: Ok, tell me how it fits the kit then? Does it do go stealth? Does the clone use abilities? Does the clone think by itself? No. All it does make Shaco untargetable for 1 sec, run after the closest enemy to auto it, run after Shaco until it finds a target and explode for VERY LITTLE dmg. You can control the clone do fool your opponent, but that's not how Shaco are in his lore. His not a manipulator like Leblanc, he's a stalker and disrupter. Currently you have only 3 ways of using your clone too, Solo dragon, Zoning the enemy without being in danger or being untargetable for 1 sec to dodge major abilities. Which is not very fun ways of using his ult.
I think you are playing the wrong champ in that case, try Kha'zix or Evelynn, they are probably more up your alley
Shamose (EUW)
: And you forgot that all that changed with the Stealth rework in Season 8? Lee E can see camouflaged champions but not invisible champions. His Q has true sight and can reveal invisible champions.
Thats exactly the problem, the E still gives true sight if used after the invisibility, which is the bug they have never fixed
Rioter Comments
: Pokemon Trainer Shaco?
'His ult doesn't fit his kit or is fun gameplay'... i'm done
daizzer (EUW)
Man these medium-high graphics will be the death of me
Rioter Comments
: Do you want to elaborate on what you disagree with
: [TFT] Need longer timer between rounds
I'd rather have less time, I sit around doing nothing for too long, and shorter games would be nicer
Aechidna (EUW)
: Can we change the name of Teamfight TACTICS???
: > You say those things as if first they are facts which they're not, secondly you're not a game developer You shouldn't talk about reworks like you know 100% why they're made. They are facts... these are things the people who did the aatrox rework told us, as well as what riot in general have said about reworks > The point is to improve a character, not to delete him or throw him away, but to update it to a more modern state. Good example is urgot and warwick reworks. They didn't changed a lot they just added more. There's a saying you don't need to fix what's working great already. If something is great u don't change it u just add something more to it. These character's don't even have toxic kit's they were outdated especially warwick's kit. Aatrox was fine nor he had a toxic kit xD. Toxic kit argument does not make sense at all. Aatrox was not fine... he was a stat checker (something Riot is trying to get rid of), he was brain dead, he had an extremely toxic relationship with attack speed due to his W making him impossible to properly balance, he was either useless or overpowered, feast or famine, often relied on cheese strategies to be viable, he’s a drain tank which brings with it its own set of issues, he had too much overlap in playstyles with trynd and jax. This is excluding all of the thematic reasons His W had to go, it was the source of all of his issues... once that’s gone he isn’t aatrox anymore regardless of Riot did. Like I’ve alrwady said besides the W and E (which no one cared for) everything is still there... but removing the thing keeping aatrox down removed aatrox simple as that. And you realise urgot kept less than aatrox right... litterally only the Q is from the original kit and the play style is completely different. > He was removed because it was way too hard to balance Aatrox for riot. Riot is always reworking something if they can't balance it. It's not because it was deserved to be done, but because it had to be done, or riot wasn't good enough with their character development and balancing. That was only one reason... aatrox had many
Askarth (EUW)
: balance means all champions do the same. Why to remove their uniqueness even if the game twists more? isn't that all about fun ?
But if every champion is the same champion, none of them can be OP - Rito Gaems 2019
: The Zac mains begged for it for no reason and now they cry about Zac being too weak
Not a Zac main, the old ult was way better I'm glad they reverted it, I wouldn't say he is weak, its the same as any mains of a champ they want their champ to be better
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: It was changed quite a while ago. ARAMs include past free pick champs (can't remember if it was the past 2 or even past 3 free picks).
^ exactly this, so people find it harder to make second accounts *cough* to narrow randomness into a few very strong aram champions to give themselves an advantage *cough*
: Pantheon rework!!
Pantheon Lover - I want Pantheon removed from the game so you can reuse his name for a new champ, Nice one
: I exp-tax half a wave on every lane, post lvl 4, not really in the mood to face a lvl7 darius while being a lvl 4 kha or some other squishy jungler. Being 1 level under the support, if you fail a single gank early-game, is f#$king ludicrous. Jungle has no impact whatsoever. If your laners aren't competent, you can pull a rabbit out of a hat, you still lose the match. The time where you could 1v9 from the jungle, are long gone.
