: Looking for a girlfriend
Update - still single no signs of female activity on the world wide web yet
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Observer (EUW)
: Newly Formed Team Recruting
In-Game Name: Mbaye Sarr Rank: Plat 3 Age: 17 From: The Netherlands Main Role: Support Other (Anything else you feel worth mentioning): Not much of a soloq player because i prefer playing with a team :)
FrankiYT (EUW)
: Team looking to complete roster! (Top,Mid,Supp)
: d5 smurf lf fast/fun duo on bronze/silver smurf
Main: Mbaye Sarr smurf: Sandman070
: Hey we zoeken naar een Jungler
DIscord :Mbaye Sarr #1660 ign : Mbaye Sarr
MrFaker (EUW)
: eSports Community - LFP
Name: Mbaye IGN: Mbaye Sarr Age: 16 Elo: Platinum 1 Country: The Netherlands Lane: ADC Main Champions: Lucian, Ezreal , Jhin , Xayah , Vayne
Frostïe (EUW)
: Serious 5v5 Team Looking for support:High Gold/ Plat
Summoner name: Mbaye Sarr T.s Name: Mbaye A little about myself: I have always had a passion for gaming and i have a competetive personality always wanting to be the best ! also experienced in competitive League of Legends Gaming Any experience: I played for Shadow Stalkers gaming and Xendar red Pandas where we competed regularly and participated in online tournaments. Why would i like to join: Looking for a long lasting team which trains a lot and who try to become the best and win tournaments Last seasons elo and main champions: Diamond 5 , Thresh ,Braum , Tahm , Janna. This seasons elo and main champions; Platinum 1 , Thresh , Rakan , Braum , Tahm, Janna
hii interested and cant seem to add you my ign : Mbaye Sarr
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Wèeb (EUW)
: Forming a Team Plat +
Very interested in being the support!
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: Add me if you want to smurf !
: Dia 4 ADC main , added u on gold1
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EXR Frost (EUW)
: Dedicated Team EG Reborn looking for Top, Jungle & Support (Plat V+)
IGN: Mbaye Sarr Role: Support Rank: Platinum 3 Team Experience: Played For the organization Shadow Stalker Gaming , Good experience, participated in online tournaments and played a lot of scrims. Ability to shotcall: I can shotcall teamfights very well but I need to improve shotcalling early and late game. Availability: Everyday almost all day. Why we should pick you: Ex diamond experienced Dutch support that is very positive and likes to play in a team environment. I also play a variety of supports and adapt to the meta very quickly.
: Team looking for mid laner
You blocked me on Sarr before I could even say anything but it was my smurf and I'm a p2 mid if you are looking for one
: [EUW][Draconian Gaming LF Adc/Supp - And Subs] [GOLD-PLAT]
Name: Mbaye Age: 16 IGN: Mbaye Sarr Rank: Platinum 4 Role: AD Carry Country: The Netherlands Hours/days available (GMT) 2 hours a day and the whole weekend. : Champion Pool: Caitlin , Lucian , Ezreal and Jhin Why you would like to join: i like playing in a competetive environment and having a dedicaties team competing in tournaments and Maybe lans in the future!
Jèffrey (EUW)
: LF Dutch Plat 3 + Top laner
Naam : Mbaye Leeftijd : 16 Rank : Plat 4 (s6 diamond 5) Main champs : Maokai , shen, fiora Ervaring in team : Heb een jaar voor Genesis esports gespeeld , en ook voor de organisatie Shadow Stalker gaming.
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Extremity Grey] Recruiting new DEDICATED players[TOP, JUNGLE, SUPPORT] [English] [Tournaments]
What country are you from? The Netherlands Fluent English Speaker? Yes Gold 5 or above last season? Yes Main the role you apply for? Yes Have Teamspeak and a good mic? Yes *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes
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Raftery (EUW)
: Deicide eSports recruiting!
IGN: Calvinklein Age: 15 Nationality: Dutch Role: ADC Top 3 champs: Lucian , Ashe , Vayne What you bring to the team: A good , non raging and consistent ad carry that is willing to improve and play in a competetive environment.
: Highly experienced video editor needs YOUR outplay clips for his first League of Legends montage
Can we send clips through the new league of legends ingame record thing?
MrFaker (EUW)
: ProTeam - REQ Some players [SILVER]
Name: Mbaye IGN: Calvinklein Role: AD Carry Elo: Last season diamond 5 but i will be starting in silver 3 season 7 Lanes: Ad Carry / Top Champions: Lucian, Ezreal and Jhin Reason to join: Looking for a competetive environment and looking to learn a few things here and there Have teamspeak yes Speak english yes Country: The Netherlands
Wèeb (EUW)
: Lf plat + Support player (TeamRanked)
Use gamurs or reddit this is pretty dead tbh
Nvidiagt630 (EUNE)
: Looking for female friends
you know females are just as toxic as males right?
