Coxis (EUW)
: new testing test
He is testing if you guys are stupid enough to comment this post. Wait, did I just...
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its toxic sure but its not abnormal, its fairly low key in terms of abuse, hell half the 12 year olds on XBL have had sexual relations with my mother if they are to be believed, harsh instant punishments are issued for extreme toxicity only, the likes of homophobia and racism
Which is usually displayed by people who are not racists or homophobes. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Riot has tried most things and failed and therefore it is impossible by their standards.
I doubt they think it's impossible. They just think it's not worth it.
DylxnBK (EUW)
: if i have video proof of someone trolling can i use it to get said person banned
> [{quoted}](name=DylxnBK,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ewhd9wdh,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-18T18:53:29.536+0000) > > died 15 times. bought troll items. picked kai top and said hes 'playing for fun' ( i have no issue with playing kai top, but he intended to troll from the start.) What are troll items? She can build anything.
: a) How exactly did Riot do it? Do you even know? b) How would you do it?
a) You were personally arranging a deal with "this exact account" getting leveled to 20 without getting punished, including warnings, which are kinda equivalent to 10-game chat restriction these days. You do it - you get your account back. 5% success rate and stupid amount of rabid animals biting new players. b) 1. Don't throw the worst people you have with new players. Tweak their normal mmr, you have direct access to the account in question. 2. Tweak the system to remove them fast, really fast if they keep being toxic. 3. Communicate how easy it is to get a warning with honest, uncensored examples. 4. Let 10% of reformed players get their accounts back with the minimal impact from 90% who failed. 5. Enjoy being awesome in comparison to Lyte. In this sense, current experiment is better, because this is basically what happens when you just unban the account, except that the player will feel less pressure in comparison to playing a new one(which is less psychologically impactful).
: > inferior results Horrible results would be more precise. > that doesn't change my opinions in any way Not changing your mind when faced with contradicting facts is NOT a good character trait! But, back to your argument: No, I don't think they should get icons (or anything) back. It is a punishment after all, it is supposed to be very unpleasant. It's not supposed to be convenient for the punished player.
Horrible, yes. Because riot didn't implement it properly. That experiment was was set and executed so badly, any sufficiently advanced nerd could do better.
: Since we are all more or less grown up people here and for sure all of us can read: Ignoring all warnings, flaming and acting like a rabid dog and even keep pushing this agenda after the very clear last warning is more like: going down on all fours, shoving the pumpgun deep down your arse and keep yelling 'OMG rito do it please do it.'
Could you remind me, what "all warnings" are? "You said the n-word, now we will ban you for anything resembling negativity, while others are free to act like that every game"?
: maybe so but getting back your account after achieving level 70+ on a new account without ever getting reported maybe shows that you can handle being in a team and therefore why not get back at least some parts of your account if not all. i mean look at your own level 96, if you done the same leveling again starting from scratch without even a single bad conduct i think it would be justified. but that is just my opinion, not everybody shares the same opinions you know?
A small nitpick - you will get reported, even if you are the second incarnation of Jesus. Bad criteria.
: but does it really? making someone able to get parts of their identity back after they have redone everything else in their account, i mean if you manage to get an equal copy of the account it's quite the same, as many champs and the same level. After all that you still don't think you should be able to get your icons back? I do know it has been tested with inferior results but that doesn't change my opinions in any way, if you do not think it is justified then don't, nobody is going to blame you for your opinion, we are all free people with the right to say what we think (to some limits of course)
Nicely worded, I like it. That's a nice solution that would focus on reforming a player. But it definitely removes the message "please, quit playing our game". If rito is fine parting with such message, your solution is great.
: Because there's nothing mature about flaming in an online game, as much as you want it to be. Using certain words might qualify as "mature content", but it's the childish behavior of a frustrated teen.
Well, yes, it is. Just like punching stuff and breaking keyboards. If everyone involved is fine with it, why do you feel the need to regulate a bunch of nerds telling each other to kill themselves?
: Your suggestion is still pointless because getting to play on an account only if you have 4 other people in your party is so rare that it's basically pointless. Better to use your time on another account that can play alone as well. >2. They can not talk to the enemy team. This is pointless as well because toxic people most of the time have flamed their teammates and not the enemy. Ofc this would go well with your 5 man premade suggestion but being able to play only when 4 friends are online and want to play is basically the same thing as a permanent ban. People wouldn't bother playing at that point. I do not agree with permanent bans from chat toxicity either but this is not a proper solution.
