Únholy (EUW)
: Yeah man, chance it might be an emote, not sure of everything I've got, but, wouldn't it come out as an emote shard that I'd have to unlock?
Nope, emotes unlocked via chests get unlocked directly unless they're a duplicate, in which case they remain as a permanent shard. Check your collection and order by date, it should be the first one on top if that's the case.
Únholy (EUW)
: Nope, didn't get a skin shard I got nothing, I double-checked my collection, and my loot is empty Says it has a chance to contain 1x of the following: OE, skin shard, ward sin shard, and emote (hextech crafting) So if I got something it would have come up in my loot, and nothing is there
Did you check your collections for emotes and icons as well?
Únholy (EUW)
: Masterwork chest and key consumed and no rewards were obtained
You may have gotten something just without being told explicitly - probably a skinshard?
: i dont get what riot prommis
Were you Honor level 2 (or higher) when the season officially ended? If you weren't, you didn't get the ranked rewards, as [stated here (click me)](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/promotion/2019-ranked-rewards), if you instead were, you should open a ticket. Sett's calling card is supposedly not yet active (it's not working for anyone)
: Purchased Sett before i even got to the calling card
Sett's calling card does not open right now (Even though it should) for anyone. For the 7800 BE you should be able to refund Sett and get him with the card (when it starts working)
dino0 (EUW)
: The oldest account should the one to keep the username simple, not this bullshit of the first one verify
It's the last one to change the username that gets to keep it. If you own every account with the same username you can change the other ones first and you'll get to keep it on the last one.
: I litteraly own all the accounts that share the same username as my main...
Change every other account first The last one gets the keep the username ######Smartest system possible where the slowest one to change the username gets to keep it, very intuitive and fair, ~~totally not bull----.~~
Declined (EUNE)
: Not wanting to change your login name?
There is just a single **MAJOR ENORMOUS** issue with all of this: --- #"**Last **come best served" --- Let's hypothetically (it's not actually hypothetical in my case, gee thanks dead accounts that never even got to level 20! Love it) say you log-in and find that your username is not unique and you have to change it. Regardless of: actual activity on the account, longevity, any possibly meaningful criteria; the only way someone can keep an account with its username is if it is the **LAST** account to change. If person A and person B (and nobody else) had the username "Username" and person A played every single day while person B played every other 3 years, person A would now be prompted to change username because it's not unique. Person B, in virtue of the fact they don't actually play the game nearly ever would then never get said prompt and be able to just log-in scot free and retain the username. Even worse: If person B were to never actually log in again (meaning that their account is actually dead) person A would effectively have changed username in favour of a dead account. The real option should have been a priority system: Is there more than one currently active account? If not: give the username to the already active account, probably also the first to request it in virtue of being active (but not necessarily! Assuming this would leave the system open to sniping) If yes: give the username to the oldest account. I'm beyond angry at this ~~frankly moronic~~ decision.
br41n l355 (EUNE)
: Those 10th anniwersary missions are cool and stuff but...
Everyone gets a month to complete 11 missions once per day, they expire on the 19th of November. It's not 1 per day between the 17th and the 27th of October on fixed time but 11 dailies over a month's time span.
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
: Anniversary Day 2 Mission time ?
The time to unlock the missions will vary depending on when you complete them, since everyone has until the 19th of November to complete the 11 missions to be played on different days, so I'd expect the next mission to unlock 20~24 hours after you complete one. (Exact time has not been given as far as I know, but FWOTD resets after 20 hours and I'd imagine this would work the same way) They're not 11 fixed daily missions from the 17th to the 27th but 11 dailies (Don't have to be consecutive days either) per player over the month. Hope this clears it up!
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
https://imgur.com/a/JhCyMHO I can't draw but I tried to do something original within my range of abilities (It's non-existent) EUW mas17 Cheers!
Bebeli (EUNE)
: LeBlanc is a man - typo or for real
It wouldn't be implausible (Although I'm honestly not sure whether it is or if Stahlvormund's right instead) - first of all, they're not official Riot writing but they're compiled summaries written by other users and secondly, there's another typo 2 paragraphs above: "During his conquest, Mordekaiser demicimate an order of Noxii mages who had renewed the study of ancient celestial magic"
Yuka (EUW)
: You can start tomorrow once CBLOL begins! :) You can watch any of the leagues listed in the table.
