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Snook888 (EUW)
: [Skin Idea] Bartender Singed
Nah we cant have that. Dont you know that riot is removing everything that suggests these types of themes, happens when something gets popular i guess.
: Splash Art update, my personal thoughts. [Harsh criticism]
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: I have a better suggestion: devourer does not proc permanent true damage.(yi's e and lizard's buff).
That is just lame though
: Can the Aoe damage crit?
That is a good question because if it did crit it could be a bit overkill and if it didnt the skill could become like Yi:s Q while it still had ap ratios and you would lose DPS if you used is as AD yi. Without testing its hard to determine.
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: Try hitting your abilities.
How do you think i got those numbers?,but you got a point they had fizz so i had that going against me
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