Well, you can have more than 4 friends and yes, it's only a small step down from a permanent ban, which is why it might get accepted. In theory, it should do no harm from anyone's point of view and it would open at least some possibilities for seasoned accounts with multiple unlocks, who got too far in Riot's eyes.
Rioter Comments
: > hope someone can help me with this and tell me how exactly did I deserve a permanent ban for this? not a chat restriction? That is rather easily explained: Because in the warning you received with your 14 day ban you were explicitly told that this is your last chance and that any further violation of the rules would result in a permaban. did violate the rules, so you got permbanned. Given that you seem to be honestly surprised that it works that way, I guess you didn't find the time to read the short warning in the 14 days during your ban? > me having a conversation or an argument (whatever you wanna call it) I wanna call it: Constantly blaming, trashtalking, threatening to go afk, being rude. I'm very sorry that you got banned, really, I am. But I'm afraid you brought this on yourself. A last warning is exactly that, a LAST warning. But you ignored that and broke the rules again. Sorry, but there is nothing anyone can do for you here and I'm afraid this punishment is completely justified.
> I'm very sorry that you got banned, really, I am. No, Rhaast, you aren't.
Smóker (EUW)
: My account got a permanent ban for this reason.
Two-week-ban means that rito points a shotgun at your account and says "Please, misbehave". If they, their bot or their dog don't like anything, they pull the trigger.
: Never in the 8 years of me playing have I ever said any words on the 0 tolerance list. They're on the 0 tolerance list for a reason. You can't say them. If the ban was for something less severe, I might be on your side, but there's no reason to ever say stuff like that. I'm sorry, but you have to pay the consequences.
They are just words. Can be used as insults. They are on the zero tolerance list because of irrational global sjw hysteria of 2018. Which is why the policy should be scrapped. The reason to say stuff like that - what about Wikipedia page? Is that a reason good enough or are you going to fight Wikipedia, mr. Radical?
: Swearing
Not punishable. Can change any time soon. Keep in mind that if someone reports you for f-bombs, but system catches different negative behaviour in the same game("gotta wait for 30 gold"=>"I'm done"), the game will get flagged and you are royally %%%%ed.
: How about just not being toxic at all, and keeping negative thoughts to yourself? How would that be I wonder? Why are we looking at loopholes and rule breaks for our flaming "needs" huh? How bout you buy 10 keyboards a week, and just break them one by one, while frustrated. Or get a punching bag and hit it, instead of typing your frustration to random people on the internet. # "wow, my ADC gave first blood - better tell him to get aids IRL, that'll calm me down and strengthen my odds of winning by at least 150% - It's ok, I'm on the -I can tell randoms to kill themselves and not get in trouble channel anyway -" Yea buddy, great idea. 10/10 {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Why is it so bad exactly?
: Please Riot add a mature chat channel
Implementing might be tricky. But that's a good solution.
: Riot is full of SJWs.
Two short of full, since d-klein and that other guy with unremarkable name got fired.
: The fact that people have that line of thinking isn't Riot's problem.
It kinda is, when people play MMO-games for like 15 years and only one company practices dishing out permabans for arguing. At this point, I am literally afraid to make some weird typo or be misinterpreted by an AI in some other weird way. I'd feel way more relaxed if I was told to kills myself every game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mc Truck,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=l0Z5EE3c,comment-id=000500000002000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-15T10:19:02.125+0000) > > Losing your account over flaming in chat is nonsense. Most of them don't even imagine there can be a link between the two. Which is why Riot at least warns them beforehand, particularly with regard to the warning message that comes with a 14-day ban, or indeed the fact that there are even punishments below that to issue the first several warnings in the first place. If a player ignores _that_ many warnings, _then_ they lose their account. And if they're willing to ignore _that_ many warnings telling them to stop, they're frankly asking for it. The only way your ideology can possibly hold up is if a permaban was the very first punishment a misbehaving player would receive. Which it isn't - the only way you could be permabanned instantly with an otherwise clear record is if there was a payment or chargeback problem, and that's not even a behaviour related issue.
"Oh shit, I got a TWO WEEK BAN for saying the %%%%%%-word?! They threaten me with PERMABAN? What a bullshit. I guess I have to not do it again to keep my account." Two games later: "I am permabanned for arguing about who ruined the game! What the actual %%%%, Rito? Are you nuts?"
