plasmaman32 (EUNE)
: the best ADC of all times
Obviously mordekaiser Playstyle? Metal.
Murder1us (EUW)
: Which mains you hate the most and a little bit of arrogant behavior
People who main stereotyping people based on their main champion
: Talking Smack
Since the dawn of time. The only difference now is that more people play it meaning you have more smack talkers too. Humans are %%%%s, get used to it.
: Malwarebytes blocked Leagueofgraphs replay
Yes it is safe, if you are worried just download it and open the file with an editor, i dont assume you know batch though so that might not help
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=radBW812,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-18T12:26:25.460+0000) > > Not enough clickbait in the thumbnail. > No emojis in the thumbnail. > 1/10 Bradberries ow thanks for the tips, looking forward to improve. and by no emojis, you mean they shouldn't be in there, or is a requirement? xD Thanks.
look at these thumbnails to get a better understanding of it Or watch this video:
Shiwah (EUW)
: Yes, it's an argument I see often in relation to general online games things. I personally believe it depends on your own evaluation of the service provided. I've also seen examples of free-to-play gone totally wrong =P
If they'd include free monthly pizza, I'd be down for it
znojus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cvZ93Wnv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-18T12:30:49.538+0000) > > But what if I just learn to counter yasuo? waste of time when you can just ban him?????
> [{quoted}](name=znojus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cvZ93Wnv,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=3001-03-18T12:56:36.423+0000) > > waste of time when you can just ban him????? Oh
znojus (EUNE)
: Do you blame jungler when you lose?
I mean if he fails to provide sufficient pressure where it's needed and fails to have awareness of viable ganks
znojus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cvZ93Wnv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-18T12:21:34.873+0000) > > 3 bans > 5 people If you don't get a ban you have two options a) Spam "ban yasuo" b) Dodge and hope you get one before running out of LP dodging
: Please give me some feedback about my first montage ( 3:40 min video )
Not enough clickbait in the thumbnail. No emojis in the thumbnail. 1/10 Bradberries
znojus (EUNE)
Shiwah (EUW)
: Anyone here playing Final Fantasy XIV?
It was meh, the ongoing payment model killed it for me
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How do I make friends here?
"I have your family hostage add me or you'll receive them bit by bit in small packages over the next few weeks" Always works Jokes aside, just talk with people.
: I think you got that somewhat wrong. He/she is frustrated cause someone whined/complained that his ping is "high" and presumably left the match, instead of trying in whatever way possible to continue to play, resulting in pretty bad/non-satisfactory lose... Hence, the thread and his/her need to "share" on the Boards and trying to influance other players. At least that is what I got fm OP's posts. --- I'm not saying that Noomie93 couldn't word it in another way, but don't be so quick and keen on biting only one part of the msg.
He does complain about a leaver but he also whines about people saying 300 ms is high But here, from the horses gaping maw: >You are right that there are two parts to this letter and people leaving the game is my number one cencern. The second concern isn't the value of their ping and wether it's high or not - It's simply the complaining. >What good does complaining ever do? What is the point in telling me that you are used to 50ms, and now can't play with 125ms because it messes up your game? It doesn't do any difference at all in the end, you're still in the same situation as you were before you wrote it. When you play with strangers all it does is put the team in a negative situation and mood, and often end up losing the situation. He compares telling people that your ping isn't good atm to stuff like report calling when it's simply telling others that you have s higher delay than used to
Zytron (EUW)
You are responsible for your accounts security.
: Cuz it can happen again, use your brain.
but what you sad was that your game RIGHT NOW wasn't ok, not that it is ok now.
: You can't read, kid, you are only spamming, take one more cent on pizza. After restarting pc as well as i restarted client and then it works now. How can't you read simple things and complaining? Behave yourself.
>, then i restarted pc and i found that everything was OK except game! Escept: not including; other than. Yeah it's definitely not your writing that is the problem.
: You are talking crap and can't stop. Everything works, that was in-game bag and just it. Fir yourself, bro, you are looking phatetic with your 'installation'. And take your cent on pizza for spam.
you said after restarting your PC your mouse was ok on everything except for league. It's not my problem that you apparently don't know what the word Installation means. as for spam? Well just another word that you don't know.
: Abuse for what exactly? Your premade going afk when the match is not favorable, so he gets tagged by leaverbuster and loses LP at the same time? If you absolutely have to "remake" because you somehow know that you will lose the game then you should have done that in the champion select, where you don't even get any real punshment. You need arguments, not just "prevent abuse" excuse. I am pretty sure that if this ever happens to any of you, you wouldn't sit there and not care about it. Abuse is you being forced to play 1v2 as support in 20minute or even longer, just to end up losing in the end. This could be easily prevented.