This isn't true though > Access to Watch Missions will be rolled out in waves on a region by region basis: * Brazil on Jan 11th * Turkey on January 13th * Latin America, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Japan on January 17th. Taken from the announcement post itself. The missions still don't appear under the rewards page of the site for me, by the way, even though it's already the 17th.
: What does the gui icon, above Leona's legendary skins at top left, means?
That represents Variants, the new type of content introduced with the Pajama Star Guardian skins. When you see a skin with that tag in the store it means you own a different variant of that skin, which makes the other variant(s) cheaper. Since you own both they both show up as a variant of a skin you already own.
: The thing is before 12. November i was honor lvl 1 last check point. After 12. November two or three days further i got honor lvl2 back. Now i am Honor lvl2, when do i get Ranked Rewards, in 12. December or in 11. February (2019)? Plus other the thing is that past season i was silver league, got silver loading border all year long till after this year 12.November it disappeared for no reason. NOW i am GOLD V LEAGUE BTW. My idea is that i see many other people don't have loading borders also after 12.November cuz they didn't got HONOR lvl2. and idea is that, riot rewarded after 12.November Seasons 9 loading screen borders from ranked league to all people who got HONOR lvl2 but took off past seasons ranked loading screen borders, am i right? Thats kind of dumb if it is like that. _**And also i guess it is a bug or something, that in game client inside i press (RANKED tab) next to (Match history), and it loading loading and pending loading symbol only but doesn't show RANKED LEAGUES tab only loading pending, i waited many minutes, i reinstalled, uninstalled e.t.c client nothing worker, when i go in for example some lol summoner finding sytes all there is shown about my RANKED LEAGUES!!!. And in (overview tab) (the silver flag) thing where is profile icon also disappeared also same as SILVER LOADING SCREEN BORDER!!!**_ **Conclusion is that RIOT didn't tell that they will take off take away past seasons this year ranked loading borders and (overview tab) flag thing ranks also....**
If you weren't punished with anything worse than a chat restriction and mantain Honor level 2+ (Without getting any bans/suspensions in the meantime) until February 11th you'll get your seasonal rewards. You don't have a loading border because the transition from 2017's seasonal rewards to 2018's seasonal rewards has already been made but since you weren't Honor level 2 or above you weren't eligible, losing your border (Because it expired) without gaining the new one. Gaining Honor in preseason will not influence seasonal rewards until February when a new check will be made and rewards given accordingly (In the following days) Again, for every season until next one, loading borders represent the rank you were in at the end of the the previous season. Not the peak, the rank you ended the season at the season before. So ranked borders for season 6 would reflect the ending rank on season 5 but no other season etc. The preseason is a transition between 2 seasons which is used, among other things, to migrate all players' ranked borders to the latest finished season, meaning that right now, since the transition has already been made, all players will have their ranked border reflect the ranked standing at the end of season 8. The ranked page in the profile seems to be broken, probably in part because of the transition between seasons as well (My own speculation). Haven't seen rioters mention this publicly so far so can't tell you much.
: RANKED REWARDS in 12. DECEMBER, but u can get up (HONOR LVL 2) till 11.FEBRUARY!!! Where is logic?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011986113-2018-Season-Ranked-Reward-Eligibility-Update In short: As a special case for people who were below Honor 2 at the end of the season _but_ that were only punished by chat restrictions at most can still have a chance at getting 2018 seasonal rewards if they are Honor 2+ at the February deadline. This **one-time** condition is meant to accomodate for the change in policy regarding end of season rewards that was implemented when Honor levels were introduced (Before, if you only had been last chat restricted a certain amount of time before the season ended and had gone through the punishment) However, in the meantime you'll have to deal with not having the seasonal rewards. Also remember that ranked borders (Until the new season comes) are meant to show last season's rank, any rank before that is disregarded. If you skipped a year you would be left without borders, even if you hadn't been punished or anything.
ˆAnimaˆ (EUW)
: So buying one of them discounts the other or something?
Yes, similarly to the Pajama Star Guardian skins, they're variants of each other. When you own one the other is replaced in the store with a bundle that lets you get the second one with a 45% discount.