: > [{quoted}](name=Mc Truck,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=l0Z5EE3c,comment-id=0005000000020000,timestamp=2018-09-11T17:57:30.566+0000) > > Well, this is not who I see coming to these forums. I see people who cared about their accounts and got %%%%ed over by an abomination of a punishment system. If they really cared about their accounts, they'd know not to misbehave and would at least show some modicum of self-control. This proves nothing.
Losing your account over flaming in chat is nonsense. Most of them don't even imagine there can be a link between the two. Because, you know, Rito is special and not that good at communicating that to most people. I consider both "special" and "unable to inform players" deadly sins in this case. Unlike flaming in chat.
: We can reach -10 reputation lets go HELP ME OUT getting it. For the ones that dont understand im not complaing about the CHAT RESTRICTION... Its a troll post just saying how amazing is the ban system when 2 people flame each other and only 1 gets banned xD
MUNDO UNDERSTAND!!! {{champion:36}} I kinda like what you did there. Were those two absolutely fresh accounts? Edit: no, they weren't. I kinda don't like what you did there. You need fresh accounts.
: Ohh riot thanks so much for not banning me!
MUNDO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE {{champion:36}} Was he banned? For how long?
: Ohh riot thanks so much for not banning me!
: That is a helpful comment xD I think you are kinda missing the point to be perfectly honest
Just pointing out something that hurts my eyes to read. Your lane should be ganked when you are losing only if the other two are stomping HARD, the jungle is farmed out, your opponent doesn't have item/resource advantage over your jungler and there is no risk of getting counterganked. That is the long approximation of "never". The "let's change perspective" portion of your comment is okay, I got it and I kinda agree with it.
: i prepicked
And Riot doesn't prevent your team from banning it. Because your prepick has no weight.
: Think of it this way: This is going to sound like I am calling you out, but it is really not meant that way, so bare with me and sorry if I sound insulting. Imagine a player just getting out of a troll game and he gets into a new game with you. He accidentally steals your buff (an honest mistake, maybe even because of lag) and you react by saying something like: ''dude, really...'' He just got out of a troll game, so he is pretty fed up already, so if he sees that remark, that isn't toxic at all, he perceives it as if you want to flame him, so immediately he starts insulting you for no apparent reason, it's just because the experience from his previous game is still fresh in his mind. This game you get fed up with him and next game you look at players differently. If they die in lane and then ping you for help, you just assume they are hard inting and blaming it on you. (granted, they might be) But the point I am making is, the negativity of trolls in game spreads and people who just been trolled for an entire game don't deal with mistakes and criticism quite as well as people who just got out of positive games. The only real thing you can do against trolls is to make sure you never spread it to the next game and to always remember that not every bad decision a player makes is immediately trolling. (background info: I have recently stopped playing ranked to not spread negativity, because I was getting sick of it as well :P)
If you die at lane and ping for help, you are being a very bad player.
: but i understand if u think im toxic.. you dont have any context , but even reading this all ive wrote , thers no profanity , and i didnt wish anything bad against them, i just said that bc players like him should be banned, out right toxic folks that only can be negative and make others tilt and be negative as well !
First of all, you should understand that riot is really, reeeeally harsh about penalties for chat and they don't consider stating your report intentions good or necessary. Because, when you think about it, nothing good can come out of it - it's just you venting and potentially making the guy you harrass, no matter how bad he is, become worse. After you get a 2-week punishment, riot stands with a shotgun pointed at your account with an attitude "please, misbehave". At this point you can't afford anything. **Anything** that can be interpreted as not ultra-positive or all-loving. There are such things in your chat, but I believe you were not informed properly about how it works. But if you really improved in comparison to your last punishment, Riot should give you another chance, even by their overly harsh standards. Have you contacted their support? Edit: fixed some weird wording
: You didn't really flame, but you were kinda toxic. You didn't deserve a perma for this game, even if there are some bad words and spam. BUT, Since you have history, maybe Riot thought you deserved a perma. So I think we don't have enough information here (and i don't know if Riot can see the pings, but if you spam ping someone, maybe it's bad for u even if this is not visible in the logs)
This is the point - if he has a history of hating on black people, homosexuals and women, suggesting all of them to kill themselves, riot decided to give him the second chance. And he states, that his behaviour improved. And I bet it did, but bot still had some "reported" and "muted" to clinge onto. Imo, there shouldn't even be another 2-week ban for this log, considering that OP improved. There should be a manual 10 game chat restriction with a message "good job on improving your behaviour comparing to the last time, but here are some remaining issues..."
