Sindya (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
My ID : R1V2b5UaKE i wish i get the win , i rly want a skin ._. But even if i dont win, it´s always a good thing to help other people, this time with the "test" but, well i dont know, wish me luck :|
: Here, let me help you out. Notice how the Earth revolves around the sun? As you can see, the world does not revolve around you. Cheers.
Man u litterally came just to coment. At least next time read the board i made and try to give me some help, not something that makes u feel good about yourself. I made this board to other ppl passing throw the same as me to tell me how the feel and probably help me out but all i see is some "High-Elo" trying to roast a player who decided to climb up the ladder in the last few days. And pls man ur just another bronze guy so i dont think u can teach me much here.
Sètsuna (EUW)
: Thought of renaming to McBronze?
Yeh i thought but maybe this complain is about me trying to climb up the ladder no? U see i usually just do placements and some weeks ago i decided to get some ranks up so, NO.
: > I jst wanted to go rengar cuz since im a rengar main i´d gank way beter than sejuani and for that i needed tanks to assure some defense to our adc and mid and to distract the enemie oponents in tf.They still dont give af... Did you consider they might be thinking the same thing... remember not everyone is comfortable playing everything, there are some people who struggle playing tanks or haven't got enough practice with tank champions to go into ranked so they needed to pick squishies... You can't expect everyone to be comfortable on everything... you wanted rengar because your more comfortable on him so why should they bend their knees to you and do the exact thing that your complaining that you had to do... your complaining that you got forced to play a tank despite literally trying to force them to play tanks, how is that fair.
They can strugle in playing tanks, but the champ they played in that game didnt go well for them too so, then after some minutes of game , Karthus decides to start flaming and that just ruins a game.
: I'm sorry but it sounds like you acted pretty entitled there. What gives you the right to tell your teammates what to pick ? Why does it not go the other way around ? They should tell YOU what to pick. Just because you're maining a champion, doesn't mean others have to adapt. Sure it's nice if they do, but you have **absolutely no right** to get mad if they don't.
Dude how do u feel when ur playing promos for the 2nd time..last one u got a troller at the last game..and now at this last game to get promoted u get 3 ap, expecially when u see karthus going top , a morgana supp..u have no tank u cant get lucky at all in tf cuz they wilk rekt u And like i was my last promo game, i lost the one before this series and since the champion select of that game i knew we were going to lose..and this aint about what i tell them to pick..its about that every last promotion game i get i always end up losing it cuz some1 or the team dont tell what i can or not do.I was there trying to evitate the loss to happen again cuz i finnaly decided to climb the ladder and they dont give af about that so hey.. I deserve to complain about it
: You refer to s* several times but I've no idea what it means, at all. Erm, also, you don't need 2 tanks to win a game of solo queue, to be honest, in low Elo, you can literally pick anything and make it work.
Hving 2 tanks: Top to engage and supp to follow and protect the adc ( main dmg ) and since i could go rengar more easilly..i would get the adc and mid fast enough for the tf 5v5 turn into a 5v3 get it? Easy win..they dont care.Defeat
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: Problems with key fragments?
Happens to me too.. i dont know why.. and im playing it for 2 years ..but thats not about the long u play..i usually get about 6 keys per month too, 3 in 2 days normaly and now since this month started i havent got any so ._. RIOT REWARD MEH PLIS
FieryDash (EUW)
: Me too, but the reset of the month is coming soon (there's no real date since this is hidden but I think I've been getting the reset around the 20 ish of every month so we're almost there xD), and playing with premades improves the odds of getting key fragments when you win games :D
the premade games stand for chests and well..about keys , i normally get them at the start of every month..i would probably gotten some 6 frags by now bugged :c
: Looking for ARAM club !! To get chest and/or keys faster :D
I´m litterally getting no keys since this month started so..that wont help me at all :|
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McM4ster (EUW)
: Strange
I think i got a Key litterally the first day they came, and the drops from the keys always were bigger in the first month days
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: omega squad kennen
Its pretty dope but he got the blood moon "recently" when other champs can use a few skins for them too get it? uh btw, if u drawn that sketch, can u make one Omega Squad Rengar? :P
Doomley (EUW)
: all the same.
Doomley (EUW)
: They are going to rework him at least a bit in the assassin update. No point doing anything to him atm.