Name Mbaye IGN Calvinklein Age 15 Language English/Dutch Lane Support Rank PLatinum 1 Champion pool Janna Thresh Braum Play times Pretty much all day 5v5 experience I have played in a few teams before but they disbanned because of inactivity of other players Why should i pick you I have a good attitude , not toxic and ill always be around :p
: championship skins
You have to buy all Championship skins that come out for a limited time and then skins you get for getting a spesific rank (gold) is the victorius skins
: [AQUA] AquaNation Looking For Bot Lane + Mid Laner + Dedicated Coach [AQUA]
IGN: Calvinklein Role: Support (I do not have a duo adc) Rank: Platinum 1 Age: 15 Location: The Netherlands Hobbies: I play football at a local club , i also like reading and hanging out with my friends. Champion Pool: Janna , Thresh, Karma , Braum. Team experience: I have played for 3 teams in the past but they disbanned because of inactivity and i was the only one actually dedicated to be in the team for the long term. What you bring to the team: A dedicated and friendly player that prefers Competition over fun. I shotcalled the teamfights for the last teams i played for but im not experienced in shotcalling the whole game but im willing to learn it. What i also bring to the team is to make sure that we have vision control and that the adc stays alive.
pacific (EUW)
: Team Verify LFM [Tournaments] [Ranked5s]
Name: Mbaye (ign: calvinklein). Age: 15. Role + Champ Pool: I play support , champions are Janna , Thresh , Braum , Morgana. Gold III + : Platinum 1 and i have a smurf available in silver 2. How often can you play: Mostly everyday all day. Discord?: Yes.
: Chat still doesn't work
1.Run as Administrator 2.Log in Incorrectly 3.Log in correctly and it should work
klarmino (EUW)
: Chat is not working!
1.Run as Administrator 2.Log in Incorrectly 3.Log in correctly and it should work
1.Run as Administrator 2.Log in Incorrectly 3.Log in correctly and it should work
WindMimiC (EUW)
: Chat doesn't Work
1. Run as Administrator 2. Log in Incorrectly 3. Log in correctly and it should work
Inspirê (EUW)
: I said, i tried to search something on reddit already :(
Inspirê (EUW)
: help me find tags "Liss" "Lux" "Lulu" and "Ori" :( no idea, how can i find club tag
Maybe have a look on this forum https://www.reddit.com/r/lolclubs/
Grips (EUW)
: Team Dystopia recruiting [Tournaments] [GOLD-PLAT] [READ FIRST]
Age -15 Country you're from - The Netherlands Role - Support Rank - Platinum 1 Champion pool - Janna ,Thresh , Braum, Morgana. Reason for wanting to join - Im looking for a serious and dedicated team that is willing to practice almost every day and that is going to be together for the long term How active you are - For the next month all day everyday. and after that at least 5 days a week.
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: I am searching a SUP main to climb elo fast
EXR Frost (EUW)
: Extremity White - Recruiting Top Lane Main - UK - Scrims - Tournaments
Name: Mbaye , ign: Calvinklein smurf fioraa Role: top Rank: plat 1 but smurf gold4 where i mostly play on. Top 5 Champions: Fiora,Malphite, Trundle ,wukong,Olaf. Are you able to meet the demands of the schedule: yes , for the next 5 weeks i will be online all day everyday.
: Nederlands team op zoek naar een Toplaner en Support! [Gold +]
Naam: Mbaye (15 jaar oud bijna 16 , ik weet niet of dit een heel groot probleem is maar ik kan me goed gedragen) In-Game name: calvinklein , fioraa (smurf) Lane: Top Main 5 champions van die Lane: Fiora,Ekko tank , Trundle , Wukong , Malphite Division S6: Platinum 1 60lp en mijn smurf account is gold 4. Op welke dagen ben je beschikbaar: Vanaf overmorgen voor 5 weken elke dag en de hele dag beschikbaar. Daarna schoolweken 2 avonden en het weekend. Waarom wij jou moeten kiezen: Ik heb veel ervaring met het spelen als een team omdat hiervoor in 2 andere teams heb gezeten voor best een lange tijd. Ik neem lol erg serieus en ik wil altijd dingen leren en beter worden. Ik kijk veel lcs,lck etc. Ik heb ervaring met shotcallen Brede champion pool voor de teamcomp die we vooraf bespreken voor de game.
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ìií (EUW)
: Looking for a Diamond+ support on a Silver+ Smurf
do you mind playing with me as support im gold 2
: Searching for DUTCH Toplaner for Dynamic Queue and Tournaments - Gold/Platinum ELO 2016.
In-Game name: Calvinklein Lane: Top/Support Main 5 champions: Malphite, Maokai, Ekko, Poppy and Shen Division S6: Gold 2 Eind division S5: SIlver 4 Op welke dagen ben je beschikbaar: maandag, woensdag, en het weekend. Waarom wij jou moeten kiezen: Ik speel passive in de laning phase , goeie map awareness voor tp plays en in de mid/late game ben ik de tank die homeguard teleport engages maak. Ik heb veel ervaring met toernooien en ik heb veel knowledge over de game.
: New Ranked Team Looking For G+ Jungler !
Age: 16 years old. From: The Netherlands Gaming schedule Monday 17:00 - 18:00 Tuesday 17:00 - 18:00 Wensday Not sure Thursday 17:00 - 18:00 Friday 20:00 - 00:00 Saturday all day depending on my football match. Sunday All day Your champion pool: Udyr, Gragas, Eise, Lee Sin, Ekko, Rek Sai , Graves and Kindread. Your playstyle: Aggresive early game looking for openings and counter ganks. also play a lot around baron and dragons. Do you have a working mic and a decent English speaking level? Fluent in speaking english and have a working mic.
: Creating Dutch D+ team
: Raging Turtles Esports Recruting all girl team - Any Ranks - EUW
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