: Sona's melody changes :(
Old Sona was extremely outdated, and aura effects with no clear indication of their immediate effect on gameplay to all people involved in them is a concept which riot have been trying really hard to phase out for a long time now. Also, I don't expect you to have read through every set of patch notes which has mentioned changes for her since the rework, but there have been a heavy emphasis on shifting power away from her Q and into other parts of her kit, ramping up her shield and move speed strength and cutting down on her early damage spikes. I also wouldn't call either her W or E pathetic; Q W E Power chord R Q is an extremely potent combo which nullifies almost all engage damage, whilst also either forcing flashes or guaranteeing a lockdown on at least the enemy ADC if not their support too if they are badly positioned in lane. In a vacuum, the W is a mediocre heal and the E is a mediocre MS boost, but when used in the correct order and at the right moments, both can allow you to avoid almost all non "Point and click" damage. If one of these is too strong on its own (e.g. post rework negative health scaling heal) then the combo becomes completely absurd for the people that can actually play the champion correctly. And yes, it's possible to just stack AP on Sona as a support and do a lot of damage, but the people who think they can get away with building that and expect to win by using their Q are generally mistaken. Even though in this situation the Q power chord becomes more valuable than the other two (It's usually the reverse, with E power chord being the most useful followed by W then Q), without proper use of the base effect of W and E and the skill to manage auras on your teammates in heated fights without dying, you basically cease to be a support. To facilitate the shotgun build requires extreme itemisation shifts away from the support norm which leaves you without Redemption, Ardent censer, Locket, Ruby sightstone etc. In regards to the Q aura buff, yeah I do agree that it is lackluster. In all honesty this could really benefit from being changed to a short stat buff, perhaps adding some mana regen or a small boost to AD / AP for a short while. Regardless of what ADC you are playing, making good use of the single empowered auto that the often spontaneous Sona Q gives is extremely difficult in the best of situations. ___ In the end, it's a matter of opinion I guess. I was a naysayer when I saw the new Sona update for the first time, and I was kind of turned off by how clunky her new kit felt at first before I learned how to use it properly. However, after mastering it's nuances, and understanding how well she can control a lane through sheer avoidance, I was once again hooked onto playing her. People still seem to have this misconception that she is a noob champ that requires no skill, even though that changed years ago. But I believe that even though she could do with some love right now, the feel of her kit is still ~~warm and soft~~, balanced and entirely usable. OwO
: Why, obviously I am completly serious. Do I look like someone who makes facetious threads to poke fun at varvious facets of community? Could I lie? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I mean, it looks like satire, but some of the threads you see on the boards these days are much worse than this. I can see a lot of people taking it seriously and starting arguments, although that might be amusing in its own right :P
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: The End is Nigh!
Not sure if satire or serious content. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
ego1st86 (EUNE)
: My main account got permabanned
Topics like this go in the player behavior board, not off-topic.
G2 Grócha (EUNE)
: "Freshness" of game files vs. performance
I seem to remember that the patcher works faster on a clean install as it has less to verify. But that was a long time ago now, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't affect in game performance. Interesting thought though.
deus ex (EUW)
: Why is Riot trying to kill off champions that can build both AD or AP damage?
I don't know if you personally lived through the ad nidalee apocalypse, but I for one am glad riot learned from that monstrosity.
GGWPizza (EUW)
: Fragmented champion pool
Hey, the more varied your champion pool, the more fun you will have playing. Playing to win whilst being tired of what you are playing sucks. Do whatever suits you the best. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Minikyle (EUW)
: New Kinda Tribunal/Ban System
To be honest, theres no right answer here that would 100% solve this issue other than a player based system, and as a small group of wonderful people decided it would be hilarious to make hundreds of bot accounts and spam tribunal in the past, it's completely fair on riot that they don't want to use this system again as it's less likely to give out a justified ban than an automatic system which cant be influenced by aholes. Now the main issue is the professional feeders, like the 100% win rate master yi that used tahm anivia to feed, or that one guy who found that you could perma reset gromp with a heimer turret and not be flagged as afk. They make a deliberate effort to circumvent the automatic systems, and despite literally hundreds of reports, they only tend to get banned if a youtuber does a video on them and then they subsequently end up on the front page of reddit. Although maybe like you said, have some kind of application for tribunal. Account is X months old, account has 0 unsportsmanlike penalties, account is honour 4 / 5, a manual review of previous forum posts, etc etc. Idk, it is absolutely an issue, but it needs some serious attention before an implemented solution will come to light.
: Good news :)
I'm hyped for the celebratory phreak duoq xd
: Ornn?