I mean visually dude
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: Nem sei, mas qqr mudança é bem vinda, dsd q seja positiva claro
Thanks meu Friend, desde que nao mude no modo de jogar rengar tmb :P
: > [{quoted}](name=McM4ster,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qNrgVPr1,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-07-08T15:22:24.649+0000) > > So your saying that the "probably the best gamemode in the game" only goes out for 2 weekends in like 6 weeks past between each other and the other ones that actually no one finds fun after playing 2 or 3 games of them can appear 2,3,4,5...times?man this isnt fair,they actually dodged Urf when it was supposed to come wtf you know the majority didnt want it on a weekly base bec its not fun anymore when the meta train arrives
I didnt want it in the rotation thing but now that they came up with it they just need to put the gamemodes everyweek..they decided to do it, now the need to do it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
So your saying that the "probably the best gamemode in the game" only goes out for 2 weekends in like 6 weeks past between each other and the other ones that actually no one finds fun after playing 2 or 3 games of them can appear 2,3,4,5...times?man this isnt fair,they actually dodged Urf when it was supposed to come wtf
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: Sion has contacted the devils lurking inside him to release the chilling power of the dark Teemo stare. Legends say, that its so terrifying you are frozen in place untill he releases his laugh what slaughters you. Teemo is a demon. Teemo is the devil. And the devil is everywhere. You are the victom....
yoniame (EUNE)
: i see you are a jungler main if need recommendations: Bush-wachker, Monsiur Machete, Bushy Babe, Bushinessman, Georgragas Bush, Jungle Mingle, Smiting Awesomeness, Baron Guard, Dragondealer, Deepweeddiver are probably not taken.
XD Ty man :D i find the Dragondealer funny wtf :P tho i feel like BewareTheBush fits rengar a lot no?
: You can find more info here: and here: but if I remember correctly the champions name are reserved (the support guys know better than me) :)
Nah i dont want a champ name..i just saw a lvl 6 guy with that name so thats why i mentioned it, but ty then :P
: Que?
Ve o link e logo perceberás
Zanador (EUNE)
: You can buy tokens from the shop for 1700 IP which will give you some dust and a champion shard. It makes mastery leveling a lot easier for old players, but i don't exactly know why they chose this route.
To actually put some effort in the champs ur playing :P
: This is from 2014, and it looks more like a Tribal Rengar skin xD but its nice, but honestly about the upcoming rework on assassins (rengar included) i'm not sure they will change the splash and the visuals, i think it will be just a gameplay rework (for rengar, i mean)
eu ouvi falar sobre isso...vai ter um change muito grande tho? E eu acho que a riot podia aproveitar alguma coisa daqui para melhorar nos detalhes e assim nao?por exemplo : A Night Hunter skin delel tem uma cara bue "eh" e podiam aproveitar o detalhe usado aquele "rengar preto" para fazer um upgrade..sei la :P
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Vadi (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] Better summoner profiles & new icons.
Yeah..i would also like to get a skin from a "possible incoming lvl 10 mastery level" Smite idk..especially Night Hunter Rengar * - *
Silisa (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Ok, questions: How hard is she to learn? How long did it take you to get really good with her? What's your usual build? Which champions she struggles against in lane? Do you have mana issues in the early game? Team fights - do you initiate with E, dive the back line, or focus who ever is closes to you? Are there any comps she is really good or really bad with, or can she fit into any team composition?
Ok i have a long way to get rengar at 1milion..thought the max was 500k :/ cmon dude..u ruined the surprise...and a possible depression so...ty and BOOH I HATE YOU :)
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: But you never played that money, it's was a free random skin... by the very definition you can't trade it in for something you want as that defeats the entire idea. It's supposed to be random, you have no control over what it will be... that's the exact same as everyone else in the game so if you got a skin you don't want then too bad, that's the thing about random skins... you have no control. And a lot of people didn't like the skin they got, but they all understood that this is what happens with random skins, you win some you lose some... nobody else asked for refunds. If you really like that skin so much buy it, just do some extra jobs around the bounce to get money or ask for riot points for a birthday or Christmas or something like that.
Believe me i tried everything to get extra money, even at familly doesnt afford to waste money like mother cant just waste money for things like this, it might be good of me , but in her point of view, it doesnt benefit us so..
: But that defeats the objective... it's a random skin so it's down to luck, sometimes you luck out and sometimes you don't... but by allowing a refund you throw that out the window as you no longer have the risk of a bad deal. It's like gambling at a casino, if you get dealt a bad hand at poker you can't ask to swap the hand for a better one you have to play with the bad hand as that's the whole idea... same here, you can't swap a mystery skin with a better one because the whole idea is that it's random.
Refunding a 1820rp into a 975rp one and a an icon..cmon man..u an see what im trying to get, and the fact is..i love the Night Hunter Rengar skin so i want it so bad...and this is a way of getting i said..i have no money for rp ..and a chace like this means a lot to i wont quit that fast sry :P
: I got brolaf despite the fact that I rarely play olaf, I'm not very good with him, and I already had that skin... that's why it's a random skin, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not... if you could refund or it was always good then what the point of it being random. So no refunds. And besides too late, a skin only has a small time where you can refund before you can't anymore... that's a couple of months, you got this skin 2 years ago... So even if you could refund it you would be way too late.
