Cypherous (EUW)
: Content on banned accounts is never transferred, once you're banned the account is done, there isn't anything for them to do in this case as you will have had a warning prior to the ban
Riot is able to do everything. It cannot be said they are not able to do Nothing. I thought About this for 3 days. Are you sure?
: People calling me autistic and delusional is okay but me speaking isnt.
Seems for me like a deserved permaban. Got banned some days ago too. If I were you I would accept that i am not good. You have to acknowledge that. And also you can not Judge About other People. _You_ are not perfection or God.
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: I suck at my main. Should I give up?
I think yes. Since I die with my Darius, i decided to swap a bit around and try Aatrox, Gangplank and other stuff. Is now better but this game is more the Problem. Its only chaos, more than in Season 5. Mayby thinking About leaving the game (I do this Right now, not gonna lie) and not just giving up the champ.
: Giving permanently banned people a second chance
YOU FAILED! Get over it. You had your chance and this your punishment. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I sometimes feel bad when I kill an enemy player multiple times :(
Enemy is enemy. Hate him, fight him, kill him. And if you stomp him then Show him no interest at all and write nothing except to your teammates. It sounds really harsh but thats the cruelty of this game in my sight.
: I mean...we're missing the point of the thread here.
Ok you are right but still its a cool idea. Keep it up.
: you are apparently taking it too seriously.
I actually saw many People who did this. I play this game for 3 years and I want to have the respect like every Player. And I dont even want to talk About my past.
: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following images? (16 images)
These characters dont seem to be usefull for the Team. (Not all of Course) They seem like more toxic and disgraceful Champions. Please overthink this if you want to put some new Content in the game. And yes... I love it to destroy dreams. If you have a Problem then say to me Right in my face.
: An unusual question
IF he is playing League after his wedding then it would be a cool idea i guess. I dont want to force you but how about a little present for the wife too. I dont know if she is playing lol too but you can give her a sweet fan toy too or anything else.
: Honouring opponent
Personally I find it insulting and shameful. I would NEVER honor an enemy because they are _the_ enemy. ( Yeah yeah I know Aatrox, haha). No. For real. It is not good to Honor enemies because of the disrespect. It makes People rage, like me, and they abuse it so hard for their own pleasure.
: Yasuo
Damn... Thats really hard. And... you are so Right. This game is made for these yasuo and riven mains. If they nerf them like the half of the community will leave. Riot it is your Job do solve this Problem so please. Or find a way to remove the toxicity of these champs and we are all fine.
: Perma ban
You had a hard time and I hope that your future will be anything usefuller than this trash game. Riot does`nt notice to satisfy the lol-community.
Talk Dirty (EUNE)
: will riot ever nerf iralia ?
They Need Money so they are giving Skins and buffs to These Champs so that they can get the millions which they earn each year. I dont think that Riot is thinking about the Player. Season 6 That was the only time where it was good. And now they are adding so much Things , distracting us from the most important one: The game. Please Riot make atleast the pickrate of These Champs lower. Its obnoxious to Play against These Champs.
: Nah, i like when Irelia is in my team and i just watch how she deletes everyone. Chilling game. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} In the enemy team she is not a problem for me.
You are not really good, are ya? If you dont have the spirit to carry then you should think about playing the game further.
HDS Madness (EUNE)
: ban
Riot is really precize on those Player. You deserve it. Even if you say some words more than 4 times you already a Chat restriction. And you are unlucky. You got reported by your mates sooooooo.... {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I congrat you. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcnakstar,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JrOVP86c,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-27T09:47:52.119+0000) > > I dont agree. It is definetely better on Urgot then press the attack. I managed to win against a nasus with that. ( Btw Nasus is really hard to kill you know ) > With the extra true damage you can faster make them low and execute them. I had never such an ez game. Most urgots take comet, i've rarely seen any urgot taking press. Also Conqueror doesn't refresh on ranged champs, you won a nasus because... well it's urgot, urgot does ridiculous amount of damage with his passive.
