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: Since you didn't say that you must use Q abilities as Q's for the champion.. Passive: Garen Passive. Q: Mundo Ult. W: Tryndamere Ult. E: Warwick E. R: Ekko R.
Aha you got me! ... You win I guess =]
: Passive: Traveller's Call (Bard) Q: Dark Binding (Morgana) W: Ebb and Flow (Nami) E: Unbreakable (Braum) R: Final Spark (Lux) Perfect support for when you just can't trust on your ADC's skills on neither staying alive or getting the kills.
A roaming, scaling support with a 5 year root, sustain, ability to block and ability to delete from range... Sounds disgustingly overpowered.. Nice job! :D
: Passive: Alistars Q: Darius W: Fiora E: Ezreal R: Leona I don't think that I need to explosion this one..
not sure how that would work tbh, the passive would only proc on a direct hit from your R, but the rest would be strong as hell
Adama (EUW)
: Passive: That thingy that stuns people from Braum Q: Spinning Axe (Draven) W: Blood Rush (Draven) E: Stand Aside (Draven) R: Whirling Death (Draven) It would be my dream.
I agree this would be broken.. But the rules were 1 ability per champion :)
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: I'd only take warlords if i know i'm not gonna get any lifesteal. Otherwise i'd go fervor.
Doesn't warlords scale better into the late game? I'm in silver atm so my games last longer
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: **Not sure** but I think you dont get slowed but still get the damage.
I got slowed, as if i didnt use the shield at all
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Praes (EUNE)
: Well, let's say we go by what you said on the tanks stats 300 armor and 4000 health, for the purpose of this I'll exclude the usage of abilities from this even thought they're stronger on the marksmen who don't build crit. Also I'll be using Caitlyn as my example champion. Let's also exclude runes and masteries. Now 300 armor=75% damage reduction if my math is correct. The Caitlyn who will have Statikk Shiv, Phantom dancer, berserkers grievers, infinity edge, Lord dominiks regards and Blood thister has 2.4 attack speed, 280 attack damage and 80% crit chance along with 40% bonus armor penetration, which makes the armor be less effective meaning the damage reduction is 67% and also granting the Caitlyn an 15% damage boots. On average Caitlyns basic attacks will deal 560+15% which means that she does 644 per basic attack. She basic attacks 2.4 times per second making her damage per second 1545. With the 75% damage reduction this damage is changed to 510 per second. The Corki who's passive we will ignore for the purpose of this video will have, Trinity force, berserkers greaves, infinity edge, blood thister, essence reaver and blade of the ruined king his attack speed with these items will be 2.03 per second and his attack damage will be 370. He will have no armor penetration meaning that the damage reduction will be 75%. His cir chance is 40% meaning that his average basic attack will deal 555+360 (blade of the ruined king passive assuming that his target stays at 4000 health all the time) which equals 915 and his damage per second will be 1830. With the armor his damage per second is 457. This is actually lower with the blade of the ruined king passive not always being 360 damage per auto attack. That is the mathematical explanation but you probably weren't interested in that, were you? The real reason is below auto attack become better the game goes, so a build amplifying your auto attack gives you the best damage per second, since casting abilities is better for the early game. Corki's build revolves around casting abilities which is the problem, while casting you can't auto attack giving you a worse damage person but giving you a better burst. Like you know tanks counter burts which is what caster marksmen are good at, that is why crit counters tanks. And also the marksmen who build crit have some auto attack steroid, like Caitlyn passive or Ashe q further making their auto attack even more powerful.
