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: Probably for MKJOGO
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: > [{quoted}](name=Masteroids,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aVusT3II,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-24T17:17:41.862+0000) > > This must be a bug on your side this time. I guarantee! I am by no means a Rioter ^_^ Just an Emissary. If Support checked your case, and is sure about the action taken, there is not much we on the Boards can do for you :/ I suggest you keep talking/working with support, in the case of you really being innocent that is the best course of action i can immagine right now. Have you done any modifications to the client? Changed your voice to another language (korean/jap) or use custom skins etc? If so, how did you do that? From what you said, there is nothing that would explain a ban for 3rd party apps (ofc that always only applies if you are honest, i believe you, but that has to be mentioned hehe)
Nothing of what you said. It's soweird. I legit have never used any program ormodification. I just hope Riot recognizes me :( i spent like 1500 € on this account and 4 1/2 years. There's no reason for me touse scripts. Greets, JRulez
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. If you answer me the following Questions honestly, maybe we can figure out what happend. - Have you ever shared your Account with someone else? (i.e brother/girl or boyfriend/friends etc played on it.) - Have you ever played on other PC's than your own? (i.e internet cafe - library - friends place etc) - Have you ever used things like MKJogo or similar applications? - Have you already contacted Riot as the email you got tells you to do in case of Questions? From the looks of it, there seems to have been quite a few Bans for 3rd party Apps. And most of the cases i saw on the Boards today, can be cleared up after answering those Questions above :s So might aswell give it a try, but keep in mind this only works/helps if you are brutally honest :)
1. No since im not living at home anymore, noone has access to my pc or leage account. 2. No i have never played on another PC 3. No i havent used any Program besides Teamspeak. I always check runnign Processes and im 100% sure that no other programs than League and Teamspeak is running 4. I already had a conversation with Riot Support. But they say they cant give me details. Thats why i tried to get attention on this forum. I am by all means, 100 % sure i never used scripts or any program besides league. I didnt even play the last 5 days. and only a few Arams and some normals in the last 3 weeks. I even got a survey from you a few hours before the ban. This must be a bug on your side this time. I guarantee! Hope you can help me, JRulez
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: any one else got permanent banned for no reason?(apparently i used a 3rd party program)
Same here. Got banned because of Third-Party program. After a few Emaislwith riot support they said i used scripts even tho i dont use it and i play this game for 4 1/2 years. I would never use any scripts and i 100% think this is a bug in the script detector system. Please review my case. Name: JRulez IGN: Masteroids


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