: I was thinking, maybe it would help if {{item:1054}} had an execute on minions similar to relic shield but than weaker like: * Melee basic attacks execute minions below 100 − 185 (based on level) (+ 100% AD) health. This means early on tank are capable of last hitting more than 1 minion when they are trying to go for cs. Tanks useally have AOE abilities that allows them to get more minions to haf health. If they can get them low enouge to make them execute they will have a easyer time laning. Later on this advantage is not nearly as strong and they have to switch to other items if they want to keep waveclearing effectively. This change would benefit bruisers as well. But it will help them against range matchups.
How does that make any sense? Any champ can then buy it and then there is no difference. Problem with tanks isnt farming.

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