Darth Sero (EUNE)
: Hey bud, nice catch. It seems that I didn't really answer that question as clear as I should've. So, when the new season starts you will have your highest rank border show up in all of your non-ranked games and you will have specific borders showing up in ranked queues that reflect your rank in that queue and position you play. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Hope that all makes sense. ^^
So they'll remove the ranked queue correlation from normal games altogether, meaning that someone who's high rank on 3v3 gets that rank in normal draft 5v5 as well? Not sure if I agree with the decision. Thank you for the time though ^^
Darth Sero (EUNE)
: 2019 Ranked Season FAQ
Is the ranked border in normal games being the highest one of all queues 100% confirmed? Asking because until now (Including the preseason [**from the FAQ**)](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010365913) normal borders are still map-specific: SR normal and Co-op vs AI games will have the highest rank between Solo/Duo and Flex5 (both SR modes) while TT normal and Co-op vs AI games will take the border from Flex3, just want to be sure that the info is accurate.
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW/EUNE] End of Season Rewards - Complete!
Might help to say that I got the notification but received some of the rewards, the Solo/duo and Flex5 icons and the Honor ward skins, but haven't received (Although they were also mentioned in the log-in fanfare) the Victorious Skin and its chromas nor the Flex3 icon. I'm sure they'll come later. Cheers.
You're definitely not first, there are already tons of people that complained in the video comments lol
Busan (EUW)
: Clash day 2???
Nope, this was a 1 day test run for Clash. There's no date for the official Clash (re-)launch yet.
: So, in few words, whould I quit?
Yes Also, just published: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/fyw6dwnb-clash-thread
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: New mode for Summoners Rift
Uhhh what you're describing sounds a lot like Nemesis Draft which is an actual Featured Game Mode that exists... (Or rather existed, I guess) It seems it wasn't very successful though because it's been used very few times (If not just once).
: [Clash 11/18] Still waiting in champ select
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=5sGJ0roU,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2018-11-18T20:44:59.453+0000) > > Hey guys, > > First I want to apologise for the delay in responses here, we're looking into why some of our failsafes aren't working as intended. > > If you are waiting on a game for 20+m please feel free to dodge, you should not receive a penalty. Some teams will be automatically relegated due to this problem which we'll look into, but for now those teams will be unable to proceed. > > If your game started as normal, you'll be impacted and proceed into your next game as scheduled. Besides, there is an open issue in Service Status about champion select not going through >Network Operations – 20:57 We're aware of issues occurring during champion select, and are working on fixing the problem. and the above message from Riot Eambo on the Boards. Always check the Red Tracker to see if there are official news and replies from Riot employees.
soupsoup (EUW)
: Will clash ever actually start?
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=5sGJ0roU,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2018-11-18T20:44:59.453+0000) > > Hey guys, > > First I want to apologise for the delay in responses here, we're looking into why some of our failsafes aren't working as intended. > > If you are waiting on a game for 20+m please feel free to dodge, you should not receive a penalty. Some teams will be automatically relegated due to this problem which we'll look into, but for now those teams will be unable to proceed. > > If your game started as normal, you'll be impacted and proceed into your next game as scheduled.
Satoru (EUNE)
Being unranked matters only to a certain point - it will apply last season's rank. This is meant in particular to avoid people playing placements with other players way above them in ranked to get a boost. The season is over but ranked games will influence the starting MMR for next season, so while it's not as meaningful as the actual season it's still not a complete waste of time either. The rank reset has not happened already, that will happen when the next season actually begins, on the 23rd of January. If you had done your placements but see yourself as unranked (Without having done a server transfer, which will leave you unranked until you play at least one ranked game) it must be an error. At that point re-logging or contacting support if that didn't work (Unless it's an open issue in the Service Status) would probably be the best course of action.
: [Clash] Why can i only add 1 of my 4 tickets? And why cant i find more tickets in the shop?
For the test you can only use one ticket, which you're given for free for the test, regardless of leftover tickets from the launch.
: Can't buy clash tickets.
You're not supposed to. For the test run you're only able to use a single ticket which you're given for free.
Smerk (EUW)
: There is no chroma for 1 queue, just base skin. Chromas aren't tied to queues this time
You're right, actually, damn. I just gave for granted there would be 3 chromas and that the pictures were only showing the chromas. My bad.
: Do i get the victorious skin even if i just have gold on flex?Or do i have to be gold on Solo/Duo??
You get Victorious Orianna and 1 chroma for being Gold+ in any queue. You get one additional chroma for being Gold+ in each of the other queues. I'm not sure if the chromas are bound to queues or if they're cumulative, though.
mrboom110 (EUW)
: Unfair Behavior System
I'm gonna guess that it was more than just that. Either multiple offenses or there's other stuff worse than you say. Post the full chat logs and someone will point out some highlights.
