: Wu Zoh, The PuppetMaster ( In progress )
Hello ERWOEEW, Thank you for placing a comment. It was just a rough idea what i had in mind for a champion, i know its far from done. You gave me a few points where i can think about now. Best Regards, MasterYinzo
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VeganThresh (EUNE)
: I would love Super SAIYAN Mundo in which his Q throws energy blasts and his R makes his hair blonde and give him that glowy effect and he is screaming all the time as if he is going super saiyan. Super Mundo would be cool too though.
That is indeed a nice idea, but i think the japanese company wont agree with it. I think there will be issues like.. copyrights. But the Q and R idea's of yours are pretty awesome, i give u that haha. Best regards, MasterYinzo
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: it could be but the idea of throwing human legs isn't very "appealing" if that makes sense. In another game any design with zombies will almost always work but like i said because of Trencent this is very unlikely. I mean look at zombie brand; he has the look and animations of a zombie but barely does anything cannibal-like i really dont want to sound so negative but this is the truth. I legit was interested in the idea and would really love to have it but it's hard to bring such a skin to light.
And by the way.. its just a thing but... If you look at Rakan his belt and Xayah on her choulder.. Its made of skulls from birds.. So i dont know why that is allowed? And human bones aren't?
Yatuzor (EUW)
: New Teemo Skin Idea - Treemo
Hello Yatuzor, Reading all the comments below, I agree with some of them, Teemo has indeed a lot of skins already, and does sounds like a maokai. But if you can change some abilities, like his R, That there will be Sprouts comming instead of saplings. Although, i like the whole idea, because it is a scouting champ. Best Regards, MasterYinzo
: good idea and the abilities sound promising but your concept will never see the light why? because in china portraying anything related to bones and such is forbidden and riot's parent company "Tencent" is of chinese origins. In fact the only reason karthus got a visual update was because Tencent already owned almost the totality of the stocks. They are also the main reason riot almost always releases a ward skin+icons with every new skin.
Hello HiTMaNNNN, What if i turn the "bones" in Human parts? like throwing arms or legs, And the skulls, just human heads? Would It be better that way? Best Regards, MasterYinzo
: This concept is a nice idea. The abilities you had in mind also seems good {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hello Bloodydancerr, I love to play Mundo top lane, Playing Pool Party Mundo is fun, but i just want something new on mundo :).
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Riot is quite aware of bots being used to level up accounts. These accounts are banned in larger waves, instead of handing out bans one by one. This is done due to handling them in waves makes it a lot harder for those that create the bot-programs to know how they're being detected, which makes it more difficult for them to update their programs to avoid detection. Sadly, this does mean that some accounts may seem to be allowed to "roam free" for a while, but since the programs they're using aren't that hard to detect, the accounts won't go unnoticed. What you can do to help is to ensure to report the players for "cheating" once the game is over. Even if Riot's detection systems for cheating is automated, your report helps improve the systems accuracy over time.
Greetings Hansiman, Like Vonyalo said, I also contacted Riot about thos issue and tell me that i do need to use the "Report System" to report it. Its been like 5 months that i contacted them. My opinion, when you pay for a game, it should be smoothly, While game loading screen u will notice who is bot an who is not. When thats the case the motivation of playing is just terrible, and even some players of the team ( who has bots in it ) might even leave. Because you know you will lose. Why isnt there a Remake for Aram? Otherwise Aram would be a corrupt gameplay. Best regards, MasterYinzo {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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