This is an amazing piece of literature, thank you for taking the time to explain everything so clearly. I actually really enjoyed the mathematical explanation. You really have helped me better understand the integrals of leagues dmg mechanics.. Thank again :)
: Dps in general is anti tank... burst gets countered by them because it can only happen at intervals and if it's able to kill a tank something has gone wrong somewhere, but dps keeps on giving which means you can whittle tanks down. Crit is the half way mark, it allows for massive amounts of dps by giving each hit burst like damage, this means that a tank will die faster as the dps is greater. So crit itself isn't inherently anti tank... but crit is the way you maximize your dps which in turn translates to better ability to kill tanks.
holy .. you made it clearer to me than almost 3 years of playing the game myself! XD ... thank you for your detailed response
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: you helped in 21 kills out of 52 (40% kill participation) this is low for a support should be at least 65 - 70+ esp as janna since you have the fastest base move speed with an AP support build and {{item:3009}} it makes roaming really easy on her and effective (only if yo ucna leave your adc though) the other things is wards and objective control i just checked your match on and you only placed 17 wards thats very low for a 27 min match (note apparently you kill participation in that match was 66%) which i cant work out why :c so maybe try to wokr on ward placed and objectives helped with :)
Ahhh, see I stuck to my support like glue, maybe I should roam more... thanks for the indepth analysis!
Najns (EUW)
: Wards placed, pins placed, wards destroyed, objectives? You are compared to other Janna supports, and Jannas usually do really good, since it's quite easy to get a good score with her. So you mastdo BETTER then the average Janna player.
I didn't realize wards placed would count. thanks!
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Kollery (EUNE)
: One hing I found intresting on some ekkos: They dont upgrade jungle item fully but start ludens and lb first, after that upgrading their jungle item. and they've been a threat
Hmm that could work, my only concern is not farming enough to afford those items as my clears will be very slow before I get my full jung enchant, I will give it a try though, thanks for the tip!
: What do you mean when you say "Viable" ? If you mean "Optimal, Great Pick, Always Useful, God Tier, Tier-1 Pick" Etc then probably not. Ekko has some flaws as a Jungler and the higher up in Elo you go, the more likely aggressive Junglers will come and find you as Ekko is pretty weak early on. Of course, Ekko is by no means a bad Jungler. If you play him well, you can carry games and do awesome stuff. Its just, there is a reason hes not a "Meta" Jungler, and its because hes not as consistent as other more well-rounded Junglers. Still, don't let this discourage you from playing him. At the end of the day, if you want to win more games, playing a champion that you're both comfortable with and actually enjoy playing as is the best way to win games and climb Elo. "Unusual" or "Underrated Picks" like Ekko are actually extremely good as people aren't used to playing against them and aren't sure how to deal with them. As for what to build. You should build based on what you're team needs. Ekko has like 3 really good builds. Full AP. Full Tank/Bruiser or Hybrid DPS. If you have an AD Mid+Toplaner, then maybe just going full AP is best. If you're team has no Tanky/Initiator, then maybe fill that niche. If the enemy has a lot of tanks and you need raw DPS, then use the Devourer-Rageblade build. My only advice is to Ward early and often. Ekko is super vulnerable to invaders early on. If a Lee Sin, Rengar, Elise etc find you early while you're clearing a camp, they will kill you over and over.
Hi thanks for the helpful tips! I'm currently Gold 5 and almost every game I will get invaded by a lee sin or shaco. I've learnt to ward properly can can now run away or ping for help in time. Also the devourer/rageblade build seems very odd to me, as I can seem to proc my passive quickly (just not consistently on the same target due to the cooldown) I was wondering your reasoning behind the Devourer + rageblade please. Thanks again!
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: the word "Cancer" should immediately flag the player for review.
"I'm really sorry team for my poor performance this game, my mother has _cancer_ and I'm quite down about it, also my brother is _autistic_ and is depressed because kids at his school call him '_retard_'" - you want this poor summoner to get flagged?! you monster!
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: I wonder how you NOT noticed it for so long :P Yes Brand even got "nerfed" in 5.24, but he is still very strong as supp and mid.
I've been away from LOL for about 7 weeks XD
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: LF People For Top For Ranked Team 5vs5 Min Gold 5 Nothing Serious Just For Fun
Hey, I'm silver 4 but im strong top with gnar and sion, if you wanna trial me or something i would be interested?
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