SΔint (EUNE)
: hmph
Pre-game and post-game chat logs are recorded, as proven by some of the chat logs posted on the boards that do include them.
Rioter Comments
Xaytah (EUW)
: for people that have too many key fragments already i assume
I guess, but I'd argue that it would still be worth more to get key frags than BE
VoxMortis (EUNE)
: If ONE world token is ONE BE and ONE Key fragment is 25 World tokens ??HMM?? RITO EXPLAIN PLS
That's because 1 token is worth more than 1 BE, but if you're left with not enough tokens to buy anything at the end of the event you can transform it into BE to get rid of the currency early before it expires by itself. Although I don't get why there would be a 50 token to BE option.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Could someone do the math for me?
65% winrate means you're gaining roughly 32LP every 3 games, so it'll take 3 times 3 games (+1 win because you'd be a couple LP off) at least to actually gain the LP. Besides that though, the main thing is actually getting the promos. The minimum, with a ~65% winrate should be about 17 games assuming you win both promos first try. Otherwise, for each promo you lose it's going to be +2~3 games. All in all I'd say that about 23 games would be a reasonable number, as long as your winrate doesn't drop.
: Feeling completely out of my depth
First of all, most of these questions can be answered by the tooltips - hovering an item, a champion's ability, or an effect from the effects bar (Above the abilities when playing) will tell you what that does. Other in-depth info can be found on League's Wikia (It's player-mantained and unofficial but still usually very accurate. You can find details of every champion, item, ability, buff, etc in the game and there are usually some good indications of particular interactions of different effects or abilities etc with each other). (I'm sorry this is a massive post, but there are a lot of nuances to go through. This isn't even as in-depth as it gets, but should be a decent overview starting point. Again, I really suggest looking up as many tooltips as possible as well as guides about the game. Make sure they're up-to-date though.) Buffs: Assuming you're talking about buff given by neutral units (aka jungle monsters), there are several buffs that can be found on SR (Summoner's Rift): * Blue buff * Red buff * Elemental Dragons: * Ocean * Infernal * Cloud * Mountain * Elder * Baron Nashor Blue buff: Increased Mana _or_ Energy (In the case of an Energy using Champion: Akali, Kennen, Lee Sin, Shen, Zed.) regeneration, 10% cooldown reduction (CDR) Red Buff: Basic attacks on enemy non-structure units (Champions, monsters, minions) will apply a slow and a true damage over time (dot) non-stacking effect. Additionally, being out of combat (Not dealing to or taking damage from) against enemy champions or epic monsters (Herald, Dragons, Nashor) will increase health regen. Note: Blue and Red buffs will expire after 2 minutes; Killing someone with one or both of these buffs active will transfer it/them (And reset the duration) to you (And viceversa, being killed by someone while having one or both buffs will transfer and reset the duration of these to who killed you). Being executed (Killed by an enemy turret, minion or neutral monster without having been damaged or debuffed by an enemy champion within a set amount of time) will not transfer ownership of these buffs nor refresh or extend the duration. The monsters that give these 2 buffs always spawn the first time at 1:30 in the game and will always respawn 5 minutes after being killed. By pressing TAB you'll get information at the top of the screen with either a timer for the next respawn if you had vision on it when it was killed, a monster icon if the buff is alive (Or if it's dead until you see it is) or a series of - if the buff is currently unavailable but you didn't have vision on it when it was killed. The icons on the minimap will be replaced by hourglass icons when it's about to spawn _**regardless if you know or not when it was killed:**_ a gray hourglass will appear precisely 1 minute before respawn, which will turn yellow precisely 20 seconds before respawn. --- Elemental Dragons: There are 5 types of Elemental Dragons, listed above. The first 4 types are chosen to be spawned randomly every time a dragon is to be spawned before the 35 minute mark in a game; If a Dragon is set to spawn after the 35 minute mark it will be an Elder Dragon. There can never be 3 Dragons of the same Element (Except Elder) spawned in any game, the 4 basic Elemental Dragons' effects can stack up to 3 times (Right now these stack linearly, meaning that each stack adds the same value, but this is set to be changed next preseason to have a bigger effect on the first stack and diminishing returns with the following 2). Ocean Dragon: Gives % missing health and mana regen when out of combat vs champions and turrets Infernal Dragon: Gives % increased Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP) Cloud Dragon: Gives % bonus movement speed, increased when out of combat Mountain Dragon: Gives % bonus true damage against epic monsters and enemy turrets The first Dragon will spawn at 2:30, if one of the 4 basic elemental drakes is slain the next one will spawn in 6 minutes. The type of Dragon (If spawning before 35:00) is chosen at random among these, with