He's not super terrible, but riot seem to have valued his passive a little too much considering game lengths right now; which in turn leaves his sub par kit feeling really underwhelming. Despite the fact he provides a big powerspike to his team lategame, and also ends being an amazing tank due to his multiple forms of cc, brittle application and self cc immunity on a non ultimate ability; none of that is readily accessible to its full extent before most games finish these days. tl;dr No, once hypercarries get nerfed.
: Set Supports Free
The benefit of a kill, is not in many cases, the gold you gain but rather the lane pressure and experience advantage. Even if you take a kill, your adc still gets half the gold, and thats on top of what you deny your opponent; so all in all, preventing them from dying by taking a kill is a huge tempo swing in most cases and any adc that cries about a single kill being taken when their life was on the line needs to either improve their attitude or go read one of the handy guides on the dynamics of botlane. Ofc this all gets thrown out the window when playing with a draven but go figure.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: If I'm aware, Cait's Headshot can now trigger on turrets to deal extra damage (and this was a recent buff, not always been there). Ergo taking turrets down faster. Tristana can cast her E on turrets to deal extra damage. Ergo taking turrets down faster. Ziggs can use his W to demolish low health turrets (this was also a buff, not always existed). Ergo taking turrets down faster. I also like to use Ashe's Q to take down turrets and inhibitors faster, but the counter measure they took was to simply not stack on turrets, then that's miserably. If she dealt too much damage on structures, they could have just tweaked the numbers when attacking structures. At least in my opinion it's better to have more availability to it.
It did its job at the time, it was a small fix for a small problem which left the champ in a happy spot until the ad item nerfs.
derpumu (EUW)
: ARAM is crawling with bots and nothing seems to be done against it.
Possibly unpopular opinion here, but although I agree that bots are an isssue, through around 1300 arams at level 30 I have never really seen anyone who plays as a bot would. Don't get me wrong, I know they are frequent pre 30 and I have seen that from a couple smurfs which I use to teach friends how to play; but after 4 - 5 easy wins against bot or partial bot games, the mmr difference means they just cease to exist in normal matchmaking. It would be interesting to know how real players regularly get mmr matched against bots to the point at which its a genuine talked about issue. If bots get their mmr dumpstered to the point where they only get matched against each other then this would patch up the short term issue here. In the long term? Who knows. Riot works on systems here and there to weed out tos abusers, they will be gone eventually. Just my 2 cents.
ProGreek1 (EUNE)
: League
Yeah, buy some rp and go to the account tab in the in client shop. The name change feature is there. Alternatively, save up some ip to change it.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Ranger's Focus
It used to. It let her take turrets too fast though so they removed it for balance reasons.
: Wards and dancing in bushes
This is a continuation of the fact that if you have auto attack enabled and are standing in an enemy warded bush, you will start auto attacking the nearest enemy. This happens because whether or not auto attack triggers is based on whether the enemy can see you, if they can't then you won't auto attack them for obvious reasons. This is a pretty well known trick among higher tier players and is regularly used by supports in paticular to judge whether or not a lane brush is worth sweeping. This vision logic been around since the game first existed more or less.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: switch back to legacy should make the runepage work porperly again. This is a huge gameplay bug they have not fixed as "lack of evidence". It affect both flat and scaling mana regen runes. health regen rules got totally deleted from both clients tho:(
Well damn, that's a real pain. I have never played with health regen runes before so I didn't realise they also had issues. This does seem like an odd bug though, considering that it registers some of the runes but not all of them. This runepage hasn't been changed since season 4 either, so it must be the new client. Welp, back to the old client I guess.
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Bawkii (EUW)
: So how about Evelynn that is further back? It is not certain to me if it would have hit her in terms of hitbox, but if it did (which I believe it did), does that mean the game did not register Evelynn to be there either? Sorry for the confusing explanation, hope you get what I mean.
It looks as though the Evelynn only took damage from your binding, although she may have been out of range of your ult. Its very close so I can't tell.
Bawkii (EUW)
: No damage Lux ultimate
From looking at the match history of that game, the Yasuo purchased: Dorans blade, Shiv, BT, Beserkers and a BF. This doesn't suggest that he had any particular itemisation to counter a Lux ult to that extent. However, if you watch the clip more closely, you will see that although Yasuo does not initially take a tick of damage from the Lux ult, shortly after he gets a damage proc from the Lux AA popping the illumination stack which should have been consumed and reapplied by the Ult (In other words there should have been two illumination procs). This means that the ult did not even register that Yasuo was there, ruling out any damage mitigation bugs. I do believe that riot recently fixed some very similar issues to this with the Gnar ult doing exactly the same thing.