: i got 14 day ban for giving 2free kills to enemy draven because my support banned my champion
Banning champions is allowed. Otherwise, prepick would completely block them from getting banned. Intentionally feeding even one kill should get you permabanned, in my opinion. Sadly, riot thinks you can keep your account. For now.
: > It is too harsh in comparison to what they did. One is more likely to kill himself over a lost league account (which actually matters something for most people), rather than over some ragekid telling them to do so in the internet. And you say that on what evidence?^^ Also let's just say that on one banned person comes around than 20000 people who get raged on by such a kid. If let's say one in a thousand kills himself because he was banned and 1 in 10 million kills himself because of rage. Even though it is much more unlikely that you kill yourself because of flame than a ban, you will still have more people killing themselves because of flame than permabans.^^ In addition to that there comes the thousands of people who might not kill themselves, but still suffer under it. Also spoken (and written) words can hurt much more than you think. Even though it might seem stupid for "normal" people, some people can't take it as easy as you and with those people it's not one in 2000, but... one in a thousand? Banning people is like a restaurant forbidding you to eat there. There are rules everywhere you go and if you break them, everyone can use his domestic authority and show you the door. Yes, it might seem harsh, but if someone hasn't learned it, he might need something like that.
Yes, words can hurt. Like that time the girl you like sends you an SMS that you'd be better if you were dead. That doesn't work exactly like that with people in the internet, who are so easy to dehumanize, which you do subconsciously upon getting insulted by them. There are commonly known reasons for getting kicked out of restaurant and it's not domestic authority - it's an idustry standard. Riot goes leagues(pun intended) above in a matter of harshness and pointless cruelty, permabanning people for "zero tolerance" stuff, where other games would just slap you on the wrist. Yes, legally it's all gucci. Just like most cases when huge corporation abuses smaller people without any consequences. And we all agree to it when we install the game, which is good. You can't get a better deal. It's frustrating and stressful for some people, but still too good to not accept ToS. And for many league is not like restaurant. It's literally half of their life and there are not many things good enough to replace it.
: If I look at all the people here on the boards which claim that they got banned unfairly... I have seen 1 (!) player who actually was banned unfairly. All others bans were compeltely correct imo.
I have no doubt that they are guilty, many of them up to the point of being savage. I just can't see how can permaban be a reasonable punishment for it. It is too harsh in comparison to what they did. One is more likely to kill himself over a lost league account (which actually matters something for most people), rather than over some ragekid telling them to do so in the internet. Obviously, both are unlikely, but getting permabanned feels much more real and impactful. But we are not used to seeing it this way, right?
: If you think it was unfair, contact support... but 99% of the times it isnt... so without chatlogs all i can say is GL
I would argue, 99% of the times it actually is unfair and inadequate, but in line with Riot's punishment policy. Let's say, "99%, riot won't lift it"
: ye I would have done this aswell. Cause People who think stuff like that is funny, are surely doing something worse aswell
Everyone is doing something worse, because there is nothing bad about it. %%%%%% Here, I said it and repeated out loud. Am I supposed to get lynched for it? Am I a horrible human being?
: Suggestion for being able to disable your own text chat
Self-chat-restricting would be a nice feature too. Some people asked for it.
Loonsteer (EUW)
Pease don't stop smurfing =(
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: unskilled players deserve punish
I farm as support nearly every game and I am two leagues above you on my main. What punishment do you want for not meeting my expectations as a player? Everyone is welcome to suggest.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Here is a good reason to leave "toxic" players: they are humans, they are relatively harmless and they want to play the game. And some people don't even get their chance to reform nowadays. They all had their chance at reform, nobody skips straight to permaban without extreme toxicity or being the subject of an ID ban, they chose not to take that chance, riot isn't going to give people dozens of chances to reform, they either take the hint or they find another game
Extreme toxicity. What is that? Why does rito not try to fix it with chat restrictions and goes to 2week bans? It doesn't communicate that he will get permabanned even if he improves a lot. And yeah, you might not even have that chance.