the sole exception as mentioned before that there can only ever be a maximum of 3 Dragons of the same basic type spawned. These buffs never expire and can't be lost once obtained. If a Dragon would be spawned after 35:00 it will be replaced by an Elder Dragon. Elder Dragon's buff is temporary, is lost on death (Bot not transferred!) and will not be obtained by dead players on the team that slays it; Every time after the first an Elder Dragon is slain the buff will be Empowered instead, doubling most of its effects. Elder Dragon's buff empowers all other Elemental Dragons' buffs by 50% (100% if Empowered), lasts 150 seconds (300 if Empowered) and dealing damage to champions applies a non-stacking true damage over time effect to enemy champions that deals more damage with each Elemental Dragon slain by the team who has this buff. (Both the base damage and the increments are increased if Empowered) --- Baron Nashor: Gives increased AD and AP based on game time, lasts 210 seconds, similarly to the Elder Dragon buff will be granted to the entire team that slays the Nashor unless they're dead when it happens, will be lost on death but not trasferred. Additionally, recalls will be faster (4 seconds instead of 8); Health and mana will be refilled instantly (Instead of having to wait); Homeguard movement speed is increased; Nearby minions will be empowered (With different effects according to the type of the minion; The full list can be seen on the Wikia), gaining movement speed (Based on nearby champions'), slow resistance. ------ --- Jungle is a pretty complex topic to cover and the jungle clear in particular is very dependent on the specific champion that is being played. Usually, the jungler will start at either the Red or Blue buff with more or less help from either the toplaner or the adc+support depending on where you're starting. After that, it varies wildly with the champion being played; Some can go clear the entire jungle, some only clear buffs and/or Scuttlecrabs then try to gank or even go for a gank immediately after the first buff. To learn the jungle (But the game as a whole, really) I'd suggest looking up some in-depth champion guides (Specifically the user-written ones, as opposed to the algorithmically generated item builds and runesets, which can still be very useful, especially for up-to-date info, but usually can't help with detailed jungle pathing/vision control...) either as text, video, streams or all of the above. --- --- Runes are a set of effects and bonuses that can be chosen before a game. (To be straightforward with you, I've already written an essay and a half with the neutral buffs sooo I kinda don't want to go too indepth for the sake of actually not taking a lifetime here >_> ) I'd honestly suggest following some of the aforementioned algorithmically generated runesets for the champion you want to use. I personally use metasrc.com as a starting point, but there are increasingly more sites that do this. They're not necessarily meant to be forced choices, some champions more than others in particular work well with wildly different runesets, but it's a good starting point to get used to it at first, then personalize later on. Item builds as well, you should ease into it by following guides and website generated builds, always try to read the effects and stats of both your abilities, passives, everything. As a rule of thumb: Attack Damage is good on champions that deal most of the damage with basic attacks (right click) BUT! there are also several champions whose abilities scale with Attack Damage. Tooltips for abilities and effects with Attack Damage scalings are usually highlighted in orange. Ability Power is good on champions that deal most of the damage with magic abilities (But then again, some champions do this but scale with Attack Damage) You'll have to learn on a case-by-case scenario which champions benefit the most from Attack Damage or Ability Power. There are also several champions that can work both ways, as well as hybrids that work well with a bit of both at the same time. ---- --- The Mastery Score is the total of every champions Mastery Score; This roughly represents how much you've played each champion. It goes from 0 to 7, 0 being never played champions. At the end of every game you're assigned a grade based on other players' games with the same champion in the same role, ranging from D to S+. This grade will grant you Mastery Points for the champion you played. Playing enough games on a champion will earn you points to increase that champions Mastery Score up to level 2 if the champion isn't owned, otherwise up to level 5. To increase the score to 6 or 7 you'll need to obtain Mastery Tokens. You'll need 2 Mastery Tokens to upgrade from level 5 to 6 and you'll obtain these by obtaining an S- or above grade at the end of a game. You'll need 3 Mastery Tokens to upgrade from 6 to 7 but these can only be obtained by getting an S or S+ grade (Not S- here) when the champion is already level 6. The tokens themselves aren't enough to actually level up the champion - you'll need to upgrade them in the Hextech Crafting page by using 2450 (Level 6) or 2950 (Level 7) Blue Essence _or_, alternatively, by using a Champion Shard (Or Champion Permanent, another type of shard that is obtained when rerolling once you have every champion) for that specific champion.
