: 9.7 Mundo Buffs Are Balanced or Too Much
sadly mondo is not good even after buff patch, so does garen. (both 45% ish win rate according to op gg), he loses hard vs conquer+spear of shojin raven, loses to fiora also (i watched kr challenge/grand master/ master game and all mondos were losing lane.) and mondo is useless due to the fact every AP has morello, the debuff from it is too op and it will apply on mondo before he even enters team fight. its not about mondo skills power too bad, it is about tank items are useless. the extra resistence wont help tank being killed, tank items provide low wave clear speed and the cost is like 400 expensiver than s5 while the stats are worse. the aftershock lissandra has also a lot of resistence and she can be more useful than a mondo at teamfight. karthus jungle is not tanky but he does damage after he is dead and will have far more impact than mondo ( lets say he got engaged, popped his E W then immediatly zonya that could bring already 2s+ time for his teammate and this makes every karthus just run infront and wait u engage on him or just flash in E W QQQ zonya and when he is dead ULT boom u lost teamfight again) i would say karthus jungle rengar jungle reksai jungle should be nerfed and zonya (karthus lissandra abuse it for teamfight) should be nerfed. armour pen item ( mainly for rengar) should be nerfed.


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