: Stop Iron players ending up in Gold/Silver games.
Just as in sales a lot comes down to mindset. If you enter the game thinking you are at a disadvantage you will be at a disadvantage. Try to play around the other players and don't get distracted by rank or mmr
: add me : amk kothaufen we are germans tho and we use teamsopeak
I'm dutch so could you speak english. I only understand a little german
: we are looking for a junlger/support to join our team
Gold 4 support main here. I would like to join your team
: Lf Jungle and support for clash!
I'm a gold 3 support main, add me if you are intrested
: [EUW] Silver II ADC Looking For A Support Main!
Hey I was gold 1 last season and I'm silver 1 atm. I'm going to try to get plat this season. I main Braum, Janna, Lulu, Thresh, Taric, Nami, Brand, Zyra and Nautilus. I've sended you a friend request.
Hammon King (EUNE)
: Bronze ADC looking for support to climb with in solo q
malphite and maokai are kind of a weird support picks and Brand or Nami are really good to win lane and have a good teamfight ;) Imagine being Vayne but you get pushed under turret all the time because you do not have any pressure in lane. Brand or Zyra can make sure this does not happen.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Relic shield visual glitch
Well I never have had that problem but I'm running a geforce GTX so.
: somebody got a new idea for a new username ?
IKnowDaWae SneakyAdolf FinallyBronze4 Challenjour Challenger inc FizzKalifa Lil Pump GucciGangBang DamnThatAshe
: somebody got a new idea for a new username ?
UgandanNuckles SexOffender MorganFreemana MorganaFreeman KaynjayWest FiddleMyStick
: to verify it
hhhmm don't know how to help you further. maybe buy an account or create a new one
: Change fiddlestick into support?
would be a cool idea but your E leaving minions with only 1 hp is kind of odd. if someone would want to play him mid he would be almost impossible to wave clear with. His E prioritizing Champions would be better. about his ult, how about we give him double resistences, every allied champion a movement speed buff and every enemy champion 20% less resistences. tenacity is only good on tanks, tenacity on carries feels just awkward.
: account hacked no control help pls
you can change your e-mail if you go to the right upper corner of the LoL board website (even this page) and select settings. after 5 seconds of waiteing you'll get an option to change your e-mail adress. try this
Neixtenix (EUNE)
people can't take jokes. especially bronze players
Siwo (EUW)
: If i could get your ingame name, I'll add you as soon as possible :)
Èclair (EUNE)
: Because defensive supports have many paths of itemizations already with many items being as valuable for teams to almost make them core in certain cases. For the same reason why Ohmwrecker was left untoched for many years.
so you are saying these items should not be reworked even though they could have a lot of potential?
Èclair (EUNE)
: It's a public forum and not the lair of the yes men. If you simply do not with other to confront your ideas and suggestion - you don't have to post it here, nobody forces you.
but why shouldn't they rework the item?
: i have a high ping even tho my internet is fine and good
It could be your computer. It could be getting old or your computer is getting slow because of too many documents or other files taking too much space on your computer.
: not really, almost 70 to 80% of champs have cc in this game and adc needs tenacity o help them get away from slows and stuns how can u say adc doesnot need atenacity andi qss is not always the best option because 1)u are wasting 1 slot whereu can buy somth more better than the qss and 2) qss has a bit long cooldown where as chamops have their cc ability on 3 secs or 6 secs which means u are still goan be hit again and die even when u use it . so thats like wasting my gold and itemslot. for eg if u are palying vayne. u need movement speed and attackspeed since she has low aa range and a gap closer, once u gap close u will get cc'd or slowed and there u reject the adc to do somth usefull ofc lategame vayne is op but still u get me cc is still a big problem for adc's they need to run or chase .. even when u play vayne top and get a nasus against u.. his w destroys vayne, u cant do shit against him (just an example) same for other adc's . i think if this item gets reworked to making the adc have more tenacity where it helps the adc get lower cc durations . it would make adc a happier lane
completely agree with you, the carries should be the most mobile and tanks are here to catch that CC and protect the carries. tenancity would help protect the adc better and this may even help us out of the tank meta since tanks their heavy CC will be less usefull. the only problem will be that riot will have to make this new mikeal's gold efficient and I hope it will be a magic resist/health item because janna, lulu and soraka will be heavy meta again. burst champions will be better tehn the tanks mid to late game and tank supports will be the best to counter the burst champions and will be able to build this new mikeal's.
GetVaMage (EUW)
: SEARCHING FOR FLEX TEAM . need top/mid/jungle (GOLD/SILVER in flex)
gold 1 atm. I can play top and support. top: maokai, shen, gnar, trundle, nautilus, gangplank, jayce and cho
Èclair (EUNE)
: > thats why i think in bronze to gold or even plat elo supports barley buy this item No, that's because there's plentora of better choices that aren't as situational as Mikael. After they removed the heal and left only cleansing effect it became much weaker, especially that now it can be easily substituted with QSS. ADCs don't need tenacity. This stat is useful for tanks mostly to make kiting them harder with recuded duration of CCs. Usually if your ADC gets stunned that additional 25% recuded CC duration won't save them.
so you agree it should make some change since it is a bit weak?