Perhaps its time to go Duo top again, more xp and less gold to contribute to shutdowns
Shenpåı (EUW)
: Reworks, Buffs or adjustments on Barely played champions
I can get behind reworks like {{champion:19}} , but so far this is the only one that has remained largely the same, every other rework is essentially deleting a champion to reuse the name and 1 ability for something new
: Why does nobody play Skarner?
Zac's new ult does the job better
: Scorch should be given stacks
It is a minor mastery, it is kind of the point
: League of Legends and the jungle thing
Ignoring the whole minion thing, the jungle really needs looked at, season 5 was way more fun and way more strategical for a jungler. Much better than 'take any plant you see'. Personally I would add the smaller red and blue buff minions back in, It would stop Kha'zix from getting isolation easily, It would probably mean the buff minion itself is squishierwhich would help out the ap/caster junglers with good aoe clear (fiddle would benefit immensly) as well as junglers with resets on kills (Not the best example: Volibear). And it would help people sustain better with talisman.
I think the main issue is it is true damage lifesteal, and by that I mean its lifesteal that applies before damage reduction which normally isn't the case
: Yes please rito, add more dashes and make his windwall send projectiles back with increased damage PLZ. Tbh the easiest way for yasuo to become less OP is to nerf his windwall or passive, he has way to many defensive options while he can already dodge a shit ton of damage by spamming E on a minion wave.
I'd be up for windwall reflecting projectiles if it didnt stick around after it reached its max distance
: Yes that’s the point of reworks... if a champion isn’t healthy for the game they can’t stay, so riot have to remove what makes them unhealthy which is generally most of it. Doesn’t mean they are bad or they fail, there has been plenty of very successful reworks regardless of how much has changed
: Conqueror needs to be a thing with champions like Nasus though. He becomes this unstoppable mess that if you don't have conqueror then you might as well forget about him because you wont do a scratch of damage
Thats all well and good until you find that nasus is taking conquerer, it needs removed
: There’s been plenty of good reworks. Regardless nothing can appeal to everyone, but reworks are necessary to keep the game healthy and the vast majority are successful... only ones who aren’t aren’t in the game anymore or is skarner
wrong, every major rework (not talking about stuff like vlad) is literally deleting a champ and reusing the name, with the exception of Warwick
: His passive Aegis Protection - After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will block the next incoming basic attack or turret attack. His W Aegis of Zeonia Pantheon leaps at target enemy, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+100% Ability Power) magic damage and stunning them for 1 second. Pantheon also instantly refreshes his Aegis Protection. Combining this well you can have a lot of blocking. - first block he already had passive on - second block he activate the passive after W - 3rd block he activate passive again after 4 hits, here I don't see clear, video being slowed like this have ghosting and can't really see the hits, I think are auto attack + q +e + auto attack - and passive up again -then is no more blocking just 3 block (I don't spot more than 3) in the end he just finishing you using his 100% critical chance on targets below 15%hp
first auto is before the W. it maintains stacks when you gain passive from W
: He’s one of the champions who are an issue with their pro/solo split... so just outright buffs causes massive issues. They aren’t gonna be horrible changes... riot are prob just gonna focus on what they changed during the juggernaut update as that’s what messed him up, Remember skarner has been through 3-4 reworks already without issue, another ain’t gonna be much for skarner mains (he gets reworked more than ryze does)
only good rework there has been is Warwick and even then they cucked AP
: Of course it's not enjoyable. URF has always been garbage, AR or not. It's the single worst thing riot has ever made and frankly it can't be over quickly enough for me. Almost glad I have exams the next few days so I don't have to deal with all the people coming to the game only because of that mode.
If you have never enjoyed it there is no reason for you to play it, so saying it needs to be removed is redundant in your case
ez1v2 (EUW)
: Singed tweak
I could see any knock up being troublesome, all he needs is his old passive back on top of the new one _(every other champ has about 4 passives at this point anyway)_
: Remember that’s overall win rate and therefore gets dragged down by inexperienced players... So while yes her win rate is 43% over all, her win rate then goes up to 55% after playing 50+ games on here... the 43% is coming from people playing her cause she’s strong and feeding. Also jax has a overall win rate of 49%, going up to 55% at 50+ games. So all this tells us is that jax is easier to play, but they are about the same strengh when played by a main.
