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: It's official that with one read i was not able to get what you mean. I'm pondering if it's worth or not to try again. Edit: ok, maybe i get something, and i can assure you that there are any kind of players at any rank. Don't get poisoned by checking the rank of the opposite team and declare yourself a loser before start just because there is a silver and you are bronze or whatever. Just play and don't think about it. You will be amazed by the amount of supposedly "high elo players" who are utterly and totally unable to play.
I agree with you. Have played some games now without checking the stats and it helped me alot to be focus. I didnt even thought of what rank they are when i did played against them. Il do my best and thats all i can do. Ty very much for your comment. Preciate it. :)
: as my friend here stated just wait .. some weeks ,,, for things to settle down...i literally started to play ranked in september this season ended g5 no big dont blameriot if u get bronze just bcs u didnt waited for the sistem to be repaired some few weeks
And what about your grammar.. May i suggest to check your first before complaining about mine. I know my english aint good but your aint that good 2. I have checked all your boards and be rude like saying cancer to a cancer person is very rude. Just saying. ArLi6na - It is same here. But Riot wont change the matchmaking system. They said that its working and the system within are brilliant. But i don't agree to that. Someone said, don't look up the stats before a game and that helped me alot to be focus. :)
: Your comment is fucking usless and does not help at all. First of all using the phrase "cancer" tells everyone that ur IQ cant be anywhere near 50. (And no its not above...)Also dont accuse someone with bad english if u dont even know how to write horrible... > [{quoted}](name=McDonalds XL ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=byllgi51,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-21T22:08:28.609+0000) > > To many smurf on lol nowdays. And 15 games in row, my team, silver and bronze and their team gold and platinum. But yeah thats fair <3 Havnt seen my win chance going up. Say to a bronze player, - a platinum player dont have to be good. Fk that i say. Give me that platinum and we will be fine. :) Yes i think its true, matchmaking sometimes is wierd. Dont look up player leagues before a match. If u dont know who u are laning against (or with), you wont get tilted before the game starts. Look it up after game if you really need to know it =) because honestly, it doesnt matter you cant change it anyway.
True xXlikeicareXx, that can do much for my gameplay. Ty very much for your comment. That can help me alot in future games. :) 7URBo95 - No need to be rude. Many have difficult to wright english correct and that can mean that english ain't their main language. or like me, i have dyslexia. No offence but i think you didn't thought of that. The world is a big place with many language if you didnt know. No offence my love. :)
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: A follow up with the matchmaking. Again<3
Tho, have no third party, havnt play with that. But just a funny tought.
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: In the "flame" part, there is no possible discussion, flaming is losing, you flame you lose. You should NEVER flame if you really care about winning. But the question mark will just mark a mistake. Not talking about failing a Q, but for instance if you die because you overextended this question mark will make you realize that. And no, it's not always obvious that you are overextending. The same question mark when an objective is easy to take, and noone goes for taking it. This question mark on the target will say "hey! focus on objectives". And no, it's not always obvious that you are losing your focus on objectives. And in my opinion, a single question mark at the right time (a SINGLE one) is more polite than writing when you want to point out something like that. > Im pointing out that it's not necessarily to pointing out a player that making a mistake. I dont agree at all. I make a lot of mistakes that I dont know that are actually mistakes. And when I started playing this game I made TONS of them, that now I know that they are mistakes and I dont make them any more. The same applies to you, and everyone else but Bang (this guy is god) and sometimes Faker too. BTW, I use to question mark "before" people die. So it's clear that they are not realizing that they are making a mistake. They just see the (?) on their screen, and then they die. And it's not "bronze stuff", lots of golds hapily making awful mistakes. they make a mistake -> question mark -> they die -> ~~they learn~~ (or just have their feelings hurt and never learn and stay bad forever)
I hear you. That's one tought about it. And it's true, some may feel the way you feel about that and there may be others that have different tought about it, like i had. But there will always be different opinions about this. That's why you don't agree with me, you have a different view on it. But hey, ty for your opinion. Mby someone saw that helpful, like my opinion to. Ty for your opinion tho. It's good. No right or wrong. Have a good day mate :)
: What a thin skin!!!! You make a mistake, someone puts a question mark over you, so he points out that you made a mistake. If you didnt know that you made a mistake, now you know, so you can learn. If you knew, now you can pay more atention to that kind of mistakes since obviously you are not paying enough atention. What's the problem? your ego? do you have your feelings hurt? omg
Im pointing out that it's not necessarily to pointing out a player that making a mistake. And the follow up, to flame over it again and again. Just say, for example, np ( and a follow up with improvements of the gameplay, some good advice). With that attitude that player might give you a honor. And in my opinion that's a good thing to reach for. Psycology speaking, in a term, Attention, - someone that pay more attention to someting can lose the other attention to the other thing. In % speaking you can't have 100% in all points. If you focus on something then the other thing will lose %, if it's 1 to 50% depends on how stressed you are. Np, ty for you'r opinion to this board. Preciate you'r thought.
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: Bruh i didn't understand it ;-; It's mistake Noone will really stop it unless people realise that they make the same amount of mistakes as they do. That happens in silver and bronze mostly
Have seen it in plat and dimond when i spectate friends. It happens all the time. But sure, some may don't care about it. But if you are low rank and play against high rank then it might influence the gameplay. To make more misstake. But ofc this is from person to person. :)
Infernape (EUW)
: Sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet does it?