Cypherous (EUW)
: 1. pings can be just as disruptive,if i'm trying to get away from someone and you start pinging i have to pay attention to that because it "could" be you coming in to help, but instead its just you spamming pings for shits and giggles and as a result i die and get annoyed with you for getting me killed with pointless things, its a domino effect, very real 2. people odn't get banned for something they don't do, all permabans are justified, the issue is some people just can't see what they do as toxic, they think bashing their teammates and calling for reports is acceptable behaviour, fun fact, they are wrong 3. and they do, a toxic environment is a toxic environment, there are a number of things and phrases that will skip the chat restriction phases entirely and will land you one step away from a permaban on your first offence, you'll find that most crimes will escalate in terms of punishments, shoplift once you get a slap on the wrist, do it multiple times and you end up with a criminal record and a court appearance, stack up enough minor offences and you end up with a larger and more harsher punishment/fine At the end of the day there is no "good" reason to leave toxic players in the game if they show a complete disregard and unwillingness to change, adding more punishment tiers just enables them to spread more toxicity, the people who actually want to reform will, those who don't, wont
1. You have more chances to get meaningfully distracted by a fat-ass-bumblebee, than by a toxic player who is permanently muted and now waits for you to flee toi start spamming pings and make you die. 2. You are talking about preventive permabans in place of permanent chatbans because people might commit something gameplay related. You see, it's easy to understand - you abuse chat, you have chat taken away. You flip the board instead of playing the game, you get the board taken away from you. 3. Not THAT harsh though. We don't execute thieves. Here is a good reason to leave "toxic" players: they are humans, they are relatively harmless and they want to play the game. And some people don't even get their chance to reform nowadays.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mc Truck,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=l0Z5EE3c,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-09-11T08:01:17.837+0000) > > And the reason why they don't work is that riot can't track really bad stuff. No, it's because all that happened was that the worst of the worst cared so little about the consequences that they simply found different ways to ruin matches that didn't involve the chat window, such as intentional feeding.
Well, this is not who I see coming to these forums. I see people who cared about their accounts and got %%%%ed over by an abomination of a punishment system. Many people beg for permanent chat ban long before they get permanent ban from the game.
Migopini (EUW)
: Server transfer, smurfing
Smurfng is not a problem.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Pings can be annoying, but not offensive. When you mute them, you are basically gucci and your mental state will not be affected much. The same could be said for chat, but that doesn't stop it from tilting players when someone is spamming pings > And the rest is exactly "really bad stuff" I was talking about. It has to be tracked independently(not ignoring the possible correlation, of course) from chat and punished with swift and ruthless permanent bans. Sure, or they could just skip waiting for the player to get worse and just punish the player permanently quicker, you already have to screw up 3 times before you earn a permaban, one of which is a 14 day ban, if those aren't enough to make a person learn then no amount of chat restrictions is going to, its really simple > This will give those who can't behave a chat their chance to be good players. They will have slightly less rating due to inability to discuss stuff with their team. It's fine. Way more fair than permanent ban for something unrelated to gameplay. They already had 2 chat restrictions before they get to the 14 day ban, if those were not enough.... well i've already explained this part once, repeated disregard for the rules is very cut and dry > This is actual justice. Punishment fitting the crime. Punishments escalate based on how many times you commit the crime, you don't get 1 sentence for murdering 50 people you get 50, the same is applied here, you're stacking punishments on top of punishments so you will have already had to have 2 chat restrictions and a 14 day ban before reaching the permanent ban At the end of the day riot tested it and monitored the accounts that had permanent chat restrictions applied and they saw an actual increase in other forms of toxic behaviour from those same players, the evidence doesn't lie
1. When chat offense happens, it has very specific meaning. By the time you get muted, the real damage is done. Not true for pings. 2. Or you could ban literally everyone for something they didn't comit, in case they do. Getting permabanned for chat requires two screw-ups. 3. Quantity of screw ups matters, but not as much as quality. You don't get real time to serve for 1000 instances of jaywalking. Punishments can stack(in some countries, not in mine btw), but they should fit the crime.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > What ways? Spamming pings Feeding Following people around stealing farm Stealing jungle camps Refusing to play with the rest of the team There are numerous ways to create a toxic environment without ever having typed a single word in chat, a permanent chat ban doesn't prevent someone from being just as toxic and distracting and it doens't prevent them from ruining games
Pings can be annoying, but not offensive. When you mute them, you are basically gucci and your mental state will not be affected much. And the rest is exactly "really bad stuff" I was talking about. It has to be tracked independently(not ignoring the possible correlation, of course) from chat and punished with swift and ruthless permanent bans. This will give those who can't behave a chat their chance to be good players. They will have slightly less rating due to inability to discuss stuff with their team. It's fine. Way more fair than permanent ban for something unrelated to gameplay. This is actual justice. Punishment fitting the crime.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Except it doesn't, like i said, riot have literally tested this, the people with permanent chat bans found other ways to vent their frustrations on their team, chat is only a very small part of the game, so no, it does not work as has actually been demonstrated
We are getting closer to the truth! You are about to understan my comment that "makes no sense". What ways?
