: If it was the most overpowered role then the role would have had most players. I already can you see how you will be filled-in for a role because even more support players lose their interest in supporting. All support items were made to attract more players for the role and to make them to feel being more useful than just being adc's dog.
most op doesnt necessarily mean most fun. He is right. you basically got gold for all the things other laners had to do minus a few crucial things - needing to farm,learning to trade. learning match ups. learning wave management etc. gold items were just way too easy to generate gold with
problem is that you can switch up rerolled champions way easier than before. I Think that "Bench" they put in was a huge mistake.
De Kus (EUW)
: When I stand at a tower, often a tier 2 tower, it means I am AFK until minions arrive. Sometimes you just need that extra minute IRL. So not everyone standing under a tower lvl1 might do that, because they don't know better, but could also just want to stay somewhere save for a couple of seconds.
the game starts at 0:00 not when the minion wave arrives in lane. get your shit together or dont start a game if youre not ready. OP is totally right
: Kled is just a gnar on mega steroids.
Thats one of the worst comparisons Ive ever read
: Aren't you Bronze 3? I don't think LP is that important for you.
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Boycott ARAM!
I actually agree with OP. all random without bans would be totally ok if every champ was unlocked in aram mode. But it isnt. People are still playing with aram only acc (pathetic losers btw) so theyre having a higher chance of getting the "good champs". riot however will not unlock all champs since they probably make a ton of money from people who are these said pathetic losers.
Rioter Comments
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The design team makes 80+ skins a year and then gets flamed by the community
I kinda agree that the community acts autistic and immature about it BUT giving criticism is not bad per se. We should be able to voice our opinion about skin design, champion choice etc.
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: Yes, you can drop tiers by losing games and you always could, what you knew wasn't correct
he is actually correct. when the new ranked system with divisions was introduced people could not drop out of a league. they lost mmr yes, but a drop from gold to silver for example was not possible
Key say Hey (EUNE)
: LP from Ranked
you can still be useful even if you have negative stats. so no not a good idea. this is not COD. kda is important but not to that extent
King Lego (EUNE)
: What's Tahm Kench's favorite cartoon?
His favourite actor is Tahm Hanks
: so we call gonna pretend that '' clash '' thing never happened?
: >Got banned, ama I readed "ama" and I started to sing in my head this: https://youtu.be/ASO_zypdnsQ?t=53s What is wrong with me? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Your grammar mostly..
Rioter Comments
: The "GG EZ" thing....
Yes it is reportable and I do it everytime someone types that. You should too
fawkes (EUNE)
: Is platinum new bronze?
People consider themselfes good at that elo, and to a certain extent thats true. However its nothing like high elo. So their ego cant handle the fact that they/their mates make mistakes and %%%% up on a regular basis so they int,troll,afk whatevs.
lubzie (EUW)
Well diamond was considered really good when, well, there was only diamond. Nowadays tho... meh. Who wants to be coached by that tbh
Legend298 (EUW)
: Buff Gnar!
no thanks. gnar was a mistake and its fine the way it is now
02Mirko20 (EUW)
: I have been suspender for 14 days becouse of harrasing enemy player.
Vappelin (EUNE)
: Permanent bans
rightfully banned, and no, there is no way to get it back. create a new one or dont continue playing. I love seeing all these "got permabanned can i get it back" threads in here. shows me riot is actually doing something against toxic people
Atriid (EUW)
: Good bye League of Legends...
See you in a few hours
Breakhz (EUNE)
: i know the difference of bad game and int. Wtf you sayng have 0 logic. Teemo inted simple as that.If you want you can go match history find teemo with {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:11}} and watch the game. Thats int.If riot check even champ select he will see that person sayng "i troll you lose game" and picks teemo with those summoners and run around jgl to steel camps. Yes thats int.Wtf you even sayng..I cant report people cuz they sucks..Thats not bannable.
I'm not saying that this teemo in THAT MATCH didn't int. I'm saying that im sure that you previously falsely reported people for reasons that make no sense, thus making your reports worthless.
: Aram Ranked
horrible idea. you're not the first. heavy RNG based modes are not fitted for competetive play
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Intentional feeding and the guy doesnt get punished..what??????
if someone ints in my game I almost always get a instand feedback report that he got banned. let me tell you why most of you guys dont get people banned. because you report people for no reason. ever thought of that? someone in your match has a bad game "report player x he ints". no, he doesnt int, he had a bad match, you flamed him and he tilted even more, making him play even worse. I am 100% that shit like that influences your reporting "quality".
dattista (EUW)
: stop with the "give us urf back"
urf is %%%%%%ed anyway. never understood why people like it
: The reason Riot lose people!
no players will not leave the game. stop acting like entitled, spoiled children and wait for them to fix the issue.