: New Client + Mastery Bug/Problem
I have found that visually sometimes, mastery buttons will grey out and not give an audio cue when they are pressed in champion select. However, if I ignore the fact that nothing seems to be happening and assign my masteries as I would anyway then hit save, it works completely fine. Although annoying this can be pretty easily worked around when you know how, and you can make sure it worked by hovering over the name of the mastery page you just changed and checking the assigned numbers e.g. 0/18/12
BuskBenny (EUW)
: Rerolls doesnt return after someone leaves. [ARAM]
I had the same problem yesterday. Although after joining another aram after that one finished I found that I now had 2 rerolls instead of 0. My guess is that the rerolls do get refunded but the alpha client is extremely slow to handle them. Although irritating it may be worth restarting your client if this situation arises again in the future before you are matched into a second lobby just to make sure you have your reroll ready for the next game you play in case you need it.
: Unite Ping
This is actually a really good idea. I tend to use the enemy missing ping on objectives because it is a question mark and it signifies that I think we should try and get it, but it's not a perfect fit. The main problem is fitting a new ping on the ping wheel however. Most people ping by muscle memory, and having everything moved would screw them up for a while. Food for thought though.
coolbe (EUW)
: black magic
{{champion:236}} {{item:3089}}
  Rioter Comments
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ST Paws (EUNE)
: This might not be the place to post this, but i kinda need help.
If you like factorio and the whole management genre, you could try Towns. It's like a more modern dwarf fortress, and easy to sink a fair bit of time into when you get into the swing of things :3 http://www.townsgame.com/
: Isn't it obvious? The more time they spend on stuff like this, the less time they spend perfecting Blood Moon Diana {{champion:131}}
Why not just give Blood Moon Diana a moustache and an incredibly manly voice, then we can both have what we want.
: Is that what constipation does to you?
It's due to repeated stress inducing situations where he three stacks an enemy ADC only to have all of his friends leave him cold and alone.
Lord Emp (EUW)
: You should deal with your daddy issues.
I don't see why, they have served me well throughout my life.
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: Why are all new sup items for squishi sups?
The new Zeke's is problematic in that it splits down two paths which are nigh on impossible to follow at the same time. You have to build it on the squishy supports, who require you to actually stack up some solo power to survive independently from their teammates (So you can poke, agress and escape during laning phase regardless of what your ADC is doing.) However, new Zeke's also requires to actually rely on your teammates to ensure it activates correctly. In short, you either build it on Janna or you build it when you are premade bot, and that's the end of it. This actually follows the exact same line of ruling as the previous Zeke's item, except it's less useful when your teammates don't pay attention and the one champ it's useful on when you are not premade bot has switched from Thresh to Janna. Also the statline is mediocre at best, will be definitely seeing some tuning in the next patch hopefully. Would like to see some aggression shift from tanky stats to AP, this should allow you to broaden the number of champs you can buy it on by mitigating the impact of your team playing like blind potatoes. Still, it's an interesting concept, but they should have kept old Zeke's and released the new Zeke's. The two items fill a different enough niche that doing so would have been entirely plausible. The main beef around new Zeke's is that it just really isn't good enough to warrant removing a whole other item in the process, regardless of how little that other item was played. Tl;dr - Needs an aggressive stat shift, and old Zeke's needs to be brought back.
: Gangplank looks like an old geezer now
I like the new gangplank visuals and audio a lot, the older look actually suits him (Screw the fiora VU though, eww e.e) Regardless, gangplank feels more like an old grizzled pirate veteran now, sort of blackbeard-esque, which compliments him really well.
omer54463 (EUW)
: Bilgewater Lore Explainations Pls?
Lore used to be a thing, but then riot fixed lore by making sure most champions only have three lines of useless text on their lore page. wp rito ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Práedyth (EUW)
: why do you get punished for leaving champ selection...
Even a small punishment is enough of a deterrent not to leave games constantly. The current system is actually spot on, if you only leave very occasionally then you don't lose out much, but if you leave constantly then you get punished for it. In short, the only people who truly have a reason to complain that the system is harsh are those who deserve what it dishes out to them. So no, it isn't at all reasonable to remove the leaver punishments.
: Thanks. But actually i have been a wrenchman for quite a a while now (i think sth. about half a year). Like all volunteers I am just not tagged as a volunteer in the PB boards...ironically exactly the place where i write >90% of my posts^^
Well, you learn something new every day.
