OnlyTB (EUW)
: Do riot ban elo boosters?
I think those are banned in waves too.
: Why i will not play ranked (might have a laugh from this)
Hi there, also 29, I wish I would have accomplished all those things in life, but guess what, I wasn't strong enough, and allowed League to destroy my life :P But see it from the bright side, at least I'm high diamond, and my plants love me *.*
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