Well apparently this isn't a valid argument for Yasuo's case, despite the perfectly sound logic
: ahh .. but i mean .. i am for that .. atleast i can choose my champion .. it is so toxic to have rng blocking you from having fun with your fav champions .. like .. i love to play velkoz veigar karthus .. why do i not get to play them .. they maybe are toptier or garbage .. but i want to play them and not be just locked out because of rng .. also when i played urf .. the real not random urf .. there was a set meta but you would definitly not see the same champions over and over .. like of the top of my head what i would like to play in urf are : karthus veigar velkoz nidalee jhin lux ezrael shaco maokai alistar chogath kogmaw sivir twistedfate rengar annie heimer kassadin lissandra and many more .. and i bet most ppl also have such long lists of champions they want to play ..
This is why my suggestion would be Nemesis Pick Urf, then people rarely get the super OP champs, and they discover secret OP champs that they never thought to play, that is Urf at its finest
: They plan to rework skarner in the near future, they tried to make him a juggernaut then realised he’s more of a Vanguard, so they plan to rework him to fit that role better
This is the problem, nobody is asking for Skarner to be deleted from the game, but a simple change like that would make him infinitely better
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Supportsticks. Runes: Anything with Aftershock. Build: Anything with Zhonya. Tactics: Ult in, fear the enemy carry. Combos: RQEW. R-flash-QEW. Flash-QWE. Other tips: Try not to take CS. Or at least a lot of it. Mute ADCs who whine if you get a kill or two in lane.
Nah you push the wave taking CS as you go so your pigeon bounces for maximum damage
Lariatas (EUNE)
: IS int sion strat actually bannable ?
It isn't, the objective is to destroy the nexus. That being said you might be auto banned by the system if you get reported a bunch _(there were a lot of Proxy Singed players that got banned in the past)_ But in that case it should be easy to appeal
: How do I improve my Pyke
I don't know how you play, but my suggestion is to be more aggressive, you can afford to take riskier trades with him _(compared to most other supports) _ due to his W healing passive You might have a few games where you feed, but once you get a feel for it you should do great
Hikigaya (EUNE)
: Nasus buff isn't necessary
Put it this way, the games are on average shorter, so Nasus was becoming more and more irrelevant, the solution (while not being the best) brings him back up to where he used to be
: > why dont they test the stuff before it comes out They do but it’s impossible to find all bugs before launch some only become apparent with live levels of population... but the pbe gets the absolute worst bugs sorted first. > why do they release things weekly instead of every 2,3 day So that they have time to test it to get rid of most of the bugs... if they released things every 2,3 day’s the game would be a mess. > whats next everyone loses thei account? An example of w bug which would have been dealt with before launch... no way a bug that large physically can get past the pbe. It’s the smaller insignificant ones that do and even then only 1-5% of the bugs get that far.
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=d0wx8Ow3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-28T23:14:01.636+0000) > > They do but it’s impossible to find all bugs before launch some only become apparent with live levels of population... but the pbe gets the absolute worst bugs sorted first. Which is why you make these changes in pre-season, knowing full well people want to get on with ranked when the new season starts
: Ranked Play - Provisional Rank After 1st Game
As far as I can tell the idea is you will be placed low rank for the first game and be matched up against harder and harder opponents and you go through your placements, evening out as you go
JotJot (EUW)
: Placed Bronze 1, last season I finished Platinum 5
Well plat 5 is now gold 1 with divisions going to 4 with Iron getting added, and you typically lose at least half a rank so I'd say you probably should have gotten Silver 1/Gold 4. Just embrace it, maybe try some new champs or roles against the lower tier players, you should have an easy time climbing either way.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: Nasus W is causing him to be an uninteractive frustrating champ to play against
So you have fun trading against Urgot, Riven, Garen, Darius, Tryndamere, Camille, Tahm Kench, Jax, Aatrox and Fiora? _(many of which shutdown Nasus with ease)_
Rioter Comments
: i myself play the game all the time, a week isnt long, you have over 130 champs that you can play meanwhile you can play the new champ in normal/ai/custom/aram just not in ranked. it just ruins way to many games and makes people uneasy seeing some first time sylas. ''An average league player probably only has a few games a couple times a week, '' so when they have time, why must it be in ranked, thats just dumb isnt it just because they have little time doesnt mean it HAS to be ranked i for example would never buy a champ and test and learn him and ranked, my teammates dont deserve that. its selfish, risky, and stupid.
