: Mordekaiser needs to be disabled
At this point the whole game needs to be disabled and either the patch rolled back, or fixed.
: >team icons, a team emote, a team ward skin, and an LCS or LEC chroma as well as Blue Essence, key fragments, and 2 Masterwork chests now, i'm assuming that this pass will cost the usual 1650 RP. well, that sounds super NOT worth tbh. RP prices are so high in EU that if I really wanna support my favorite teams, I might as well just buy some of their merch! If you guys want ppl to buy those, you have to upgrade the rewards. e.g. let people get prestige points! enable an option where you can get a masterwork chest with a key for 7-10 prestige points! Then this might be actually interesting
Exactly, the price of that pass is more expensive than what I paid for a Fnatic tshirt in their pre-season sale. I'd rather my €15 go directly to my team thanks.
: Africans have it hardest, I can buy about 42 loafs of bread with that money. I miss the old riot where they sell icons for IP and where skins where cheap :c
And the quality of the skins were low. You get what you pay for, the higher quality the skin the more you pay, thats how it works. Also I've been playing since Season 4, and in the last 5 years icons were always for RP unless it was a special event one for say RR or All-Stars.
: But in higher elo it is worth the wait time.
Yes but the guy is silver. So can't really use that argument. Also people need to learn to adapt. As an ADC main it's so damn frustrating when I get an Autofilled Support who refuses to actually play the role correctly and instead trolls, or thinks they are the carry and takes all my CS.
: I beg for help with a prize winning game on my local radio.
as a cook, I can tell you thats the exact sound I get from cutting cabbage/lettuce. But you said it's not anything to do with cutting. It's the weird bang at the end which is really throwing me however.
Rioter Comments
: If u have so little faith in your child that u need to go behind their back to spy on them without their knowledge, isn't that proof of a pretty poor relationship? And I'm not saying you shouldn't have any idea what your child does on the net, but this isn't illegal arms trafficking we're talking about, it's online games and other services provided by companies that are recognized as legit across the board...
You are clearly about 16 years old, if you believe for one minute that a child is responsible enough to understand what signing up to online things means. Regardless or not of this just being "an online game".
: Why is everyone acting all entitled? Mistakes happen, clash cancelled is not the end of the world.
As someone who worked for a QA of an online game let me give you an insight. There was the beta, they had the chance to figure out bugs as they were going along, now I understand patches change the core of the game, what can work on one patch might not work on another depending on how much code is dependant on something. But they had two weeks, as well as this patch on their testbenches for their play testers, after clash was announced to find any more issues... You dont wait 24 hours before a major event to start fixing things, unless said thing was majorly catastrophic, which it couldn't have been because they gave themselves such a tiny window to fix it in. We all remember the Ranked Disaster in Season 6? Where ranked was down for almost 2 days? I thought they were meant to learn from that and not put timeframes on major things being fixed.
: Screw the GDPR!
As an adult (Someone who is old enough to have a 13 year old child), I sure as hell would want to know what my kid is getting up to. Kids believe they are right, they are naive and they think they are more mature than they actually are, when they are not. It's our responsibility to keep an eye out on them.
: Losing email and cant change it
Open a support ticket to riot, including all the information from creating your account, like creation date, IP used, first 3 champions/skins purchased (if you have paypal/skrill/psc transation IDs this will help too) and they should be able to change your email address for you.
Ekkogod17 (EUW)
: @Riot Eambo, it would be very stupid to continue with this event tomorrow. You already wasted a lot of people's time and tomorrow there is the champions league final which many Europeans won't miss. So you basically ruined clash for us. The best thing you can do is to start from the beginning next friday.
Exactly, I have plans to go watch the final with my sister and mum in the pub, which is why I was going to be subbed out. Now I'm stuck unable to play clash at all. Riot don't look at their demographic do they? Realistically how many people are not going to be here because the Champions League final is a HUGE deal for any football fan.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Amphysvena,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=qpd18U0O,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-05-25T16:55:08.274+0000) > > Be honest, Riot. Is it the EUs fault? GDPR ruining our fun? hahaha It's GDPR day, blame it on everything. Joking aside though, this is unrelated to GDPR, and I edited above to clarify it's not only an EU issue - this has impacted all our launches so far earlier today on other regions.
Just small rant that maybe could help a LOT of us, since tomorrow is a huge day in the EU football calendar, and I cant be the only person needing to be subbed out. -Which means I cant play at all now, because I was meant to be subbed out tomorrow. I have spent the last week, sorting out a team, practising, doing everything I could and now Im just not able to because of the stupid "you must play the first day to be subbed out". My only weekend off work in 6 months, and I have my plans ruined... And riot expects us to just accept this, some of us are working adults who use their game as a break. Possible fix: Just remove the clause of "must play first day" so the actual team can play as our original roster, that would solve my issues, as well as many many others.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iconic,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=jn5jF5uj,comment-id=004a0000,timestamp=2018-05-25T16:53:38.931+0000) > > Exactly.... Which means I cant play at all now, because I was meant to be subbed out tomorrow. > > I have spent the last week, sorting out a team, practising, doing everything I could and now Im just not able to because of the stupid "you must play the first day to be subbed out". > > My only weekend off work in 6 months, and I have my plans ruined... And riot expects us to just accept this, some of us are working adults who use their game as a break. Yeah, same here. We have been planning all week, and we have one guy who has to be subbed tomorrow. So we have no idea how to solve this. o.O
Just remove the clause of "must play first day" so we the actual team can play as our original roster, that would solve my issues, not sure about yours.