It has happened, multiple times lol and yes i dont give a shit if i end up winning or losing a game
: Riot sucks and this thread will live.
You actively refuse to try to fix your problem, you have nothing to stand on.
: The reason of problems of game is in ppl like you, you feed it.
So my existence causes your League installation to be faulty? Never knew im that powerful.~~~~
: Reinstalling in few minutes? I still got ban, i have last drivers and last version. And this is problem of riot, cuz why other games work? Cuz their devs are dumbs but rioters are geniuses of glithes? Well crap you are talking about.
Depending on your internet speed the re-installation of league takes longer or shorter and yes, reinstall league since apparently your installation is somehow damaged. No you do not have a ban. Other Games work because your league installation being faulty does not affect other games. If you had a better attitude maybe people would want to help you.
4sight (EUNE)
: Unable to load League since new patch - getting an error when loading launcher
: Yes, cool troll knows much, or you are rioter? So congrats, you do bullshit.
You do nothing but talk crap about tiot. Try reinstalling ir repairing league. It's your installation not the game that is the problem most likely, an unlikely second reason might be your mouse driver
: Thank you Riot for a glitch, ruined game and 5-games ban!!! Cancel my ban and don't waste my time!
I demand to be showered in pizza. Stop dreaming about the impossible and fix your PC
: Could not remake because teammate reconnected for one second...
hibiki2k (EUW)
: Unplayable game , inter / troll everygame
I mean if it's EVERY game then you are the common link
: So a morgana with less than 50% KP who rarely hit a binding and was unnecessarily pushing the lane deserves more LP than another laner who is actually doing something useful?
N5 Amoral (EUNE)
: 【gameplay】Fiora's Riposte - W on Renekton's Stun W
: In my book everything is a support. But i'd rather see people actually supporting in ranked than just queueing for the role for extra LP.
Supports deserve extra LP
>This is really not a typical situation. But it is.
: So people who are just gonna play an APC instead of actually supporting are gonna do it for the LP. How about no.
Anivia can support
blackborg (EUNE)
: Matchmaking still broken after so many years!!!
"G5 isn't the same as gold" Rip my sides
: ***
You have not stated what you mean by "rank has 0 meaning" Your failure to specify what you are referring to is your problem and your constant pitiful attempts at provoking me just show that you don't care about having a constructive discussion. By the way I'm not down voting your comments.
: ***
lil tip, just saying that something is laughable is not an argument, you have to actually show why something is laughable. Now as for you saying you didn't mean that with the rank having no meaning, then how about you explain your points properly instead of throwing around vague terms. It's not my responsibility to clarify your statements
: I usually queue up for top and mid and more often than not, I get top. In my experience, I get top more than I get mid. Even when I queue up for mid as my primary role.
: ***
As I said, it having or not having meaning is irrelevant. And no my argument was based on probability and the bug was one theoretical example. I never said you can't rule it out, its safe to assume that it will never happen. But it's not impossible, simply improbable. Once again whether your rank is meaningful or not is irrelevant since the measured value is the displayed rank not your actual skill. You are the one introducing a completely untrelated variable into it, it was never about if the rank after completion is equal to the player skill but about the displayed ranks value. You keep saying that that rank wouldn't have any meaning, which is your personal problem, you are trying to force meaning on a simple value that is measured. Whether or not it means something doesn't affect the observation of the value And no you couldn't be at any rank During measuring we aren't comparing the displayed value to the players actual skill we are just looking at the value >like I said, u are not smart as u think u are, not even close :) You are constantly misinterpreting the premise and what is measured, you go on and on about how the value would have no meaning when I keep telling you that whether 1 2 3 4 or 5 have any meaning is irrelevant to the question of "which value was measured"
anapus (EUW)
: ***
Not defined is a valid value of he rank system not more than the rank system. Completion of the placements is simply the point in time at which you measure, before measured the outcome could be any state. It's not misused. Just because you dislike the joke doesn't mean no one can make it nor does it harm you. Misinformation spreading? One second ago you called it a joke, yknow, something not to be taken that seriously, pick one. Well let's just assume they both are and aren't until I ask them ;) Oh wow someone's pretty salty thre about a harmless joke
: ***
If it makes you feel better about yourself keep thinking I'm lying lol. >A rank that has 0 meaning Whether it does or does not have meaning is irrelevant to the observation of a value in X point in time >like when you are still unranked No, while you haven't been assigned a rank you have no rank, this is why "until placements are finished" is the condition for observing the ranks state. You are any rank until observing it because the outcome is unknown, all thre is is probabilities of the observed value, the highest probabilities are obviously the ones possible as defined by riots system any rank below or above that has an insanely low probability, which still means it's a possibility but an unlikely one. "What if you open the box and there is no cat?"-The third Value >hence u are ALWAYS "both bronze 5 and Challanger" (and not only until u complete the placements), That is true UNTIL you observe it. I never argued that after the first measurement it would always be that one measurement, you are straw manning my position be it on purpose or by simply not understanding the point that was made. >this 5yo """logic"""
: Torches? READY. Pitchforks? READY. Mob? READY. Ok boys, time to burn this witch.