: sugesstion about "mikael's crucible" item
honestly that would be a good idea, but in which situations would you buy it? 20% off hard CC wont matter much but it may be useful on soft CC. If your adc gets hit by a Morgana Q or an Elise stun the follow up will be hit since 20% off 2,5 seconds is still 2 seconds but an ignite or heavy slow which end 4 seconds earlier may help and since it wont be used to protect your adc from stuns it may indeed be a way better idea to add some tenacity.
: Silver Elo Xayah Montage (Please visit the channel for a like!)
I expacted you put some bloopers in it too. but yeah good play
: Lost a promo because of my teammate
it happens from time to time, just deal with it
D0rtus (EUW)
: Why do support players think they have it the worst?
I'm a support main and I think it is because we feel like we have very little impact on the game. but a good support will realize that his role of warding, peeling and disengaging is very important. he probably got salty because he has no impact on the game and get frustrated because he wasn't able to do anything. he probably got autofilled too.
Siwo (EUW)
: Looking for serious E-sport team
hey man I would love to play some serious games. I main top and support. Support: Braum, Nami, Zyra, Janna, Lulu, Thresh, Rakan and Miss Fortune (until her bullet rain gets nerfed). top: Maokai, Shen, Trundle, Nautilus, Gnar and Gangplank. I'm gold 1 atm.
: Someone said K*S and wasn't banned
kis? kes? kus? kas? kos? which word? can some one explain to me which word of these is bad and in which language
Drekiigar (EUW)
: I'm stuck at Bronze 5.
so I'm gold 1 atm, maybe I can give you guys a few tips and tricks to win more games. I main support and top and have decent/good game knowledge.
: > I main Teemo, so a lot of the times when I get top and choose him he gets banned, when i dont choose him he gets banned. which leads to me having to play a champ that i dont know that well. >Why is this a thing? You can only play 1 champ, and get salty when your team bans him. You shrug it off when the opponents ban him. The problem is you only being able to play 1 champ effectively. That instantly solves your problem. >I believe RIOT should change this so your own team couldnt ban your champion No. You are last pick, you choose the most broken champ there is. Chances are your opponent is going to pick it before you, and the whole team has to deal with playing vs OP BS, while you still land on a champ you can't play because your repetoir is small. Why do people do it? Bad / toxic experiences. Certain champions attract certain playstyles, or do not lend themselves well to work with their team. People don't apreciate it, because it gives them the conception they have to pull the weight of a person. This genuinly is a problem for you, and for you to solve. That's not a nice thing to hear, but it really is.
why do you take the side of the toxic team mates. we all know how annoying it is if someone bans your main champ and especially when someone on your own team does this. your own team mate banning your main equals a lose because your teammate will be salty, you will be salty and the rest of the team will be destracted just because this one played does not respect his team mate. don't tell this player how is trying to adjust an issue he should stop being salty and learn a champ he does not like.
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I believe the report system works, it gives players a feeling they got back on that annoying player in their soloq games. It will relieve some toxins and make them less toxic for the next game
: allemaal toegevoegd, tot op League{{sticker:galio-happy}}
ik voel een League of Legends team opkomen
: i WANT to see greeks or a greek tean in that riot tournaments :) i do watch these tournaments few times i like Skt and fnatic
And they all will be named after gods and titans. Apollo as adc, gaia as support, Zeus in mid, demiter in the jungle and Ares in top
: So I just played the most horrible match ever...
Yeah these C*nts will apear in your games form time to time. The only thing you did wrong was banning his champ. Not because he did something to you you can do it to him. Just report them and they probably stay somewhere in bronze for ever.
: looking for dutch peeps
Hey man ik ben 19 jaar, ik main top en ben gold 5 geeindigd. Vind je het ook leuk om over esports te praten?
: Try to calmly tell him to go to his original lane, if he won't type in all chat "(x champ) is trolling -.-". Mute him and report him after the game. By muting him you minimize his influence on your behaviour and just farm, take cs and hope. Trolls are a thing you'll have to deal with from time to time and some times you'll have a troll in the enemy team. Don't let this tilt you
Maybe not even type in all chat, may trigger him
: You know whats even a bigger waste of time? making a forum post about it with no real question just complaining about 1 bad experience you had.
Really helping here man. Good job, you musy be fun at parties
Loonsteer (EUW)
Try to calmly tell him to go to his original lane, if he won't type in all chat "(x champ) is trolling -.-". Mute him and report him after the game. By muting him you minimize his influence on your behaviour and just farm, take cs and hope. Trolls are a thing you'll have to deal with from time to time and some times you'll have a troll in the enemy team. Don't let this tilt you
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I just did, I'm main support and top. I'm currently silver 4.
: Glad for you :D may I aske what fixed it?
completely refreshing my laptop
: Do you get any kinde of error? Here is also a few things you could try: Make sure your video card drivers are Updated. Temporary disable your firewall and antivirus. If this helps make sure to add LoL as an exception to both your firewall and antivirus and reactivate them again afterwards. Make sure your version of windows is updated. Update your DirectX. Reinstall the game.
thanks for the help, I was able to fix the bug thanks :D
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: What if YOU could change/implement one thing in League ?
how about a few champions that could settle down in the ground, expending their range and tankyness so they could basic attack the turret without beeing hit by the turret, like some kind of canon. a supporting item that would give some armor whould be nice too, I mean, you are in a lane with some guy who builds full AD.
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: {{champion:412}}
already have him
Bazzo (EUW)
: {{champion:40}}
already have her
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