: How I have understood clash is that you can not have a sub the first day of clash. Now that it has been cancelled, and the first day will be tomorrow, Saturday, instead, how will that affect subs? Will we be allowed to have a sub tomorrow?
Exactly.... Which means I cant play at all now, because I was meant to be subbed out tomorrow. I have spent the last week, sorting out a team, practising, doing everything I could and now Im just not able to because of the stupid "you must play the first day to be subbed out". My only weekend off work in 6 months, and I have my plans ruined... And riot expects us to just accept this, some of us are working adults who use their game as a break.
: wrong boards.. noone would play league if he got a gf
My boyfriend is my jungler. Mostly because it's not worth the arguments that would ensue if he supported me.
PyromanLol (EUNE)
: I got 3rd lvl Honor like 4 hrs ago Still didnt get it
It takes a while for all the servers to sync up with the new information gained from things like Honor Level, Experience Level, etc. Give it a day and try again, if nothing happens shoot support a ticket about it.
RandyOorton (EUNE)
: So, let's talk about Yasuo, dear Riot.
I play Yasuo a fair bit and I can tell you now there are plenty of champs who can and will shit all over you. Garen, Riven, Fiora, Jayce, Zed, Akali, Kennen just to name a few. Also draft pick you can ban his ass if it bothers you that much or maybe you can actually learn to play him yourself before crying.
GLurch (EUW)
: Anivia Champion Icon on Boards
This is an API issue and you will find all website who cashe the API (op.gg/Champion.gg/Lolking) have the same issue since they cashe the chamoin icons and data from the ApI server.
: [BUG] Patch 7.1 - Fiddlesticks freezes every single game
: Massive stuttering in fullscreen mode since the latest patch
Do you not read the ingame and website notice saying that they know about the fullscreen issue?
Doomley (EUW)
: trynda q and w six!
Ashe Q Swain E Malzahar Q Nein
Almighty (EUNE)
: Reminder: We still want and need Normal Draft!
If you are going to remove Draft Pick at least bring back Team Builder. Im on EUW so I dont have to deal with Draft going MIA but every other realm is losing it and thats just bad. Draft is too good, you can practise properly there, you can try out lane matchups, you can get your role most of the time without having to fight for it, you get to ban champions who downright just tilt you to fuckery (Fizz Im looking at you). And we get to ban Yasuo so our Yasuo cant pick him and then feed.
Warix3 (EUW)
As an ADC main I know the pain of getting a fill support. Fully AP Zyra who took her duty to take as much CS as she could and then running to midlane anyway to leave me alone. I'd rather wait 20+ minutes for a game where I get a real support, someone who is going to do their job.
: Actually, all that matters for ranking system is WIN / LOSE. From the moment you win, no matter if you got carried or if you went 50/0/x, the result is the exact same, same reasonning if you lose. KDA, CS, etc... never comes into account for MMR/ELO considerations, it's only used for ratings at the end of the game (S,A,B, etc...). What is also important is the order of your wins/losses in your placements. Losing the first games will cost you more than losing the last ones, so this is to be taken into consideration. Moreover there are 2 points to take into account at the beginning of the season (was the same last year) : - Riot did a soft MMR reset : your MMR is by default slightly lowered so that you have to climb at least a little to get back to where you were - The maximum Division right now is Platinum 1. This is the most important part. Remember that the division you're in reflects your level **compared to other players**, so Platinum 1 being the equivalent of Challenger right now, it's normal that you're about a league lower than previous season, especially if you did 4/10 in placements and lost some of the first games. Being able to get ton only Plat 1 shifts the whole ladder down. Hope I my post was clear, but tl,dr : it's normal you ended up in lower division than before.
And yet I myself have been placed outside of bronze going 2W 8L without being placed the season before. And IDK if the formula changed from preseason but 4W 6L for S2. I've known people go 1/9 and still end up out of bronze into the high silvers.
FrankiYT (EUW)
: Why am i bronze 5?
Its not just based on your win/loss but your actual performance in game. Your KDA, CS, Gold/pm, warding etc etc. You get mostly placed on YOUR individual skill.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
This is something that annoys me, especially if Im on say Vayne, where I am a late game champ happy to go 1v4 past 30mins. But sadly people want to quit no matter how much thy get reminded "Just wait for late game"... OK SURE if its 2 - 20 kills at 15 mins in, thats fine. But to surrender a game at 20 mins when you are only 6-10 kills down doesn't mean anything. Sure they got the gold advantage but they might also have some early game champs which will fall off. People need to remember this game isnt just about the first 15-20 mins of play, there is a plethora of champs which require late game. Who cares if my nasus top lane is 1/6, that boy has 500 stacks and pushing lane. Or I'm 0/4 on Vayne against a Lucian.