That hurts :( Still i dont get why wouldn´t they refund it...does it cost that much?Like..if i had brolaf i would play olaf more but...Kayle doesnt excite me to play her..and since i cant affor my own skins i guess that riot could do this for me no?{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: The fact is you didn't buy it. They gave away M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y skins, which means the skins were random. Let's say you got a booster pack of Pokemon cards as birthday present, and you got lucky, and pulled an Lugia Ex card (rare card), but you'd have rather received a Pikachu Ex. Would you go to the shop where the pack was bought asking them to swap your Lugia Ex for a Pikachu Ex, just because their rarity is the same? doesnt cost that much to switch that for another one..whats the effort in that? None...easy thing to do..would it be so hard to change a skin for its Store Price?
: I know, i remember i got LollyPoppy but i don't use Poppy at all. Just think Riot didn't even have to give a free skin at all so don't complain with free stuff :P
But the thing is..i could so so much with 1820 rp..the skin i want..a new icon my pain
: The free skin was for a random champion you owned, it didn't matter which champions you played. For example, I got a Xerath skin, even though I don't play him much.
I dont care about that...the thing i care is that the skin is a frikkin 1820 rp skin and im just trowing it away just like that when i could be using the same amount of rp to actually get the skin i want right now
: You can't sell or refund your 'free skin' for the amount of RP that makes no sense. For another example, Fifa Ultimate Team give out free player packs occasionally, but you can't sell any of the players for ingame gold because you're getting the stuff for free anyway. It won't happen and you won't get the refund, sorry {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
It´s just costs 1820rp..why the f*** can´t i get the same prize and ACTUALLY use it at least?
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: hello ... riot can u give us a 3 refund chance
yeh--i did the same too..i refunded 3 1350 ip champs cuz i was 10 and able to play at i used it to et more Ip ( cuz 1 per week hard to get ip ) and bought Renek._. ... buth..i dont think they should do it because they alrdy gave us so much things and the Hextech Crafting was just .. dont cownt much for it ._.
: 1 in 790 ( champions, skins, wards and summ icons) but the number is bigger because you cant see all of the skins.. legacy limited and such... but remember you can still get 2 same skins for example in a row... wish you luck m8
Yeh...i can see im screwed then..but i alrdy got the most keys i could get in this month so ill have to wait till next month to see so...uh..was about to say wish me luck but u alrdy said it so :P ty{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Viphor (EUNE)
: Dear Riot, i'm getting tired with s ranks, i have my lv 6 jhin, i did 3 victories(that doesn't matter), and i got 3 times s-. -.- i did everything , but its imposibble to die once.(i died twice in each game) 14/2/13 217 cs/ 9/2/15 240 cs/ 11/2/3 126 cs. idk how to get level 7, seems it so hard? i think so .....sadface, before this new lv 6-7 mastery came out, i did s+,but now i can't get an s rank....... for a reply that i made for a comment in this Board( search down ) and u´ll have ur answer
x89x (EUW)
: i wonder , what will hapen in the end of the season , with all that champs that got chest , would riot give a free chest for every champ {{item:3151}}
They reset...just like that, they get a reset and ucan get a chest from that champ again
: Im liking the hextech crafting and im getting alot of keys and chests, however im finding it hard to get S rank or higher in the champions that i play the most and i dont know why?
Uhh...i will try to explain it to you in a simple way : U main a champ..but there are other players that also main that champ right? So when u go play.. the ranks are made by you and these players..and to get S rank u need to have a score that surpasses the other players scores and stuff... For example: i had Lvl 5 Rengar and i didnt play him much but i´d get some scores like 9/2/5 - S rank Now i main him : Lvl 7 and u need to get or 12/1/0 ~ 12/2/1 (i think) for Rank S or at least a close number of kills and assists like 12/5/12 to get it too The number of times you play that champ, the score goes to a "list" (other players´s too) and u need to do as good or better than that May be confusing but i think it´s about this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{champion:107}} Aproves
Exlerth (EUW)
: I'm sure they'll patch that soon™! Good luck with getting the skin though, I'm sure you'll get it one day :)
Ty man..i rly apreciate that...i alrdy have Head Hunter but i need them all skins..i even got SSW Rengar at the shop..but i have no money so couldnt aford him...but that skin is ..damn i need that
: just count have many skins there is in the game.. then divide 1 with that ammount. and there u have your possibility to get that skin(if we now assume you will get a skin shard and not a champion shard)
Truth getting more Skins and Icons than Champ Shards and thats good..since i only get Chests and Key Frags from games .. i think Riot considers that nd maybe boosts a bit no?
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Finnally rank 7
Cancer will be added to players during a game vs you man...
Floxxis (EUW)
: I hate my life then it was one of my most wanted skin finally could use the hextech once and I ruin it so badly...
Uhh man..before Hextech Crafting i was like " Omg i love this skin " and stuff..but now it came and since ppl like me, that dont have money, have opurtunities like this one, well...u dont need to cry for a skin that got disenchanted...ofc it was a good, i got Pool Party Mundo and i disenchanted it...but with that, it came a bigger qunatitie of essence for other skins...and lucky me i got a skin that i wanted ( actually 2 alrdy ) and probably like me, that essence bought u a skin that u might also sry this was the sh*tiest comment ever but...i hope u get it
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