You took everything I said the wrong way, but that is ok, I completely agree with you
: I agree but rito doesnt they feel like ''A WeEk Is LoNg'' to a lot of people those people could play it in normal and just not take the champ in ranked, if you have any respect and care towards your teammates in ranked then u will simply stick to your mains and wait til you are for a FACT ''good'' on the new champ and learned enough about him/her.
A week is long to people who play the game all the time, who are the players who play the most ranked, and also don't want someone to play a champ for the first time in their game An average league player probably only has a few games a couple times a week, when their friends decide they don't have any better game to play as a group, so a week is not long at all.
Kailyfe (EUW)
: Sylas gameplay report: Underpowered champion
I feel like this is less about Sylas being weak, and more people (yourself included) not knowing the best builds and the best ways to play him etc. This will come with time, when people have played him for a couple of weeks
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You know you've lost the game when you as Morgana support dealt more dmg than Zoe, Kayn and Akali
That doesn't seem unlikely, if the laning lasts a long time then you have AoE poke on 2 people, also way more AoE than the champs listed in a teamfight (Zoe does way too much damage yes, but it tends to be single target) So if you get a good ult you are already doing up to 5x your damage, also Liandry's basically puts you at the top of the damage charts no matter what
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Zvhp8dQl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-26T22:40:44.875+0000) > > If you click the questionmark, are you not able to say that the system marked you incorrectly? That's the thing, the system marked me correctly. I was the Support in that game. I just find it hard to believe that performance is worth "A-", as a Support. Support Shaco is already a niche thing and I know for sure that game in particular is way better than average.
If it is a niche thing then typically the people that play it do so a lot, and get very good at it, so on average are performing very well so getting an S rank is hard It seems to be pretty difficult getting an S rank on Shaco in any case as the mains tend to play him very well, despite his stats being at one of the worst points they ever have been
Riryz (EUW)
: Pretty sure Soraka mains feel the pain too. With his AP scaling he will most likely heal more than when a Soraka ults. Not sure if the extra bonus for members below 40% hp also counts or if its only for Sorakas passive. but +55% of your AP as a champ going full AP is pretty insane. AP Soraka isnt trash because of ult healing is good enough to make up for the lack of damage (pls dont play AP Soraka). Now imagine that ult on a champ with an actual good kit meant for combat. Had a game against a Sylas, the Sylas copied our teams Soraka ult mid teamfight and the enemy team was full hp again while our teams Soraka ult healed like half (dont quote me on that) of what Sylas healed his team.
People still play Soraka in the current meta?
: > [{quoted}](name=MattyFisher,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=avpMBlYi,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-01-25T01:38:51.115+0000) > > With that attitude you just cant expect to win top then > > Try just getting good K then, goodluck with your elo. lmao
thanks man with your support ill be sure to get challenjour this season
: Okay so how on earth do you guys play Darius in low elo?
I personally havent played a tonne of Darius, bet he's the kind of champ that comes out of a teamfight at full health, perhaps try to focus more on sustaining as opposed to getting kills/assists and win through attrition _(you dont have to kill their team to push an advantage, just have them low enough so they cannot contest you)_ If you struggle to get onto their carries, then instead protect your own, they cant realistically kite you and kill your carry at the same time. And if they choose to sit on your carry then you are free to stack up your passive
: > [{quoted}](name=MattyFisher,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=avpMBlYi,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-24T18:26:05.489+0000) > > Whatever the reason they don't gank you, just stop depending on them, then everyone is happy Ever heard of, Top is jungle difference? Yeah, Thats basically it. nuff said.
With that attitude you just cant expect to win top then Try just getting good
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