: Some Champs need buff & nerf plzzzzzzz
: Looking For Top, Jungle, ADC and Support For Tournament
rhayo (EUW)
: Ex plat 2 looking for adc duo q
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Keitt (EUW)
: Looking for Team Members
yo 4 support/jungle main here. add me :)
: the bleeding crown guild LF Jungler for ranked team
zents1989 (EUW)
: I am looking for people to play me now gold V
kokoro102 (EUW)
: Looking for people to play with who are between silver and gold. EUW
Arsiann (EUW)
: Recruiting chilled players who like team strategy
hi! support main here. after 0/7 adc-s and ashe jungles i had enough of soloq and would be happy to join. add me if you are interested :)
RabbidLnk (EUW)
: Silver 3 Jungle and ADC main looking for people to climb to Gold+ with!
: I'm Silver 5, making a ranked team. Talk here if interested
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Leigon (EUW)
: ty very much rito :)
> [{quoted}](name=Leigon,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=nZE2qoqj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-20T11:02:57.813+0000) > > ty very much rito :) u got it? cuz i didn't
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DeadlySup (EUW)
: [LFT] Gold V allrounder
: Ranked Team
supp main here
Forsakeñ (EUW)
: Gold IV/V (2 accounts) Aspiring top laner looking for a team.
u interested in our team? we have: a gold2 adc a plat midlaner a gold 3 jungler and a silver 3 support(me) we are currently bronze 3 :P won 3 out of 5 games reply if u are interested
: Looking for a top laner and a support
i am looking for a ranked team and i main tanky supports such as braum blitz thresh and bard. im silver 3 currently but i started in bronze4. i speak fluently in english and i have ts and skype too. accept my friend invitation if u are interested :)
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: Looking for a ADC
i main adc. my champs are lucian tristana ashe and jinx
: Looking for team ? join us .....
i main bot lane. so i would like to join. i know im only silver, but im very good with blitz, thresh and bard
Tibore (EUW)
: Probably after the event ends!
thx :) i hope so
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: Loggin problems
: Looking for duoQ
i main more tanky supports (thresh, braum. bard, blitz) and im good with them... unfortonately janna and morgana arent my supports... but i would be happy to support you :) also my real main is adc :D
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: Disconnect Issues 19/6
me and my friend too


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