yoxus (EUW)
: I bought skins via the Worlds Tokens and the game is saying I do not own them.
god forbid you have to read an item. XD thanks i needed a laugh tonight.
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ScwubN00B (EUW)
: some dude asked a riot employee Deathglow (Riot Games Player Support) Oct 16, 7:45 AM PDT Hey again. I have updates! "All players have a month to complete the missions. The missions will drop daily at 1:00 PM PDT starting on October 17th. A mission will drop each day, so if you finish the first mission, you'll need to wait a whole day (!) for the second one! Don't worry if you don't complete Mission 1 on Day 1. They'll be waiting for you until all the missions will end on November 19th at 11:00 AM PDT." Should be plenty of time even for folks doing a 3 weeks retreat! 🔥 Best regards! See you soon... Deathglow - Player Support Specialist - "Are you my nightmare, or am I yours?" Can a mod pin this post? Ty 22:00 on GMT
Same problem had my account since Eu server launch.
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
: Anniversary Gifts ?? its 4:54 and nothing happend
: League of legends is a team game, soooooooooooooooooooooo get into a team if you want to climb. It's not hard to see that if you play with random people a lot of things can happen.
Yeah and how am I supposed to do that? none of my friends play anymore happens when you get older and riot in all their wisdom removed the in client chat rooms.
: Patch 9.8 still no nerfs to riven and vayne
Vayne needs a rework she has the most anticlimactic ulti of any adc
Tarolock (EUNE)
: there are 2 kinds of ppl, the first one who does not play much and always complains that they dont have enough BE for anything and there are the ones who play nonstop since beta and always complain that they cant do anything with BE... what is your problem with having BE on your account? does it hurt you? lets say you have tons of money and walk into a grocery shop, you buy EVERYTHING in there and you still have money left, do you think its ok to complain that they dont sell any more stuff?
Going by your broken English It's clear you missed the whole point of the topic. I'll give you a hint its got nothing to do with money or BE.
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Maxamar (EUW)
: Why am I being punished for other peoples behaviour?
my point isnt 5 mins is long my point is after the first 5 mins it gets out of hand very fast very common to have to jump ship more than once. so its no longer 5 mins anymore.
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