Eambo (EUW)
: [01-11-18] Cancellation of Clash for this weekend
While not technically correlated in any way, it's 100% connected to clash. It's a curse, I tell you, it's a curse, damnit! EUW shall never play a successful tournament of Clash apparently. {{item:3070}}
: yo i... i muted them but still i get banned end game...
You have to mute them _instead_ of flaming back at all. Flaming back _and_ muting makes no difference.
: League of legends Account Bann
> flame = (not mroe then team) That's the problem - your actions are considered as they are, disregarding what others may or may not have said or done; If you flame, regardless of it being you flaming out of nowhere or flaming back at someone you're still flaming and this is reportable and punishable. These are the only valid answers to flame: * Cool the situation down _without_ saying or doing that could make things worse or alternatively (or as a backup in case this fails) just completely ignore. * Mute if necessary but not mandatory. * Once the game is over report if applicable, **without** asking for reports (Multiple reports have no real effect over a single report anyways and reports alone _do not_ cause people to be banned or punished, at best it makes the systems take a deeper look into it)
Yengu (EUW)
: how do you even know it is something installed ? seems {{champion:105}} y to me
Fizzy? Like a soda? Hah ######Dumb joke
NaviSquad (EUW)
: yeah i know but i didnt script i dont even know how to install one or find one or never used one so why did i got banned
Are you sure you were banned for cheats and not for something else? (flame and/or intentionally feeding) You should have been told a reason for the punishment. If you believe the ban was unfair, write a Ticket to Support to discuss it. People on the Boards can't really access that kind of information.
: Submit a ticket. Also, you can't "abuse report" ... You don't get banned after one or two reports... If you got banned its because several people reported you after many games... Did the ban mention what was the reason for the ban?
Also want to add on that you don't just get banned if you get reported, there are systems that analyse the games and comms as well. For example, people who use scripts don't just get banned because/when they're reported; there are anti-cheat systems that recognize cheats and which bring the bans. The most reports can really do is to manually trigger a check, to tell the systems to take a look at a specific game. At least, that's how it seems to be, might not be 100% accurate obviously, I'm not a Rioter and don't know what goes behind the scenes. Should be pretty accurate though.
: FNC Worlds skins?
All six players of the team (5 + sub) can each choose a champion to get a skin, with the only requirement being that they must have played the champion at least once in Worlds, if I remember correctly. ######Besides the fact that they have to win, first, too :V
wolf jade (EUNE)
: is saying "gg ez" reportable?
As far as I'm concerned, yes. It clearly goes against [rules 4 and 6](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/)
: Need help to find the right champion
In tiers of skillcap and/or rewardingness (Which is apparently an actual word, I checked) High: Aurelion Sol, Azir, Ryze Mid-high: Akali, Syndra, Zoe, Katarina Mid: LeBlanc, Ekko, Diana, Cassiopeia Less classically meta but that would be in one of the tiers somewhere: Irelia, Jayce, Aatrox, Riven Although I don't claim to be a master of the game, these are IMO the champions that would fit the question the most Aurelion and Azir are up there mostly because of the level of micromanagement necessary, Ryze and Cassiopeia (and Diana and Syndra-ish) have pretty intense mechanical skill rotations, Ryze, Akali, Syndra, Zoe, Katarina, LeBlanc and Ekko require a bit more of strategy, playing around dashes and blinks, tracking of enemy CC and damage, map presence. ######Zed, Fizz, Talon and Yasuo would probably be somewhere among these but I hate all of them so no >:c
Raρex (EUNE)
: Summoner spells swap when you play jungle
I've seen other threads about people having their summoners reset to {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:3}} , I'd imagine this is part of that problem with the difference that being jungle the game replaces one of the 2 with Smite. I haven't seen any fixes, though.
: ***
Yeah but why is there no mid faker? It's not like he retired or anything, SKT straight up didn't make it to even play-ins.
: ban after trying new sion build
Send a Ticket to Support, it was explicitly mentioned that in the odd chance that anyone was banned for _the sole_ reason of the new Sion strategy, then Support should be able to revert the ban (Which should in this case also include reverting the honor punishment and everything). However, keep in mind that if you got banned for something else instead, such astoxicity, negativity etc., then you wouldn't get the ban removed.
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