: {{champion:103}} {{champion:161}} if you know what I mean ;)
> [{quoted}](name=Master Yeed,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xNOrnyXE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-03-25T06:35:33.046+0000) > > {{champion:103}} {{champion:161}} if you know what I mean ;) Kill me. I want to die.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:161}} :D
{{champion:103}} {{champion:161}} if you know what I mean ;)
Lord Plazma (EUNE)
: Hello Yeed, the most fun champion to play in League is dependent from person. For example i very much like Nasus. For someone this is boring champ, because you doing one think on first 20:00 min. You stac your q. It sounds like boring thinks, but I like it and is for me funny. I want propose to You to play Rammus and Galio. Both is very strong and tanky. Both have taunt. Rammus is counter for any ad champs, specialy zed, yasuo, master. Galio is counter for any ap champs :D In my opinion it is funny when adc kill yourself when hit you(when you play Rammus). Maybe you find fun in higher divisions? To play better You must: -Change your runes. You have runes from tier II it is big fault. -Remember about wards. -More cs => greater strength => victory. PS: Sorry for my bad english.
I quite enjoy Nasus myself :D. The problem with runes is that I spend more IP on champions than on runes because I am trying to find a champion that is fun to me. But sure enough, one day I'll buy tier 3 runes :D. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: Why would u underestimate yourself dude? You are not low-skilled...have a little faith in yourself :D Wukong i guess is one of the most fun champions... Heard anything about proxy singed?? Very fun too Imo
I don't know dude xd. I think that bronze 5 gave a negative impact on my brain making me 10 IQ + bronze 5 + low skilled xd. Yeah, sometimes when I want to chill I just take Nasus or proxy Singed (which is hard sometimes when their enemy jungler is camping you and you start at his side.) Anyway, thanks for your opinion :D
Sorcio84 (EUW)
: {{champion:41}} barrels, another one, COMBO {{champion:6}} spamming things, adc tank, ohohohohoh {{champion:17}} welcome to minefield {{champion:35}} now i am here, now i am here but you cant see me
Urgot is actually the reason why I started playing league xd. Thanks for your opinion :D
: Just play {{champion:41}} , he's super fun to play, if you land a good barrel combo people are like "WTF GP GOD" etc. and the best of it, he's higher skillcap than {{champion:157}} . Eventually if you search for fun to play champ, you should try {{champion:64}} (I know he's hard, but hey, you have practice tool :D) ,{{champion:429}} (if you mastered her you can literally dance with enemies and watch them die), {{champion:79}} (C'mon, free beer+ that satisfaction when you do perfect oneshot gragas combo)
Lee Sin does look fun and gragas as well, so I think I will try them. Though Kalista seems weak in early stages, or it's just me. Anyway, thanks for your opinion :D
: Just pick either {{champion:92}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} or {{champion:103}}. First champions are annoying as %%%% to play with (mains of those champs are salty as %%%%) and against (cuz it's "fun" to get spammed with Q+EEE by Cassio, oneshot by Talon while his combo requires 0 brain to do, yes I tried talon before you assume, he's braindead, and yasuo who wouldn't be annoying if NOT THAT %%%%ING WINDWALL.) Ahri on the other side is elegant, her combos looks nice, her voice is soft and calm and she's perfectly balanced(hasn't been nerfed/buffed since 2 seasons)
The thing is that I don't know why it happens, is that I am scared of the midlane. Whenever I go ranked and select mid lane I get the chills xD. Anyway, thanks for your opinion.
: Who do you think is the most fun Champion to play In League?
Thanks to everyone who wrote a comment. I will try out these champs (hopefully.) But here comes another question, what is the best way to grind IP? My new signature is below. I quite like it {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} -Bronze 5 Yeed
: Who do you think is the most fun Champion to play In League?
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Hello, sorry for the late reply btw, (1 year passed. Damn.) I used to build this item back when I was on Na, and it was the best thing ever. I do enjoy Uberdanger because I had a similar play style to his, but instead of playing in normals I went to ranked, and sometimes carried and sometimes fed (This has nothing to do with anything, I'm just saying how I used it). I watched uber's video, and then found out that the sword is gone. This is why I decided to copy this message from him. (Also, I'm a lazy ****.) If you think why would I build this item in ranked, I'm bronze. Hopefully I answered your question. See you. Sincerely, Master Yeed
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