Rismosch (EUW)
: What would be interesting to know, wh people act like this. I mean toxicity is caused by some sort of issue. And when the issue is removed then toxicity should dissapear right? I am no psychiatrist, but I think this makes sense, doesn't it?
What I find rather weird is that he was OK with losing his main, I've been banned once, and I sure as shit dont leave games or AFK anymore because of it. What level of sociopath must one be to continue to be so vile?
Rioter Comments
Alertion (EUNE)
: Champions page show all the champs that you dont got with them a chest
There is a website you can use for this. http://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/ You can sort it by available boxes so you can check what you have free.
: That soud like a Vayne main when they lose the game.
After you made this comment I was bored in queue so I went hunting for him Hes Bronze 3, has been since Season 4. AND he is a Vayne main... hehe xd Nothing more cancerous than a perma bronze vayne main.
Rioter Comments
: It's supposed to only show in the loading screen, your profile and with the emote ingame. - - - -Arion Out {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
No it's also meant to show there too. Screenshot of it last week: http://i.imgur.com/y1gZLwt.png
Rioter Comments
: I'm not sure what you mean, but the point of the post is this: If I get ulted by lux, for example, at the same distance from the ult I either get damage or not. I'm guessing it's a networking problem. The effect gets rendered client-side, but the server decides to adjust the position of the skillshot at the same time. And chaos ensues.
Well what I was meaning as it's not just them champs. Hitboxes seem off, I was showing as varus I can basically ult someone for it to land eventhrough I clearly missed.. It's happened 3 times tonight so far and counting.
: Hitbox on different abilities (Ezreal, Lux, Nidalee, etc)
I ulted an Ez as Varus and I swear I missed him but nope, landed from a mile away. :/
Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] [EUW]Intermittent Chat Issues
ISP: BT Router: BT HomeHub 5 Location: UK Chat service works on Alpha though.. Just not on normal client.
SBojanic (EUNE)
: Hextech keys issue
Yes I'm concerned too, last 2 boxes I've had to open with key's I've bought, same as my partner.
: Garen in hextech crafting
Its completely random who you get, regardless of who you own. But I guess you feel the need to think you are a special snowflake.
Rioter Comments
: I never play meta champs much, since they're bound to change at every new patch/update. I'd recommend playing Varus if you want to seek a challenge. AS passive that changes depending if you kill a minion / champion. High poke range through his Q, a passive that stacks up to 3 times, and once you pop them with an ability you'll do extra damage. An AoE slow that applies grievous wounds, and an ult utility that roots and can spread to other enemies if they're within range, rooting them too. Fuck all mobility just to make sure he isn't OP as fuck. He's actually quite well balanced for a champion. If built right, he can and will contest with hyper-carries damage wise if played right. However, like Vayne he's easy to play but very difficult to master. I've got 180k in him and even I still make mistakes with him, whether it's positioning or timing an ability, etc. He's very fickle, but satisfying to play once you get him down.
I have to agree in this tank meta Varus just eats away at tanks, build Blade on him and just watch them melt. Yes he lacks a lot of mobility but if you have a disabling support (Morg/Thresh/Leona being my personal favourite synergies) then you can really being a lot to the game.
Fuyu (EUW)
: Anyone have any "weird" key binds?
W is 5 on my Naga, heath pot on 11, Mana pot on 12, Flash on G. Ignite/Teleport/Smite on F. Pings on mousewheel (^V<>).
Fler (EUNE)
: Wasnt it just when she had her passive up? Cuz new passive its gone, lemme guess u r a grill?
Why would it matter what gender I was, rainbows are not specific to a chromosome.
: I didn't notice lol...
But not you do and it cant been unseen :(
Rioter Comments
: And Katarina should be immune to any thresh attacks, or Kalista soul bindings... Cuz redhead... douh
And Leona for that matter.
Phaosis (EUW)
: Fiora longs for a worzy skin :(
I've only wanted a new FIora skin since S3...... Please Rito. Let me take my french sexy ass and distract the men.
: AFK game mode....
How about instead of getting that champ, you get the champ of your choice for which ever meta was AFK and then the level and amount of gold equal to average of your teammates to get you started with your own build. That way people wouldnt be forced to play a champ that you have little to no experience on, with shit items/level on becuase they were afk. So say average team gold is 10k, and average level is 12. {{champion:74}} Level 9 mid-lane, with 5k Gold. Goes AFK and gets replaced. In comes a new fresh replacement: {{champion:90}} Level 12 mid-lane, with 10k Gold, not at a major disadvantage and ready to help their team win after an unfortunate few minutes. This way there is a little balance, no-one is at a major disadvantage and there wouldn't be so much negativity about it. (If however the team wins the replacement could get a little more LP for taking over the challenge).
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