Cypherous (EUW)
: You realise that comment makes zero sense right?
It does. Imagine, you are permanently chatbanned. It works! **It works!**
: > [{quoted}](name=Mc Truck,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NuazlYyb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-11T04:45:26.903+0000) > > I do not think any negativity in chat should ever result in permaban, but your case is fairly hopeless by rito's standards. what if i told you to %%%%ing slit your throat in game, would that change your mind? i can call you prick, slut, %%%%%, whatever i want without getting banned. you should think about what you said for a sec
I am not delusional or misinformed, I know exactly what I am talking about. My personal opinion - yes, just let it fly, I have thick skin and a mute function. {{champion:33}} But not everyone is me and yes, someone might get offended by(_mild stuff_) being told to slit their throat in the internet. You treat it as real life and enforce real life etiquette - I am okay, enforce it, but do it adequately. People usually feel worse when they get banned, than when they are told bad things through the chat. {{champion:32}} Reward positive behaviour, punish negative behaviour, take away their stuff. Take away their ability to chat, and if you find them griefing because of it, fix your bloody griefing detectors and finally permaban them. For game-related things. {{champion:10}} Or create voluntary toxic queue for the ones who like to vent in chat. Let it be less populated, but people will play there and be happy, or not play there and behave. They will have a choice. {{champion:92}} Even the prisoner island system, as inhumane as rito claims it to be, is more humane than permabanning an account with years of time and money investment. {{champion:67}} You still want to ban all the people who say bad words? Not convinced? Fine, fine. Where are month, 3month and 6month bans for veteran players? You know, the ones that are worth waiting 6 months for. Permaban numerous fresh smurfs, but why would you treat seasoned players so harsh, when you could have more leverage over them? {{summoner:11}} And a cherry on top is the fact that riot has only four tiers of punishment, the difference between 2 and 3, as well as 3 and 4 being as surprisingly enormous as it gets. And there is a cherry on top of a cherry. Imagine that you come from 4chan and it's okay for you to use slurs, insult people and get insulted. Your punishment tiers shrink to two and the second of them is permaban. PERMABAN. The thing cheaters are supposed to get. People can literally get banned for two weeks, improve a lot(like A LOT) and get permabanned for some minor bullshit, like being passive-aggressive. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} The only serious thing you can do through chat is like...death or terrorist attack threats. Fake bomb reports, maybe. In this situation Riot should call the cops and I can understand if they don't want to call the cops too often, so yeah, I can relate to permabanning these people. I can not support it, as it's still fixable by permanent chat ban, but it takes balls{{champion:134}} to keep such a player in your game after the incident.
: > I believe that if a player ints ur game on purpose from level 1 because they feel like it and lose you lp, THAT IS CORRUPTION. That is not at all what the word corruption means. Maybe its bad or frustrating or demotivating or something like that, but the word corruption has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you would get your LP back in those cases, this would be abusable. Game is not going to well? Let your friend int for your, problem solved. Or pay someone to int for you. Or flame and provoke people until they int. Or if you are a youtuber or streamer, let your fans int for you when you are about to lose a match. That's why giving back LP in games with inters would actually INCREASE inting, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Not a good idea and not a valid solution for the inting problem.
None of that is abusable. You are going go run out of accounts to int from, because, you know, permabans. And you don't get lp - you just not lose lp. Can be disabled for premades.
: Could you leave that hate for yasuo outside the thread and be serious about this topic
I am confused. Isn't this thread about Yasuo?
Flute would be better off without Yasuo imho.
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