: > His increased damage from the sated devourer Well technically the damage of devourer will be decreased. You will get sated Devourer as soon as you reach 30 stacks and from there on your damage will not increase anymore...with the old devourer it does. The only reason why the new devourer is more powerful is the bonus attack, not the on-hit. I have no doubt that Yi will be better with this item..but i doubt he will be OP. Maybe he will have a short winratio spike, that will solve itself as soons as people remember how to play against Yi again.
Little bit off topic, but I didn't realise you had attained wrenchman status, looks like all those Humpel for president comments weren't just for naught e.e Gz anyway.
: It is almost mentally hard to play Bot games cuz of...well...people
Some human beings; Just don't seem to understand; Communication.
: Your twilight sparkle body pillow.
Don't feel downtrodden; Some people feel your humor; It made me chuckle.
: Obvious DDOS in my last game
Perhaps one fine day; People may just realise: Rito will not help.
Cænatyx (EUW)
: No idea when it started. It's just snowballing. Ppl adept the behaviour of other ppl they hang around with based on the location they are currently in, meaning in LoL they LEARNED that its the PROPER way to hate spike on ppl for every single mistake, even if its just a ks. Ppl don't like to get ranted about every lil thing they did wrong. So ppl try to avoid being ranted by: Ranting first, so ur re-rant would look like "he onlz rants him back cuz he got ranted before", making it look like the initial ranter doesnt deserve the rant. After both bot laners made a mistake wich resulted in loosing a fight one of them starts ranting, hoping the team didnt look and now focuses on the rant target alone. Ppl can't admit their onw mistakes, not even to themselves: A top laner who keeps feeding 1kill/1min is SURE about this being the junglers fault. A jungler who dives a turret at lvl 3, when the friendly laner is at 20% hp is sure his death is the laners fault. Last but not least, most ppl don't know how to play this game at all: 30min mark: mid laner hate spikes the adc for farming mid creeps. Jungler ganks a lane, laner gets the kill, jungler enrages cuz of the ks, since he did most of the dmg. Heavy mana dependant jungler, amumu for example gets insulted hard for sharing no blues with a mid laner who build chalice. A lane pushes hard without wards, the laners expect the jungler to constantly gank cuz the enemy jungler does so too. Even in ranked u get this player called something like: "Anal banana" counterpicking themselves and feeding like crazy. It's just the way it is. Kids aren't even the threat, the greatest threat are noobs(ppl who play this game for a long time but ARENT able to improve). U can't avoid them. I think the only way to enjoy this game is to play it like WoW battlegrounds: Don't care about who wins, just try and perform the best u can in order to have fun.
Anal Banana; Sweet and succulent in taste; But cannot play league.
: Ty rito
Rare to see this many downvotes on a post. Quite impressive in its own right :P
Coxis (EUNE)
: Actually, my strategy was a bit less direct. As I was playing Ahri, I charmed him. He was peaceful and lovely for some time. So I thought that was my chance to hug him. Then he woke up and went pure devil. But since then, I learned not to trust this deceiving small creature. So I started to kill him as fast as possible. But thanks for the Rengar tip.
Ah, I see where you went wrong. It's a common misconception that being charmed would actually smooth matters over in this kind of case. For some reason it usually serves to irritate Teemo even further when he realises he has been tricked. That said, it's also possible to prove your conviction to hugging him by stepping on as many buttshrooms as possible. The theory behind it is that you smell so much like a buttshroom, that he doesn't actually notice you until you are so close to him that the hug is imminent anyway. I like Galio for this kind of task, as he has a similar problem of just wanting to be loved, and so the two are the perfect couple.
Coxis (EUNE)
: First time I tried to hug him. He killed me without a blink of his eyes. Then I promised myself that that will never happen again! - I say this is more natural. :)
When you approach an entity, who for so long has hated everything, it requires a surgical level of positioning to be able to apply hugs. I recommend that you use rengar for the job, as he can innately use bushes to gapclose and hug teemo directly in the face.
Coxis (EUNE)
: he's cute only when he dies imho.
Maybe all he wants is hugs. If everyone hates the little guy, then of course he'll want to murder everyone in the most sadistically terrifying way possible. It's only natural.
Rioter Comments
Coxis (EUNE)
: So you're a {{champion:17}} guy? ugh...
raggnir (EUW)
: in your arse
Why did this make me laugh so much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Maven of Strings,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tzmbeEyw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-06-20T20:54:01.028+0000) > > Posts like this are almost artistic in their own special way, i'm almost thinking of compiling a collection of them :P Please do, it will be hilarious!
Seeing as I have the next week off, I think i'll keep an eye out for these, and then make one megathread with links to each of them. It's rare enough that I smile at anything on the boards these days, so I guess i'll see how I go :)
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