Knives? Check. Rope? Check. Dagger? Check. Chains? Check. Rocks? Check. Laser beams? Check. Acid? Check. Body bag? Check. Shiv? Check. Pipe? Check. Hammer? Check. Axe? Check. Subject? Check. Location? Check. Desire? Check. Vengeance? Check. Swords? Check. Saws? Check. Clubs? Check. Claws? Check. Hatred? Check. Anger? Check. Mermaid? Check. Murder? Check MURDER! MURDER! MURMAID MURDER! MURDER! MURDER! MURMAID MURDER!
: My problem with Yasuo mains...
X mains areY Anecdotal evidence to stereotype a large group of people because of a few bad ones
: ***
I do know how the system works but great attempt at thinking you know better than me what I know. As for your attempt at a deconstruction of what I said, you are misunderstanding the way a result is measured let me explain it to you again. Your rank until your placement matches are finished is N/A, once you do finish them you are assigned a rank, this is the moment you observe schrödingers rank, whether that rank changes after that point in time is irrelevant to whether it had this state after you finished the requirements to measure it. As for you saying the bug could theoretically also affect anyone not in placements making the true nature of your rank always unknown until you observe it, well, that is correct. But it has no bearing on the outcome of 1 point of measurement. If my battery is at 50% and next it's at 25% then that doesn't mean the first observation is invalid or never happened. Whether X is 0 or 1 after requirements to perform a measurement once I'd irrelevant to the first result
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: I was talking about the other guy not accepting how probability works Lol.I agree with you that's all
Oh lol, talking about "some people just want to argue" made it seem differently (since he lacked an argumentXD)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=p7BTmaAg,comment-id=00020000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-17T08:08:44.925+0000) > > 1. The comment section is meant for discussion. > 2. If something is "The truth" you should have an argument against what I said. > 3. Provide that Argument. > > Now if you don't want to engage in a discussion, don't comment. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
So you just got in here to spew ad hominems and not to have a constructive discussion. great.
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Some guys just want to argue on this site instead of accepting the truth I swear xD
1. The comment section is meant for discussion. 2. If something is "The truth" you should have an argument against what I said. 3. Provide that Argument. Now if you don't want to engage in a discussion, don't comment.
Noomie93 (EUW)
: > I don't condone afk/leaving, ping issues don't excuse that. And this is what all my rant is about. Players constantly complaining about their ping, calling it unplayable and then leave.
Your post is about more than that. >Dear picky gamer that complain that your ping is 'High' No, 100ms is not high ping. Neither is 200ms, or 300ms. When we get closer to a second, then you can claim that you have high ping. (Just have to make this clear for everyone that I actually played with a Garen that said "I cant play with 300ms in ping!! You guys know what that means, it means that I see everything 3 SECONDS AFTER EVERYONE ELSE!!", and then couldn't accept the fact that 300ms is 0,3 seconds.) Stop the whining about your ever so slightly higher ping than you would like to have and learn to play with it instead. It's about spouting inaccurate information about what is or isnt high ping and openly ridiculing people who correct you as pointed out by "Dear picky gamer that complain that your ping is 'High'"
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Dragonis Gardia,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=p7BTmaAg,comment-id=00020000000000010000,timestamp=2017-03-17T06:46:52.613+0000) > > typical response of a person that just wants to be right, Typical response of someone that has no argument against what is said and instead uses ad hominems Even if the outcome has only a 0.0000000000000000000...1% Probability that still doesn't mean it's something impossible since there is no evidence that the event might not happen in the future or even if league shuts down there is still a probability that it might have happened if league hadn't shut down. And if your response is "Well that would also apply to Aliens or anything else"well yeah, I mean the way you act it seems like you've never even heard of probability as if the concept of it alone was some how a ridiculous proposal.
: Was that Urgot?
Clearly it was the galileo rework
Rioter Comments
Suspicion (EUNE)
: Unranked players getting Silver easily is NOT cool.
Win/loss isnt everything, it takes into account who you faced and who you played with as well as streaks
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