: its like if i could dodge the hook then i would but when im exhausted its literally impossible
That's true. Then the support has to do it or it will be thug life ;)
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: Well it went 50/50 against the diamonds in one match i managed to outplay the enemy diamond adc with a few decent condemns etc, but unluckily for me my support ran away rather than auto attacking the adc as janna, another time i got exhausted and so dodging was impossible against the thresh but my support refused to take the hook for me even though i could turn the fight. So overall i enjoyed the challenge against a decent opponent i just wish both supports had been decent to make it something truly enjoyable.
Awesome with the outplays. I hear you. Rather that support take the bullet then adc. Im doing that all the time when i see the adc in my team going to get hookd or skillshot or something like that. But unfortunly im computer isn't that great so i got lag accational. But im doing my best ^^ Sorry for my bad grammar
Kippiiq (EUW)
: That bronze player actually did really well, better than most of his team ^^
That's nice! There are many bronze that can do rly well ingame ^^
: Im having to fight diamonds in my games like entire teams of diamonds
Hows that? To play against dimonds? I have only played against dimonds like two times and its much different than silver sometimes ^^
Octavia (EUW)
: how about earn plat
Im not that good for that rank in some times. But sure sometimes the time mby will come when im plat. But you must admit that its sad when a low rank have to play against that. But in the other hand, its a great way to improve the skill. But sometimes theyr flaming. But i can say this, im going the best i can. And the next level is to lissen to them minus the flame and try to improve the gameplay :)
: I don't realy think that there is a decent way of improving matchmaking while not fucking up queue times entirely.
True the riot support said that to. But he said that their are doing some improvments with the matchmaking. Slowly but steady :)
Kippiiq (EUW)
: ok
I feel sorry for that bronze player :P But might be premade ^^
: If i play against plat. then let me also be plat.
If you play Thresh and the other team have Talon then try to catch Talon. Q with thresh and Talon is over a darn wall. Yeah balanced :)=
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: The redemption circle is also the perfect spot for some skillshots :)
That's true. A living target in that circle. But it is so inviting ;)
: Yes, because having 5-6 Actives on items available (which was already true pre-6.22) totally makes this game so alike to WoW.
I know. But now there are the knight and redemption active items. Janna ult and redemption is insane.
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: What matters is MMR, not really elo. Elo is a rank you get for playing and winning. MMR is so much more than that. I'm Silver 1 with 1700 rank aproximately, since i've got pretty good rates on my games. Many high gold/low plat players have the same MMR. The diference there is that prob that plat V player was carried into plat, playing like s*it your MMR doesnt go up, and that makes him match up with mostly silvers.
True the riot support said the same and it makes much sense. Ty for replying and help me to understand how it is :) ty very much. Preciate it :)
: Matchmaking why be so crule
I can wait 1 min longer in que if i can get a good matchmaking. That is fair. Not like it is now.
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: X-files - Mysterious gone - Mastery chests free
I did look in another board and found the answer. Ty Xemidan for the helpful answer to that board. I had no ide about that and nowhere to find it. Ty ^^
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: > [{quoted}](name=McDonalds XL ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gKEvzohi,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-24T12:29:17.303+0000) > > Can&#x27;t you read faceplant. . . I said, i just followed my adc and didn&#x27;t care about the other lanes and so on and with that i got S. So yeah, that is not how you play support. But with that. . . .&quot; playstyle&quot; you can get S much ez. But if you think that&#x27;s how you play it then glhf in bronze you troll &lt;3 read 100 times what i have said , maybe illuminati triangle eye come inside you, or burger king
Wow that was so funny. Me likey. Cmon reply this. Entertain me you monkey boy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's nothing really new. But your explanation is a bit weird.
Oh i think i forgott to wright that my grammar is rly bad. But you did know what i meant. :) #Kanske skall jag skriva på mitt eget språk. Jag tror det blir bäst så.
: what I've always said, to get a good score with support u must play not like a support , RITO PLS
Can't you read faceplant. . . I said, i just followed my adc and didn't care about the other lanes and so on and with that i got S. So yeah, that is not how you play support. But with that. . . ." playstyle" you can get S much ez. But if you think that's how you play it then glhf in bronze you troll <3
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: Play as a premade team - problem solved!
Have no friends lol
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: The Mastery level thingi. I wan't my lvl 7
Yeah so if they surrender you wont get an S grade. That's what they said. Well that is so bad from riot. Hate those who surrender. RIP my S. Uninstall lol <3
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Are you certain that you got no 6 token? You might've reached Level 5 with a Champion and the message you get then is to explain how Level 6 and 7 works. The animation is simmelar as if you would get a token. I doubt that you didn't got a token. Because if you did, you wouldn't have lost it.
I feel like a noob now. But it is what you're saying. I really need to dubble check before i say something ^^
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Exdominator (EUNE)
: U do understand that ranked have separate mmr from normal right? Troll post?
No, no troll post. I just thought it was strange that sometimes i have to play against platinum and dimond. Can't understand how that is. I ain't that good to play against platinum and dimond ^^
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