I dont know why but that damage wasnt there. I played urgot again and: Conquerer is like nothing. You are right, but still its right that the w doesnt refresh the rune. Kinda sad but its riots logic so we have obey them. Completely misunderstandig. I am sorry for that. Good luck is everything what i can say.
: Smurfing
In my opinion smurfs are terrrible, a Horror. Its a disaster. You are not able to do anything against them because they have more experience in the game and then they are taunting you like you are trash. I smurfed once and I felt so bad that I didnt Play the game for a month. Say what you want, but for that game you Need a heart. I say rarely ez or gg because its tilts the enemies too much. And smurfs have no heart in that case. Mayby if a Player is too good in a elo and the Profile Looks like a smurf u can mayby give him a message or else. I dont know what I could do agaist these Player but ist tilting way too much. I know ist sad to discuss about smurfs but some wants just a fair game.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
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: if you play against someone's who better then play from behind. Just like every other game. They might be smurfs but they can only max be low diamond-high plat which ain't that bad. People above do boosting and such and those players are pretty freaking hard to win against. My advice is to aim for late game. Usually high elo players strive to win games early which is why they smurf in the first place. 15 min victories is what makes them climb. If you reach 25 min mark and teamfights they should start acting more like normal bronze players unless it's a support smurf.. cause they know how to carry late hardcore. If you find yourself in top (like me) against a Riven, Yasuo smurf. First play as agressive as possible, if you give up kill try to wait out until your bot gives you a nice TP play where you can kill them and get bot turret, you don't need to be ahead. Just needing to stay alive. And when bot get's first turret you switch lanes, which is perfect cause you can now deal with normal elo players while your adc and support has number advantage on the smurf. After that it's just a matter of team decisions. (If you play against a Jax/Jayce, just give up 15 min, you can't win against splitpush champions)
You are right, bro. But the Problem is that smurfs are often in adc or anywhere and what i get in the toplane is literally disappointing. I had like a Platin smurf Diana top against me and my Gankplank. I won at the end. But These high Diamond Player have nothing else to do then smurf. I dont understand why they are not playing at their main acc.
: ...while we you win it's never because you may have been carried by smurfs but always because you are so pro and solo carried the game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I had smurfs in my Team of Course. But how do I feel after that game: I feel like a Little scrub which doesnt have done anything in the game. Not only the win is important to me. My dignity too. And I cant accept that Player are doing all the worrk alone. I wouldnt be a Team game anymore.
: Isn't Conqueror way better on melees? I don't think it is any usefull on urgot.
I dont agree. It is definetely better on Urgot then press the attack. I managed to win against a nasus with that. ( Btw Nasus is really hard to kill you know ) With the extra true damage you can faster make them low and execute them. I had never such an ez game.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You are not supposed to figure out how to play against them but how to learn from them. Take a break and watch a replay. See what that person does and think why he does those things. He went to ward? why now and why there? He went all in? why now? Did the enemy use a spell right before he went in? Is that the trigger? why isn't he going in now? could he know about the enemy jungler? Why is he pushing or why is he not pushing? how does he position in lane and why? etc. Smurfing is not punished because it's not a big enough problem and it's too hard to prove that someone is smurfing.
I am really glad that are People like you here. I will go for your advice and look what are my Opponents doing.
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: Nope, it works perfectly fine. Flex Queue, Solo Queue, ARAM and Normals all have seperate MMRs, which means you can be for example Diamond in Solo queue but get matched with Silvers in normals - because your soloq rank has no effect on the other queues.
> But for real: You should play against People in your elo. Ist not really nice that you get so high elo Player and get rekt like a scrub. Also its tilting really hard and this game then doesnt make fun anymore. When you win against your own People. Congrats! THen ur better. Oh and you should play with mates in your own elo. If your stats are then too good you HAVE to play ranked. If you lose good! If you lose good! Is htat so difficult riot. Do you really have to be so in that game.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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