: A complaint to Riot
disagree with a lot of points, mainly on "you make new champs op on purpose" - What? kai'sa was pretty bad early on with only 525 range, pyke has THE lowest winrate of all time, kayn was pretty balanced as well. the only champ that was "op" was Zoe and they fixed that pretty fast. also you contradict yourself when you say they want to make it more casual and want to bring in more new players while also making it harder to learn. I'm not saying I like the "every 2 weeks a new patch" - system, but your logic is majorly flawed. Number 5 is also pretty wrong. They nerfed team carrying and buffed solocarrying by for example taking away global bounty gold and giving it to the player who does the kill. I never understood that complaint anyway. Do you really want to solo-carrying be a thing? in season 1-3 it was, and people complained A LOT about it. "waaaah waaaah one player feeds and the fed guy snowballs out of control." now its the other way "waaahhh waaaah you can't carry alone anymore, everything is team based". in conclusion the only thing I agree with is true damage and the fact that changing the game too often too soon is, to say the least, hard to adapt to.
Rioter Comments
: How many honour do I need to get out of level 1?
: Please, am I garbage?
the fact that you said you never take ignite as lulu tells me that you're not an aggro player. Lulu however is not a shield/cc bot. she is an aggro poke support who can help out with some cc. you need to play her aggro. some girl friends of mine always play lulu like shield bots and its frustrating. they're not doing the task she was made for.
: Lets get Plat 4 Tonight- Adc Today!!
Pêäkby (EUW)
: My permanent suspension (Appeal?)
: Perma ban!
It seems like riot is banning more players than they did before based on the amounts of players who complain AND I LOVE IT
Timarius (EUW)
: I need you help community
Hey Thomas, I'm help community :>
: -12 LP on win
holy shit you're stupid. lol
: why the "permaban" policy might be damaging to the community
I guess the permaban didnt come out of nowhere. you probably had chances to change your attitude but you didnt, thinking they wont ban you for "minor things like giving up or flaming" well, well, well, permabanned people deserve their ban. learn from the past punishments or face the consequences.
: those aram account made the game mode dead in like 1 month rofl. those aram account players letterly solo killed this game mode. now its just used to bot lvl your accounts. riot can't fix this its the players who need to change.
changing the free to play champs to 42 is a good enough fix for me at least. I apreciate that change a lot
: they should make aram real all random so all champs are available this is also in ARURF
I agree. I also contacted support once and made that suggestion and they said they will think about it. To be honest I dont know why they dont just put all champions in aram. still a good change!
iSneez (EUNE)
: Good for riot, to put stop to abusers, they should make all champs available in aram to make you even more angry. You go in a fun mode where everybody need to play with the luck they got, and need to be creative and try to make the best out of a bad situation, and you bend that luck by making account only for aram and buy only champions that are OP on aram so you can't never roll bad champions. This attitude is disgusting show that you have no honor and you never gain joy in your life by winning something that was hard and struggle to archive, you only want things to be easy for you and then you are cocky with those easy not hard earned win.
I think you misunderstood me lol
Rioter Comments
CoffeeNad0 (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver, how do i get out ?
you accept the fact that you're not as good as you think you are, and that you indeed deserve to be silver. then you improve on the things that you thought you were good at when you're actually not (csing for example). then you will climb
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Because its not going to have any major impact on the game. The entire game will still revolve around them.
How do you know? the patch isnt even out yet. wait, reflect and then we can talk about the state of adcs again
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Being "Squishy" is not an excuse for ADC's power...
they're literally changing adcs next patch so i dont understand why you're complaining about a thing thats gonna change anyway.
Saibbo (EUW)
: nope
damn so i need to pray to rngesus again in this elo? fck me
Saibbo (EUW)
: Maybe for bronze/silver/gold where you get a free win anyway if you fail your promos the first time, but after that wouldn't make sense, also i don't think it will ever happen anyway.
k å l i (EUW)
: Gold player (preferably adc) for ranked WANTED
you do realize that playing as a premade makes it a lot harder than normally right? when you duo the system recognizes that and gives you harder opponents due to the fact that you probably have better communication with your duo. I'd advice to soloqueue only. a gold adc is probably not good enough to carry you if you're not good enough for gold plus increasing the enemy MMR by a lot.
: High Silver Team looking for TOP/ADC/SUP
SmB Koji (EUW)
: You just made a fool of yourself by talking nonsense and using an irrelevant sticker. Congrats.
what he said makes perfect sense, you did contradict yourself. you say that individual skill doesnt matter and in the same sentence you say that once one guy feeds his opponent its done. hows that hard to grasp?
: How do you win lane against Caitlyn + Brand
So I've read the comments and pretty much all of you say : you dont, you get pushed and hope for your jungler to come
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